Until the End of the World

by Jessy19

Copyright© 2012 by Jessy19

Fantasy Sex Story: What would you do on your last day on Earth? Warning: rape

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Rough   Masturbation   .

"It is official. The world ends tonight at midnight. Go home to your family. Be with your loved ones. Or join us out here on the streets for our last moments together. Remember, you will never see that one person you love dearly, ever again. People, it's time to get real. Don't hold back on your feelings. If you love someone, tell them. If you forgive someone, tell them. It's time to let go and just be with one another. Join us out here in the square. Come hold hands, enjoy music and be happy just before we are all gone."

Alex stood in his balcony of his apartment that overlooked the streets. Wearing only his boxer shorts, he shook in the cold December air. People were gathered in the square. It was December 20 and just as it had been predicted, the world would end at midnight.

The square was jam packed already with people eating, crying, laughing and the music blared throughout the streets. "A mouth full of diamonds," by Phantogram played loudly over the loudspeaker.

Alex went back into his apartment and closed the balcony door, muffling the music that blared loudly outside. The heat in his apartment was welcoming on his half naked skin.

So it was the end of the world? Who cared anyway? Not like he had many loved ones to go to. He hardly had friends. All of his friends would be with their wives or girlfriends anyway. All of Alex's family was long gone. His parents had passed away when he was only eight years old, in a car accident. He was raised by his grandmother who later passed away when he was nineteen. He'd been alone ever since.

Alex decided to take a nice warm shower that morning. Why not? Couldn't leave the world feeling dirty now could he? After his relaxing shower, Alex stood in front of the bathroom mirror and wiped away the condensation formed by the heat from the hot water. His coffee brown eyes looked back at him. His jet black hair was longish.

Too late to get a haircut, he thought to himself.

He brushed his teeth and began to comb his hair. He would be ready once the world ended.

After slipping into jeans and a gray sweatshirt, Alex put on his socks and boots and decided to head out to get something to eat for breakfast. After all, he hadn't gone grocery shopping since the end of the world announcement a week before.

He grabbed his black coat and headed on out. As he locked his door he heard footsteps behind him. Slowly he turned to see who it was.

He instantly spotted her long dark brown wavy hair. She smelled so good even from a distance. She lived three doors down from his apartment. She wore a long gray coat and it was easy to tell she wore a skirt with knee high boots. She carried a brown paper bag in her hand while she fumbled with her keys trying to open her door.

He headed towards her immediately. She always seemed to draw him in that way. She had that power. That woman was something else.

"Laura," he choked out her name.

She turned and flashed him that innocent, sweet smile he loved to see. Her honey colored eyes, plump red lips, long dark eyelashes, and porcelain skin ... he could go on and on describing every detail about her.

"Alex," she said his name. His heart raced just a bit every time she said his name.

"You need some help?" He offered.

She nodded. "Yes, thank you. Can you hold this?" She said handing him over the bag.

He took the bag while she opened up her door. Once her door was successfully open, she turned to face him. That same smile that melted his heart stayed frozen on her pretty face.

"Thanks so much," she whispered and reached out for the bag.

Alex handed her the bag and stood fidgeting. "You're welcome."

"Where were you going? It's freezing out there," She said.

"I was going to get me something to eat," Alex replied quietly.

She laughed. A laugh that was so gentle and loving. "Well there's no restaurants by now. Everything's closed. I got these few groceries from a small grocery store that my coworker's father owns."

Alex hunched his back. "Oh. Well I guess I'm screwed then huh?"

"Don't be silly. I got some food here," she said holding out the bag. "Join me for breakfast will you?"

The invitation was easy to accept. Alex couldn't think of a better person to spend his last day on Earth with. Laura had lived in the same apartment building, only a few apartments down from Alex's for over three years. When he first met her, she instantly chatted with him. No one had ever just started a conversation with him. Most people ignored Alex.

They met in the elevator one Friday afternoon. Alex had called in sick that day to work and so had Laura. They both had a cold and both had gone out to buy some soup and tea to get better. Alex had held the elevator door when he heard her voice that day.

"Don't go yet ... wait for me!" She had said breathlessly. It was a chilly February day that day, Alex still remembers.

Once she was in the elevator with him, they rode up to the 20th floor in silence at first. Alex sneezed and he heard her say 'bless you.'

"T-thank you," Alex had stammered.

"You're sick too huh? It must be something going around," she had stated. Alex had avoided looking at her but he could smell her. She smelled like roses, or orchids or maybe a mix of both.

"Yeah," Alex had replied quietly. He watched the numbers on the elevator closely. They were barely on the 10th floor and he was already feeling so nervous talking to the pretty young lady.

"You're on the 20th floor too huh?" She had asked.

Alex nodded.

"I'm Laura," she said extending her hand out.

Alex took a look at her small, manicured hand and hesitated.

"Oh we both have cooties, so it's ok," she laughed so sweetly.

Alex laughed too. He hardly laughed but this woman was something else. He shook her hand. Her hand felt so warm and very soft.

"I'm Alex," he had introduced himself.

"I just moved in this building a week ago," Laura said.

"Welcome to the building," Alex replied. He knew he was blushing. She smiled and turned to look at the numbers on the elevator. They were already at the 17th floor. Alex was somewhat disappointed that the elevator didn't stop and keep him trapped in there with her.

Once they hit the 20th floor, Alex stepped aside to let her out. She wore snug jeans and a soft red sweater. Her wild hair was loose, framing her pretty face.

"Well it was nice meeting you Alex. What apartment is yours?"

"2012," Alex said.

She giggled. "Ah 2012, like the end of the world huh?"

Alex nodded and cursed silently because he knew he was blushing like crazy.

"Well I'm in 2020," she said. "If you ever need a cup of sugar or something, don't hesitate to stop by. I'm new to the city and would like some friends. I guess I can consider you my first friend huh?"

Alex secretly felt honored. "Yes ... I suppose so."

Laura smiled and walked away slowly. Alex didn't want to look but it was hard not to notice her perfect ass in those snug jeans as she walked away.

Ever since then, Alex and Laura had been friends. Friends. That's all. Just fucking friends. Alex had always wanted more but was too fucking shy to say anything to her. Now, it was too late. Laura had a guy in her life. He had been engaged to her but then broke the engagement because he got scared and didn't feel ready to marry Laura. It was an on again, off again type of relationship. His name is Manny and he's not Alex's favorite person. Laura seemed to be totally in love with him which irked Alex, but what could he do?

Alex stepped into Laura's cozy apartment. She had candles lit up and the whole place was neat.

"Have a seat Alex. I'll get started on making breakfast."

"You don't need any help?" Alex offered.

"Nah. I'm good. Take off your coat, relax," Laura said cheerfully.

Her apartment was quite warm. She opened up her balcony door just slightly to let the music flow in. Andrew W.K.'s "Ready to die" blared.

"Oh my god. What a song to play on our last day on Earth huh?" Laura asked.

Alex nodded. "Yeah really." He took off his coat and sat on the couch and looked around. He'd been in Laura's apartment many times.

Laura stepped away from the balcony and removed her long gray coat. She wore a tight black sweater that showed off her breasts and a black and white plaid skirt with knee high black boots. Alex gulped and tried to stop his heart from racing.

"So what are your plans for the end of the world?" Laura asked as she walked to the kitchen.

Alex shrugged. "I don't know. Probably just stay in my apartment and wait for the end."

He heard Laura groan. "Oh Alex. Don't do that. Why don't you go down to the square to hang out with the folks there?"

Alex laughed. "No thanks."

"You're always so antisocial Alex," Laura joked.

Alex began to smell bacon and eggs cooking. His stomach growled. It had been many hours since he last ate and he'd only eaten some Ramen noodles. M83's "Reunion" began to play.

"Oh I love this song!" Laura announced as she continued to cook.

Alex closed his eyes and listened to the song that flowed into Laura's apartment. He could smell the vanilla from the candles that burned mixed with the breakfast Laura was fixing and blending in with Laura's natural feminine scent. If the world ended right then and there he'd be ok. He'd be happy.

"What are your plans?" Alex asked as he opened his eyes.

"I'm probably going to go to Manny's," she said.

Alex cringed. "Why would you want to do that?"

Laura sighed. "Alex, be nice."

"I'm serious. You really want to spend your last day on Earth with Manny?"

Laura was quiet for a few minutes. Alex stood up to make sure he hadn't upset her. She stood by the stove making scrambled eggs.

"Hey," Alex walked over to her. He gently touched her shoulder. Laura turned around. She looked up at him. "I'm sorry," Alex apologized.

Laura fell into his arms and cried quietly. Alex held her. He rubbed her back gently trying to comfort her.

"It's ok Alex. It's not that ... it's..." She sobbed. "It's just that Manny is all I got."

Alex was somewhat hurt by her statement. What the hell was he then? He knew Laura had no family. She was an orphan. She had never been adopted. Had no clue who her family was. She grew up in an orphanage and later went off to college and that's where she met a few friends.

All of her friends were married or had children. Manny had been the only man in her life, besides Alex of course but Laura didn't want Alex. Alex knew this. She had never flat out told him but he knew. He knew if a woman wanted a man she'd show interest and Laura never showed interest. She never looked at him the way she looked at Manny.

Placebo's "Pure Morning" segued as the music continued to play.

"I know I know. I'm sorry for saying that," Alex apologized again.

Laura pulled away from him gently and wiped her tears. Her eye makeup had smeared but she still looked beautiful.

"You are kind of right though Alex. I know Manny has hurt me in the past but damnit I love that man."

Alex looked away. Why couldn't she say the same about him?

"Understood," Alex said nonchalantly.

"Ooh ... eggs are going to burn," Laura said and went on to finish cooking.

Alex stood by looking at her from the corner of his eye. He should have told her right then and there how he felt but what would be the point? The world would soon end and he'd die never having had her.

As they began to eat breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice, U2's "Beautiful Day" played. Alex agreed it was a great song to play at that moment.

After breakfast, Alex headed back to his apartment since Laura indicated she'd be making some phone calls to a few friends just to talk and say her goodbyes. Alex figured he should do the same but then realized he didn't really have much to say to anyone but Laura.

Once back at his place, Alex took off his sweatshirt and changed into a t-shirt. He went to leave his balcony door ajar just a bit to hear the music playing. Bjork's "All is full of love" played. He went to flop down on the couch and laid back. He thought about Laura and how he'd never see her again. The fact that she'd spend her last hours with Manny saddened him.

He could only imagine what he'd do if he had Laura all to himself for that day. The possibilities were endless. He closed his eyes and Laura's image appeared. She was still in her tight sweater, short plaid skirt and knee high boots but next to him kissing him, loving him.

Alex felt his cock stirring in his jeans. He reached down and pulled out his erection. He began to stroke his cock thinking of Laura. He thought about how her lips would feel against his and how she would taste. He imagined her underneath him letting him take her. He was jerking off fast and hard until he exploded and came all over his own hand. He opened his eyes but didn't feel satisfied. He had to have her. After all, the world would end.

Alex spent the rest of the day out on the balcony staring down at the people below in the square. Most were cuddle up together trying to keep warm, drinking hot cocoa and singing along to the music playing. Everyone looked so united. Why couldn't they be that way before?

The sky was gray, the wind chill almost unbearable as a preacher spoke into the loudspeaker in between the music plays. He kept going on about how this was the last chance to be with your loved ones and how we were all either going to heaven or hell. It was the last chance to ask for forgiveness for all your sins. What did this asshole know anyway? He wasn't God or whatever super being existed.

The guy went on and on about right and wrong. Alex was annoyed and hoped this guy would be the first to go. He went back inside his apartment and closed his balcony door to avoid hearing the preacher.

Alex went to lay back down on the couch. He felt spent after having jerked off and standing out in the cold looking all the people and listening to that crazy preacher. He figured he'd take a nap before going to visit Laura one last time. He'd make the visit a good one. He had planned it out. Fuck it. After all it was the end of the world. His cock hardened again just thinking of his plan, but he'd rest first. His eyes felt heavy. Slowly, he drifted off to a deep sleep.

The knock on the door woke him up. Alex woke up in a daze and realized he was in the dark. Michael Jackson's "Remember the time" could barely be heard playing in the background.

Alex raised his body up from the couch and staggered over to the door. He looked through the peep hole and his anger and confusion all went away when he saw Laura at the door.

"Alex? Alex? Are you there?"

Alex waited a few seconds before opening the door. She stood wearing black sweater dress and black knee high boots. She held a platter of something and a bottle of wine.

"Hey!" She said right away. "Why are you in the dark?" She asked. Her face was freshly painted with makeup and she smelled incredible.

"Oh ... s-sorry," Alex stuttered and reached over to flip the lights on.

"I brought you some cheese and grapes to snack on and some wine," Laura said happily.

Alex took the platter and the bottle of wine. "Thanks ... thanks a lot. This is great."

"You're welcome friend. I just came to say goodbye." She hugged him and kissed his cheek. "I have to go, I promised Manny I'd be there soon," she said disappointing Alex.

"What time is it?" Alex asked still in a daze.

She took a look at her watch. "It's fifteen past ten."


"Yup. Were you asleep, sleepyhead?" She teased and laughed.

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