by Severusmax

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Erotica Sex Story: This story continues to present the lives of Dan, Vicki, Haley, and Michelle, and their children. Trevor has been kicked out of his house by Jamie, leading to some seduction by two very loving women. Meanwhile, Karl repays the debt that he owes Vicki. And somewhere along the way, Dan experiences the twins together at last. Toss in family film night, and you have this particular Sunday in the life of the von Greiner clan. Hold on, it's a wild ride!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Mind Control   Magic   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Sadistic   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Workplace   Nudism   .

Karl paid back his debt to his mother the next day, though he hadn't quite planned it that way. He was busy taking a shower when the curtain drew back and a very naked Vicki slipped in behind him. She had a smile that indicated every intention of enjoying his favors. Clearly, they had unfinished business, his mother and he.

"Mom, to what do I owe the pleasure?" he grinned as he grabbed her ass.

"I told you that you owe me, son. Now I intend to collect ... with interest. Wash me, dear, and then lick my body. I want your tongue all over me. Is that such a bad idea?" Vicki demanded with a salacious wink.

"Mom, that's hardly one I'd mind and you know it! Here, let me take care of your needs. Like you said, I owe you," Karl agreed and then glided his tongue all over Vicki's skin.

His mother really was a treat, even at her age. He had no complaints about the taste of his mom, who was literally as well as figuratively sweet as could be. Vicki's goose bumps developed all over her body, as Karl licked and kissed her hungrily from one part of her to the other. She shivered more from his lips and tongue than from the water as it touched her flesh, especially since that was hot. Then again, so was Karl's breath as Vicki felt it upon her body, and it still gave her chills. He was so much his father's son, such the stud, albeit not as practiced or skilled as Dan. Still, she could get used to this for sure.

"Thank you, baby. You're so good to Mommy. Now, please, let me thank you as I should," Vicki replied vocally after she came from Karl's soul kisses to her bare skin.

"Yes, Mom, I will do whatever you like, of course. I will obey my mother like a good son," Karl gladly accepted Vicki's hands as they washed him. It was the preparation for her oral services to her son. It was a truly bonding moment for both of them, not only as mother and son, but as lovers.

"You're not a good son, my boy. You're a great son. I love you more than you know. Now, bend over and let me show you how much," Vicki told him, after making sure his butt-crack was squeaky clean.

When Karl complied, he felt his mother's breath between his buns, followed by her lips and tongue. Before he knew it, he experienced the incredible sensation of being rimmed by Vicki. He had a hard time not falling over from the effects of such an exquisite pleasure. He gripped the faucet as she continued to taste him. It was evident that he was a really fortunate young man, to have a mother, sisters, and aunts who all wanted him to be properly sated.

He loved Kirsten most, of course, but he was definitely impressed by his mother's typically generous favors to him. It was evident that she was as giving a lover as the others claimed. He certainly wouldn't give this up anytime soon. He would work to retain this special relationship with Mom, too, even as he claimed Kirsten as his girlfriend.

Before Karl knew it, Vicki's mouth had moved on to his balls, sucking them to make his cock as hard as it could be. She deliberately caressed his son's cock as she playfully nibbled on his nuts, making him feel as if he was about to blow already. This teasing continued for another minute or so, before she couldn't stand to torment him any longer. Vicki slipped past Karl, knelt in front of him, and started sucking his cock down from the head to the base repeatedly.

Karl couldn't restrain himself any longer. He spurted instantly in his mom's mouth, coating her tongue with his spunk. Suddenly, he felt guilt and shame over shooting off his load in what he thought was a premature manner. He started to stutter out an apology, but Vicki stood up and silenced him with a snowball. He was soon so involved in the novelty of tasting his own cum that he forgot all about his quick release not long before.

Vicki, of course, had not. She reveled in it, knowing that she was able to get her son off so easily, though some of that was due to his youth and inferior self-control. Kirsten was one thing, since Karl and she were romantically involved, but their mother was a cougar and knew exactly how to satisfy the young man whenever she pleased. The timing was deliberate, as she didn't wish to torture the youth. She adored him, as she did the other people in her life, albeit each in their own unique sense. Only those in their way of life could ever understand it.

"Don't sweat it, Karl. I know that you're feeling some shame and disappointment that you came so quickly, but I like that you did. Trust me, your mommy understands you very well. Yes, I said that part on purpose. Out there, I am 'Mom', but in moments like this, I'm 'Mommy.' These are the times when I'm both your mother, your lover, and your friend, all rolled into one. We have our own little world here, and that's exactly how I want it. I know that you do, too. What do you think, baby? Prove to me that you understand. Call me 'Mommy' again, as you once did," Vicki encouraged him with several kisses.

"Thank you, 'Mommy.' I understand it very well and I like it. In fact, I love it. You're the best mother a guy could have. Are you sure that we're even, though, or do I owe you still?" Karl wondered openly.

"At this point, honey, who cares? But if you want to keep being in my debt, that's fine with me, as long as you pay me in sexual favors," Vicki groped her son as they talked, fondling his buns and realizing what a twink he could be at times ... smooth enough for her husband's tastes. A twink, and yet so manly and studly in his own youthful way. He had even admitted his bisexual tendencies, which worked perfectly for her plans here.

The light-bulb came on and she streaked out of the shower toward the bedroom, where Dan was busy fucking the life out of Kirsten. The look on their daughter's face while Dan plowed her pussy was absolutely priceless. She seemed to be completely oblivious to anything happening around her but the cock buried in her young twat. Vicki smiled as she realized just how blissful it must be for her daughter, since she had tasted the delights of being fucked by Dan so many times. It was something of a loss of consciousness at times, since one often ascended to another plane of existence from the sexual ecstasy. Pretty soon, of course, Karl would experience that same ethereal state as his father used his bottom, if Vicki had her way. Why shouldn't her son get to have such a great experience, too? Why should only daughters be favored with Dan's cock inside them? It was unfair to the boys, after all, to deny them such amazing encounters.

Karl gladly rushed out and followed his mother, as naked as a jaybird himself, to find her watching Dad and Kirsten together. Vicki smiled at her son and licked her lips as she thought about a nice little foursome they could have, not that she wouldn't like other combinations as well. He could sense that his mother was up to something, especially by that lustful scent which came from her sweet pussy. His cock stiffened again, and he badly needed to fuck someone.

Vicki read his mind and joined her husband and daughter on the bed, presenting herself to Karl for his use. A gratified son entered his mother again, this time from behind, just as Dad fucked Kirsten in the "doggie" position. Neither man lasted long now. The strong scent of their family orgy got both men over the brink, making them shoot off their seed inside the ladies. The guys grinned at each other in congratulations, father giving son a high five, while Kirsten remained in another dimension.

Vicki took advantage of her daughter's lack of sensory awareness of her surroundings to bring her off orally. She licked Kirsten mercilessly between her thighs, which reinforced how close the young lady was to her climax. Dad, not wishing to be selfish, began adding his tongue and lips to the equation, which inspired Karl to participate as well. Their triple threat brought Kirsten well past her edge, their tongues colliding often across her pussy, taint, and ass. Nothing was spared, in the effort to guarantee that Kirsten would cum hard and soon.

It worked so beautifully that each of the parties responsible got a nice dose of Kirsten's sweet flavors. None of them minded tasting her yummy fluids as she gushed all over them. Kirsten took a moment to return to normalcy, before she grabbed the three of them and kissed each fully on the mouth in turn. Her feelings toward them went far beyond gratitude, after all. She loved each of them differently, though she still preferred Karl above the others. He was truly her soul mate, she really believed.

"Thank you, guys! Wow, that was wonderful! Daddy, you're still not limp yet. There are times when I wonder how in God's name you can get and stay hard so much, but who cares? I still think it's fantastic. It seems that Karl has inherited your remarkable trait, for which I'm rather thankful as well. No wonder you're all so happy, Mom. You, Aunt Haley, and Aunt Michelle couldn't possibly be dissatisfied with such a stud in your beds," Kirsten praised her father and brother simultaneously; quite sincere as she did so.

"If you only knew ... well, actually, now you're getting the idea. Yeah, your father is very much the man of the house and we are all more than pleased to service, share, and submit to him. Believe me when I tell you that your dad is a supernatural lover, quite literally. It's no real surprise that your brother is much the same, of course. He got those skills honestly. We're such lucky girls, I assure you.

"Now, I have an idea that would gratify everyone even more. Are you listening?" Vicki probed to see if the others were content to hear her out.

"Yes, baby. I'm very much open to ideas," Dan spoke for everyone with a deviant grin and a wink for his women.

"Karl and you are both bisexual, right?" Vicki reminded them, as if they needed such.

"Naturally," Dan agreed, catching on to his wife's basic thrust.

"So, why don't you fuck Karl in the ass? I believe that it would make all of us hot and bothered. Won't it, Karl?" Vicki suggested.

"Yes, Dad, please fuck my ass! Mom's right. I want you to butt-fuck me, Dad. Use plenty of lube, though, please. I would love to get fucked in the ass by you," Karl begged his father, spreading his own cheeks as his cock stiffened in response to the delightful idea.

"Yes, Daddy! Sodomize Karl! I know he wants it in the ass, as you heard him say," Kirsten supported her mother and brother on that issue quite enthusiastically.

"Fair enough, but one of you has to get his cock up your ass at the same time, girls. I love to be part of trains, and this would be a very nice one, I think. The other should find a helpful way to participate as well, but that's up to her," Dan insisted, much to the delight of all three of the other von Greiners present.

"Would you like to eat or be eaten right now, Master?" Vicki reverted to submissive mode suddenly. She often did that when she felt especially worshipful toward him, as well as plenty of other occasions, of course.

"Well, you're certainly delicious, and I could use some of your sweet ass for my dining pleasure. Yes, bend over in front of me and let me rim you, dear, while I fuck our son and he fucks our daughter," Dan commanded his wife, who didn't need to be told twice. She loved being rimmed as much or more as getting her pussy licked. For one thing, Dan was an even more avid licker in such cases than when tasting her cunt.

Kirsten didn't seem to mind being volunteered to take her brother's cock up her ass. On the contrary, she hurried to grab the lube and apply it to both his dick and his sphincter. Karl was happy to do his part, too, in putting it on his sister's backdoor and his father's cock. He was rather excited to know that he was about to be sandwiched between his dad and his twin. He had lusted for his father for a long time now, and he was already his sister's lover.

Karl went first, of course, and he did his best to be gentle, having had it drilled into him that sodomy was not supposed to be rough unless the recipient liked it that way. Kirsten took a moment to adjust to the cock taking her anal cherry, but soon enough she was able (with a liberal measure of lube) to take him inside her asshole.

Once her brother was snugly inside her and ready to begin fucking her hole, she started moving her hips instinctively to co-operate better with his dick as it penetrated her. The reality that her own brother was so far inside her own body was more than enough to excite her, as she knew that it was a truly intimate act for them. It was like he was part of her and her of him.

Now it was Dan's turn to slip his dick inside someone's colon, and he eased into his son's ass with a sense of heightened lust. Karl was not hairy like Dan back there, but smooth like his mother. This was a dream come true for father and son alike. While it hurt to an extent, the effect on Karl's prostate combined with the taboo thrill of gay incest to really turn him on.

Soon, of course, the excitement in the room affected Vicki, who presented her bottom to Dan for his tongue and mouth to explore it again. Dan was so great about pleasuring her ass that she always welcomed an opportunity to experience his oral attentions. The only thing better was when he stuck his cock inside her. She adored him and this was part of why. He was the kind of lover that turned her on and made her feel extremely desirable.

For Dan, getting to eat his wife's ass out while he plundered his son's booty was icing on the proverbial cake. She was always such a delectable woman, to the point that if he was completely limp right then, he would get hard just from seeing her. Even in her fifties, Vicki was a very alluring and submissive woman. Her active involvement in their plural marriage, far from simply tolerating it, only added to her appeal to him. Despite being five years his senior, she was still his favorite wife (but the others weren't far behind). He was very much in love with all of his wives and they with him.

Karl couldn't believe how incredibly pleasurable it was to both bugger and be buggered at once. Kirsten's asshole was so tight and hot that he had to focus in an almost superhuman manner on not cumming too soon. The fact that his own ass was in use by his father didn't help him resist the urge to release faster.

To Kirsten, she just knew that the pain and pleasure together was a potent combo that she embraced with her usual enthusiasm. If others didn't quite grasp what it meant to be a pain slut, well that was their loss. She enjoyed taking it in the ass for both the wonderful intimacy, the complete surrender, and the level of pain, which was just at the outer levels of tolerable for her. She knew that it would hurt less over time, which was almost disappointing in a way. The way she saw it, the pain was a sacrifice that she made to the gods of sadomasochism. She was already rewarded by them for the offering that she gave to them.

Dan, meanwhile, had better self-restraint and kept ramming the recently virginal bottom of his elder son for a good, long while. He could already tell that this would be a regular thing, if naturally less frequent than the straight and lesbian encounters that occurred on a daily basis in the household. It was hard to say no to a chance to get some tail, and this would come in handy whenever the younger women were pregnant, of course. It wasn't as if his son was ugly or a bear, either. He had, at least at his age, a "twink" look to him.

Finally, of course, Karl shot out a load of thick, heavy cum into Kirsten's ass. It was just too much carnal ecstasy, to experience both ends of the equation. He also drew pleasure from knowing what it felt like both for his father and his sister. As his cock slipped out of his twin's booty, he took some satisfaction from seeing his cum ooze from her sphincter. Then he felt something else entirely: his father came inside his bowels.

Karl and Kirsten both smiled as they realized what happened. Then he started cleaning out his own spunk from his sister's butt. She soon returned the favor, tasting their father's cum straight from her brother's asshole. They also both relished the chance to rim each other in turns; something that they decided in typical unison would happen a lot in their near future. They simply found each other delicious. That was even truer when they gave each other a fiery French kiss or two ... or seventeen.

"Gonna cum up for air, kids?" Dan teased them, which made Vicki giggle as he quit licking her ass.

"You're one to talk, honey. Given how much you just rimmed me and you haven't even gotten around to a soul kiss. Not that I mind, of course. It's part of what I love about you, the passion for analingus. Only Michelle eats my ass as much as you do. I just like pointing out that the kids got their love of rimming honestly. Case in point Karl, who damn near killed me with excitement when he ate me earlier in the shower. What can I say? They love the taste of ass, as do all of us here, I believe," Vicki winked at her husband before giving him a lip lock to get a sample of her own ass from his lips and tongue.

"Touché, dear. This is part of why I love you so much. You have a remarkable ability to tease me back and pretend that I'm serious when you know better," Dan finally spoke after a lengthy make-out session that drew quite the stare from both kids.

"That was fucking awesome, Mom and Dad! Can we watch you fuck each other now and then? Maybe later today, even?" Karl requested, prompting Kirsten to nod her agreement with his idea.

"Watch ... or participate? Because either would be perfectly fine in my book, and I'm sure that your mother agrees. That also applies to Haley, Michelle, Natalie, or anyone else that we fuck. You've seen it happen before, anyway. You watched me take Natalie right there at the breakfast table," Dan reminded them with a grin.

"Very true. I hope to fuck her some time myself, sweet Natalie. Haley and Michelle, too, now that you mention them," Karl grinned at those ideas.

"Yeah, those gals are awesome. You have great taste in women, bro," Trevor's voice joined the conversation.

"Trevor!" Vicki and Kirsten shouted together, as they rushed the firstborn with kisses all over his face from both of them.

"Well, folks, if you wanted me back, here I am. Jamie kicked me out of the house. Something to do with my being a 'loser', as she put it. I think that her old man is just meddling too much in our marriage. Him and her mom, too. Neither of them really liked me to begin with, as you know. It was right after I declined to leave the force, which I think was a set-up for an excuse. If it wasn't that, it would have been something else. They don't want me as an in-law, because I'm only a deputy. Law enforcement isn't glamorous enough for them, I think," Trevor announced.

"Do you think that she has another guy?" Vicki asked her son, truly concerned for him. Sharing was one thing, cheating another, dumping someone for someone else, even worse.

"Not sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were playing matchmaker to find her a new husband at the club. The tricky thing is that she's pregnant. I know this for a fact, since she had a pregnancy test in the trash and I checked it. I just don't know if it's mine or not. She had cut me off for a while, but a month or so ago she suddenly became very horny, only to cut me off yet again, this time permanently, as it turned out. If she wanted to marry the guy so that he could raise the kid, then good riddance to her, but at least I can respect her for not sticking me with another man's baby," Trevor declared, which got him some curious looks from his mother.

"Honey, if Jamie hates you enough to kick you out of the house, and didn't tell you that she's pregnant, then that means that this is probably your baby. She might, in fact, be planning an abortion so that you never find out and she avoids a custody battle that would tie you to each other. Either that, or she's just in a very emotional state and doesn't know what she wants, which is made worse by pressure from her family to end the marriage. I doubt that they know about the baby, either, but I could be wrong about that. There might not even be another man, come to think of it," Vicki reviewed some possibilities out loud.

"I don't know, Mom. Maybe she doesn't yet, but her family is pushing for her to meet one. That's kind of their style, after all. Meddling bunch of motherfuckers. Not literally, of course. I can't say the same about Karl, from what I've heard lately. Rumor has it you've been busy with Mom, bro. Kirsten, too, not that I blame you in either case. Seems that I've missed the incest boat. Oh, well, I'm glad for you guys. I'll be fine, once I get over Jamie kicking me to the curb. Not all of us can be lucky enough to date their relations, but good for you," Trevor smiled, but his face reflected his envy.

"Gee, jealous much? Trevor, your mother and I are very glad to see you back. In the midst of your self-pity, however, you've forgotten that Michelle is still very much into you. No doubt, she'll want to pick up right where you and she left off. Besides, do you really think that you'll be excluded from the family fun? We've looked forward to your return, kiddo.

"It's time to join us, completely, don't you think? You can refuse, of course, but I gather that you want to participate. Well, here's your chance. Fuck your mother. Right here. Right now. Vicki, think you can handle fucking your firstborn?" Dan intervened, smiling at the prospect of his stepson becoming part of the circle.

"Hell, yeah!" Vicki was visibly aroused by the thought of incest with her oldest child, now a fully grown man. She did her best not to drool, but it was next to impossible, as he looked so damn yummy.

"Honey, here's your chance. Go for it. Have wild, steamy sex with your son. By the time you're done riding him, I'll be stiff and ready to pound you into next year. His cum should make any other lube unnecessary. That will give me a chance to clean my dick, too. Karl, I think that you should wash off your cock as well. Want to be clean enough to pleasure the ladies, after all. Kirsten, baby, you want to stick around and watch Trevor with your mom or do you want to clean up, too?" Dan encouraged his wife's desires for the eldest.

"Well, as it happens, I want to be ready for more of Karl, should he get horny again. Not that I begrudge Mom, Natalie, Haley, or Michelle a turn with him, but I want him to break me in thoroughly, Dad. You and Trevor, too, of course, as I have demonstrated. Karl is first in my heart, however, so I tend to think of him ahead of you guys. No offense, Dad," Kirsten batted her eyes at the men while she explained her feelings better.

"None taken, dear. We know how much you love your brother. I'm not vain enough to expect all women to put me first. Nor is Trevor, for that matter. Speaking of which, let's go now and leave these two lovebirds alone for the moment.

"Trevor, don't worry, I wouldn't have suggested this if I didn't want it to happen. You always have been a Mama's boy, deep inside. This is just the logical result of that. Vicki, dear, drain his balls and if you need reinforcements, call for Michelle. Then again, you might want to do that last bit, anyway," Dan winked at his first wife, before leading his twins out of the master bedroom to clean up from the orgy they just experienced.

"Guess I'd better get my share of your cock before you disappear into Michelle's pussy for a week. I don't mind that she'll be riding you so much, but I don't want to deprive myself of your dick for even longer than necessary. She's had you before. I haven't. How about it, son? Want to become a bona fide member of the international brotherhood of motherfuckers?" Vicki asked him, swaying her hips as she gave him her best "come hither" look.

"Mother, may I?" Trevor grinned as he took in the mature beauty that was Vicki von Greiner. She might be fifty-something, but she looked more to be in her forties at the most. It probably came from her easygoing, pliable nature. Not being a type A personality had its advantages.

"Please do, baby," Vicki begged her son, her lust undeniable at this point.

"Yes, ma'am," Trevor came over to his mom and kissed her deeply on the mouth, inserting a lot of tongue in the process.

His hands caressed his mother's body, while Vicki started undressing him to the buff. When she found his package, she knelt in worship of his lusty cock and balls. She began kissing, sucking, and licking his hard-on, determined to get him ready for her cunt. Her mouth and throat enveloped him, while her pussy smelled increasingly of her arousal.

Vicki could hardly believe her good fortune. She was about to fuck her own son ... her Trevor, to whom she had long been friend and confidant as well as mother. They played games together and did practically everything else over the years, often with Dan and the others, but also sometimes alone. He was a Mama's boy, alright, and that was the way it should be.

"Mom, shouldn't I eat your pussy now, to get you off first?" Trevor offered, caring a lot how much his mother enjoyed their first time in the sack.

"Do you mind, baby?" her eyes pleaded with him, clearly hoping that he would gratify her, but afraid that he might be repulsed by her cunt at her age.

"Mom, you always cum first with me," Trevor replied, taking his chance to go down on his mother.

Even though Vicki had already been eaten out twice that day, having Trevor lick her pussy was truly amazing to her. There was a sense with him that his bond with his mother was uniquely important to him and always had been. Karl loved her, yes, but he was in love with Kirsten. Trevor craved Michelle and was still hurt by Jamie, but Vicki sensed that he adored her in a special way connected to their shared experiences, their life together before he left their home. It was more than forbidden lust and being part of each others' recreation.

Yeah, Trevor belonged in this home with Vicki, not in another house. Those who wanted her to cut the apron strings could kiss her ass. He was her boy. It was simple as that. He was here to stay, as his mouth on her pussy proved, and that was the way it would be for the rest of her life, if she could help it. He showed her how much he truly cherished her, how wonderful a son he was determined to be to her.

It wasn't much longer before Vicki lost all capacity for lucid thought, as Trevor devoured her cunt, making her need to grab his head with her hands to remain standing. She felt her knees on the verge of buckling from the effects of her son's mouth on her clit and cunt. She was soon out of touch with her surroundings, floating on Trevor's tongue as it invaded her repeatedly.

That was when Vicki felt her cheeks spreading and another tongue exploring the space between her buns. If she was in Heaven before, she ascended beyond it now. She was devoured and ravished by Trevor and this other, mysterious owner of the second mouth. Gripping one head with each hand, she gushed out like Old Faithful onto Trevor's waiting lips. She collapsed into two pairs of arms, both of which stroked her with more than a little love.

Turning around, Vicki faced Michelle, her longtime girlfriend. She looked at Vicki with the same love as ever before, the same protective ardor as she had shown her for the past seventeen years. They were sister-wives, girlfriends, lovers, all of that. What Michelle said next just drove it home to Vicki, how much she was really loved by the family.

"Vicki, dear, don't thank me. I can see your love and gratitude in your eyes, and that is appreciation enough for me. Don't worry, babe. I can wait my turn with Trevor, though I hope it's not very long. I just wanted to pitch in, when I saw how much you enjoyed your son's efforts. You two go ahead and make love. Hope you don't mind if I watch, however. I know what's coming next, you see, and I want to see how great it is for you," Michelle kissed Vicki on the lips, and then sat back to watch the pair in action.

"I quite agree," Dan stepped back into the bedroom and joined Michelle, which prompted her to start pressing her body against his. His cock was clean now and he apparently couldn't stay away from the action for the life of him.

"Well, lovers, I hope you enjoy the show," Vicki teased them, as she straddled Trevor to get him inside her.

He let her take charge for now, though that could change at any second. Their audience got the impression that the natural deference of a son toward his mother was no small factor here. Vicki submitted to almost everyone in her life, always had, but at least this once, Trevor submitted to her.

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