I Lied

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2012 by Linda Jean

Erotica Sex Story: This a story about a clean cut young housewife married less than 9 months that discovers the joys of good old fashion nasty sex with multiple men. she is left alone at home and gets tricked into becoming a subject of a new "women's aphrodisiac." She gets hooked on sex and has to decide if she should tell her husband or not. should she lie to him so it would not hurt his feelings?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   .

One thing that I have been proud of in my short married life is, in the time that we have been married; I had never lied to my husband. Well until now that is. Where do I begin this catastrophe? It all began about two months ago.

My husband Peter left the house to go pick up a load for one of the companies that he hauls for (drives truck for.) He had to go to Los Angeles someplace and then take it to New York where he was to pick up another load for Dallas then one back to LA. (He drives one of those big trucks; he calls it "his rig")

Anyway he left on a Thursday night, he said it would take him a whole week because of his Dallas layover to get loaded. On Friday night I thought about treating myself to a dinner and movie. I do that from time to time when Peter was out on the road "hauling freight" as he calls it.

I always plan my week of everything I plan to do ahead of time, sewing and working my garden, going to my church meetings. I always keep busy; it helps me pass the time. However I do get lonely at night when Peter is out on the road. Yes, many times I wished do Peter was home to make love to me. We haven't been married that long so making love to my husband was the best part of my life and I loved being married in order to do just that.

I went out and had a nice dinner, and then went out to see a movie and on the way home I decided to stop into a new nightclub that had opened a few months earlier. It was one that Peter and I had talked about going to one night when he home, however we had not been there yet. I figured I would stop in and check the place out to give Peter an idea about the club. I thought I would have a glass of wine and then head home.

I was really impressed when I walked in the place I saw that it was huge with four different bars (or sections.) It felt real classy in some sections and in others just a little bit. The decorations were lovely and it was really appointed nicely. After I walked around looking, (going in and out of the different rooms and the bars.) I saw one with a sign on it that said "members only." and it also said, "Ladies welcome, your first three drinks are on the house."

I went in and looked around, the place was maybe one quarter full. Music was playing and the little dance floor was empty. I had seen that only one of the bars had a live band playing, and from the sound of it, that music was coming through the room speakers to all the rooms and bars in the place. I went over up to the bar and sat down on one of the empty stools. I asked for some "Sutter home White Zin." (That is all I ever drink.)

The bartender said '"Sorry lady we don't carry that, however we have a brand new wine that we are almost ready to put on the market right now we are in the testing phase. Now in this phase we are paying people to try it and give their recorded honest opinions on. If you would like to be part of our little study, we will pay you $50.00 for your opinion on the new house drink. If you agree to try it you get two glasses. You sign a bunch of legal stuff and you get paid the $50.00 care to give us your honest opinion?"

I said, "Sure I'll try it, where do I sign up?"

He brought a bunch of papers over and had me initial it on all pages then sign it several times. (Talk about a tight legal consent form!) He went on and on pointing things out as I initialed.

He also said, "If you do like it and we end up shooting a commercial video of it, the consent contract says you have given your authorization to video tape you and use it as we want to promote the wine. If that does happens you will get 2% every time the video will be used."

I laughed and said, "Great, pour away."

He poured it and we began talking. While it was not what I wanted or what I was use to drinking, it was not all that bad either.

He came back and asked me how the house wine tasted, I told him "It was wonderful that really I liked it."

He started talking with me at great length, he asked all about myself, he saw my wedding ring and asked how long I had been married and I told him. He asked about Peter and I told him that he drove a big truck and would be gone a whole week. We seemed to talk a lot and I remembered him pouring me another glass of wine.

Now here is where I get real fuzzy about things. I remember that one glass and I remember the second glass. Halfway through the drink I began to feel like I was getting turned on. Someone asked me to dance and I remembered that I accepted. I also realized that I was feeling different and getting extremely turned on sexually and the more I dance the worse it all became.

I remember hearing a voice say to me, "Your hot as a fucking fire cracker, you are sexy as hell, I would love to get you naked and fuck your little brains right out of you."

I don't actually remember exactly what I said back to him, but I think I told him that I thought that was a great idea, (but I don't remember for sure.)

You see all of a sudden all I could think about was my desire to have sex, and in the worse way. I knew it was Friday night, which meant I had a whole week to wait for Peter to get home. I was craving sex and my pussy and clit were throbbing, I remembered how bad I wanted to cum. I recall how I thought about going to the ladies room and masturbate or better yet, look for anything I could find and use to fuck myself with.

I also remember disconnected bits and pieces after that second drink. I remember looking down at an erect cock as I opened my mouth and took it in and down my throat. I remember several bright flashes of light. I remember the searing pain of something being pushed into my ass and I remember hearing my own voice crying out, "Oh God, oh God, oh God, Fuck me, Fuck me." Mostly I remember lots and lots of sex then nothing else.

The very next thing I did remember was having one of my lovely nasty sex dreams that I have when Peter is out of town for more than a few days.

I remember the dream because in it I was having one climax after another. You know how in some dreams you are enjoying it so much you just do not want to wake up from it? Well it was one of those kind of dreams. Now before I tell you anything more let me say this. When I married Peter I was a virgin, (in every sense, ) I had never seen any man's penis ever. Not in life or pictures ever. In school we did have drawings and renderings but they were always flaccid. So my only real source of knowledge when it came to men was from my husband Peter.

The first two months that we were married, Peter drove locally and he was home every night, we had sex all the time (and I do mean all the time, I loved it.) I loved it just as much as Peter did. (Maybe a little more now that I look back.)

Then he had a chance to get a much better paying job driving long distance. The down side was, it was just two days a week that he was home. But when he was home we made love all day both days. One time I mentioned to my husband how much I missed him sexually when he was out on the road. When he got back home on that trip, he gave me a present. It was a big plastic vibrator. (That I just loved!) After that I was always buying tubes of KY at Target. (And I would go through a tube every time Peter was on the road.)

So almost every night when Peter was not home, I used it and to be honest I really loved the way it felt as I laid there legs up and opened as I rammed it in and out of my hole as I would rubbed my clit like a mad women. I was so embarrassed that first night when Peter asked me to do it in front of him so he could watch me use it to fuck myself to a climax. But once I got over that embarrassment, I felt so wicked screwing myself in front of him. It was also a huge turn on for me watching him masturbate as he watched me get off fucking myself like that. It was so dirty and nasty and I fucking loved it. For me it was mind blowing.

Anyway it had not been unusual for me to get so worked up that I would once and a while fall asleep with my vibrator inside of me buzzing away. I would leave it on and pull it all the way up inside of myself, close my legs and lock my ankles. I loved falling asleep like that every now and then. The only problem doing that was, I used up a lot of KY and batteries, because they always went dead by morning and it was always out of me when I woke up. (I had even begun thinking of ways and things that I could do and use to keep the vibrator in me through out the night.)

I mentioned to Peter that while I loved the plastic vibrator, at times it was just too stiff. (Like the nights I wanted it up inside of me all night, but I didn't tell him that.) On his next trip he brought me another lovely toy and it was a flexible rubber dick only it was a little bigger and fatter than my firs vibrator.

Anyway back to what happened. I was having the wildest nastiest sex dream. I always have sex dreams when I fell asleep with my fat dildo inside me. I had found a nice pair of tight shorts that worked good to keep it inside of me all night.

Anyway in my dream I was being fucked in my asshole (which Peter has always tried to get me to do, but I always refused.) In my dream I was sucking cock, which Peter had taught me how to take him down my throat and we both get off doing that as well. Over the past few months many nights we would use one of my toys and while Peter would fuck my face (his words)

In my dream Peter was eating my pussy, (something I would never ever let him do either but he never stopped trying.) That is why I knew this was a dream, you see in my dream it is Ok for my husband to put his mouth on my pussy, (just not in real life.) Oh it was wonderful with him eating me and making me come with his mouth in my dream.

I felt like the luckiest woman on earth because my Peter loved me so much that he taught me all these lovely nasty things just for the two of us. But in my wicked nasty dreams I always had Peter face but this time it was a little different. This time it was a faceless man doing those things.

Now before I go, there is something else you should know. Not one time in our marriage did we ever look at or discussed porn. When it came to sex, we were both just into it all by our selves. I do not know if Peter ever looked at porn out on the road (or in his life for that matter) I just know we never spoke about it and I never gave it any thought.

I tell you this because when I dreamed of having sex with faceless men all at the same time it was because I loved the sex Peter and I love using my toys. The first time he wanted me to do it (put my rubber dick in me as I knelt on the floor bouncing up and down on it as he "face fucked me") I thought it was not necessary what so ever, but once we began it was heaven, pure heaven and when I came, I was hooked.

In my dream he wanted me to put them (both toys) inside for the first time and I did not hesitate a moment. He had taught me so much I just knew it would be good. In the dream it was two rubber dicks. Then in my dream the rubber dicks became real to me and oh fuck it was so good.

I felt myself waking up and I did not want to. I was fighting to stay with my nasty dream. In my dream I was having sex with three men, they were all inside my body at the same time and I was going crazy with lust and my pleasure. I had never dreamed of other men let alone fucking one man after another. I had never dreamed like this having a cock in my mouth, my ass and pussy all at the same time. But this dream, I was fucking wild, I just could not get enough cock, I was nasty and I loved it.

I felt like I could not breathe because of the cock in my dream, was in my mouth and staying in my throat much longer than he should. Now I am use to the way Peter fucks my mouth and throat and Peter is really big. (Not as big as my rubber dicks but big for me.) He helped me train my throat using the rubber dicks and over the past few months. Many times I would lay on my side using one fucking my throat while he took me from behind.

Now the first few times were all Peter's idea, but once I got it down, I really loved it and once I came like that, I was hooked on that as well.

Well in my dream the faceless men were all different sizes, some real fat and short, others fat and real long while others were in between. In my dream I was on what I thought was a never-ending climax. I felt men changing around, and coming in me, pulling out and another man entered. Every once in a while a man would eat my pussy cleaning me up and making me cum just as hard as when I was fucking (in my dream of course) I had men fucking me in my pussy, in my asshole, and in my mouth.

In my dream I, I was really into the sex, I was begging them not to leave me every time a man pulled out of one of my holes. I felt so empty when one pulled out of my mouth or my bottom. I was thrusting and fucking back at the men fucking me and I mean I was throwing my whole body into it, always working my hips hard and wanting to cum again.

In my dream whenever a cock pulled out of my mouth I said "Next! Somebody fuck me, please, somebody give me some cock. Fuck me, somebody, anybody give me some cock."

I moaned and pushed my hips hard at the man in my dream fucking my asshole I heard my voice say, "Fuck me, damn you, fuck me, fuck that asshole."

When the man fucking my pussy came and pulled out, I pulled my mouth off the man fucking my face and bark the same things all over again, "Somebody fuck me, please, somebody give me some cock. Fuck me, somebody, anybody give me some cock."

Then once inside me I was yelling at them "Fuck me damn you, fuck me, fuck me hard" and my body was shaking as I had orgasm after orgasm and it only made it better when a man began fucking my mouth and throat again. I went crazy as I would hear one of them say, "Here it comes, here it comes" and I felt the hot splash of his cum deep in my bowels or my throat and my hot pussy.

I heard myself scream many times and begging them to, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me and to never stop." Only when a man shoved his cock in my mouth I stopped begging, and they made me airtight so all I could do was moan. I remember in my dream how I wanted to have three cocks in me for the rest of my life anytime I had sex with Peter. I just came and came and came. My body never tired in my dream.

I felt like my dream was in the middle of changing when I felt another climax and it was even harder than the one before. I heard voices telling me to "move that ass bitch, fuck that cock whore." I heard that and it excited me more, it thrilled me. Peter would use those words when he was into our sex and it just told me how much and how good I was making him feel so I would really "move my ass"

When the cock in my mouth flexed and pushed out its sperm I gulped for all of it. (I do every time when Peter comes in my mouth. When the cock pulled out it felt so real. I was moving my ass between two men. I was kneeling up straddling a man whose cock felt so big inside of me. It felt good and then I felt another cock in my asshole slamming into me as well. I was pushing up and down and back against both of them.

I remembered thinking that this was the very best sex dream that I had ever had in my life. As I felt another cock at my lips I opened my mouth and as he pushed in I opened my eyes. All I saw was white skin and a large amount of pubic hair closing gin on my lips.


I wrapped my arms around the ass of the man fucking my face just like I do with Peter. I caught the timing real fast to breath through my nose. I felt the man in my asshole shoot his stuff and he pulled out, I did not want his cock out of my ass. When he did pull out I wanted to beg him to put it back in, but the man fucking my face held my head and I could not pull free.

I felt another man replaced him and my mind just melted in pleasure. When the man under me came he told the other two men to let him up. The man in my mouth quickly laid on his back and I straddled him grabbing his cock to cram it inside of me.

I told myself this was all a dream, it is the best nastiest dream ever, that it was not real, it was a dream, enjoy it. I told myself that because I was so fucking hot, this, I mean, it had to be a dream. I began fucking the man under me like a crazy sex hungry women, while yet another man moved his cock to my mouth which I took hold of and sucked him inside. I seemed to be waking up all right and as I did I realized that I had never ever in my life been this so turned on.

Peter knows everything about my body and in his hands I am always sexually turned on and happy. But this was different; this seemed like if I did not have this kind of nasty sex, I would go fucking crazy. As I became more aware, I began looking around the room.

I saw that I was on a mattress on a floor. I could look around and there were so many men sitting in chairs watching me. Many had their dicks on their hand and stroking it as they watched. My head, my mind was doing summersaults as I realized what was going on. Every now and then when no dick was in my mouth I heard a woman's voice say, "More, I need more, give me more, somebody fuck me, please, somebody give me some cock. Fuck me, somebody, anybody give me some cock I need more, I need more, please, please make me come again."

I realized after a while that the voice was mine. I also realized that my jaw was hurting and so was my pussy and asshole. But they did not stop until I heard a man say, "ok boys time is up, get your cloths on and get out. The bitch needs to get some rest. Go sign up for another three hour time slot if you want."

I felt the men come in me and leave. They left me on the mattress. I felt hands lifting me up, and guide me to a bathroom, he pulled out a canister and said, drink this, it will make you feel better. I drank what ever it was he gave me. He turned on the shower and put me in it. He said, "Clean up bitch you get another three hours rest and you begin all over again.

Tell me again slut, when is your husband coming home?"

My mind was going crazy, my husband, slut, what's going on? My pussy felt like it was on fire with desire; I wanted sex worse than I had ever wanted it in my whole life.

I said "he gets back next week, next Friday."

He asked, "What time bitch, what time Friday?"

I said, "He always gets in by 2."

He asked, "2 PM or 2 AM?"

I said as I began masturbating in the shower "2 PM."

I heard him tell someone' Tell Hank she can only do two more sets and make sure you reload all the fucking camera's, this cunt is going to make us a fucking fortune."

I heard it but it did not register, I was ready to cum and I could not rub my clit hard or fast enough. I stood in the shower working my fingers into my asshole and my pussy I was slippery from all the sperm inside of me. No matter what I did I could not get rid of my sexual desire that had its hold on my body.

I got out of the shower dried myself off and I found a tray of food on the table when I walked out. I was hungry for food, but I still wanted more sex. I ate and I felt so tired I laid down I the mattress rubbed my pussy and fell asleep.

I woke up with a mouth on mine kissing me. I felt two or three fingers fucking my pussy, I opened my eyes and I saw the room full of men again. I was instantly hot as hell. I thrust my hips up to meet those fingers. The man kissing me pulled back and I yelled out 'SOMEBODY FUCK ME, OH FUCK I AM ON FIRE, I NEED TO GET FUCKED, I NEED IT OR I WILL FUCKING DIE"

I felt men get on the mattress with me and I quickly straddled on e man as one got in behind me and I opened my mouth for a man's cock. He just put the head of it in and began jacking off. I pulled my face back and looked up at him. I said, "Fuck my face, shove it all the way down my throat, just make sure you let me breath."

I reached around his ass and pulled him in and down my throat. The man in charge said to all of them, "Remember three hours and you are out of here, the last group starts ten minutes later. Do anything you want with the bitch, but no marks this cunt in my property and you make sure she stays the way you found her, use the KY in her ass and cunt. Fuck her crazy but don't you go fucking her raw or I'll cut off your fucking dicks."

I just took on one man after another, over and over. I just could never stop wanting another climax. It was like my climaxes were almost right there after awhile. I mean right there but as much as I humped hard against them or they came, it was right there just right at my fingertips.

I loved it but as hard as I worked and wanted it seemed like it was just taking too long. They would use the KY a lot and I never felt sore or "raw" I did have to get up and pee as well as clean out my butt with the showerhead.

The man in changer insisted that they not stain his mattress with brown stains from my ass.

When the time was up the man in charge came in tossed me the cloths that I had worn into the place and said, "Get your ass up bitch, you better hurry and get your ass home before your old man gets in."

I was all mixed up, what did he mean, my old man, then it hit me again, OH FUCK I'M MARRIED, OH FUCK, PETER, OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?"

I heard him barking orders at me, to hurry to get home and get cleaned up. I was in a daze, I felt myself still extremely turned on, and I was so fucking hot for sex. I said, "There is no hurry, my husband won't get home for week, I can stay longer, I need more sex, please let me stay?"

He said laughing at me, "You crazy fucking bitch, this is next Friday. You have been here fucking, eating, sleeping and fucking now for one week straight. Now get your ass home before your old man finds out just what kind of a fucking slut he married.

I will call you, here take these home and watch them. See what you have been doing for a fucking week." (He handed me a bag with a bunch of Video's in them.

He also said, "I gave you a bottle of the house wine, if you get sore or begin to feel guilty, drink a glass it will help you a lot. I will call you Monday and we can talk. Your mine now bitch so don't go fucking this up."

He walked out and even though I was so sexually turned on as I was, I began to cry. I had been here a whole week? I had sex for a week non-stop? It was Friday, Oh my GOD IT WAS FRIDAY!"

I rushed putting on my dress. He did not give me my bra and panties back. I could not move fast enough, I looked at my watch and it was 1 PM, FUCK 1 PM, OH MY GOD, FUCK, IT IS 1 PM."

I walked out the only door to the room and found myself up stairs above the new big club. I went down the stairs and getting into my car I farted air from my pussy. I mean a very wet loud sloppy fart. I drove fast to get home and I did not want Peter to see me like this. Just as I ran into the house and I shut the door, I heard Peter's truck pull into the driveway.

Oh fuck what was I going to do? We always had sex the minute he walked in the door. I rushed to the bathroom turned on the shower; I wanted to get in it. I got out of my cloths, I looked out the window and it was too late, he was walking to the house. I knew I was out of time, I could not think straight.

I wet a washrag and very quickly wiped my face, my armpits, between my legs and everywhere I thought I felt men's sperm on me. I stuck my head under the shower to get it wet and quickly wrapped it in a towel just as Peter walked in the bathroom; he turned me around and kissed me.

I was still so sexually turned on, yet I had no idea how or why but I was. The moment he began kissing me my pussy was throbbing with desire for him. I was so sexually turned on that if was our mailman I wanted him in my pussy fucking me. I reached for him just like every time he returns he was nice and hard. Being naked he put his hands between my legs and began touching my clit, which he was an expert at.

I moaned because I loved his touch he slid a finger or two and when he discovered how wet I was he said, "hmmm someone is nice and wet, have you been thing of me baby?"

I moaned and lied, I should have told him everything right then. I should have told Peter that I had been raped over and over. That I somehow I lost an entire week and I woke up climaxing on a mattress being screwed over and over by men that I didn't know. I should have told Peter that I was raped repeatedly but I knew I couldn't tell him that. He would have been furious, I couldn't tell him.

I knew if I had, he would ask me if I was hurt or something and then I would have to say out loud to him that it didn't hurt, that they made me come over and over, that I loved the filthiness of it all How could I tell him how much I loved fucking all those men? It would hurt him I am sure. I did not want to tell him that, I loved it. I had to figure out it all happened, how did I turn from being a loving sweet housewife to a sex manic or sex fiend?

I just lied. I said, "Oh baby you make me so hot, I most have used too much KY I'm dripping, but I needed to get off so bad. I thought I wore my cunt and asshole out. I have been stuffing myself for days. I just hope I am tight enough for you baby, I was just so horny I think I may have over did it."

Peter never stopped rubbing my clit and said, "So you tried one of your rubber dicks in your ass and you loved it didn't you sweetie?"

I lied again; I mean what could I say? I said, "Oh honey I don't know why I ever said no to you when you wanted my ass, it is the hottest, nastiest thing I ever did, I came so many times with my cunt and ass filled and the cocks fucking me like crazy." (I did not lie.)

Now I was mixing truth with my lies, Peter said, "Well today you are going to get your pussy eaten. I am told women love it and we are trying it, so don't even think of saying no to me this time, I know you will love it."

I felt Peter moving us into the bedroom. Now in the past, our lovemaking always began with us on the bed where I would suck him off first. So we could make love much, much longer. Then I would keep him in my mouth. Between getting him off and getting him hard, we would do it for at least two hours, sleep and whom ever woke start it all over again. I would give him oral sex and he would finger me awake.

But that day was different. Once Peter got out of his cloths, he laid down. I went to lean over and I gripped his hard cock, I began jacking him real fast the way he loves it, I leaned down and put him in my mouth as I jack hammered his dick.

Peter said, "Oh baby slow down, I want to look at you, come around so I can finger that cunt of yours."

As I turned my body around Peter did something that he never did in the past. Using his hands he lifted me up and when he put me down I was straddling his chest.

I knew how much sperm was put inside of me and I hoped none of it would come out before I could get the shower. I just hoped that he would come quickly so I could get in the shower. If it did come out, what was I going to lie about next? Could I really convince Peter that I was wet because of using too much KY? I had to try and get in the shower somehow. I did not want him to find any sign of my weeklong rape.

I heard him say as I was bobbing up and down on his hard cock. "Oh Linda you look like you have been fucking yourself all day long. You are all red and swollen, are you sure you didn't hurt yourself?"

I knew I had an opening, I said, "I'm fine Pete, I used two tubes of the new man scented KY" I was afraid he would try licking me and I wanted to get in the shower before he forced me to do it.

Then I had a great thought I said, "Honey lets do it, I want to know what it feels like to have a real man's cock in my asshole. Please Pete, I want you to fuck my asshole, please baby lets try it, I bet you can make me come hard fucking my asshole, let me get on top and put this lovely cock of yours in my ass." (Besides I was so fucking horny.)

I started to move to un-straddle myself from his chest but Peter grabbed my hips wrapping his arms around my little ass holding me there and I knew I had to get him off fast, or he would know I had been lying to him and that men had used me for a week none stop feeding my hot nasty cunt loads and loads of sperm one after another.

Peter said, "After I eat you honey, after I eat this nasty soaked pussy, I have always wanted to eat a pussy!"

I knew I had to get him off real quick so I went back to make him come as quick as I could. I mean I worked his cock fast, jerking and sucking all at the same time. I felt possessed because I was so fucking hot; I honestly wanted him to put his mouth on my pussy. I wanted to feel like I did when the different men ate me in the club and I remembered just how wonderful it felt.

When Pete came in my mouth I was so close to having my own climax. I kept right at him, sucking his cock and stroking him. I could not stop, I wanted to get him hard again and fast. I wanted him hard so he could fuck me. I needed his cock so bad in me I was going nuts with desire to have a climax.

Peter was finger fucking me and telling me how wet I was from all the KY. He told me it felt a little different, and smelled more like what his stuff smelled like. I cringed and stopped long enough to remind him that I had tried the two new sample tubes of the men scented KY.

I told him I even loved the way it tasted when is covered the dildos after I fucked myself while he was out on the road because the taste and smell it reminded me of him. I hope he believed my nasty lie and I went back to making love to his cock feeling it sliding in and out of my throat. He became real hard and I mean like a fucking rock hard.

I felt Peter pulling my ass down closer to him and my mind was driving me crazy. First it was screaming at me "STOP HIM, HE WILL KNOW, HE WILL FIND OUT!" Then my mind yelled out to me "LET HIM, HE BELEAVES THE K.Y. SHIT, HE WILL NEVER KNOW THAT ALL THAT CREAM IN THERE IS MENS SPERM FROM A WEEK OF GOD LOVING MIND BLOWING NASTY FILTHY SEX.'

I felt his lips touch my puffy sides of my cunt and I felt him lick and lick. I felt him touch my clit that felt like a huge baseball. I was shocked to hear Peter moan and the slurping sounds he made as he licked and licked, sucking my clit then shoving his tongue deep inside my pussy. I came and when I did come, I pushed my open lips down on his mouth. I did not care how much sperm came out of me into his mouth. I never felt so nasty or filthy and so fucking hot and turned on as I was at that moment and time.

When I came I felt his cock swell and he began to pump his seed. I took a deep breath and I pushed my face down to his crotch I took his cock all the way in my throat and we came together.

When I had to breathe I lifted up and I felt him push my ass up off of him. I knew it was coming, I knew that he would realize that what he licked from me and sucked from me was not KY. He said, "Oh fuck Linda that was fucking wild, we got to do this again, I love eating you when you are this way, do you have anymore of that KY?"

I could not believe it, he believed me? So I had to lie again, "I used up both tubes, they were only sample tubes. I will see if they still have some at Target, I'll pick up some more tubes. I really need that stuff the way I abused myself while you were gone."

I said, "I need a shower, want to join me?"

Before we went to sleep that night we had sex eight more times and I came every time. Now in the past, while I loved every minute of sex, I never came that many times. I normally climax two or three times. But now it seems like I would cum almost every time we had sex and every time Peter ate my pussy. In the past if I did not climax with Peter, I would lay back and fuck myself in front of him until I did come. (He loves watching me fuck myself.)

Saturday when I woke up my body still wanted sex; I was not as sexually turned on as I was Friday but I wanted sex real bad. I thought about the day before. I felt very sick with myself for the way I lied to Peter Friday when he got home. I was feeling a tiny bit sore, and also in a panic. I had no idea how many men had sex with me, (and no one used condoms.) (Well they didn't when I realized what was going on that is.)

I could get an STD! I knew about them from school, and that is why I had decided to be a virgin when I married. I did not want to catch anything that would harm my body. I had that stack of Video's and I knew I needed to watch them to see how I lost all control of my body and my fucking mind.

I knew that I had to somehow come clean about what happened to me last week, but how? I mean if I told Peter now, he would not believe me. After all I lied and he ate men's sperm from my pussy. OH FUCK, HE ATE MEN'S CUM OUT OF MY PUSSY, FUCK, HE COULD CATCH AN S.T, D. I WOULD BE GIVING MY HUSBAND A SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASE, OH FUCK, WHAT DO I DO? Now I knew I was screwed, I could not tell him, fuck what a fucking mess I was in!

That morning when we started up again, I was laying on my side with Peter fucking my asshole. I needed to feel three cocks in me so fucking bad. I said, "Honey, I want to try something, I think it will feel good, reach behind you into my night stand and pull out my two rubber dicks please."

He stopped, turned and pulled them out, as he handed them to me he said, "What do you want to do with these?" As he went back to fucking my asshole

I said, "this" and I lifted my left leg up to slide in my rubber lover into my hot cunt. As I slid it in I moaned with pleasure and my mind flashed back to how great it felt with two men fucking me at the same time.

Peter said, "Oh Linda that is fucking hot, I can feel it inside you, what are you going to do with the other one, it won't fit in there, you are full."

I said, "I'm going to suck it like I suck your cock."

I laid there holding the one dick in my pussy fucking it and the other fucking my mouth the way those men did the day before. I began climaxing instantly and the sounds I made clearly showed my husband how much I fucking loved having three cocks in my cock loving, cock hungry holes."

I barely heard Peter as he went crazy with his own lust telling me how hot and nasty that was and just how much he fucking loved it. I felt him like a jackhammer fucking my asshole. I was glad I had already sucked him awake, so I knew he had some lasting power.

When Peter came in my ass, I came as well. I pulled the rubber cock out of my mouth and we just laid there. Peter did not pull out of me, he just stayed there and his dick finely shrunk enough that he fell out. I laid there with my mind reliving those last six hour Friday when I was wide awake fucking all those men. I just relished the feelings I remembered wishing I was there right then.

Peter got up and took a shower, I wanted to cum at least one more time before getting out of bed, so I took the rubber cock I had in my mouth and laying on my side I lifted my leg to slide it in my asshole which still had Peter's seed in for lubrication.

I closed my eyes and was back on that mattress at the club. I was between two men as they fucked me in my cunt and asshole. I wanted a cock to suck so badly. I lost myself to my self-pleasure. I kept coming and picture men changing places. I fantasized of a man putting his dick to my mouth and I realized that I did not hear the shower anymore and Peter was on the bed with me. His dick was hard and I opened my mouth and eagerly sucked him in as he began fucking my face. I came hard right before he came himself.

As he pulled out he said, "You are fucking wild baby, I never expected to see that when I got out of the shower. I have to change the oil in the truck after breakfast, then let's do this again."

I agreed and pulled out both toys got up and took them into the shower with me. I cleaned them and resisted to masturbate (and I wanted to in the worst way.) I thought about going over to the club while Peter changed his oil, but I knew if I did, I would not want to leave there. I had to go to Target so I got dressed and told Peter where I was going.

He said, get some more of that new K.Y. with the men's fragrance we can use it later.'

As I drove to Target I had to drive past the club, I wanted to pull into the parking lot so fucking bad. I just knew that if I went inside I could have the kind of hot nasty sex I experienced the day before. My pussy was actually throbbing with desire. I felt my heart pumping and my breast and nipples tingled with desire as well. As bad as I wanted to I didn't stop.

When I came back from the store, Peter asked if Target had anymore of that new KY, I told him no, but I would keep checking.

We had sex the rest of the day like two sex fiends I wore Peter out so bad he begged off and said he could not come anymore but he offered to eat me as much and as long as I wanted or needed to cool my desire down.

I finely felt sorry for Peter and lied yet again. I told him I was worn out myself even though I wasn't. When he ate my pussy and gently sucked on my lips and boxed my clit with his tongue, I relived the gangbangs over and over in my head and I would come with that on my brain

Sunday morning before church we began all over again and when we got home we were hardly in the door before I was all over Peter wanting to climax yet again. We kept at it until

Peter left Sunday around 3 PM for his weekly run, when he pulled out of the driveway. I got out the Video's. They were marked 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, and so on. I put in DVD 1a and hit play I wanted to see what was on them, I could only hope.

When it began it showed me walking into the nightclub and sitting down. What surprised me was the audio on the video, while not the greatest, but it was extremely clear.

He said, "Welcome little lady, what can I get you?"

I said "Sutter Home White Zin please"

He said, "Sorry lady we don't carry that, but if you would like to be part of a little study group we are doing, we will pay you $50.00 for your opinion on a new house drink we are getting ready to market, it is a aphrodisiac for women. If you try just two glasses, I can pay you $50.00 but first we need to get a lot of stupid paperwork out of the way for our lawyers, want to give it a shot?

I heard myself say, "Sure I'll try it"

I watched as he turned grabbed a bottle and shake it real good before pouring it into my wine glass.

Now I remembered I did say that about trying the house wine, but the other bullshit he didn't say and I sure as hell didn't.

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