Nazca Warriors

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2012 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Jenny goes to Peru to investigate the Nazca Lines. She uses a local guide and must humiliate herself by bargaining for secrets of the Inca with her body.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Size   .

Jenny Marie Jenkins drove nervously to the airport. She had all the necessary papers and had made the necessary plans for her daughter's summer. Stephanie, her fourteen-year-old daughter was going to spend the summer with her older sister, Ginny. Jenny had worked hard for this summer sabbatical to go to Peru.

Jenny had gone to university on a track scholarship and was doing pretty good until she had gotten carried away with her new popularity and gotten pregnant. As a young eighteen-year old freshman, she had moved back in with her mother, who helped raise Marie, her little girl. After that, she struggled with grocery checker type jobs trying to get through college and get a degree in Social Anthropology. She had become interested in how people of different races, ethnic groups and social strata interacted and treated each other.

Through the years, she had worked closely with one of her professors, Joe Jenkins, who was considerably older than she was. She had struggled to get her degree, and had been working on her masters when he had proposed. Jenny wasn't head-over-heels in love with him, but was really struggling with house payments, car payments, school expenses and health insurance. She tried to convince herself that she could grow to love him in time. The most immediate concern of hers was the welfare of her young girl.

When they married, Jenny was the dutiful young wife who tried to meet all of her husband's needs. He undoubtedly had the center of attention when he brought his wife to faculty meetings. Even now, at the age of forty, she still turned heads after all these years.

Joe, her husband was getting older, and always needed more excitement in the bedroom to get himself excited. He urged her to keep her reddish brown hair long. The naturally curly hair hung almost to her waist. Her skin tanned unusually easily for a redhead, and the freckles and soft brown sheen almost radiated when they walked into a room together. Joe constantly pushed the envelope, urging her to wear shorter and shorter dresses.

She had been somewhat ambivalent when their daughter who is now fourteen, was born. She always wanted more children, but was not completely secure in her feelings of their marriage being permanent.

Between her husband's salary and her good fortune of having a graduate assistant's job at the same university, she was able to spend several summers at different archaeological digs. She was interested in studying the drawings, paintings and whatever written documentation there was to understand the social structure of different historical groups.

The last two summers, she had been to Peru to join a group of archaeologists investigating the Nasca Indians. Historians and archaeologists had been studying the mysterious lines and designs in the arid deserts of southern Peru. There were many theories of how and why they were made. Many documentaries speculated that the hundreds of straight lines that can only be seen from very high altitudes were landing and launching strips for outer space aliens.

Jenny had helped document the lines with the 3D computer program; Lineart. They would have to build a series of towers and use an instrument like a transit to scan the mountains and ground formations from two opposite viewpoints. This would give them a 3D topographical record of all the designs on the ground.

When Jenny got to Lima, a guide was waiting for her. He was a huge black man named Diego. He had some kind of Russian military truck. It had three axels; one in the front and two in the back. The wheel was almost five feet in diameter and was an all-wheel drive truck. It seemed like a little too much in Lima, but Jenny knew that once they tried to get off of the main roads and cross the un-bridged rovers through the Nazca Valley, it would take every bit of a truck that big to get through. She had met Diego before, but there had always been several guides and a number of other archaeologists riding together. This time the others had already arrived a couple of weeks before, and she was the last.

The truck sat so high off the ground, Diego had to put his hands together in front of him so Jenny could stick her foot in them; place her hands on his shoulders and let him raise her enough to get in. Diego had already filled several 50 gallon barrels with gas; picked up eating provisions and more batteries for the ride back and additional supplies for the other archaeologists.

Jenny would have normally been comfortable with the way she was dressed at home or at the dig site, was starting to question her decisions now. She had put on some cut-off Levis that were cut well above mid-thigh. The grey, wool hunting socks were pulled above her chocolate colored lumberjack boots that stopped just below her knees. Her New York Yankee starter's shirt had been tucked into her jeans and fitted snugly to her athletic body. It was hot.

Diego was hot, and the perspiration streamed down his arms. As he had gone around the truck to get in the driver's seat, he had taken his shirt off and hung it over the back of his seat. The black man was over six feet six inches tall and the seat had been pulled back as far as it would go. His green military fatigue catalogue pant legs were worn over his military boots. His head and face were shaved so that the top of his head shimmered in the sun.

For a man that normally worked as a porter to tours, he was amazingly self confident and quietly respectful of the white woman. He tried not to stare rudely and her obscenely provocative arms and legs. Jenny's long reddish brown hair had been woven into a French braid and straight down out of the back of her black felt Stetson. Her Dolce & Cabana dark glasses projected an image of mystery that masked her uncertainty about spending two days with a black man. The trip was only about 280 miles to the Nazca Valley, but the rough roads and river crossings would make it seem much longer.

While they were driving, they chatted about all of the mysteries of the Nazca Valley; the meaning of the straight lines and different designs. Jenny gradually felt that he knew much more about the stories than his guide-to-tourist type of information he was passing on. She found out that his family had been there in the valley for thousands of years; that they may have been a part of the original Nazca Indians that had actually done the designs on the landscape.

The first night, Diego brought out two fluorescent colored tents. After pulling one out of the cover, he flung it into the back of the truck. The carbon fiber strands uncoiled and the two-man tent exploded into a self-erecting structure.

"That one's yours." He said as he set the other one under the truck. It was high enough off of the ground to inflate and not touch the structure. Diego walked down to a river under a waterfall and took off his clothes without looking back. Jenny watched as the small giant walked into the cold stream. She tried not to look up at him as she took some bread, cheese, salami and a two-liter bottle of coke out of the insulated ice chest.

She told herself she was not going to look as he got out, but it was hard to ignore his magnificent physique as he came out of the water. He was not anywhere near being excited, but even in his semi-flaccid state, getting out of a cold stream, her husband was light years away from comparing to him. He looked like the leather holster to a 45 caliber magnum had slid around to the front. She had to blink twice to make sure it was not his forearm she was staring at.

When he reached their campsite, he had his pants on and sat on a huge boulder to put on his shoes. "You can go take your own bath now. You never know if we are going to find another lake or river tomorrow. You may want to clean up when you can." His behavior seemed innocent enough. "Was her embarrassment over his or her nudity valid here in the middle of nowhere, or was it just the product of a prudent childhood? She was not embarrassed about being naked around her husband, but would not dream of taking her top off at a public beach.

The arguments of a Social Anthropologist began to kick in. "Just how should she handle this situation?" she wondered, knowing how so many different civilizations handled these issues. She was not at home now. She did not need to be judging herself by social standards back in Kansas City now.

She was in a land and in front of a man who seemed oblivious to her inhibitions she had been raised with at home. Never-the-less, old customs die hard. She would not have sunned topless in Nice, France, and she was not about to parade nude in front of some black giant in the middle of nowhere.

Jenny walked down to the river; sat down to take off her boots and socks and waded out into the water. Once she was in up to her waist, she ducked down; took off her top; bra; panties and tossed them on the bank. She struggled to sit in the chilling cold melted snow runoff. Gradually, she was able to get comfortable. Knowing there was a small stand of trees between her and Diego, she began to relax.

With the road grime washed out of her hair, she glanced around as she put her clothes back on. She had not worn a bra, so when she came back, she nervously tried to pull the shirt away from her to keep her long pink nipples from showing themselves. By then, Diego had started a fire and was warming some coffee.

They talked some more as the sun went down and the stars came out. Although nothing was overtly stated, Jenny felt that Diego knew much more about the mysteries of the Nazca Lines than he let on.

"Diego, I know you know more about the zoomorphic designs and the reasons they were built than you are admitting to. What would it take to solve some of these mysteries?" Jenny asked softly, knowing she probably would not get an answer. Diego was lying down with his eyes closed. She thought she could detect a faint smile. He did not speak for several minutes.

"You know that the ambition for most people in this country is to get to America. If I told you anything I would be revealing secrets that go back thousands of years. It would be an abomination for me to tell you anything; if I even knew. If I could get married, I would then have citizenship." He opened his eyes and looked over at her.

Their eyes locked. Jenny looked down; not knowing whether to feel violated or flattered that this man who looked like he could still play in the NFL had propositioned her.

"I couldn't possibly give myself to a man I hardly knew. Besides, it would be unacceptable to a woman of my position to be married to a black man. I could possibly lose my tenure as a professor at the university." She said, somewhat indignantly.

"There you go. We each have our standards that we cannot cross. You could not marry a black man and I cannot give up the secrets of the Nazca. We have a standoff. I understand. You would not marry a black man; not even for the secret of the Emerald Skull."

The Emerald Skull? The Emerald Skull was only a rumor. It was the result of an intellectual debate between a number of archaeologists for the last fifty years over some obscure cave drawings in a burial site. There was a big debate over whether the figure depicted was a real skull with diamonds in the eyes; or a carving of a real emerald, the size of which had never been actually seen. "Was he just trying to fuck with her to get to the U.S.?" she wondered.

The archaeologists had typically found skeletons sitting up in holes lined with stones. The heads had been removed and placed in highly decorated baskets or ceramic vases. Were they slaves or prisoners? Were they sacrificial offerings or were they people who had just died naturally? These were some of the many mysteries of the Nazca valley. The straight lines and figures of insects, birds and animals could only be plainly seen from several miles above the earth. Now this; one of the most obscure myths of this culture. There was talk that the head of a young girl had been removed from a skeleton and inside the basket was an emerald the size of a small child; carved into a skull with diamonds as big as almonds in the eye sockets.

"I think you are just fucking with me." The bewildered woman said; trying to search his face for some telltale expressions that might give him away.

"You can think whatever the fuck you want." I don't care what you think, he replied.

"I will do whatever you want. I have to see the Emerald Skull; if it exists." She whispered. Jenny was trembling at the implication of her words. Diego went to the truck and pulled out several blankets from behind the bench seats. He handed them to Jenny. He helped her straighten the blankets out on the soft grass. One by one, they piled the blankets on top of each other. The water gurgling over and around the rocks in the nearby stream seemed to be giggling over what was about to happen.

Jenny's hands and knees were trembling over what she was about to do. The blankets were spread. The campfire danced like a disco lights that seemed to catch the couple in stop action pictures as Diego walked across the blanket. Flashes of images showed stills of Diego as the buttons of her blouse opened. There were stills of her right pink nipple popping into view as her shirt parted.

Jenny looked up into his eyes as he peeled the shoulders of her blouse over one shoulder and then the other. He tossed the shirt onto the blanket for extra padding. He got down on his knees and kissed her on the zipper as he reached around behind her to press her against him.

He unsnapped the brass button of her cutoffs. He kissed her abdomen as his hands reached for the zipper. Jenny had her hands over her face; not believing or wanting to believe what she was about to do as a good faith gesture of things to come. "There's got to be a way out of this." She told herself as she removed her wedding ring and slipped it in the watch pocket of her Levis just before she felt them slide down her thighs. Jenny put her hands on his shoulders as he raised each of her feet to free her boots from the garment.

Diego stood. She felt his hands on her shoulders. Not sure what he was implying, she went slowly to her knees. She was hoping he just wanted her to take his clothes off.

Jenny slid down so that her butt was on the ground between her splayed ankles. Her boots, which had not yet been removed, gave her a provocative appearance; as though she chose to remove a certain amount of clothing and keep this one remaining item. Jenny bowed her head so the light would not obstruct her vision as she untied his boots and unlaced the top six eyelets. He rested his hands on her shoulders as she pulled each boot from him.

She looked up into his eyes hoping for some reprieve before she reluctantly unbuckled the military style wide fabric belt that contained a holster for a long barreled 38 special and a scabbard of an 8" hunting knife. When she opened his brass snap under the belt and unzipped his fly, the weight of the gun and knife helped to lower his pants. Jenny couldn't help but to notice the bulging tent in his black Haines briefs. She had seen from a distance what had been inside them, now she was close enough to feel the heat.

Jenny looked up at him, and then turned her head to the right to avoid looking right at it when she pulled down the briefs. The semi-flaccid member rose like it had a mind of its own and tried to brush her face to let her know it was there.

"This is going to fucking hurt." Her mind screamed as the unimpeded purple helmeted cobra swayed trying to get its bearings. "Was that an eye in the end of it?" She wondered as the whole member swayed searching for something it had not found. "Was that a mouth like a cobra; with a forked tongue flickering and drooling down its chin as it swayed and searched for something?" Jenny was unable to avoid looking at the thing as it sparkled in the flickering campfire. She had still images flashing in front of her; stills of the member first to her right; then up a little; then down a little; then the forked tongue sticking out for a millisecond and then draped down over the tip and hanging from the edge.

She felt his hands on the back of her head. "You've got to do it if this is your husband." Her mind screamed. Reluctantly, she leaned forward and kissed it with her lips puckered softly. It was a reluctant kiss; like a first date "good night kiss" before running into the house. Jenny couldn't bring herself to do it.

She lay down on her back with her hands up; gesturing for him to join her on the blanket. Jenny raised her legs from her painful position beside her butt so her knees were together but in the air. Diego dropped to his knees and positioned himself between her legs.

Reluctantly, Jenny forced a smile she did not have in her. Maybe she could lie back and accept him normally and get out of sucking him. Things were happening too fast for her to think clearly. She felt his fingers at her entrance. She parted her legs enough for him to enter. She was too dry.

Diego splayed her legs. He held his shaft in one hand and placed it against her opening. Slowly, he moved it back and forth; then up and down. Slowly he was able to coat her entrance with his fluids so he could enter incrementally. Jenny had her head turned to her right. Her back was off the blanket. She had one arm crossed across her breasts in a feeble attempt at some modesty. Her other arm was flailing slowly between covering her eyes and stretched out to her side. It was not clear whether it was in reaction to humiliation, pain, embarrassment or ecstasy.

Jenny felt herself filling. The girth was more uncomfortable than the length ... or so it seemed in the beginning. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" her mind screamed; waiting for the monster inside her to change direction once it had reached its maximum penetration.

Jenny's head thrashed slowly back and forth as she groaned. Was it a sign of acceptance or resistance? Jenny wrapped her boot covered legs around him; fighting to make room for the intruder within her. She wrapped her arms around his neck in an involuntary reaction learned from years of marriage.

Although the evening air had cooled, their bodies started to have sheen. The sound of Diego's breathing increased. Jenny's body groaned involuntarily as his chest came down on hers. Her body started to sparkle as her perspiration coated her. She could not keep her breathing from shuddering. She could not keep her reluctant mind and body from responding to the massive ball bat splitting her in two.

It was not a fair climax when she groaned and shuddered. She tried to cover her mouth and hold her breath to stop the mewing. Once it was over, she turned her head to one side and sobbed into her hands over her face. She was humiliated to give him the impression this had been a willing action on her part. Never-the-less, his belief that she was willing did not hurt her case.

Diego raised her right leg up against her shoulder and turned her onto her side without pulling out. He lay down beside and behind her and wrapped the other half of the blankets around them as they lay facing the flickering campfire. Whenever Jenny thought he was going to grow flaccid, he slid back and forth a few times until it went back to the same size. Like a newborn baby asleep with a nipple in its mouth, Diego reacted instinctively to keep them together the rest of the night. Jenny slept curled up on her left, with her legs tucked in front of her with the black salamander continuously trying to snuggle inside of her.

The next morning, Diego got up to build the fire enough for breakfast. He unlaced Jenny's boots and led her down to the river. She thought she would scream when he led her into the gurgling river of recently thawed snow. It took her mind off of being naked with some huge black savage. She was too numb to express any reluctance as he washed her with a bar of soap from their supplies.

By the next evening they had made it to Ica, a small town very close to the Nazca Valley. It was still light, and most of the villagers turned to stare at the beautiful red headed woman in boots and cutoffs who seemed only about a third of her age. Diego led her through the maze of pastel colored adobe and concrete block huts with corrugated metal roofs. He guided her into what she later learned was a tattoo and piercing shop.

Jenny was distracted and amazed at the lights. The corrugated roofs had several holes cut in the roof. In each hole had been inserted a two-liter plastic bottle filled with fluid. A twelve foot by twelve foot room might have four plastic bottle skylights in it. The light in the room was the same as if they had one whole wall with glass windows.

Diego spoke to the proprietor in some language she did not understand. Could it be Inca? They led her into another room that had a large chair that looked like a gynecological table. It had an upholstered leather finish that had been duct-taped together where it had been worn or torn. There was no mistaking the stainless steel foot straps.

The proprietor jabbered something she did not understand and pointed to her jeans as he stared first at them and then made eye contact with her. They did not speak the same language, but she could tell from their eye contact what he wanted. She looked reluctantly back and forth between the little man and Diego, hoping desperately that she had misread him; hoping desperately that somehow she had misunderstood her gestures for her to take off her Levis. Deep down she knew she was not mistaken. Deep down her mind was racing for some way out of this.

Jenny looked up into Diego's eyes. She could see that he held all the cards and he knew it. Jenny's face turned red as she reached for the top button and unsnapped it. She locked into Diego's eyes as she zipped the front open. Like a condemned prisoner, she shoved her shorts down.

Jenny had allowed herself to be shaved at the request of her husband. She had a landing strip configuration above her cleft. Below that she was bare. She had done it in order to wear a new outrageous bikini her husband had ordered her to wear. The rest of Jenny's pubic hair was as soft and fine as Hawaiian fern.

Natives gathered the superfine fibers that grew in the crotch of the fern. With a piece of flint and steel, it was fine enough to catch a small spark and turn into a flame. From there, tinder and leaves were added to the fine wisp of smoke to create a fire to cook from.

Jenny's red clump was thicker at the center and the downy patch thinned down to a fine delicate lacework of sweet smelling peach fuzz at the edges. Like the Hawaiian ferns, this soft patch could light the fires of excitement that would drive men crazy enough to kill each other for it.

Diego lifted one of her hands and guided her up into the chair. From there, both men grabbed each of her legs and guided them so that her chocolate brown boots were resting on stainless steel braces above her head and about three feet apart. Jenny's face turned an alizarin crimson as she felt the cool air dry the exposed pink tissue between her legs. Diego turned her head to her right and buried her head into his chest. She could smell the scent of alcohol as she heard him rustling through some equipment. She felt the cotton swab on each side of her labia. He was good enough that she never really felt the needles or the Novocain.

She knew something bad was happening because Diego was pressing hard with his arms so she couldn't turn to see what was going on. When they were done, she looked down. She had been pierced. The dirty little man had pierced her labia and inserted two very small silver padlocks. They were strategically placed with one at about the center of her cleft, and the other a little ways back. It was, in fact, a manner of chastity belt.

When she looked up at Diego, he showed her two small keys on a chain that he was putting around his neck. "You are going to be my wife. From this point on, I will decide when, how and who you have sex with. I can't be around you all the time, but you will not get pregnant by anybody but me."

Jenny was stunned. "What would happen when she went home? What would her husband say? How would she explain this to anybody else; like her doctor?" she wondered. Her mind raced to find answers, but she had none. She was allowed to dress and Diego paid the dirty little man.

As they walked back through the narrow alleys and corridors to the truck, Jenny felt that the quick stares and wide eyed looks at the unusual white woman was actually the look of people who knew what she had on under her shorts.

They were only a few minutes from the dig site, and Diego acted like he hardly knew her as he helped her and the others unload the supplies. They used their own separate tents at the edge of the settlement. Neither of them wanted the others to know what was going on.

The next morning, Diego took her away from the main dig sites. He blindfolded her so she could not see where he was driving. He drove about a half hour. Jenny could not tell if they were going in circles or were miles from the dig site. Although she could not tell from the ground, they had arrived at the giant zoomorphic design of the "Black Widow." Near the head of the insect was a well. When the designs were done from 100 B.C to about 700 A.D. the land had been very arid. The Indians grew corn, Milo, and other crops. In order to have enough water, they dug deep cisterns.

With two plastic garbage bags in one hand, Diego guided her to the top of one of the wells. It may have been a hundred feet across. It sloped down in a helical pattern; forming a steep ramp that turned into itself like a conch shell. The sides were supported by grey river rock of whatever size the Indians could find. It wound around many times until at the bottom, the ramp was about four feet wide and next to a six foot diameter opening.

Diego did not say anything as he began to remove his clothes. His look at her told her to do the same. Not having any understanding of what was going on; Jenny blindly and numbly began removing her clothes. She looked up nervously at the top of the ramp to see if any fellow archaeologists had curiously came over to see what was going on. Nobody was watching as Jenny sat to remove her boots.

Diego was naked now, and tied the top of his plastic bag in a not to hide his clothes in it. Jenny's mind raced with the idea he was going to fuck her out in the open in broad daylight with her fellow archaeologists within short walking distance. Instead he helped her stuff her clothes into the bag and tie the top shut. He slid into the ice cold water and shuddered as he struggled to keep his head from going under. He reached up with both hands to help guide Jenny into the water. She still didn't know whether to be embarrassed at her nudity or frightened for her life.

"I hope you can swim and you better be able to hold your breath for close to a minute." He said as he took both bags in one hand and took one of hers in his other. "On three" he said.

"One ... two ... three;" both of them bobbed up as high as they could before turning head down and swimming for all they were worth.

Jenny's lungs were bursting with fear and cold as she tried to swim with one hand against Diego. The blue water was clear as glass as she opened her eyes in terror. It may have only been a few seconds but it seemed like hours in the bitterly cold water when Jenny imagined she saw lights. Although they were only a few feet down, it seemed like miles. When they had surfaced, they were in a tunnel but she could see light not far away.

Refusing to let go of Diego, she swam with one hand and kicked like a frog to keep up with him. Diego was swimming on his back; trying to hold the two bags of clothing in one hand and pull Jenny with the other.

Jenny was shivering so bad her teeth were clattering when the tunnel widened into an enormous cavern. It was full of light. Just like the two-liter pop bottles filled with fluid, the crystalline rocks that were used for the outline of the "Black Widow" had been laid one on top of the other to funnel light from the surface to the cavern like fiber optic wires guide light around corners today.

Diego climbed up the bank and turned to help Jenny. She was oblivious to her nudity at this point. She stood and took his hand with a death grip she would not relinquish. The only sound in the huge cavern was the lapping of the water against the bank and a few bats fluttering around at the top of the cavern.

Diego guided her over to a big stone slab. It must have been twenty feet across and about four feet high. At the edge of the slab and against the cavern wall was a figure. There was a mummified headless baby in ancient leather clothes seated against a rock behind it. With its left hand wrapped around a ceramic container, Jenny could see something green balanced on the lid.

It was a small green skull with glass eyes embedded in the sockets. When she got closer, she could not tell for sure, but, ... this was it! This was the emerald skull. Inside the emerald skull were two of the biggest uncut diamonds she had ever seen. They were bigger than the Hope diamond she had seen in the Smithsonian.

Jenny looked up into Diego's eyes. Both were scared out of their minds. Jenny stood in bewilderment at the foot of the big stone slab. Diego stood behind her with his arms around her. Jenny was shivering in awe at the sight in front of her. She was oblivious to Diego's hands wrapping around her nipples.

They stood there for about twenty minutes. Nobody spoke in that time.

"We better get out of here before anybody wonders where we are." Jenny said as she grabbed Diego's hand. They walked back to the edge of the cavern and waded into the water. On "three" they gulped all the air they could and swam for their lives. Getting out was easier, because the light source was much clearer and they knew what they had to swim to.

When they got back to the well on the outside, Jenny had to come shooting straight up as high as she could to get her air. After that, she tried to keep as low as possible to see if anybody else was in sight. Once she was sure nobody was around, both of them got out and dressed. Jenny was still wet when she put on her shirt and the cloth stuck to her like a second skin. Once she had her boots back on, she waited until her shirt was dry before going up the helical ramp.

Nobody quite knew what Jenny was working on, so she didn't have to account for her time. That evening, Diego took Jenny back into town where he had a room. It was a very modest studio. It had one room to sleep in. The bathroom was a type of communal situation with several homes using a men's or woman's bath area. Cooking was done outside. Diego told her to get cleaned up and he would show her around town. It was a dirty little town like going across the border from San Diego to Tijuana.

Diego sorted through the clothes in her bag. When he threw some clothes to her, she couldn't believe that she had actually packed this stuff. Maybe her husband had put her daughter's short, sleeveless button front cotton oxford black dress in her bag. What had he been thinking she was going to do in Peru? The next thing Diego threw over to her was a pair of dark suede high heeled boots that zipped up the side. They came to just below her knees. Jenny took her clothes off. Diego came back into his room with a bowl of hot water and a couple of towels.

He sat on the edge of the bed and ran the hot soapy water over her. Then he dried her off. When it got dark, Diego led her out of his room. It was cool and he went back in to get her a sweater. He helped her with it and took her hand. Jenny still did not have feelings for him, but allowed him to have his way. She crossed her hands in front of her to hide her breasts from the ogre stares of the other people walking past her.

She didn't know the language, but was well aware of the lewd glances and could fill in the general intent of what was being said as they went by. Diego just smiled and nodded in proud agreement as he put his arm around her.

Diego parted some saloon doors and went into a cantina. There was a bar across one end. There was a dance floor and some stepped seating in front of it. He sat Jenny at a small table at the edge of the dance floor and went to get a couple of drinks. Jenny was petrified with the cantina. It seemed clean enough, but there was something ominous about the look in the men's eyes. She didn't know what it was.

Diego ordered some food for both of them.

Since she had no idea what food was served, Diego ordered Pescado y Mariscos (Fish and Seafood). It was a fine white cod in lemon juice, served chunky with onions and spices. In the mountains, the local fresh Andean trout is generally farm raised. For Jenny, he ordered Comida Criolla, the term for the traditional Peruvian dishes with Aji de gallina (spicy chicken stew), lomo saltado (stir-fry beef), chupe (fish stew) anticuchos (marinated beef heart).

Jenny wasn't wild about it, but whatever she had to eat was the least of her concerns, considering everything she had been through in the last few days. While she was eating, the waiter came by regularly and spoke to Diego in soft whispering tones as he looked over at Jenny. Pretty soon a well dressed man came over and introduced himself. He smiled at Jenny but kept speaking to Diego.

Once they had finished eating, a man came by and played a violin at their table. Diego smiled and gave him some money. Soon several men gathered around the juke box and began putting money into it. It didn't take long for the men to start coming around the table and asking Jenny to dance. Jenny was stunned. She didn't know if it was an innocent coincidence of the bar regulars or if this was the result of the different conversations between Diego, the waiter and the owner.

"The owner said we will be able to eat her for nothing if you dance with these men, Mrs. Jenkins." Diego said as he leaned over and helped pull her chair back. Jenny allowed herself to be led the short distance to the middle of the dance floor. The man who had her for the moment was a tall thin athletic man of about fifty. His hair had started to grey and his western boots seemed worn but well taken care of. His jeans also looked clean with meticulously sewn patches where the knees had worn through.

The CD was "It's Now or Never" by Elvis Presley. The man introduced himself as Amaro. It was an ominous smile. He put his left hand on hers and wrapped his right around her waist. The song may have been romantic, but Jenny was having a hard time getting caught up in it. As the song progressed, his hand slid down past her waist. Jenny's heart raced as she looked over at Diego. He was smiling faintly and nodded his head. The elderly man guided Jenny's right hand up and around his neck as he let go and wrapped both of his hands around her waist. Jenny turned red as she felt his hands drop to cup the bottom of her cheeks over the form fitting dress. It was short enough as it was.

Jenny looked over at Diego again to see if he was going to get her out of this. Clearly he was not. To make matters worse, he seemed captivated by the scene as Amaro's hands began to ride her dress up. It had been already at mid thigh before the assault began. Now, the hem of her dress was millimeters below his hands.

Jenny's mind raced, fighting for some diplomatic way out of her situation. Fortunately the song mercilessly ended. Indignantly Jenny pulled the back of her dress down as she hurried over to Diego's table. The man followed and thanked her for the dance. After the next dance ended, another man came up to their table and asked Diego for permission to dance with Jenny. Diego nodded. "I want to see you make him happy." Diego said as they walked past him to the dance floor. Jenny was stunned. Just what did the words mean?

The dance started out the same as with Amaro. He was about the same age and demeanor as the previous dancer; maybe a little taller. He paraded her around the floor and brought her back close to Diego. As he spun her around, he stopped her with her back to him. He held her there with both of their arms crossed over her front. Instead of spinning her around another half turn, he kept her there; with his hands over hers. He continued dancing with their feet shuffling together to the music.

Jenny could feel his left hand grab both of her forearms as his right hand moved to her dress. Slowly he began to pick off the top buttons. Jenny looked over to Diego in desperation. Rather than an expression of outrage or indignation, he had a faint smile as their eyes met. "Show Me." His lips clearly formed as they were locked in eye contact. Jenny almost gagged at the realization of what was going on. He had clearly signaled for her to accept the man's advances; right there on the dance floor.

Several more buttons opened up; almost to her waist. His arms now crossed so than the thumb and forefinger of each hand snaked their way in and rolled the tips of her long pink nipples. Jenny tried futilely to hide her indignation by placing her hands over his, thinking she could shield what he was doing from the audience. Eventually Jenny's left nipple found its way out of her dress. The alabaster white breast looked like the hope diamond against the open sides of her dark dress. He could only get one of them out without openly pulling the dress over her shoulders.

The man was still swaying to the music, but the humiliated woman was too overcome with her sobbing to guide her feet to the music anymore. She stood in one place, with her head turned to her right as she tried feebly to cover herself with her hands. She would have preferred to look defiant, but didn't have it in her as she stood stiff legged in front of her tormentor.

When the music ended, she tried desperately to gather the sides of her dress and walk over to the table. She could see that Diego was not going to let her button up.

Jenny sat with her legs and arms crossed in front of her waiting for the next dance to start. What could they do to her next? "If you're going to be my wife, you're going to have to get used to this. If you want me to give up secrets and let you get out of the country with any of this, you better think about how badly you want it. They are going to search you, but they won't search me. You better make the next dance good." He said as the next man walked her past him.

The next man was even bigger. He seemed to smother her when he put his arms around her. Like the previous dancer, he finally positioned her facing away from himself and facing Diego. She tried to sway back and forth in time to her partner and the music, but her heart wasn't in it.

Jenny had tried to cross her arms in front of her to keep the sides of her top together. The man had his hands over hers. When she refused to let his hands through, he gradually lowered his to her crotch. When she tried to cover his again, he started sliding the bottom hem of her dress up.

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