A Conversation About Steve

by Zen Master

Copyright© 2012 by Zen Master

BDSM Sex Story: Flash from just a few years ago; the Mike & Shirley stories are semi-autobiographical.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   DomSub   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   .

(This is a flash from a storyline I haven't published yet, so of course the characters mean nothing. Still, it's a good intro to the "Shirley and Mike" story, whatever I finally call it... )

"Here, honey, have another glass of wine, and undo another button."

"Thank you, dear. Will you hold my titties for a second? Here, I'll hold your glass. Oh, that feels good. You don't have to get me drunk to take advantage of me, you know."

"It's still fun, though. Are you having a good time?"

"Of course! Although, this party is a good deal, um, quieter than most places you take me."

"You're right. Let me know if you want to liven it up, some. Should I have you show our host that you forgot all your underwear?"

"Dear, I never forget my underwear. I made a conscious decision to not get a spanking tonight. Rule #6 is 'i will not wear clothing without permission from my Master', right?"

"Let me check. Hmm. Did one of the rules say that you always had to be wet?"

"No, dear. It's not a rule. It just happens. Can you lean me against the wall and fuck me?"

"No, it's too messy, and some of the people here just wouldn't understand your needs. I'll let you blow me later. By the way, I want you to circulate, and let me know if you see anyone who knows you're my fucktoy. I hate seeing you bored."

"Here, honey, have another glass of wine."

"Thank you, dear. Why are you getting me drunk?"

"Well, I just saw Steve, and I had an idea. You know how he's always talking you down?"

"It's okay, dear. I don't mind."

"Well, I mind. It's okay for me to tell you that you're a worthless, worn-out old hag, but you shouldn't have to hear it from anyone else. As far as the world is concerned, you're a beautiful and delightful lady who for some inexplicable reason chooses to slum with a younger man. Speaking of which, have you seen anyone here that you know?"

"It depends on what you mean, dear. I've met several of the people here, but I don't think that any of them know all the things I do for you."

"Good. Here's what I want you to do tonight. I want you to distract Steve a few times. Nothing too blatant, but rub your chest against him as you squeeze past him in the hall and make sure he realizes you aren't wearing a bra; lean over for something and hold onto his ass for balance; you know what to do. God knows you've driven me crazy enough times doing that stuff."

"I love you, Master. I live to drive you crazy. So, no putting his hand under my dress and showing him how wet I am. Okay, what else?"

"Then, when people start to leave, I want you catch Steve when there are other people listening, and ask him for a ride home. Tell him that I'm staying late, and you've got things to do. He's a nice guy, and he won't be able to say no in front of his friends. Give him a good hug. After that, though, tone it down to just being comfortable with him. He's your boyfriend's good friend, and he's doing you a favor."


"Alright, you remember everything you did the night I got back, after going out of town for a week last month?"

"Of course, dear. I do that every time you come back to me. I want you to have trouble staying away from me. You know I can't sleep without touching you. We prove that every time you tie me up and leave me all night. It's not being tied up, it's spending the night without you that makes me frantic. I need you, Master. Can I suck your dick yet?"

"Not now, dammit. I'm trying to give you instructions."

"I can suck your dick while you talk, I do it all the time. I'll make it fast. Besides, I can nod my head."

"In a minute. Let me finish this."

"Okay. I can lick my lips and pout."

"Well, there's really not much more to say. I want you to do the same things for Steve that you do for me when I've been gone: As soon as he's on the road, take your blouse off and toss it in the back seat. Tell him that you don't want to cause any trouble, but you can't give him head with your blouse on; it might get stained."

"Is that the reason for that rule? I always thought it was because you like playing with my titties!"

"I love playing with your titties. They're the nicest pair I've ever owned. The rule is more basic, though. Giving head is an act of submission. You are performing a task for someone else's pleasure. You get nothing out of it, except a snack. You uncover your breasts as a symbol of your submission; you are offering them to the man you are blowing so that he can enjoy playing with them as you suck him off. You know that!"

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