A Piece of Art

by Dab10

Copyright© 2012 by Dab10

Mind Control Sex Story: Mike and Sue (Erotic Hypnosis Gone Wrong) go to an art show

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Exhibitionism   .

Edited by Barney R and qxvw198

Hello again, Sue here to tell of another of Mike and my adventures. Mike has always been spontaneous so when he suggested we go to the modern art exhibit at the last minute I had no problems or worries. On our way Mike starts a conversation about art.

"You know standing there being looked at by so many people," he said. "I bet a piece of art must have an exhibition fetish like you."

"Yes but what piece of art gets to make love to her husband after being turned on like I do?" I asked.

"Make love?" he chuckled. "You try to screw me in to the ground, you mean?"

I laughed back. "Even fucking with you, is making love to me." He reached over and grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too." I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

We drive on and soon we pull up in front of a small art gallery, rather than the museum I was expecting.

Mike pulled in to a parking space and parked. I saw a reserved for sign with his name on it. Before I can say anything, he leaned over and kissed me hard. I started to respond. Then he stopped and said something I couldn't quite hear.

Next thing I knew I was standing with my hands over my face. I was looking through my fingers. My skin felt odd and I was not wearing any clothes. Mike stepped in front of me and said, "Welcome to my art gallery, my newest piece of art. Just so you know, your body has been sprayed with something that makes it look like plastic. Your hair is covered and there is a small tube running up your leg.

"You are an art exhibit called 'Exposed, Embarrassed and Loving It, the Modern Exhibitionist'. You look like you're made of plastic. Your face is covered by your hands so no one will recognize you. The tube is supposed to make you look like you're in a high state of arousal. Just looking at you now, however, I don't think I need the pump." he said and I felt my juices flowing down my leg. "Your elbows are out so everyone can see your breasts.

"Now to ease your pretty self," he said, "This is a private show for friends and family of the artiest. There are no cameras allowed and people are warned that if they take out a cell phone it will be confiscated. Don't think you are the only piece of sexual art here. We have a breast squirting milk, and one that looks like two body's intertwined under a sheet hanging on a wall. I actually like that one."

"You will be roped off and there will be a security guard near you when I can't be," he smiled and continued, "Oh and here is the write up for you 'Exposed, Embarrassed and Loving It, the Modern Exhibitionist. This is the gallery owner's one love. He has worked on it for years and says that he will never have another. This work has some small movement in the chest and other muscles that is suppose to reflect the excited state she is in as are the juices flowing down her leg. This is this piece of art's first time on display', So my love, do you think you will have a good time today?" Mike said as he walked close to me and put a hand on my knee. He ran it up my thigh then held his hand in front of my face. I see the juice drip off. "I'd say that was a yes."

'Oh god how does he think of these things? I can feel the excitement build in me and all I want to do is jump his bones right now!' I thought. I watch as best as I can as he puts the ropes around me and opens a sliding door. I see people moving around out there. Oh god how will I live with the embarrassment? Then I thought, 'I am in the right position except my legs are a bit spread.'

He walked over to this huge guy in a security uniform and brought him into my room. Mike said to him, "This is my greatest treasure. I don't want anyone to even touch it. If you do a good job on this then I will give you the bonus we spoke of."

"Yes Sir," he replied. "I will make sure she is safe."

Mike laughed and said "It is a piece of art but I often refer to her as 'she' myself. Let me make sure everything is running right and then we can start the show."

He stepped over the ropes and walked up to me. He ran his hand over my breast, "My treasure," he whispered. Then he walked around the back and said, "Time to start the pump." I felt a pulse of water in my vagina and more water ran down my leg.

"How did you get the smell?" The guard said. "It makes me want to go home and fuck my wife."

'Shit everyone that comes in the room will smell my pussy.' I thought, 'God how did I get in to this?' even as I felt more liquid flow down my leg that had nothing to do with the pump.

"I collected it from my wife. She enjoys the way I get it from her and doesn't complain," Mike said with a smile in his voice.

"Yea, my wife enjoys that kind of attention too," the guard said and they both laughed.

Mike walked out of the room and soon I heard him making a speech. The guard looked at me and said, "Hey hot stuff, how about you me and my wife get together?" He chuckles.

I thought, 'God what did I get into now?' Then I heard applause from outside the room and I saw people start walking around.

I was so embarrassed but the thought of all those people looking at my exposed body had me really turned on. I guess I was breathing a bit hard when the first group walked in. That's what they were talking about.

"Look at the way the breasts heave. I wonder how he makes it look so real?" one said.

"Looks really fake to me," another said. "And the liquid down the leg looks too fast to be real." Of course the pump hadn't pumped since Mike had pretended to turned it on.

"Looks like she is blushing a bit too," the first one said.

"A trick with the light I'm sure," said the second one.

"Look at that ass," I heard behind me. "I bet that ass feels great."

There was a bit of a gush down my leg and the first voice said "The pump must be computer controlled. When he said that about her ass, the flow got harder."

"Ahh, just cheap theatrics," the second voice said. "The breasts are too perfect to be real." I gushed a bit more at that. "See the computer causes more flow at certain key words. Let's go see what else there is." And they wandered away.

Next there was one young teenage boy with a man gawking at me. The man chuckled and said, "The female form is pleasing to us men and this is quite the form, but my boy you shouldn't stare at a lady like that, even a piece of art."

"Yes dad," the kid said. "I need to use the bathroom." He ran off.

The man looked at me and said, "Probably off to pull his pud to thoughts of you." He laughed and walked away.

'I am turning on teenagers too, ' I thought, and felt more going down my leg.

Soon a mother and a girl about eight come wondering in. The girl stared at me and said, "Mommy that woman is standing there naked."

The mother laughed and said, "It is a piece of art, like your brother's in the other room."

"You mean the boobs squirting milk that he made>" the girl said. "That's just silly."

"Yes dear," the mother said with suffering tone in her voice.

They moved closer then the girl said, "She is pretty, like a Barbie doll with no hair." The mother looked at me like she appreciated me as a piece of art. The girl looked at me like a toy.

They walked around behind me and the girl said, "There is a smell here like when I get scared and go to your room to sleep." The security guy laughed.

"Yes dear, it does have the same type of smell." I could hear the embarrassment in her voice. I gush a bit with the embarrassment of them talking about my smell.

Then I heard the girl, "Mommy, she just peed." I felt so naughty getting off on what a little girl said, but the embarrassment was turning me on even more.

The mother whispered to the girl, "Remember when you asked about sex and where babies come from? I told you about men sticking their penis in the woman. You said that would hurt but I told you about the lubrication the women make so it not just easy, but enjoyable?"

"Yes," said the girl, in a stage whisper that carried through the room.

"That is what is coming out of that woman," the mother said quietly.

"So is this lady is getting ready to have sex," the girl asked in the same stage whisper. The security guard laughed, and I gushed a bit more.

"Yes," the mother said.

"Oh," the girl said like she had lost interest and they wandered off.

I saw Mike just outside the door talking to someone and then leading them in to view me. I hear the guy say, "Yes I know you said no photographs but my assistant was just making some sketches for an article in the paper."

Then Mike said, "I guess a sketch wouldn't hurt."

Then the man looked at me and said, "OH MY! NOW THAT IS ART!" Mike chuckled at that.

"Who is the artist? I would love a sketch for the paper," the man said.

"This would be my creation." Mike said with a smile. "If I let you sketch it, how much exposure will it get?"

"Circulation is close to a hundred thousand," he said and I felt more gushing down my leg.

Mike must have seen it because he said, "That is a lot of exposure, and I think I would like that."

"Thank you," the man said. "Let me get my assistant over here to sketch this."

Mike walked close to me and whispered, "Just think about how many people will be looking at your body when this hits the papers." The excitement of all those people made me come and I gushed so large that I thought I had peed myself for a second. Mike looked a bit concerned and said, "Hector, close the door and step out for a second. Don't let anyone in. I have to make an adjustment."

"Yes Sir," said the large security guard.

Mike waited for the door to close and said something I couldn't make out. Suddenly I knew I could talk. Mike said, "Are you ok with this? No one but us will know that it is you."

"I think so," I said, "As long as no one knows." I still couldn't move anything but my mouth. "And if you think you were screwed in to the ground before, wait till I get my hands on you."

Mike chuckled and pulled a juice pouch out of his suit pocket. "Drink this. We don't need you to dehydrate at the rate you are losing liquid." He put a straw to my mouth. I downed it in one shot. Mike said one of those words again and I couldn't move. Before he walked away he pinched a nipple and I was breathing hard again. He chuckled as he walked to the door.

He opened the door and Hector was standing there with the paper guy and some young lady. The art guy was telling the young lady how he wanted a couple of angles, and not to skimp on details. She was just yesing him to death.

The young lady said, "If you want all of that I'm going to need 20 minutes without interruption."

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