Spermbank Adventures

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Merry Ho-Ho-Ho...A rather strange story about a young woman who takes a job collecting sperm samples from over-eager men. You may wish to exercise CAUTION while reading this. Some of it can be a little extreme and there aren't codes for what some of the characters are forced to endure. "Null" for example, is applicable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Interracial   Oriental Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Size   Doctor/Nurse   Body Modification   Caution   .

Hardcorps: Storming Ashore at the Fertility Clinic

An Exercise in Futile Pleasure

Guys ask me all the time if I'm really into this stuff, or if I'm just fooling around. I'm not fooling around.

Let me tell you about my husband. We've been married for 15 months now and I love him. But I didn't always. Hmmm ... let me back up. Introductions are always a good place to start.

My name is Rachael and I'm Amerasian, even though I like to pretend I'm not. At least online. But this is a true story and I've gotten a lot of email from people asking about the real me, so if I'm going to keep posting to Eunuch Archives, I might as well have one story I can point to and say – "There I am."

I'm a small girl, only 5'2" tall and 105lbs or so, depending on what I had for lunch. Brown skin, as if I have a good tan year round, long black hair, brown eyes, not really almond shaped though. I have some Spanish blood; my mother was from the Philippines originally. High cheeks, and a small, sort of flat nose, but not bad. I'm cute. Guys like me. I have small breasts, they only grew for a couple weeks when I was 14, I think, and just ... stopped trying. But I have nice legs and a great ass, small and round and tight.

I was working part-time during my freshman year at college at the University Medical Center. It was an interesting job although I wasn't exactly sure I wanted to be assigned where I was – The Fertilization Clinic. This was part of the UMC that dealt with human reproduction and really, they did a lot of amazing work in a lot of different areas, both physically and psychologically. I wasn't too interested in helping women get pregnant, you understand, and I have no real desire for children of my own. But the Fertility Clinic was where the sperm bank was and I soon learned that it could be a very rewarding environment to work in!

The sperm bank ... Mmmm ... you have no idea how exciting I found that place. I don't have a real sperm fetish, I just like balls. I always have, ever since I was old enough to point between my Daddy's legs when I saw him naked, giggling and wondering what those funny things were. He didn't abuse me, nothing like that, but most fathers are pretty casual around toddlers, you know, even girls. And even as a pre-teen I could still get a peek every now and again.

The penis, on the other hand, held no real fascination. I thought it looked sort of dumb, ugly even, and I had no desire to even touch one of those things. So it may be one more proof of Fate's ironic humor that penis touching was exactly what I spent the majority of my time doing! Not that the clinic knew about that, of course. I'd have been fired pretty quickly if any of the doctors knew what I was doing! But I wasn't going to tell, nor, I was sure, would the patients.

I had been assigned to the sperm bank as a nursing assistant, which basically meant cleaning. Blah! But I found that there were other and much more valuable contributions I could make. It all started with a patient named Mr. Keller, who was donating sperm that was to be used in one research program or another. Some men would donate for use in artificial insemination, for their wives generally. Others were donors for research into reproductive medicine. And still others were simply such specimens of human male perfection that it was assumed their sperm would be wanted for reproduction by other, anonymous, people. Single women, for example, or by couples when the husband was infertile. Even lesbian couples.

Mr. Keller was donating for research. Now normally a man comes in, relaxes, he finds a small room equipped with some pornographic magazines, a small TV/vcr combo with x-rated tapes, and a plastic container. He gets some privacy and does his thing, masturbating into the cup and presenting it to one of the nurses. Simple right?

Well, Mr. Keller was having a hard time, no pun intended. He'd been in that little room for nearly half an hour, so long that I had actually thought he'd finished and gone. That someone had forgotten to turn off the little red light that was on outside the door, indicating the room was occupied. I mean, it was lunchtime. Everyone else was gone except me and the bored receptionist out front. Even the nurse who was supposed to be waiting for Mr. Keller had left, apparently forgetting all about the man!

Not very professional in my opinion!

So, it really was an accident when I opened the door, walking right into that small room, and getting the surprise of my life! There was Mr. Keller, thirtyish, in pretty good shape, nice green eyes, sitting on a comfy chair, watching an old copy of Coed Sluts on the TV and stroking a rather ordinary looking erection.

He stared at me and we both blushed. I was apologizing and he was trying to cover himself up and turn off the TV at the same time. I was starting to leave, hoping he wouldn't say something to the receptionist, or my supervisor, and get me in trouble, when Mr. Keller spoke.

"Wait! Uh ... don't go," he said. I paused, looking down at the floor. "Are you a nurse?"

"No, no sir." I shook my head.

"But you work here, right?" he asked and I nodded. "Then maybe you could, uh, help me."

"How, I mean ... what can I do?" I still wasn't looking at him.

"I just can't ... I mean, I'm not really into movies, or anything." He coughed nervously. "I'm having a hard time ... you know..."

"Cumming?" I offered.

"Yeah," he sighed. "Exactly. I just can't cum like this. Do you think you could, um, help me?"

I looked at him then, nodding slowly, but not really sure what he wanted from me. "What can I do to help?"

"Well ... come here and uh, let me look at you." He smiled and I did as he asked, walking over shyly.

I'd had boyfriends, of course, a couple of them, but I was raised sort of strictly, with my mother being ultra-catholic, like old school catholic, and my daddy being Irish catholic and a little militant about it. The truth was, I'd never done much more than kiss a boy in my life and now here, just a few feet away was a total stranger with his big hard cock sticking straight up in the air!

I stood in front of him, smiling shyly and staring, but not at his cock which seemed huge to my inexperienced eyes, but at his balls! They were very nice, I though, almost pretty the way they hung low against the soft red fabric of the chair. I could distinctly make out both of Mr. Keller's orbs, outlined through the thin skin surrounding them. I licked my lips subconsciously, wondering what they felt like. If they were warm, if they were hard or soft.

"God, you're beautiful," Mr. Keller breathed, reviving me from my thoughts and I blushed slightly. "Are you Hispanic?"

I giggled at that, although I do hear it a lot. "No." I shook my head. "I'm half Filipina."

"Really?" He grinned at me. "Why don't you get more comfortable? Take off your blouse for me."

I looked around nervously at that, though I don't know why. Nobody else was in there. I was wearing a plain white blouse and matching skirt, pretty ordinary clothes although it did set off my caramel skin nicely. I wasn't sure I should have been doing it, but I nodded and started unbuttoning my blouse slowly, taking it off so I stood there in the small white bra that I wore.

"Oh, that's nice!" the man said. "You have lovely skin. What's your name?"

"Rachael," I answered, staring at his balls again, watching how they moved as Mr. Keller stroked his elongated prick slowly.

"Mmm ... Rachael. I love your tits ... Can I see them?"

I was a bit shy about that, especially that, because my boobs are barely A cups really. I always thought I should have been larger, just a little and I've wondered about getting them done. But so many men are like Mr. Keller was that day, very appreciative of my body. I reached behind me, undoing the clasp and took it off, turning away slightly with my shyness, but then I turned back, looking down at myself.

"Don't be shy, Rachael," Mr. Keller chided me gently. "Your breasts are gorgeous! Very, very nice!" He was staring at my tits and I felt my dark nipples growing warm, getting hard and itchy for him.

"Thank you." I gave a tiny nod and actually arched my back, just a little trying to push them out more.

"How about the rest of you?" he wondered, breathing a little harder now. "Let me see your ass, Rachael."

My little brown butt is the one part of me I know is awesome and so you'll excuse me when I say I was actually a little bit eager to show off for the man. I unzipped my skirt, letting gravity pull it down to the floor around my ankles. I was only wearing a little pair of white cotton panties, decorated with little red hearts, of all things. Mr. Keller urged at me to turn around for him, to bend over and I did all of that. I spread my legs a little, pulling my panties up between the flawless globes of my ass like a thong and giggled when he praised me.

"Oh, Rachael, that's the finest ass I've ever seen!" He laughed with me, enjoying my dark blush as I felt decidedly warm all over by then. "Take off your panties, let me see!"

I hooked my thumbs in my underwear, pulling them down as I bent over at the waist so that my hair was sweeping the floor. I still had my back to him and I couldn't believe I was doing that! He could see everything, my most personal places. I was only eighteen then and it seemed terribly taboo, letting a stranger see my asshole, my virginal little sphincter. And not only that, but my pussy as well, the secret center of my being that no man had ever seen, let alone touched. And here I was with my legs spread, bent so far over my slit was tilted right up for his inspection. My brown labia were puffy and glistening with wetness. My clit was a hard little nub of sensation that just begged for attention. I held that pose until I felt my labia parting, just a fraction, just enough to give Mr. Keller a glimpse of the hot pink insides before I stood back up.

"Oh, God!" Mr. Keller stared at me as I turned around, taking me in from head to toe as I stood there in my white Molly Browns, rather plain shoes with squared toes and 1" heels. But they were comfortable and when you spend 12 hours on your feet, going to classes and then work, comfort is everything!

"Do you want me to take off my shoes too?" I asked as I realized he was looking at my feet. I was giggling, just a little, feeling strangely giddy at all this attention, focused so intently on my body. I'd never felt anything like it before!

"Oh no." He shook his head. "Uh-uh, they're perfect!" He was stroking his cock only slightly faster now and I glanced at his balls, watching them move around slightly, lifting up and down in time with his motion. "I love your shaved pussy!"

"Oh!" I giggled self-consciously. "I did that last year, in high school for cheerleading. I just keep it like that because it itches when the hair grows back."

"Keep it shaved!" Mr. Keller smiled. "You look like you're only twelve!"

I wasn't sure I wanted to look like I was 12 really; it hadn't occurred to me that I might look like that. But Mr. Keller didn't seem to mind so I nodded.

"Are you a virgin Rachael?" He seemed to be getting awfully close to cumming.

"Yes." I nodded. "I've never done anything, except kiss a little." I looked down. "I've never even seen a man doing ... that ... before."

"Really?" Mr. Keller stopped and just squeezed his cock hard. I thought he was hurting himself, but I think he just wanted to keep from cumming. "Do you want to ... touch it?" He asked, obviously referring to his cock.

"Uh..." I looked at him, unsure of how to ask for what I really wanted. But I finally did. "Could I touch your ... balls?"

"My balls?" He laughed. "Yeah! Touch them for me, Rachael ... feel them if you want."

And that was it! There was just no going back for me after that! I knelt down, touching his testicles with just my fingertip at first, wondering how sensitive he might be. There was just a little hair, light brown and damp with precum that leaked down the shaft. I got more brave after a few moments, actually cupping them in my hand. They were so light, so warm too, and the sack itself was soft and felt wonderful, but the two eggs inside were harder, like marbles wrapped in some thin spongy material. It was strange and wonderful and wondered what they really looked like in there.

"Kiss them, Rachael. Kiss my balls little girl!" Mr. Keller reached out, pulling my head closer and I didn't resist at all.

I smelled him first, gathering the musky sweaty man smell into my senses and then I was touching them with the tip of my tongue. I kissed them, pressing his ball sack to my face like a small warm pillow. I licked and even opened my mouth at his urging, taking one of his balls into my mouth. I sucked on it like it was a piece of candy, working my tongue around it gently. It was delicious, although really it had very little taste at all, to my mind it was like the finest confectionary I'd ever had!

"Oh fuck yeah, Rachael. Eat my balls honey. Suck Daddy's balls now!"

I sucked them all right; both of them, one at a time switching back and forth until I finally had both of them crammed into my hot wet little mouth. Mr. Keller went back to masturbating then, watching as I crammed myself full of his heavy sperm filled balls. I looked up through half-lidded eyes, watching his eyes as he stared at me. Watching his fist flying over his long cock until at last he finally came.

His balls seemed to jerk in my mouth, pulsing as the rested on my tongue and his thick hot sperm shot out of his swollen cock, spraying into the air in small jets of cream and landing on my face. I didn't care, I just kept working his balls, washing them gently as they spewed their sticky load out of his penis. I was amazed at how much there was and how the first 4 or 5 jets had literally shot out of him. I had it on my forehead, in my hair and across my nose. Even some in my eyes, which burned slightly. Mr. Keller kept pumping though and even more ran down over his hand and down the shaft, leaking onto my lips and chin. Finally, when it seemed he was spent, I released his balls with a reluctant wet plop from my mouth.

"Oh shit. That was fantastic, Rachael!" he said, smiling at me. His semi-hard cock now standing there, bending slightly and all red and wet from his orgasm. He held up his hand, covered with semen and reached for a towel to wipe it off.

I smiled and nodded. It had been good for me too. My cunt was burning and one touch and I think I'd have cum too, but I resisted. I just licked my lips and scooped his sperm off my face with my fingers, tasting it somewhat suspiciously at first, but it wasn't bad at all. Kind of salty and a little sour I thought. The texture was the hardest thing to get used to, but even that didn't bother me as I sucked my fingers clean and swallowed Mr. Keller's sperm.

He asked me out as I dressed again, but I said no. I was so busy with school and work I just didn't have time for a boyfriend. Besides, I could see his wedding ring and I was feeling a little guilty now that our little experience was over. But he was very sweet and the next day I got a dozen roses delivered with a little card thanking me for my help. Some of the people I worked with sort of wondered what that was about, but I just smiled and didn't say anything.

It wasn't long after that when I found that many of the men who came in, most of them in fact, had little or no reservations about being interrupted and even assisted by a young college coed! I perfected the method of walking into the room without knocking, pretending I had no idea the patient was in there, and completely flustered at having found him in such an embarrassing position.

Some of the men just liked to talk, perhaps finding the idea of a girl just watching him jerk off to be exciting. In that case I would act extremely embarrassed, trying to excuse myself repeatedly, but never quite making it back to the door.

Other men were like Mr. Keller. They wanted to see me, to have me bare my body for them to see as they stroked their cocks slowly. I did little strip teases for them, removing my clothes slowly and moving around, enjoying the way their eyes followed me. They were famished, I thought, so hungry to see my small breasts, my perfect ass, and my shaved virginal sex. I'd masturbate sometimes for them, if they asked for it, rubbing my slit and making a show of cumming the same time they did, pouring my wetness across my frantic fingers.

Some guys were more aggressive though. They wanted to touch me, to kiss me and feel my tits or ass. One man even tried to finger my pussy, but I backed away, fearing he'd push inside me too hard and too far, breaking my precious cherry. I was saving myself for my husband. I'd let these men do almost anything but risk taking my virginity. I let them finger my ass, and enjoyed it quite a lot. Especially when a guy would eat my ass, pushing his hot wet tongue into my butt was a huge turn on. I'd even let them lick my pussy, sometimes, but I had to be careful then and it wasn't as good for me because I was nervous.

Then there were the guys who wanted even more than that! Some who wanted me to jerk them off into the cup, which I didn't mind one bit. It gave me a good excuse to hold their balls with my other hand, and that was the real reason I was in there at all! I'd caress their testicles, squeezing and coaxing them to cum for me, while my right hand moved up and down their cocks. Other guys wanted blowjobs, which I quickly became pretty good at! I liked doing it, mostly because it again gave me the chance to observe and play with their balls. I didn't really like their cocks so much. I thought they were more of a nuisance than anything else, but if it meant blowing a guy so I could feel his balls, I did it.

And then there were men who wanted to fuck. They were the dangerous ones. Some of them figured if I was willing to get naked I was willing to go all the way! Wrong answer! Mostly those guys were polite about it though, and if I said no they'd accept it, so long as I gave them a blowjob. But one day, early on in my career, I met a guy named Mr. Lawson and he would not take no for an answer!

Mr. Lawson was married too and his wife just couldn't seem to get pregnant. They'd tried everything and now it was time for artificial insemination. She was pretty I'd thought, sitting there in the waiting room for her husband to fill his little cup. Blonde with large breasts that I envied. And that almost stopped me, really, because I didn't want to get him in trouble, you know. But I was sort of horny and Mr. Lawson was a nice looking man, sort of ruggedly handsome like the Marlboro Man. He belonged outside and I wondered what his balls looked like.

So, 10 minutes after he went into his little room I walked in too, acting quite shocked to see the man sitting there, paging through a Hustler and stroking a rather average sized penis. If working in the sperm bank has taught me anything, it's that you absolutely cannot tell what size a man's cock and balls are from his face. I've seen the most beautiful balls on the very ugliest men. Real trolls who you'd just as soon avoid than look at, but when they dropped their pants ... Yikes! Big plum shaped balls hanging low in a smooth beautiful sack of wrinkled velvet! I worshipped those balls!

And here was a beautiful man and I saw his balls, just a tight round sack, and no definition to the treasures inside at all. Very close to his body and while not unpleasant by any means, they'd never make my top ten. I wasn't sure how he'd react, I mean with his pretty wife sitting out front and all. He might have just ignored me, kicked me out and even complained about me. But I'd seen him checking me out too, trying to be sneaky about it whiles him and his wife sat there waiting. He was a player, I figured and boy was I right! He lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw me and in no time I was doing a little strip tease for him.

"Goddamn you're a hot little girl!" he said, working his penis up and down. "You ever fucked a big hard dick before?"

I smiled shyly and shook my head. "No! Never! I'm saving myself for my husband."

"Your husband?" He laughed "You're married?"

"Not yet," I admitted. "But someday, maybe ... I hope." I rubbed my slit a little, watching his little ball sack as it quivered between his pale thighs.

"My wife saved herself too," Mr. Lawson told me, shaking his head. "I wish she hadn't though."

"Why's that?" I asked, genuinely curious. I thought most men would be happy to know they were marrying a virgin.

"She's lousy in bed." He clucked his tongue. "She looks good, but she fucks like a sack of potatoes."

"Oh," I replied, not really knowing what else to say.

"But I bet a wild thing like you would love to get into the honeymoon bed and show your new husband a thing or two, huh?" He grinned and rubbed his dick harder.

"I don't know ... I ... I guess so." I wasn't really sure. I mean, it sort of made sense when he put it like that. I sure didn't want my husband, whoever he was, to tell a total stranger I was boring in bed!

So..." He thrust his hips, pushing his hard cock outward invitingly. "Why don't come a little closer and I'll teach you a little something about riding a cock?"

"Oh, uh ... No. I couldn't!" I started backing away a little. He was a lot bigger than I was and he looked a lot more serious suddenly when he stood up.

"Where you going, slut?" He grinned, picking up my clothes. "Don't tell me you're just a little fucking prick tease!"

"No, I'm not ... I mean, please ... Just uh, give me my clothes and..."

"I don't think so." He shook his head. "Not til I get a little taste of that tight cherry pie you got there!" I was really backing up then, although I didn't know where I was going. I couldn't leave without my clothes and if I yelled and we got caught, I was sure to be in all kinds of trouble! Mr. Lawson was supposed to be naked, but I was supposed to be on the other side of the clinic!

"No! Please!" I whispered, and Mr. Lawson, having tossed my clothes on the chair behind him, grabbed my arm and pulled me close. I barely came up to his chest, he was at least a foot and half taller than I was!

"Shhh ... quiet now little girl! I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you and afterwards you're gonna be thanking me for it!" He was hugging me, sliding his hands down my back so he could grab my ass, squeezing my cheeks in his big strong hands. I was terrified of him! "I love fucking virgins like you, bitch! Come on... !" With that he actually lifted me right up! His hands holding my squirming butt easily and I could feel the head of his cock, wet with precum sliding down between my legs until my slit was riding across the shaft!

I was so scared I couldn't breath, I could only hang on to the man with my arms around his neck and my hard burning nipples pushed against his chest. My heart was pounding and I was almost sobbing, begging him to stop. I don't know why I felt so excited! I didn't want him to make love to me, not in the least, but my pussy didn't seem to care about what I wanted at all! I was dripping and my vaginal walls were spasming, as if trying to find something big and long and hard to grab onto! This wasn't right at all!

Mr. Lawson was trying to get his dick inside me as he held my butt, flexing his knees and arching his back, even lifting me up and down, almost bouncing me so that his cockhead was rubbing across my bottom. But thankfully it wasn't going in, at least not without help! So, he took me to the chair, not bothering to move my clothes and dropped me down on it, grabbing my calves and lifting me so I was spread wide open for him as he looked down at me.

"I bet your tighter than hell in there, baby!" He laughed and I just knew he was going to get down on his knees, put my legs over his shoulders and push that awful ugly cock right up inside me! "Don't worry," he said, loosening his grip on my legs slightly, "you can tell your husband all about this when he asks how you know so much about fucking!"

That was when I did something I never would have dreamt of doing before. I jerked my right leg away from the man, so that it dropped down and then I brought my heavy leather Molly Brown right up into his balls!


I might be short, but I have some damn fine legs! 10 years of ballet and cheerleading were not wasted on me! He stepped back, his eyes opened super wide in disbelief and he brought his hands down like he might protect himself, but it was too late for that. And I wasn't taking any chances! I stood up, as quickly as I could, and hands or no, I took a really good kick at him the second time! I wasn't sitting down now, so I could get my whole body into it and I brought my right toe up so hard I thought for a split second I'd kill him with it!


Of course I didn't kill him, thank goodness! I'd just smashed his balls with my foot like they were made out of butter! I even thought I heard his pelvic bone cracking! But that might have just been my imagination. Anyway, Mr. Lawson went white as a ghost and dropped like a sack of potatoes! He didn't even curl up, like I'd have expected, it was much too painful for him I think. He just retched and coughed and groaned a lot. His eyes were shut now and watering, well ... he was sobbing like a little girl, but I hate stealing the man of his dignity by saying that.

And then, as I stood there, something wonderful happened! I came! I had the best and longest orgasm of my life! My knees buckled and fell right on my butt back into the chair! I rubbed my clit frantically, whimpering like a puppy as I felt the intense pleasure washing over me. It was flood, a real flood of excitement and I was so lost I didn't even realize I was soaking my clothes with girl juice! Even if I had, I couldn't have stopped! It was soooo good!

That was when I knew I loved balls. Not just liked them, not just lusted to hold and kiss and suck those divine orbs, no ... I truly loved them! That guy, Mr. Lawson, had been so big, so strong, and so determined to take from me something that was not his ... and now, he was lying there, at my feet crying! Balls were not only a pleasure to look at and a joy to hold, they were also a source of complete and absolute power for the person who was willing to use them! And that, I decided, was going to be me!

But first I had to take care of something! Mrs. Lawson was sitting outside, expecting her husband to deliver some of that precious sperm she wanted to start her family with! It was time to get it, pain or no pain!

I grabbed the cup and bent down, pulling Mr. Lawson's hands away from his balls. They weren't so bad, I didn't think. There was some bruising already starting, and they looked a little swollen, but not bad. I didn't have much experience with men and their injuries, granted, but my opinion was that he'd survive. But his ugly useless little penis was hanging there, small and limp now. I started massaging it vigorously, rubbing it up and down and squeezing it. Mr. Lawson just moaned a lot and tried to push me away, but I grabbed his balls in my other hand and squeezed them hard!

"You be good, Mr. Lawson!" I warned him. "We're gonna get some sperm now, so just relax!"

"Ohhh ... No ... Noooo please..." he whimpered. I chuckled and wondered why I'd ever worried about this guy! He certainly seemed harmless now!

"Shhhh..." I told him and went right on working his penis and you know what? It finally did start getting hard again, luckily for him! I rubbed and stroked and squeezed, and I even used my mouth, trying to get him to enjoy the pleasure and forget about the pain.

"No ... Stop ... Please ... I'm sorry..." he kept saying, but there was no way, I wanted his sperm and it was getting close. Precum was already leaking from the head and then, finally after about 10 minutes of hard jerking, during which he started crying again, I might add ... Mr. Lawson rewarded me with a dozen good hard spurts of jism into the cup I was holding.

"Oh good boy! Good boy, Mr. Lawson!" I said, encouraging him. He probably couldn't hear me because he was moaning quite loudly as he came. My fingers around his nuts could feel them tensing as they tried to pump even more out of him and that must have been painful!

I held up the container, looking at it. It wasn't the biggest load I'd seen, not by a long shot, and it had faint streaks of pink in it, but that just made it look pretty I thought. I looked down at Mr. Lawson and shook my head. "Well, I hope this works, Mr. Lawson. You're wife looks like she'd be a good mother. But you..." I tsk-tsked him, "You need to know that just because you're so big doesn't mean everybody else has to do what you want!"

"I ... I know ... I'm s-s-sorry..." He tried to nod, but the man didn't sound very sincere.

"Well, I hope so," I told him sternly, then I put my foot on his balls, pressing down onto the cold tiled floor.

"Wha-what are ... Ohhh! ... you doing?" he breathed and he was trying to grab my foot, so I pushed harder.

"You won't need these anymore, Mr. Lawson," I told him. "We've got all the sperm we need now!" I smiled and leaned forward, putting some weight on them. He was begging now and I nodded sympathetically. "Just remember this and don't say a word to anyone! Do you understand me? Or I'll crush your balls, Mr. Lawson! I swear!"

"I ... I promise ... no ... no ... not a word ... Promise!" he said, pleading with his eyes as I removed my foot slowly.

I got dressed, quickly, frowning at how wet and smelly my clothes were. I'd been sitting on them when I'd had the greatest cum of my life, after all! I checked Mr. Lawson's balls. They were really swollen now and turning all kinds of pretty colors. But they weren't cut or anything, there was no bleeding, so I figured that was a good thing. I slapped his face a few times, waking him up, but he was looking very worn out. I did finally manage to get him back in the chair though, turning on the TV for him so he'd have some entertainment. I set the container down on the table next to him and smiled. He looked like he'd just taken a little nap after jerking off.

"Now Mr. Lawson, if you tell anyone that I hurt you..." I pointed my finger in his face. "I'm going to say you tried to rape me. Do you understand? And then I'm gonna crush your balls, like we agreed! Remember that? Remember your promise?"

"No ... No ... Please ... No more!" He hadn't heard a word I'd said. He saw my face and just assumed I was going to hurt his balls again. He covered himself up and looked like he was ready to cry again.

I figured that would be enough. He wouldn't talk.

I did think I owed Mrs. Lawson an explanation though. I snuck out of the room and back to the staff locker room, grabbing a quick shower and finding a clean uniform. I didn't have any more underwear, but that didn't matter, my shift was almost over. I found the Lawson's address in their file when I was emptying the trash by the front desk and a few days later I decided to pay them a visit. I was feeling a little guilty.

They had a nice house and I rang the doorbell a little nervously. Mrs. Lawson answered and she recognized me right away.

"Oh, you're the girl who was working at the clinic, aren't you?" She still looked pretty and I ignored her big boobs.

"Yeah." I nodded. "I was wondering if I could talk to you for a few minutes?"

"Sure, come in." She seemed confused, naturally, but very polite. We sat down in the kitchen and had some coffee.

"I'm here because your husband, uh, Mr. Lawson he..." I wasn't sure how to say it. "He tried to rape me."

"He ... What?" She almost dropped her cup, but didn't.

"I was um, cleaning up and he ... started talking to me, while he was, mmmm ... you know..."

"When he was getting his ... the sperm?" Mrs. Lawson stared at me.

"Yeah. And he asked me if I was a virgin because he was going to teach me how to, uh, fuck..." I blushed and looked down. "He said I should learn because you were like a ... a ... sack of potatoes ... in bed, I mean."

"He said what?" That seemed to wake her up!

I told her everything, well ... mostly. I didn't exactly say that I'd done a strip tease for him. Or that I'd jerked him off and even sucked him so she could get pregnant. But I told her most of the other stuff, how he'd grabbed me and told me he was going to break my cherry and all that.

Mrs. Lawson listened to it all, her eyes getting a little damp and her cheeks flushing slightly.

"And so ... I, uh, kicked him. In the balls, you know, because that's what they told me to do in school when a man tries to ... do that..." I finished up quietly. "I think I broke them."

"Well if you didn't I will!" she suddenly said, and stood up. "Come with me!"

I followed her to the master bedroom and there was Mr. Lawson, lying in bed sleeping peacefully. He looked a lot better than he had the last time I'd seen him, that was for sure.

"He's been lying there ever since I brought him home. He wouldn't tell me what was wrong and he could barely move, I had to help him in and out of the car and it took half an hour!" She shook her head. "I always knew he was ... unhappy." She looked at me. "But trying to rape a little girl? How old are you?"

"I just turned 18 a little bit ago," I told her.

"Well, you did the right thing, sweetie!" She nodded at her own words. "They have his sperm frozen away at the hospital and the doctor said it was fine. I can try to get pregnant all I want now; he doesn't need those pesky things anymore!"

I watched as Mrs. Lawson woke up her husband. "Ted? Ted! Wake up ... there's someone here to see you."

He opened his eyes slowly, slightly disoriented and staring blankly at his wife first.

"Hi Mr. Lawson!" I smiled. "Remember me?"

He started yelling then, clutching at his wife as if she might save him.

"Shhh ... quiet dear," Mrs. Lawson told him. "I just want to know something. Did you try to rape this girl?"

"Wha... ? No ... no it wasn't ... it wasn't like that! No... !"

But Mrs. Lawson reached down and grabbed what must have been her husband's still tender balls, squeezing them hard, I figured ... judging from the way he went stiff as a board!

"Now tell me the truth, Ted," she warned him.

"I ... she ... I wanted to ... to help her ... to show her how..."

"How to do what, Ted?" Her husband screamed and I guess Mrs. Lawson had squeezed him again.

"How to fuck! Oh ... Christ ... Melanie ... Mel ... it hurts ... stop..." he sobbed, and I shook my head.

"Why did you marry him?" I blurted, forgetting I was a guest in the woman's home, but she dismissed it with a wave of her hand.

"I don't know," she sighed. "Do you want to do it?" She asked me.

"Yeah, sure!" I smiled, feeling my pussy juicing nicely. "How should I do it?"

"D-Do what?" Mr. Lawson asked, but we ignored him.

Mrs. Lawson had pulled the sheet all the way down and then she pulled Mr. Lawson's boxers down too, so we could see his black and blue pelvic area.

She whistled "You must have kicked him pretty good!"

"Uh, twice, actually ... I was scared."

"Do what?" her husband asked again.

"I bet." She nodded and gave me a sympathetic smile. "Well, we won't have to be afraid of him much longer. Let me see what I can find in the garage." She looked at her husband and waved her fingers. "Be back in a jiffy!"

"Mel what are you doing ... no ... Melanie ... wait... !" Mr. Lawson looked at me and I sat down on the bed, reaching out but he jerked painfully away. "D-Don't touch me!"

"It's gonna be okay, Mr. Lawson," I told him. "We're just going to fix your problem. Don't worry, I told your wife everything!"

"Ev-Everything?" He swallowed hard.

"Yep and when I told her how you said she made love like a sack of potatoes..." I made a face. "You shouldn't say that about your wife, Mr. Lawson!"

"Here we are!" Mrs. Lawson returned with pair of funny looking pliers.

"What are you..." Mr. Lawson stared in disbelief. "V-Vice grips? Wha-- ... no ... noooooo!" I could see understanding dawning in his eyes.

Mrs. Lawson handed them to me. "I think you screw that thingy there and they get tighter, or something." We played with them for a few minutes, they weren't all that complicated at all.

Mrs. Lawson got on top of her husband then, straddling his chest and holding his arms at the wrists. He was trying to struggle, but really, he could barely move his hips at all.

"Well, Ted..." She smiled. "I guess you won't have to worry about this sack of potatoes anymore!"

I was busy fitting those vice grips over his left nut. I figured I'd do them one at a time and Mrs. Lawson smiled at me, turning her head so she could watch. "Ready?" I asked Mrs. Lawson and she nodded. Her face looked flushed and her eyes had a peculiar glaze to them. She licked her lips in anticipation and I knew she was feeling the same excitement that I was. My nipples were so hard I thought they'd poke right through my bra! And my pussy was a raging fire, like I was dripping gasoline instead of girly goo! I rubbed my thighs together and started squeezing the handles together, watching as the testicle I had trapped between the teeth started to compress.

"Oh ... God!" Mrs. Lawson sighed and she bounced a little bit on her husband's chest. The nut was getting flatter and flatter and we could actually see it seeming to get bigger around as all that pressure pushed the spermy whatever it was stuff inside. Then, with a loud metallic snick the handles snapped tightly in place and there was a weird donut shaped disk protruding around the jaws. His ball hadn't popped at all!

Mr. Lawson was screaming by now, of course and I was getting a little annoyed with it! Especially since his nut hadn't exploded the way I'd wanted it to! I sat up, leaving the vice grips in place, and pulled off my panties. They were soaked, but Mr. Lawson wouldn't care! I shoved them into his mouth and his wife smiled at me as I smoothed my skirt.

"Good idea, sweetie," she agreed. "Try the other one ... That was weird."

"Okay!" I had to struggle a bit to get the jaws of those pliers apart again, but I did. I fitted the jaws over his other nut, and this time I didn't try to go slow, thinking maybe that was the problem – I'd given his nut too much time to stretch!


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