A Hair Cut

by Kynlas_DK

Copyright© 2012 by Kynlas_DK

Erotica Sex Story: Our hero goes to a VERY personal hair cut with all of the extras with his stylist and one of her daughters.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

"Hello Jennifer, I am finally here." I said as I walked in the door to her little hair studio.

"Hello Seth," Jennifer said with joy and happiness in her voice. "I'll be with you in just a minute, I just have to finish up Mrs. Smith's hair. Why don't you take a seat and I'll be with you in a minute."

I settle into a chair and wait while looking over the magazines sitting in a pile next to me. I watch Mary Beth work nothing very interesting, but Jennifer is wearing a snug Old Navy white shirt with a pair of hip-hugger jeans and sandals. A typical outfit for my favorite hair cutter. She stands about 5'7" and a very athletic 120lbs for a woman of 38 years old. You could say that she is a very hot MILF, and I usually do, but since she doesn't dress up very often you could walk by her and not even take notice. Her beauty is stored deep inside, her pants is an obvious answer, but deeper than that it is in her heart where you find her true beauty. I have had the pleasure of finding this beauty both in her pants and her heart. I saw it in her heart over the years that she has cut my hair and only recently in her pants.

For a woman who has given birth to three kids (all girls) she has an amazing grip with her pussy. She keeps is trimmed with her clippers and when she is in the mood, she lets me help her with that. Otherwise, I get to play with her pussy and only when I come in for a hair cut. We wouldn't want her husband to know about the "extra" services she sells in her little shop.

Time flies when you are dreaming about a beautiful woman, and Jennifer gets my attention by showing Mrs. Smith out and saying good-bye. She locks the door behind her, puts up the "Entry by appointment only" sign and turns to me.

The look of lust in her eyes gets my blood pumping. "What can I do for you today Mr. Johnson?"

I love that look. I smile devilishly, "Oh, I need a lot today. I need a hair cut up here," pointing to my head. "A trim down here," pointing to my crotch. "And I really need to unload several times too. I think I am retaining semen it is so bad."

Jennifer walks, or at least you could call it walking, since she walks so seductively anyway that it is hard to call it anything else.

"Should I call down my daughters to help you out with your trim," she says while rubbing her hand over my soon to be very hard cock.

"Oh yes, that would be very nice." I know full well that her daughters enjoy servicing me. They have told me many times before I pay my bill that my cum is the best and they enjoy very much helping me unload it from my balls.

Jennifer turns and walks up the stairs to the bathroom that seperates her studio from the rest of her house (awefully nice having your "office" attached to your house) and calls down her oldest daughter.

Moments later, the very attractive 17 year old daughter comes into the room wearing a robe answering her mother's call and asks what mom?

"Mr. Johnson is here for his service and he has requested you. Would help him get comfortable while I go and change?"

The oldest daughter Carla, looks over at me and smiles broadly and drops her robe at the door. She dashes over to me and jumps into my arms and begins to hug and kiss me greeting me with great enthusiasm.

"Have you been practicing your technique?" I ask her knowing full well the answer.

"Oh yes. I have been practicing on my boyfriend at least three times a week." Again smiles and kisses are showered upon me.

"Have you been swollowing too?"

"Oh yes. I have been practicing that too. I know how you hate to see come go to waist and I have been sucking it out of my boy friend and making sure to know spill any of it."

I pat the teen on her bottom which is bare except for the thong panties she is wearing to indicate that she needs to let go of me and help me out of my clothes. Like I said, I need a trim both top and bottom.

Carla slides down my body rubbing herself against me encouraging my cock to grow some more. She stands in front of me and turns around giving me a chance to see her new bra and pantie set. Pearl white with lace inserts in the bra and pearls and lace all throughout the panties as well. A very beautiful set for such a fabulous body. It is a shame to see her wear clothing. A body like hers should be seen at all times.

Carla starts by unbuttoning my shirt and taking that off me. The then kneels down in front of me and undoes my belt and my pants and then slips them off of me. Off come the socks and finally she reaches up, takes hold of my boxers and slowly pulls them down. She maneuvers my boxers just right and my cock springs free pointing right at her. When she has my boxers off me, the reaches up and takes a hold of my fully erect cock and slips it into her mouth and begins to eagerly suck on it. I steady myself by placing my hands on her head so that I don't fall over.

She looks up at me with my cock in her mouth and continues to work on it. I know that I am close to coming but she isn't stopping. She does something that I wasn't sure she could do and takes my whole manhood down her throat and begins to hum. Well the vibrations of her humming set me off and I shoot my first load right down her throat.

"Uugh, that was amazing. Where did you learn that trick Carla?" I ask as I flop into the chair that was luckily still behind me.

"Just something that I picked up while practicing with my boy friend. Do you like it? Did I do it right?"

"Oh honey, you did it very well and if there is any doubt about my liking it, just taste the load in your mouth."

As I am recouping in the chair, Jennifer comes back into the studio wearing and equally beautiful bra/corset set with stocking and high heels. The panties she is wearing are white and very small.

I look up at her while Carla is sitting on my lap and give a wolf whistle to show my appreciation. Jennifer does a turn showing me everything she is wearing and I have to say that the back is as good as the front. What a stunning outfit.

"Very well done Jennifer. I love the outfit. Come over here and let me see you." I hold out my hand and she steps up to me to allow me to look her over with my eyes and hands. I run my hands over her corset and over the cups of her bra and and then down her body to her legs to feel the silky touch of her stockings. Her exposed skin is smooth to the touch and there is a hint of perfume in the air. She has gone all out today just for me.

"Time for a trim Mr. Johnson. I hope that your first unloading was a good experience."

"Oh yes, Jennifer, Carla has learned a new trick to my pleasure and I made a very nice deposit in her as proof. You have a very talented girl there."

Jennifer lead me over to the wash basin and had me sit down in the chair with my head back in the basin. While I was lying back, Carla got between my legs and brought out a warm wet washcloth and began gently washing my cock and balls getting both them and my pubs softened up for my lower region trim.

I looked up while Jennifer began the water to wash my hair. I let my hand slide out of my lap and gently began stroking the inside of her thigh as she washed, conditioned and rinsed my hair. Her thighs are long and strong from the running she does at the gym and from helping her younger daughter play soccer.

Once my hair was well washed, I was led over to the barber chair and sat down. A drape was placed around my neck to keep all of my hair from falling onto the young lady who would be giving me my other trim. Hair cuts are not that exciting under normal circumstances, but when you have two almost naked women working on you, they are very exciting and I regained full mast in very short order.

Carla brought out the clippers and gave my bush and good trim and then made sure there were no strays anywhere. It is a shame to have stray hairs around your privates, simply a shame. Once she was done, she gave me another good sucking, but all the way to conclusion and then got out of the way so that her mother could get the rest of my trimmed.

Jennifer walked around me cutting here and snipping there all the while she was doing that, I took great advantage of her outfit and rubbed her and caressed her in every conceivable way while she was working. I am sure that she was turned on by my manipulations since the formerly solid white panties had become somewhat translucent during my haircut. I finally got a chance to touch her there and it was confirmed to me that she was turned on, her panties were wet and her lips were visible through the material.

I pulled my hand away from her panties tasted the wetness that was on my fingers. She tasted so good.

"All right mister," Jennifer said in mock frustration, "I think that I have enough of your touching and it is now time for some more useful actions. Let me get this drape off of you and you can put that cock of yours to some good work. It has been tenting my drape the entire time I have been cutting you and with your touches I am totally worked up here. Your next unloading is going to be into me either in my pussy or my mouth, I don't really care."

With that said, she removed the drape exposing me to her gaze, and dusted me off making sure that all of the cut hair was off of me. She pulled me out of the barber chair and had me sit on the small couch that is in the studio.

While I was sitting on the couch, she stood in front of me and slipped off her panties and waved them in front of me, "See what you have done to my panties?"

I reached out and took them from her, I put them to my nose and inhaled the scent of this woman.

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