Alone at Christmas

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Last year's Christmas had been a disaster for Felicity Wayne, the first Christmas after Jake and her accident, killing him and leaving her unable to walk. She wasn't looking forward to this Christmas either and she kept falling at work. But Ryan, her assistant was there to pick her up and make the holiday bright.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

or "Loving Felicity"

Falicity Wayne was aware of the fact but was determined to not let it bother her this year, certainly not as much as it had the previous year. Alone at Christmas, the theme that was kind of bouncing around her psyche right then, wasn't going to be allowed it to have the last word this year.

She remembered clearly how bad, how low and gray last Christmas was. She said to herself that 'it almost drove me to drink', and she chuckled at the dark, dark humor of that statement, for she was not a drinker, at all. She'd forsworn drinking since that terrible night when Jake, assuring her that he was fine and had not had too much to drink, ran them off the road and hit the trees on the way home from a party. He was killed and she was left with no feeling in her legs, or from the waist down.

She'd been told by doctors, during the rehabilitation process, that she'd not walk again but Falicity was that stubborn and motivated. She was, of course, now walking with the aid of her friendly canes. It was a hard and slow process, and she was constantly unsteady on her feet these days, but one that worked for her.

She'd also been advised by the board of the company that she shared with Jake to hire a permanent manager but was stubborn there also. Against that advice, and their almost pleas, she decided to head the company herself and they had had, as a result the best two year run in their history, but she knew that some of that credit belonged to the team that she'd assembled for management.

Felicity Wayne was, at the age of 36, a lovely woman, with short auburn hair and, despite her struggle with her canes to walk, very, very fetching.

But last Christmas had been dreadful. She let it rule her almost, spoil her outlook, make her almost crazy and she wasn't going to allow that to happen this year. No, not at all.

She buzzed her secretary/assisstant, Teresa.

"Hey, boss," Teresa said, coming into Felicity's office.

"I'd like to give you this, honey," Felicity said, handing Teresa an envelope and a gift.

"Oh, you're the best of the best!" Teresa said, saying an elaborate 'thank you'. "What do you need now?"

"For you to go home and get on with your holiday!" Felicity said, "I have only a few more things to do here and Ryan will help me get it sorted."

"Can do, boss," Teresa said, giving her seated boss a hug and a kiss before leaving.

When Teresa had left, there was a knock at the door that led to her other assistant, Ryan Wolter's office.

He entered with a grin. "How's the Dragon Lady? Getting ready for the Christmas holiday?"

"No," she said sharply and then immediately apologized.

He sat and said: "Okay, tell!"

She sighed and went into the story about how dreadful and dark gray her mood had been last year at Christmas.

"And I don't think that I'm up for that kind of problem again this year at all! Just not!" She went on.

He moved behind her, as she sat and, on an instinct, began to rub her shoulders.

"Ohhhhhhh!"' she said, "Does that ever feel good!"

"Had some experience as a masseur, during grad school," he explained.

"And a good one!" she said.

"And 'no'," he all but barked at her and laughed after the bark, "I'm not trying to seduce the boss for Christmas."

"Little good it would do you with me barely able to move," she said, thanking him, as he finished the shoulder and back rub.

"Yeah," he quipped, "But you can't run from me!" He was grinning at her, when he finished.

"Right but I could beat you with one of my trusty canes!" she said.

But if the truth were told Ryan Wolters had in fact been in love with the boss from an early period in his employment there. He never rated his chances with her very highly. He, at 27, thought himself too young and too out of her league for any romance.

"Work to do?" he asked then, changing the subject, once he'd rewarded her latest statement with a grin.

"Work to do but I'll be fine; don't you have someone to go home to for your Christmas holiday?" she asked.

"No, not really," he said, "Alone here in the city except for Jonah and the Whale."

"Who?" she asked.

"My two tabbies!" he said.

"Oh, I love their names!" she said.

Then she moved and began to struggle across the room.

"Oh, these damn legs get so stiff!" she said.

In the past, he'd seen Teresa give her legs a rub, especially toward the end of the day to help her be able to move about. In fact, off in a side room, near where her bathroom suite was, there was a massage table to allow Teresa to do that.

"Okay, Christmas treat coming up!" he said, going to her and picking her up in his arms.

"Ohhhhh!" she said, surprised, as he carried her to the back room and the massage table.

"Here's something that I want to try!" he said and began to massage her legs, just above the knees and move downward from there.

"Oh, nice!" she said, sighing and laying her head back.

"Don't you go looking up my skirt!" she said with mock severity.

"You're the boss, the Dragon Lady," he said, "I wouldn't dare!"

She looked up at him from her prone position and said: "Liar, liar, pants on fire!"

She giggled then and he made an elaborate show of tucking the edges of her skirt under her thighs.

"Better!" he asked, grinning.

"I guess!" she said.

"Oh," she went on, after a thought, "Ryan, you do raise my spirits!"

The thought went through Ryan's mind: "If only!" But he pushed that thought out of his mind and away as quickly as possible. It was in that forbidden area where he refused to allow those thoughts to linger or invade his consciousness.

He tried to be very careful. He loved his job, was excited by the business and the way that their manufacturing capacity and outreach had grown over the past year and a half that he'd been working for Felicity. He was especially interested in analyzing and improving their manufacturing capacity, and had done a good job at that.

He kicked himself regularly, once he realized that he was in fact falling in love with her, giving himself messages about how inappropriate it was and how stupid. He made himself walk a thin but well defined line.

As a matter of fact, this was the very first time that there had ever been any kind of association, physical association between them.

"Oh, that felt nice!" she said, pushing herself up by her elbows.

"Here, let me!" he said and gathered her into his arms again, holding her in that position a moment or two longer than was necessary.

He set her down and gave her, her canes, trying not to blush too much but realizing that he was losing that battle. She looked at him and smiled, though she said nothing at first.

"Wonderful!" she finally said, "Thank you for that."

She gave him a smile and said: "Do you mind terribly if we go ahead and get these reports finished up? I know it's a pain but it'll get us in such good shape for the end of the month and the end of the year."

"No," he said, "Boss lady, that's why I came in here, not to haul you around like your body servant!"

She giggled.

"Sorry!" he said.

"Don't you say that!" she went on, smiling at him. "But let's get to these and we'll see where we are!"

"She walked slowly back to her desk and sat, with Ryan sitting on the other side of the desk, and handing her the reports.

They worked at it steadily for another 45 minutes and were then pretty much finished.

"Done!" she said with some satisfaction, and he joined her in an appreciative smile.

"I guess!" he said.

"And we've done so well!" she went on.

"We have!" he agreed.

She reached in her desk then and brought out an envelope, handing it to him: "Happy Holidays, Ryan, and thank you!" she said.

"No, thank you!" he said, getting up to leave.

"I'm going to take my usual shower and change, before it's home and dinner." she said.

"I have a few things to get done in my office," he replied.


He went to his office and found a check for $5,000 for a Christmas gift/bonus, and was pleased. It was while he was there in his office was in his office that he heard a noise, a kind of thud, like someone collapsing. He ran to her office and found Felicity on the floor outside the shower in her back room. She was wearing only a pair of yellow panties. She was crying.

"Ohhhhh," he sighed and picked her up.

"I'm sorry!" she said. "Big boss that can't even stay on her own two feet!"

He set her down on the cot that they'd used before and asked her if anything hurt very badly.

"Only my pride!" she said. "At the end of the day I like to shower and change and freshen up before going home or out to dinner," she explained. "It's just that my legs at times collapse, is all. And here I am showing off my undies and everything else!"

He grinned at her and said: "Thought that was my Christmas gift!"

"I'll beat you!" she warned and smiled at him.

He thought for a few seconds and then continued: "Okay," he said, "Shower it is. I don't want anyone saying that I'm not up to my job."

She grinned and gave him a smile: "Your job?"

"Right now to take care of you!" he said.

"Oh, yes, take care of me!" she said kind of wistfully.

"Come on, shower!" he then said, after a minute.

"Shower!" she said but gave out a little sigh, as he picked her up in his arms and walked her into the shower, sitting her down on the seat at the end of the large shower stall.

She watched with a grin then, as he went out and began to take his own clothes off.

For Ryan this was a special moment. He was finally, even if her were only the 'care giver' here in the situation, getting close to Felicity. He loved the way that she sat and waited for him in the shower. It took all his courage, due to the innate fear that he was spoiling his job and their relationship, to go ahead but he managed. He got down to his shorts, which, to his chagrin, were that day a pair of light blue, nylon shorts, cut for a man.

She put her hand over her mouth and giggled!

"Don't you dare! Ms Yellow undies!" he said and she giggled again.

Then he was inside the shower stall with her and turned on the water. He got it to the right temperature, and turned.

She put her hands over her mouth again and giggled. When he asked 'What?', she just pointed and he realized that now his newly transparent shorts were showing his raging erection.

He got red in the face.

"A Christmas salute!" she said, and then spoke to him: "Oh, Ryan, this is so nice of you. I always get just a little bit frightened, when my legs give way. It's just so nice."

He put away quickly his discomfort and went to her, lifting her up from her seat and giving her a hug. She clung to him and simply sighed. Then he moved her under the warm water, supporting her throughout the shower.

She quickly made a small but important decision: "Oh, this will never do!" she said, and began to push her panties down. They were, by now, wet and transparent and hiding nothing.

He knelt, with her holding onto his shoulders and pulled the panties down and off, trying not to make a big thing of staring at her pubic triangle.

He got up, when he was done and said, gayly: "Aha, spoils of war!"

"Don't you dare take my undies!" she said and giggled.

Then he washed her, and supported her to wash herself in the more sensitive areas.

"You?" she asked, when she'd washed and he said a soft: "Yes."

He took his own shorts off then and took a shower, with her sitting on the seat, at the end of the shower stall and just watching.

"Greatest show on earth!" she said, giggling behind her hand.

"Well, this is certainly giving me a different view of the 'Dragon Lady'," he said with a laugh.

"Do they really call me that?" she asked, half concerned.

"No," he said, "I'm just being ornery!"

"Watch out," she said, "I'll get my cane and give you what for!"

They both laughed then.

She had a thought and giggled behind her hand: "You're not going to have any underwear to put on, unless you take a pair of my panties."

He laughed and said: "We're probably done here now; I'll just go home without any. I guess!"

"Oh," she said, beginning to kind of taunt him, "Afraid of wearing a pair of my panties?"

He grinned at her and said: "What a Christmas wish, getting into the boss' pants!" He blushed immediately after saying it but she burst out laughing and said:

"You are a handful!"

"Sorry!" he said, it just came out.

"Don't apologize to me!" she said, "You're making my holiday much brighter just by being so nice."

They dressed then, with him watching, in case she needed any help.

"When they were finally dressed," she turned to him and, with a soft smile on her face said:

"Ryan, you've been so nice! I want to thank you for all of this above and beyond!"

"Yes, but I got to see the Dragon Lady..." he began, chuckling as he was saying it.

"I still have these canes!" she said, threatening him and he backed off with his arms up in the air.

A thought struck him then and he said: "Care to stop for a drink on the way home?"

"Drink?" she said, almost blankly.

"Yes, something to imbibe!" he quipped.

She laughed, "I'm sorry to be such an airhead, Ryan, it's just that all of this, what just happened has me so off balance."

"I'm sorry if I..." he started but never finished. She simply worked her way to him and put her arms around him.

"Don't be sorry!" she said. "And I'm not out to seduce you really."

She looked up at him and said, with her smile returning: "Even if it is a good idea!"

"Ohhh!" he said, "Okay, a drink and, if you want, at my place you get to meet Jonah and the Whale."

"Oh marvelous!" was her answer, as they went out of the office, "Meet Jonah and the Whale."

He grinned at her.

As she walked next to him, she said, in almost a whisper: "Gonna tell everyone that you're not wearing undies!"

"Don't you dare!" he said, grinning at him.

They stopped at a tavern not too far away. Ryan ordered a specialty ale and Felicity ordered a glass of tonic water.

"Tonic water?" he asked softly.

"Yes," she said, "Let me tell you."

She sighed and began her story: "A few years ago, my husband, Jake and I were out at a party. He'd had what I considered too much to drink but he was never willing to admit that. I know that I should have insisted that I drive but he went on a bit about being 'okay', only he wasn't. He missed a turn on the way home and plunged us into a group of trees. He was killed immediately and, when I was finally hauled out of the wreckage, I couldn't walk."

He watched her, as she told her story, with great concern on his face.

"The doctors told me that I wouldn't walk again, but I refused to take that as the final word on my situation. I worked and worked at a rehab facility, while Teresa, bless her, and kept this place afloat. I slowly but surely got on my feet and walked, like I do currently with my canes. Only at times I'm off balance a bit and take a tumble, as you saw."

He smiled and she jumped in and said: "Don't you dare say it! I was not only trying to let you see me in my undies."

As she was saying this, the waitress came up to the table and heard the end of what Felicity was saying. Ryan smirked at Felicity's discomfort and the waitress joined him in smirking.

Felicity smiled at both of them and said softly to the waitress: "He's not wearing any underwear!"

The waitress now put her hand over her mouth and giggled into her hand, as Felicity got a huge grin on her face.

"Wasn't ready to get into her pants yet!" Ryan said and both women went off into another spate of giggles.

"Anything else?" the waitress asked.

"You mean drinks or do you sell men's underwear?" he asked and the two women were off giggling again.

"Drinks!" the waitress said, "Mine would be too big for you!"

"Thank you for the thought," Ryan said, "We're done here!"

They left the waitress a nice tip and then left. They took Ryan's car, planning to come back for Felicity's and stopped for a quick dinner on the way to his place.

Their dinner conversation was comfortable and laid back. They took some time to talk business, discussing possibilities for the future of the business.

"You know," Felicity said, "The company is so lucky to have you, me and Teresa! We make such a good team!"

He grinned and she held up a hand and said: "Stop that! I know what you're thinking."

"Do not!" he insisted.

"Do so!" she replied and they both laughed.

After dinner was done, they went on to Ryan's place. They were met at the door by Jonah and the Whale. Both were striped tabbies and both were extremely friendly.

Felicity went into the living room and Ryan took the Whale and put him in her lap.

"How is it," Felicity wanted to know, "That the little girl is 'Jonah' and the boy is 'the Whale'?"

"Oh, just fate, I guess," he answered. "I come from a line of preachers, and biblical names came easily to me."

"Well, they are grand!" she said, scratching and rubbing the Whale's stomach, while Jonah was off paying attention to Ryan.

"This has been marvelous," she said, "But I guess that I really need to go home."

He drove her back to the office, where she'd left her car, and walked her to the car. Once there, as he stood waiting for her to get into the car, she turned and caught him in her arms, holding onto him tightly and almost fiercely.

"You feel so good," she said. " And I know it's a dangerous thought!"

"Yes, I agree," he said, "But one that we don't have to do anything about right away."

"Yes, yes," she said, and kissing him on the cheek, got into her car.

Neither of them slept well that night. Ryan had Jonah and the Whale on the bed with him, and, as for his periodic habit, spoke to them about Felicity and how he felt about her. He tried to be cautiously optimistic about a relationship but didn't want to kid himself.

At Felicity's she went to bed and thought quietly about the day and how it had developed. She was really pleased that Ryan finding her on the floor in her panties didn't turn into anything that was tawdry. She was also pleased about the way that he'd treated her throughout the incident.

"Just take it easy, girl!" she said to herself and promised to do that, going to sleep with that promise on her mind.

The next morning at the office, Ryan had invitations to deliver. He was there early enough to leave one on Felicity's desk, and one on Teresa's. The invitation announced a small Christmas gathering at Ryan's, and the invitation was coming from him, from Jonah and from the Whale.

He stuck his head in the door, after hearing that Felicity was there. She smiled at him.

"Hey, sunshine!" she said, and he laughed.

"Yes, I got your invitation," she said, "And I'll be pleased to come."

"Uh," he began, "The troops and I are decorating tomorrow, in order to get ready. Want to help us?"

She thought for only a moment and said: "That would be marvelous. How about if I bring something to eat?"

"You're on!" he said.

"All you really have to do is sit around and shout orders," he was grinning at the end of the sentence.

"You mean, like I do here?" she asked with a smile.

"Well, I never would have said that!" he said with mock innocence.

"No," she said, "I guess not."

"You are, after all, the boss!" He said to her then, and she laughed and struggled up from her desk to go to him and encircle him in her arms.

"What time?" she asked.

"Oh, how about tomorrow afternoon; after all, it's Saturday and you know what that means!" he said.

"No, what does it mean?" she asked, smiling.

"No school today!" he said with great glee and she joined him in the laugh.

"I'll be there after one?" she asked him and he agreed with her that a little after one would be just fine for their get together to decorate.


Those plans changed, however, when he got back from lunch. He was met going into the building by Teresa, who seemed to be in a terrible flap.

"What?" he said.

"It's Felicity!" she said, her voice breaking with sobs.

"What?" he asked, almost afraid to find out what the problem was.

"She's fallen, just now," Teresa said, and by then he was bounding up the stairs to the office, where he found Felicity, this time with her leg at a strange angle and sobbing.

Turning to Teresa, as he knelt by Felicity, he said: "Call an ambulance."

He went to his knees next to her and lifted her head and held it.

"Ohhhh!" she sobbed. "This just keeps happening! When will it get better? It hurts so badly." At that point she began to cry.

He lowered his head and kissed the tears, overwhelmed for the moment by her grief.

She lifter her own hand and stroked his face.

"Thank you for once again taking care of me, love!" she said softly.

He then began, while waiting for the ambulance, to ask her questions about being able to feel things in her legs. She answered through her sobs as he determined that she had indeed, fractured her lower leg.

He held her that way until the ambulance attendants clattered into the office area with their gurney.

"Ms... ?" the one asked.

"It's Felicity," Ryan said, "Felicity Wayne."

"Well, Felicity," the attendant went on, "I'm going to straighten your leg now; when I get it into the right place, you'll know because the pain will stop. Just tell me and then we'll immobilize it at that point. Okay?"

She shook her head 'yes' and reached out for Ryan's hand. Teresa was standing in the background with her hand up to her mouth, and tears on her face, watching what they were doing with Felicity.

The attendant began to gingerly move Felicity's leg and finally Felicity said: "There, there is fine!"

"Good," the Attendant, whose badge identified her as "Abbey" said.

They put a plastic splint around the leg and inflated it a bit, to stabilize the leg and then were ready to transport her.

"Please come with me, Ryan," she said.

"Yes," Teresa said. "Go with her; you'll be a comfort for her."

"Yes, you will," Felicity said and they all went out to the waiting ambulance.

Once at the hospital, her leg was put into a kind of walking cast and she was given a 'going over' by the attending doctor, to make sure that there were no other problems.

Ryan was still there, and Teresa had stayed behind to see to the office. He was still there waiting, when Teresa appeared. They hugged.

"How is she?"

"They're just doing a final check, I think. It was a fracture in her leg," he answered, running his hand through his hair.

It was then that the Doctor appeared.

"Uh, Mr Wolters," the doctor asked, as she came out of the cubicle.

"Yes, doctor,..."

"Winters," she said.

"Uh, this is one of our associates, Teresa Cummings," Ryan said, and Teresa and the doctor shook hands.

"Well, the leg was fractured but there doesn't seem to be any other kind of damage. Although I see from her medical history that learning to walk again is one of the challenges that she's been going through for the past year and a half or so."

"Yes," he said, "That's right. What do we need to do now?"

"I think that she's going to be fine but needs a few days rest is all; does she live alone?" the doctor asked.

"Yes," Teresa said, "But we'll take care of her for a few days."

Ryan shook his head in agreement.

"I think that will be the best idea," the doctor said. "Give me a minute here and then I'll call you both in," she concluded.

Ryan turned to Teresa and said: "What do you think?"

"Don't know," she answered.

"I'm going to take her to my place and take care of her for the near future to make sure that she's okay," he said, and they agreed to that. "If she doesn't mind."

"We'll tell her that it's the way it's going to be," Teresa said with a smile and they had it settled.

They went together then into the cubicle. The doctor just watched, with a smile, as Felicity's eyes lit up at seeing Ryan and Teresa. He went to her first and gave her a kiss on the forehead and held her, as she rested her head against his stomach. Then he surrendered her to Teresa's hug and kiss also.

"You keep on rescuing me!" she said, tears running down her face. Then turning to the doctor explained that she fell in the office the other day.

"You two are wonderful!" Felicity went on, "No wonder our business has had such a successful quarter!"

The doctor broke in at this point: "I just want you to slow, slow down for a while. I realize that your motor skills are returning but you have to give them time to adjust and grow," the doctor said. "And these lovely people have agreed to take care of you for a few days."

Felicity shook her head in agreement.

"Meanwhile," the doctor went on, "I'm going to release you into their care. Being on your own, living alone just now would not be the best idea."

Teresa spoke up then: "Boss, we'll take care of the office for a bit, while you get back on your feet and stop falling on your butt!" They all laughed at that, and it released some of the tension in the room.

"Ryan's going to look after you for a few days," Teresa said, "We have that Harris account conference and I need to go to it to represent you. It'll be fine."

Felicity blushed and then smiled at both of them and turned to Ryan with a very soft: "Thank you!"

"Jonah and the Whale are already looking forward to it," he said, and she smiled.

"Jonah and the Whale?" the doctor asked.

"His lovely cats!" she said.

"Well, bed rest for you for at least the rest of today and part of tomorrow!" the doctor said. "And I'd like to see you in about a week to ten days."

"Thank you, doctor," he said,

And Teresa added: "We'll make an appointment."


He picked her up in front of the hospital, helping her get out of her wheel chair and into his car. When she was in the car, he turned to her and said softly: "Home!"

"Home!" she said, resting her head back against the head rest. Teresa followed later, having agreed to go to Felicity's place and get some clothes for her.

"It's difficult for me to express adequately how nice it is for you to take care of me this way, both of you!" she told him.

He only reached over and covered her hand with his and said: "Of course, we'll take care of you! We're a team!"

She smiled faintly, already tired, "And a good one!"

"You lay your head back;" he went on, "We'll be there in a few minutes, and if you would rather, we can take you to your place and I'll stay with you there."

"Yes, your place, let's see how it's going to be," she said.

Teresa and Ryan got Felicity settled at his house. Ryan had her put in his own bedroom.

Teresa said: "Hey, Boss, I'm going to give you a bed bath and then I need to head to the office. We want to make sure that the money making machine doesn't stall for lack of attention."

"Yes, thank you!" Felicity said.

"While you do that, since it's not a spectator sport," Ryan said, "I'll go and make something light to eat. Could you eat part of an omelet?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," Felicity said, "And he cooks!"

"Wonder of wonders!" Teresa added.

"Are you going to have time for one?" he asked Teresa then and she nodded her head 'yes' and said a 'thank you'.

He went to the kitchen and Teresa got a cloth and towels to do the bed wash. While she was washing Felicity, Teresa asked softly:

"You like him?"

"Oh," Felicity said, in her normal honesty with Teresa, with whom she'd been together in the company for a while, "I'm afraid so! What do I do?"

"You just let it be what it's going to be," Teresa answered.

"Yes, yes, that's it," Felicity said, reaching over and kissing Teresa's hand.

"I made a run to your place," Teresa said, "On the way over here and brought you some clean undies and clothes and things."

"Oh, thank you!" Felicity said, as Teresa helped her dress.

"And Ryan has given me this sport tee shirt for a nightie for you," Teresa said, and Felicity giggled.

"Oh, this is bad," Teresa said with a grin, "She's at the giggling stage already!" Then she saw the puckish look on Felicity's face and asked: "What?"

"I'm ready now for the wet tee shirt contest!" Felicity said.

"Oh, you're so bad!" Teresa said giggling.

They both giggled at that and were still at it, when Ryan came in with the tray that held drinks for them and the omelets.

"Did I miss something important?" he asked, and the two women again broke into the giggles.

"Ms Brazen here says that she's ready for a wet tee shirt contest!" Teresa said and Ryan hooted.

"Lookin' forward to that!" Ryan said, "Are you both participating?"

"In your dreams, kid!" Teresa said, grinning at him.

He put the tray of food down then. "My, doesn't this look good!" Teresa said, barely suppressing her giggles.

"Thank you, Ryan," Felicity echoed, still grinning, and they all ate in silence for a number of minutes.

When they were finished, they talked for a bit about items from the business that needed to be handled.

"Thank you again, Teresa," Felicity said, as Teresa was preparing to leave, and giving Felicity a kiss on the cheek.

Then Teresa took her leave to go to the office."I'm sorry," she said, "Jerry and I are going out tonight."

"We'll be fine here," Ryan said, "And you call, if you wish."

"Well, how about if you call me, if you need anything," Teresa answered, "And I'll be at the office tomorrow. We have an easy week coming up, I mean with the holidays and all. I'll be able to take care of it. We don't have anything big coming, beside the Harris thing, until mid January. We'll be fine."

Felicity smiled and said: "Thank you, both of you!"

Teresa kissed her and left, with Ryan going to show her to the door.

He went back to the bedroom then; Felicity said: "I'm afraid that I've ruined your holiday party."

"No problem," he answered. "Taking care of you is the number one priority just now."

"You are so nice to me!" she said, holding out her hand to him.

"Of course I'm nice to you," he said with a leer, "With you looking so ripe and beautiful and only partly dressed! "Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly!"

"You watch out or you'll discover that I'm actually the spider!" she said, grinning too.

He went to the door then and said, from the door: "Okay, invasion time!" When he opened the door, his two tabbies, Jonah and the Whale, wandered in.

"Oh, they're they are!" Felicity said softly and Ryan gathered both of the tabbies onto the bed to greet her and get a good scratching from her.

"Up to some tv?" he asked, "A movie? Anything?"

"Oh, you choose," she said, "I'm afraid that I'll fade pretty quickly."

"Good, I'll do that," he said, and wheeled a tv from another room into the bedroom.

"Do you mind if I get myself a drink?" he asked.

"No, of course not," was her answer, and he went for a beer, as they settled down to the movie.

Felicity didn't make it through all of the movie before she nodded off to sleep. Ryan noticed and silenced the tv and got a book that he was reading and sat in the lounge chair next to the bed to read for a while, watching her all the time.

"Beautiful!" he said to himself. "Don't get carried away!" a little voice inside his head warned him, and he realized the truth of that statement and filed it for further thought.

After a bit, with Felicity sleeping and both Jonah and the Whale on the bed with her, he went through the place and turned out the lights, before showering himself and settling down in the chair next to the bed. He was wearing a pair of pj bottoms.

The lounge chair was a comfortable chair and he drifted off after a bit.

He woke and glanced first at the clock on the bureau, which showed that it was 3:15 AM. Then he noticed in the light of the led clock that Felicity was awake and looking at him.

He smiled at her, trying not to notice that the tee shirt nightie that she was wearing was up around her waist, showing, in the gleam of the clock a pair of delicately violet panties. He pushed the thought away from his mind.

"You beautiful man!" she said. "And the way you've taken care of me!"

After saying that, she moved the covers, pulling them down to invite him into the bed with her. He went around and crawled in behind her, ringing her with his arms, once he was settled down. Then Jonah and the Whale both resettled themselves, and it was peaceful.

As she drifted off to sleep, she pressed her butt back against him, consciously rubbing it against his growing erection. He felt her movement and made a similar kind of movement himself, pressing himself against her.

"Ohhh," she sighed but he simply whispered to her: "Sleep, pretty one, sleep!"

"Yessss," she said, the word barely escaping her lips, as she drifted off again.

They remained that way for the balance of the night, fairly plastered against each other, with him behind and her in front. At one point, during the night, his hand moved from her waist, slipping up under the tee shirt to encompass one of her breasts. When he did, she sighed, but he was barely aware of the sigh, as he too settled back into sleep.

Jonah and the Whale were the first up the next morning. They began to stir at their usual time and Ryan, waking, sighed at feeling the pressure of Felicity against him under the covers, in the bed.

"Isn't this nice!" he said to himself, and got gingerly up to feed the cats.

"Ohhh," she complained, as he moved away but she settled into sleep again quickly as he moved off to feed the gang.

When he came back to the bedroom, he found her sitting up, with the pillows piled up behind her and grinning at him.

"Oh, wasn't that nice!" she said, talking about their night. "It was what I needed and you were my knight in shining armor!"

He laughed at that, pouring her a cup of coffee.

"Got a feel too!" she said with a giggle.

"Fool not to!" he said, returning the grin.

"Look, Felicity," he began, apparently serious now, "If we are going to be, uh, this way ... I mean like we are now, should I maybe not be working so closely with you?"

She smiled at him: "But we haven't done anything!"

"Well there is that!" he responded.

"Yet!" she said and giggled; then she sighed and responded to what he'd said.

"I know you're being serious and I'm sorry to sound like I'm treating what you said lightly, because I'm not. I think that we need to go on the way we were. The three of us are proving to be a very good, very efficient management team. We need to see where that goes. And as for this: if we're enjoying it, then why not? That's what I think?"

"Well then," he said next, smiling at her, "This calls for a celebration! What do you want to do, tell me!"

"First of all, before anything else," she began to respond, "I want to shower! Can you rig for me a kind of plastic covering for this cast?"

"I can probably manage to do that," he said, moving toward the door. He said then, over his shoulder, "Especially if I get to see the boss lady naked in the process!"

"Pervert!" she called out, "I'm being treated by a pervert!"

He stopped at the door and said to her: "You'll soon find out about that too! But I'm off on a search for a plastic bag. Jonah and the Whale will take care of you, while I'm gone, and then I'll take care of you personally beginning with the shower and going on from there. I'm going to practice my perversions on you!"

"Oh, I'm looking forward to that!" she said to him, laughing, but loudly enough for him to hear it, after he'd left the room.

He returned with a large plastic bag that he proceeded to wrap around her leg with the cast, making it fast with tape to ensure that there would be no leaks. When he had it done he smiled at her and said:

"Time to unwrap the gift!"

"Perversion time?" she asked smiling.

"Yep! Now!" he said.

"Should Jonah and the Whale be sent away so that they don't learn any bad things?" she asked, giggling.

"Oh, they've been with me long enough that they know my perversions by now!" was his answer, laughing.

"Oh!" She proclaimed, "Despite the injury, this is fun! You are fun!"

"Okay, stop stalling for time!" he said, "Teresa isn't going to come through that door and rescue you!"

"Eeeeep!" she squealed. "Go ahead, do your worst!" She gave a rueful smile then and said: "It can't be any worse than what I've done to myself!"

"Now, no more of that!" he said, "The doctor said that you're on the mend; you just need more practice for your balance, and we're going to devote every day to doing just that, practice for your balance!"

"Ohhhh, I love you!" she said, in a rush of feeling, and then blushed a bit, as she threw her arms around his neck. She thought just a few seconds and said into his ear: "I really, really do, Ryan, forgive me for being inappropriate."

"Nothing to forgive," he said in return, "Nothing inappropriate here, I'm about to take your violet panties off!"

She 'eeeped' again as he did indeed take her panties down and off. He picked her up from the bed then and carried her to the shower. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head against his shoulder.

"This is you and me," he whispered, "It's not the boss and Ryan here!"

"No," she agreed, "Not at all; you and me!"

He took her directly into the shower stall then, which was a fairly large one with a seat at the end. He put her down on the seat and proceeded to take the tee shirt off of her.

"Unwrapped!" he said, as she shot her arms up into the air for a hug from him. He bent over and she wrapped herself around him.

"Felicity, you are beauty itself!" he said in a soft voice.

"Oh, yes, yes," she said, "That's what I need to hear! That's what I need to hear from you!"

She grinned at him then and said:"Shower with me?"

"Of course!" was his answer.

"Then I get to watch you unwrap the package next!" she said, giggling.

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