Sharing in Jamaica

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2012 by hotwetnshaved

Sex Story: I go on holiday with a friend

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

"Do you like our little island?"

"I love it, I love everything about it!"


We were in a beach front bar dancing slowly to the soft reggae beat, I had my arms wrapped around his neck and I was pressed right up to him as we moved, beneath my dress my nipples felt like bullets and my panties were getting wetter by the minute,

I was thirty five then and on my first visit to Jamaica, I'd already decided it wouldn't be my last!

"Everything" I repeated, "I loved being naked on the beach this afternoon"

"I missed the beach today" he smiled, "Sounds like I missed a treat"

"I'll be there tomorrow" I smiled and put my lips to his ear, "Naked again"

He chuckled and a big hand slid down my back onto my buttocks pressing me against the bulge in his trousers,

"That sounds like an invitation"

"It was meant to"

"What about your husband?"

"He's back in England"

"So you're here by yourself?"

"No I came with my friend, that's her over there dancing with that guy in the white tee shirt"

I pointed over to where Jane was swapping saliva with another muscular black guy before she winked at me and left arm in arm with him,

The music stopped then and I said I was going outside for some air,

"I'll get our drinks" he smiled and went up to the bar, outside I lit up a cigarette and sat on the low wall facing the beach, he came out with our drinks and placed them beside me then bent down and kissed my neck, I lifted my head and kissed him full on the mouth, moaning softly as a big black hand slipped inside my low cut dress, his fingers found a nipple and squeezed it gently,

"Nice breasts" he whispered as I stood up and pulled him closer, "I'm nice all over" I breathed into his mouth, "Wanna find out?"

"What do you think?"

He held my arm as I got down from the wall and together we walked the few yards to my rented bungalow, as I searched my bag for the key, he slipped a hand up beneath my dress and stroked the scantily clad contours of my buttocks,

I opened the door and practically fell through it with my arms around him and my mouth glued to his, he had my dress up over my head before I knew it and we fell onto the bed gasping and groping, my panties were roughly pulled to one side and I moaned into his mouth as I felt his thick, black cock easing into my wetness,

It was madness, we both knew it but I opened my legs as wide as I could and locked my ankles behind his back, I heaved back up at him and squealed as he pushed all the way in to me, he was huge, it completely filled me up, I felt his heavy balls banging against my ass hole as I gripped his buttocks and gave myself up to the sheer pleasure of his cock drilling me.

He was an expert, he licked and sucked each nipple in turn, he kissed my neck and nibbled my ear, all the time pushing in gently, drawing out and then in again. I was in heaven, his was only the second black cock I'd ever had, but I knew it wouldn't be the last.

He increased his pace and with each thrust of his cock, I felt it against my cervix, I realised that the power of his thrusts was making me squeal but I couldn't help myself, I couldn't breathe normally, my breaths became sobs, but still he fucked me and still I cling to him urging him on with obscenities whispered in his ear.

His cock felt like an iron bar, it wasn't just hard it was solid, there was no play in it at all!

"Yes" I gasped, "I'm gonna cum" Incredibly he speeded up, I dug my nails into his heaving buttocks, "Fuck yes" I screamed, "Yes, yes, FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSS"

His hands slid under me and lifted me up arching my back, I felt him stiffen, his face screwed up and he roared as he came, I felt every spurt of his semen as it splattered against the walls of my bruised vagina.

We lay together on my bed still naked whilst enjoying a cigarette, his penis lay on his thigh and I smiled as I thought, even flaccid it was still bigger than my husbands, then I felt guilty, he'd been a good man, a good provider, he'd died after a short illness and left me quite a lot of money not to mention a large house!

He knew about my past, about how I'd had a baby when I was fourteen by a black friend, he knew my parent's had made me give him up for adoption and he knew how sad it had made me, but he'd loved me and we'd had a good marriage in spite of my moods.

I'd gone to Jamaica with the half baked idea of finding my son, but when I'd seen this fit young Adonis in the bar, my hormones had taken over, I'd lost!

"I don't even know your name pretty lady" he said as he scrunched down and kissed my stomach,

"It's very plain" I smiled, "Like me, it's Brenda"

"A lovely name for a lovely lady" he said softly and kissed the very tip of my slit,

"Tell me your name" I said as he licked around my slit,

"Carl" he said and pushed my legs apart, "And I just love sexy white ladies"

"I'm full of your cum Carl"

"I know" he laughed, "And I want it back"

His fingers opened me up like a flower and I gasped as his tongue licked me from my clitoris down to my anus and back up again,

"Now come up here and kiss me" I urged him, "Let me taste your spunk"

His tongue delved into me again and I heard him sucking at his cum, it sounded like a vacuum cleaner, when he came back up to me his mouth was full of his own cum and he dribbled it sensuously into my open mouth!

I found his cock and took it in both hands while I savoured his cum,

"You're getting hard again Carl"

"That's because I'm going to fuck you again Brenda" he smiled,

"Mmm, that's the kind of talk I love to hear"

"I want your ass hole"

"Oh fuck yes, that's been a long time, can I get on top?"

"Any way you want it ma'am" he laughed and rolled onto his back,

I stood up and slipped my sodden panties off before standing with one foot on either side of his head, cum was still dripping from my pussy and he laughed as he caught some more in his mouth,

"You dirty, kinky bastard" I gasped and shuffled down to sit on his cock whilst sharing his cum,

"Wait until I eat it from your ass" he said, "That's definitely kinky"

"Can't wait" I said and eased myself up slightly to allow him access to my rear hole, I felt his huge, swollen dome pressing against the tiny hole of my anus, but gradually it expanded until I squealed and his lovely fat cock slid all the way up into my rectum.

"Ooh yes" I sighed and kissed him, "Oh fuck yes, I'd forgotten just how nice this is"

His cock jerked in me and I giggled with pleasure, "You're a big boy Carl"

"Just on ten inches ma'am" he laughed,

"Wow and I've got it all up my ass hole"

"Yup all ten fucking inches"

I squirmed on him as he began fucking me slowly, nice long strokes so I could enjoy them, the feeling of his iron rod deep inside me was exquisite as he slid slowly in and out of me I heard myself squealing with joy.

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