Showoff Homebody

by jackieoh

Copyright© 2012 by jackieoh

Erotica Sex Story: Ellen discovers something new about herself, the tingling secret excitement of exhibitionism. She finds pleasure showing off her body to a young neighbor makes her more cooperative when her husband insists on exhibiting her in public to heighten their mutual sexual pleasure. In this episode, Eric steals her panties for a souvenir and she shows him what is under her dress; later her husbund takes her from behind bent over the dining room table with the drapes open.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

"Oh, Eric, could you put a light bulb in the changing cabana while you're here? Remember, it was dark the other night?"

It was Saturday and David was watching a game on TV. I stepped into the cabana, following his cute little butt in a red pair of trunks.

"Maybe we shouldn't put a bulb in ... it was so much fun, eh?" I giggled.

"This one is OK, it was just loose." He grinned at me knowingly.

"Oh, really? That's an idea. Just leave it un-screwed, then." My meaning brought a smile, in spite of myself. "Like me, sometimes." I was getting dangerously explicit with Eric.

"How are things with Jenny?"

We were standing very close, holding hands. I knew my voice was quavering a little with excitement.

"Same." He said.

"Oh, sweetie, is she being mean to you?"

He shrugged and gave me a cute little smile.

"Why don't you practice with me, then?"

He came closer and I looked up into his eyes and waited for the kiss. It came bearing the excitement of a first kiss and his tongue followed into my mouth. I opened and let him in.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned slightly around his probing tongue. "You're getting to be a good kisser, Eric." I breathed into his ear.

"Really? God, you're..."

"I'm what?" I kissed his ear and then his neck.

"Wonderful..." he gasped.

I rewarded him by pressing my body against him and his arms clutched me.

"Doesn't this feel nice?" I said quietly, my voice showing the excitement that I was feeling.

He wanted another kiss and his tongue again tasted my lipstick and then pushed against my teeth. I slowly allowed him to pry my mouth open and felt the warm wetness I was imparting to the eager, young tongue, so new at the thrill of a soul kiss with an experienced woman.

I slipped my tongue into his mouth in return and felt him tremble.

His hands roamed my back and I felt him follow the lines of my brassiere with nervous fingers. Squirming against him, I continued the deep kiss and pressed my mound against his young dick. It slid from one side of my mound to the other. hard and lovely, exploring my tummy for the first time.

Tentatively, his hands went lower onto my hips. I continued to rotate my midsection over his cock, encouraging him. He brought his hands up to the sides of my face and held me close. He continued to probe my mouth and lips a little bit too roughly but not unpleasantly. 'Rambunctious youth, ' I thought.

"Gently, honey." I whispered, and felt him ease up and then move his hands down my back again, memorizing every curve and every strap of my underwear as he fondled and explored with eager, nervous fingers. Finally, his hands were over my bottom, squeezing round soft cheeks through the denim skirt and soft pink panties.

I leaned back in his arms and smiled up at him. "I'm going to need new lipstick ... You have it all, now."

Eric grinned sheepishly and kissed me again. He was unsure what to do with his hands now, just squeezing my ass and holding me close.

"Eric ... you're lovely, just lovely ... I think Jenny is a fool!"

My face was flushed with excitement, just exactly like Eric's. I could feel the extreme heat and no one needed to tell me that. My nipples were erect and my panties were getting moist, too.

It was the middle of the afternoon and we had been alone in this little cabana for a long time. I knew I had to break it off.

"Maybe we had better get back to our work?"

He nodded and I took both his hands from my ass and guided them up my body; I let them brush my breasts, slowly, and ever so lightly.

"Ohhhh..." he gasped.

I nearly gasped myself with the irresponsible but terribly exciting thing I had just done.

I smiled warmly into his eyes and let our hands part very slowly and reluctantly. Eric brushed down the front of his swimsuit trying to hide the hard-on jutting a tent in the fabric.

I turned away, and then hooked a finger on the nail where we had hung our clothes during the night swim. "I lost my underwear ... my panties ... we hung it here the other night." I said quietly, a very coquettish smile on my lips.

He blushed and looked down at his feet. "Uhhh..."

"A souvenir? I love the thought of it." I took one more kiss; standing on tiptoes and holding one leg up behind me the way girls do in the movies.

"After you finish ... could you help me get some things down from the loft in the garage?"

Tongue-tied, he just nodded, his jaw hanging slack.

I smiled and slipped out of the cabana ahead of him. I knew I was exaggerating the swing of my hips just so he would look at me again. My heart was still working at a furious pace from excitement and I was glad he couldn't know that.

"Anything you need from the kitchen?" I called to David.

"A beer would be nice! Thanks." He called, then went back to his game.

As I handed him the drink, he took my hand and looked up at me. "Going to wear something sexy tonight?"

"Was just going to see what I can find. Any ideas?"

"Mmmm, no bra, no panties." He leered.

"You are ridiculous. Do you want me to be thrown out of the neighborhood? We won't be invited back."

David laughed loudly. "Oh, you can pull it off, babe!"

I went into my room and looked through the closet for something suitable for a cocktail party at the Tinkers'. Everyone dressed up for these parties for some reason. I liked that, actually, I think things have gotten a little too casual and it's nice to see everyone a little dressed up. I found an emerald silk blouse buttoned in the front and slashed deeply in front to show my cleavage. A long wrap-around skirt and a bright yellow sash would finish it off nicely.

Outside, Eric was rolling up the hose and finishing up. I shucked off the denim skirt and slipped into a simple, very girlish cotton summer dress with a billowing skirt. Just right for getting things down from the garage loft with a devilishly handsome sixteen or seventeen year old.

"You forgot to get the boxes down from the loft for me."

"Oh, shit ... yeah, I'll get them..."

"Shall I just ask Eric to help? He's nearly done with the pool."

"Yeah ... would you? Sorry, I just keep forgetting."

I ruffled my hand through his hair and said, "Yes ... I know, I know, busy, busy, b busy..."

He laughed and went back deep into the game.

I went out to collect my young helper.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Sure. You look ... cu ... nice!" he said quietly, unsure how he should talk to me.

"Why thank you, Eric. Just an old housedress, but I have always liked it. It's comfortable and cool. I swirled around for him and the skirt billowed.

"Air-conditioned!" I laughed. He blushed madly, the poor guy. Anything referring to under my skirt made him blush.

We went through the back door of the large three-car garage and I pointed to the hanging chain that pulled down a rickety folding ladder.

"I think I will have to find the things for you. I'm scared of height, Eric, and this ladder is terribly loose. Will you hold it while I climb up, hon?"

I began climbing and he dutifully put both hands on the ladder and stared up at me. Up my skirt, as I had planned.

"Don't look up my skirt, now, sweetie!" I joked, and then giggled down at him, watching him look away. "Just kidding."

"No ma'am." He said quietly.

I lingered at the top, looking around. When I looked down he was of course staring up my billowing skirt. I could tell that the low afternoon sun was streaming in and lighting the yellow fabric. I imagined how I looked, my round buns encased in nylon panties high overhead. I extended one leg, separating my thighs a little. He would be looking at the soft panel covering my pussy lips under bright sunlight filtered through the cotton dress. I had staged it all carefully to look like a cathedral from below. From below, where my darling young man stared worshipfully along long thighs at me; all soft round cheeks and broad pussy lips wrapped like a Christmas present in silk panties ... just for him... "You are terrible ... a terrible slutty flirt." I said to myself. But I didn't answer. I just smiled.

I turned on the ladder to face the other way, knowing that my lover would have a view of the front of my panties. And I was well aware how perfectly they fit my body. I had picked a pair a size smaller than necessary so that my pussy would be molded perfectly by the taut silky material. I wanted the panty to follow every curve: to show the soft triangle of curly hair. I leaned back, parting my legs, hoping that Eric was looking.

Having played this stage play as long as I could reasonably do, I asked him to come up the ladder and then felt the silly ladder sway and creak under his weight. 'Where are his eyes, ' I wondered.

I climbed the step to stand stooped over in the hot attic, and Eric, red-faced, stood next to me, sweaty already. The height bothered me so I put one hand on his arm for support and stepped a little away from the opening. I pointed out the boxes I needed, and he set to work pulling them out and moving them to the opening.

I sat down with my legs dangling through the opening in the floor. "Whew ... it is hot up here!" I said, and pulled my skirt up into my lap, showing my thighs and perhaps a little glimpse of panty. When the boxes were all set up beside the stairs, Eric sat down and faced me with his legs dangling too. There was a little breeze flirting with my light skirt. I saw his eyes dart between my legs and smiled at him.

He leaned closer, sweat popping up on his forehead and I touched his cheek, accepted his kiss, his tongue.

"You are getting good at that kiss, hon!" I said.

He smiled proudly.

It Is a strange feeling; I don't know how to explain; sitting facing a man, new to you, and your panties are showing between your thighs. I felt exhilarated. I felt good that we were comfortable together and I could watch him enjoy the sight of my soft, pouty pussy in pretty panties and my smooth inner thighs. I know I look pretty that way, I just know it. And sharing it with Eric was so much pleasure; I don't know how to express it.

He was nervous, turned on, excited, all those things showed on his face and in his voice; and his excitement was transmitted like electricity in the air to me. I could feel myself lubricating between my legs, my nipples were happy. Everywhere in my body, electricity was running like bright neon tubes, lighting up my whole body. I was alive! Every part of my body felt alive!

Finally, it was surely time to hand the boxes down the rickety steps. Our hands touched each time we passed a box one to the other and it was as if we were talking. I'm afraid I was almost like a teenager myself. Almost, but not quite, because I was clearly controlling the situation to provide pleasure to each of us.

"I have to go now. To get dressed for the party tonight." I told Eric. After checking for neighbors through the open garage doors, I tugged the waist of his trunks and pulled him close for one more kiss. I smiled up into his eyes and whispered good-bye. Her reluctantly strode out of the garage, tugging the leg of his trunks down to cover his erection and headed toward home.

"Bye Mrs. Barton, it was ... great!"

I watched him go with affection, wondering where on earth this was all leading and why I was feeling so young. But I didn't care. It felt good. And so did that hard thing that had bumping me.

In the shower I let the water stream over my body for long minutes, daydreaming about the day and planning ahead for the party in the evening. The large sponge filled with warm soapy water felt soothing as I swirled white trails of bubbles over my chest and stomach. Almost like masturbating, I guided the delicious, soft, warm shape over my body. Between my legs, between my breasts, under my arms, then finally lingering moments with legs spread sliding it along the lips of my pussy. I turned off the water and stood, making swirls of soapy painter's strokes accenting the curves of my body. Every inch covered with swirls, dots and dabs, like a painter's canvas. I took special care fluffing up the hairy triangle and leaving it with peaks of soap, sculpting my mound. I imagined Eric kneeling there looking at me; exploring with his wide-open eyes; imagined his tongue flicking over parched lips.

I spread my lips and soaped the pink passage. over and over, rubbing two fingers along the sensitive slippery flesh. I fervently wished there was a way that I could be another person washing between my lips. I wanted desperately to see my slippery slit being laved by skilled fingers. Folding back the soft lips. Exploring my delicate flower...

Reluctantly I turned on the water and watched the bubbles slide effortlessly down between my breasts, linger in the curly patch at my mound and then drizzle down between my feet. Washing away the paint from my artist's canvas.

When all the drizzling was done, I took the hand sprayer and pointed it up between my legs, opening to rinse my labia perfectly clean and fresh.

With two fingers I spread myself and sighed as I manipulated my lips and let the water rejuvenate every nook and cranny between my lips until they were bright pink and clean. I love feeling clean down there and everything that makes it that way is a pleasure; the soapy suds, the sponge, my fingers, the lovely, lovely water spraying up there into my soft tender pussy.

As I dried off, I thought of my husband's crazy instructions to wear neither panties nor brassiere to the party. I shook my head and laughed quietly. 'How far was I willing to go?' I wondered. Men are so funny. They like the idea of being out with a woman who has no underwear at all under their dress. But, if she gets aroused, she can get that dress spotted and it is embarrassing. But, I decided, if I wear pantyhose, it would be OK. Almost bare, but not quite. That would have to satisfy my crazy husband, I decided. Going without a brassiere might be fun in this group, though sometimes other wives get a little angry if you are showing too much. I will be careful.

I came down looking very silky and turned around for David's inspection. He was pleased, though didn't think much of the pantyhose. The blouse is a very pretty shade of green and has a shaped collar; I guess you could call it a cowl collar that ends below my breasts. It is fairly obvious that I was not wearing a bra, and my nipples seemed to be aware of it too, jutting purposefully against the satin. Hidden, though, demurely hidden.

I pointed one toe on my high heel pumps and let the slit of the skirt ride up my thigh for David, who pretended to swoon in admiration.

We weren't the first to arrive, and were swept into a small group, everyone talking at once. Marge looking lovely and perfect as the hostess until she turned her head and shouted in that bullhorn voice:

"ERIC! ... Your girlfriend is here! Come and see how pretty she looks!" And then laughed loudly.

"Marge! Don't! You'll embarrass the poor boy." I said.

"I told you! Everyone knows!" David chortled. Chortling is what smartass husbands do.

'Ohhhh Mom!" Eric could be heard from upstairs, embarrassed. He stayed hidden.

Everyone laughed except poor Eric and I. Though I was at last forced to smile self-consciously by the other adults. And, it is nice to be considered someone's secret girlfriend, eh?

Others arrived quickly and the party was off to a rousing start. Wine and other drinks flowed like water, compliments of a bartender in a black cutaway jacket and a pretty young girl with big boobs and a tray constantly replenished with drinks. The sound level got louder and louder and then we all sat down for dinner and more wine. By ten, everyone was in a happy, loquacious mood...

After dinner, we were all mingling, catching up on gossip and some of us dancing in the large family room. David was pretty drunk and so he was standing rubbing against me instead of dancing. His hands kept sliding inside my blouse and fondling my notably bare breasts. He tried to get me to display them and also had a go at my slit skirt to show everybody my 'sheer to the waist' pantyhose with no panties underneath, Everyone knows and forgives David for those tricks from previous parties, so I manage to evade his drunken attempts.

When he turned in conversation about a ball game, I slipped away. But both bathrooms were in use.

The party continued in full swing with the swollen noise level that accompanies these big neighborhood events.

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