I Want It, Too

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I was having sex with my best friend's daughter when her younger sister told me she knew.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I've been divorced now for over ten years and I do date some, at least publicly.

You may wonder why I put it that way and, like most things that sound odd, there is a reason–I had been secretly dating my best friend's daughter.

It all began about three years ago, she was just turned eighteen and when I went to take her birthday present to her, she took me aside and gave me a kiss that was no longer a young-girl kiss, especially when, after our lips and tongues parted, she looked me in the eyes and said, "Now that I'm eighteen, you can fuck me, Steve. I promise you it will be good, really good."

Well, that sounds pretty hard to resist and you haven't seen Anita, either. She's a gorgeous blond, about five-seven, long blond hair, often in a pony-tail, and a figure that's Playboy quality. I'd seen her in a bikini just a few months before and she was breathtaking.

Now, you might want to know why our relationship is secret. Well, I was forty-three when she turned eighteen. Cast yourself in the role of her father, my best friend, and you know why Anita and I have kept it a secret.

That afternoon, before I left, she asked me if I was going to be home that evening and I told her I was. Then she added that she'd see me later and I knew then that she was serious.

And serious, she was. At seven-thirty, my doorbell rang and it was Anita.

I opened the door and she held up a toothbrush.

"I figured this is all I need to spend the night. Mom and Dad think I'm at a girlfriend's," she said and swept right past me into the house.

"Where's your bathroom, Steve, I need to put this down so we can do what I came here to do?" she said as she began walking back into the house. I followed her lovely butt back a bit, telling her where my bedroom was and we were soon in the master bathroom where she put her toothbrush down and turned to me with her arms outstretched.

"Now, I get my birthday wish, Steve," and she pulled me to her and kissed me hard and open, her tongue sliding all through my mouth as she pushed her middle to me, pressing against my erection which I was sure she could feel.

Then her hand slid between us as she gripped the front of my pants.

"Mmm, I want to see this, come on, Steve, it's naked-time," she said as she led me into the bedroom and began unbuttoning my shirt.

"I sure didn't expect anything like this, Anita, but as you can tell, you've sure got a certain part of me pretty excited."

"Yeah, I can't wait to see it," she said sultrily as she got my shirt off then began undoing my belt. Her hand went over the bulge in my pants, rubbing up and down. "Oh, you are excited. Looks like I've got him interested," she said as she bent forward and kissed over the zipper of my pants.

She quickly had my pants down around my ankles as she stretched open the waistband and peeked down inside.

"Oooh, just what I thought. All nice and hard for my birthday. Just what I've been wanting," she said as she pulled the elastic down and kissed the crown then gave it a lick. "Mmm, oh, I'm gonna love this," she added as she pulled my briefs down and I stepped out of them, my cock flopping out eagerly awaiting whatever Anita had in store for it.

She pulled off her top and I saw her breasts fully for the first time. They were large and round and firmly stood high on her chest, each one crowned with a large, pink nipple, swollen in the center.

"They're nice aren't they?" she asked as she took my hands and pressed them against her warm, firm boobs.

"They're beautiful, Anita, just perfect," I told her as my fingers flexed while she unbuttoned the waistband of her shorts and began pulling them down.

"Look, Steve, no panties. See, I'm a naughty girl. You know what's on my mind, don't you?"

She kicked the shorts away and we came together in a hug, our first naked hug with her right hand down between us gripping me tightly as we kissed, our tongues delighting in each other's mouth.

"I want in your bed, Steve, I've been dreaming of this day for a long time," she said softly as she pulled the covers back and got in, opening her legs, patting her smooth, plump-lipped pussy.

"Right here, I am so ready, come fuck your little Anita," she said as her fingers pulled her labia back showing me the wet pinkness inside.

But I had other ideas seeing her beautiful pussy as I crouched down between her legs and began lapping up and down while she held herself open.

"Ummm, so good. Oh, I knew this would be just perfect, mmm, oh, you're gonna make me cum," she swooned as I feasted between her legs.

It was incredible that this young woman, the daughter of my best friend, less than half my age, was so hot for me. And, not only that, she was stunning. And here I was eating her wonderful, sweet, dripping pussy. Pure heaven.

Then she started squealing and panting as her body began to tremble. I licked up onto her clit which she had been rubbing with her fingertip and took some sucks and just tipped her right over the edge into a very wild orgasm as she screamed and humped and jerked her body uncontrollably. She really gets off, I thought, amazed at the power of her climax.

"Omigod, oh, I knew it would be so good. Now I want my birthday fuck," she said as she pulled me up, kissing my wet face over and over while I pushed into her.

Her pussy gripped me so tightly it took some effort to pull back each time I rose up. But it was wonderful. I'd never dreamed that this beautiful young woman would ever have any interest in a guy like me but here I was getting the fuck of my life.

"Mmm, oh, inside me, finally, I've wanted this for so long," she groaned while I pushed back and forth. "Now my birthday is complete," she said, grinning up at me. "Now, just make me happy, make me cum."

I was taking long, slow, deep strokes into her and it was feeling wonderful.

She began moving her hips around under me making it feel even better and then, suddenly, she just erupted in a terrific orgasm, trembling, shaking, whimpering and groaning. It was all I needed as I felt her pussy contract around me and I began cumming deeply into her as her legs locked around my back pulling me deep.

"Oh, god, cum, cum, cum. Cum in me, Steve," she cried out as she pulled my head down driving her tongue into my mouth.

We stayed in bed until the next morning around ten; I don't think I'd ever had that much sex in that period of time in my entire life. Anita was a tigress in bed and just kept me going the whole time. Of course, at age forty-three, a guy's penis can only do so much but my mouth, lips and tongue held up quite nicely. She certainly seemed happy. I knew I sure was.

It was about four o'clock by the time she got dressed to go home and she promised me that she would be seeing me every weekend from now on. That began our affair, hiding the fact from her father, my best friend.

This went on for six or eight months and when I was over at her father's house one Saturday afternoon, I had gone to the bathroom when, coming out, I was face-to-face with Amber, Anita's sixteen-year-old sister.

"I know what you're doing with Anita, Steve."

"I don't know what you mean."

"You're fucking her and I know you are. And, I'm gonna tell my dad."

Chapter 2

Well, this was a potential mess.

"Unless you do what I want."

Oh, money? I thought. I'm about to get bribed.

"And what is it you want?"

"That you fuck me, too. Like you do Anita. But I don't want her to know."

Well, well. I was fully expecting to be extorted somehow but, no, I was being offered more pussy. And by my lover's little sister who was a younger, super-sexy version of Anita.

Then, she pulled up her sweatshirt and put her chest out showing me her quite beautiful breasts, tipped with puffed-up, light pink nipples.

"This is what you're getting, Steve. And I'm so ready to fuck you. It's all I think about."

"I ... I don't now what to say, Amber."

"Say you'll fuck me. That's simple."

"Um, yeah, okay. We need to figure out how to do this."

"I have it all set. I'm spending the night Monday night with my best friend and she said she'd cover for me. So, I can meet you near her house and you can bring me to your place and we can spent the whole night together. I really mean this," she said as my hands pressed against her firm, round boobs.

"Yeah, I can tell," I told her adding that I agreed with her plan and I gave her my email address to confirm everything ahead of time.

I had to get back so no one was suspicious but when I got home, I checked my email and there was one from her telling me how much she wants me to fuck her and she'd included several attachments of her posing naked in front of her webcam, several with her legs spread in a vee with a leg on each side of the laptop.

There was one where she was pulling her labia open, smiling into the camera, her eyes wide with lust. I took my cock out and masturbated twice.

So, on Monday evening, I picked her up at six-thirty in front of a drugstore near her friend's house. When she got in the car, she put on her seatbelt, then, lifted her left leg onto the seat showing me her bare pussy.

"Hi, Steve. You can finger me while we drive to your place. I'm so hot and wet, I'll be crazy by the time we get there."

I reached my right hand over and ran my index finger along the crevice between her legs.

"Inside, Steve, put it inside. Finger-fuck me, I'm so fucking hot," she said as she pulled up her top, showing me her pretty boobs as I ran my finger in and out of her, wet, juicy pussy.

"Mmm, this is what I want, Steve. Pull your cock out so I can see it."

Of course, I had to pull my finger out of her to do this without wrecking the car and as soon as I got it wrestled out, her hand came right over and took it.

"Oh, hard, so hard. You really want to fuck me, don't you, Steve?"

"Well, it's sure difficult to drive the car; talk about a distracted driver."

"I'd be sucking your cock if I didn't believe in seat belts. But, I'll do that later. That's a promise."

"Have you had sex before?" I asked her and she told me she hadn't. "But you're on the pill, right?"

"Oh, yeah. I want to fuck you but I don't want a bunch of little Steves to take care of the rest of my life," she laughed as her hand went up and down.

"No, I sure don't want that either."

"You've been fucking my sister but I'm gonna be better. I'm ready to fuck you crazy."

"Well, let's at least get home first," I laughed and we went the rest of the way playing with each other.

We lost no time getting into the house, shedding our clothes on the way up to my bedroom. She stood there in front of me, sixteen years old, beautifully naked, feet apart, smoothly shaved. She put her hands under her breasts saying, "All this is yours Steve. I am so ready," and she stepped to me, embracing me and kissing me, tonguing my mouth as her hand took my cock.

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