What Happened at the Interview

by Marzy Dotes

Copyright© 2012 by Marzy Dotes

Sex Story: Sasha really wanted to get that position as Dirk's assistant but how far was she willing to go?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Workplace   .

Sasha walked inside the office, dressed in only a few pieces of lace. Bright red was the color they had dressed her in, a push up bra and thong panties. A sheer red blouse covering her, down to her upper thighs ... hiding her secret for now ... from those who watched.

That's what he wanted her to wear for him during her interview for the position.

She had felt the dampness in her panties begin as soon as she'd slipped them on and waited to be taken to the bedroom. He wouldn't ever guess by looking at her because she wore the appropriate expression of anticipation and curiosity for the interview because she wanted the position. She wasn't supposed to like what would happen but when she had first seen Dirk, the photo of him in the lobby that they had shown her before while she'd toured the place during her interview ... she had thought him a fine looking man. A few inches taller than her and broad in the shoulders, muscular throughout with powerful legs that she had seen power him through runs on the beach.

He owned the Fortune 500 Company that manufactured software but she knew he also belonged to the club, an organization both selective and secretive when it came to picking its members. He played tennis, hiked mountains, loved Italian restaurants all over the world and had picked her out of a catalog.

Not that she'd known that when she'd temped for him, during the Christmas holidays. She hadn't even seen him much then spending most of her time in a cubicle working on sorting files and typing up memos.

She'd been studying to get a degree in history as a freshman and had needed to work during her three weeks in between quarters to get a jump start on her rent.

The job had been perfect, exactly how it had been advertised at the temp agency where she had registered.

Then she'd gotten the request to try out for the position, which began with a written exam that she passed with flying colors. It hadn't been hard enough to make her intellectual reserves break into a sweat and she had placed at the top of the list. Then had been the presentation she'd had to give in a room where she didn't know how many people watched from the other side of what appeared to be a mirror.

She'd scored well on that test too ... then she moved onto the finals ... and this one bewildered her at first. It was to be her private interview with him ... only she wasn't to wear business attire. Instead when she'd seen her outfit, her heart started beating so rapidly she nearly fainted. Well maybe it was just a test for loyalty and he didn't really want what men usually wanted in women who wore lingerie so skimpy it did make her blush. But she really wanted the position because if she could temp the rest of her vacation in it, it would be great to add to her resume when she started applying to business programs when she graduated.

But now ... she slipped the lingerie on over her body ... which she quite liked because she'd grown curvier in college after she gained a few pounds. The bra accentuated her breasts and she felt hot when she slipped on the panties. But damn, if it didn't make her start to get wet in anticipation.

She waited until her name was called.

Dirk looked at her and she really wished she hadn't let him talk her into letting him slip the sheer wrap over her shoulders and down her arms, but damn if the man's manner wasn't as silky smooth as his voice.

"You look much prettier now... ," he purred, "Damn sexy in that getup."

"Thanks ... I guess," she said, "but about the interview..."

He stroked her hair off of her shoulders and behind her, looking into her eyes.

"This is the interview..."


She just stood there looking at him as he started stroking the skin on her face which tingled beneath his touch. The man could certainly use his fingers the way she liked. But if she let him keep touching her, her knees would start to tremble, to even buckle and she'd fall down right in front of him unless he caught her of course.

"I'm interviewing you right now," he said, "I'm looking for a personal assistant ... one who's hard working, can take orders without asking questions and ... who can travel even around the world on a moment's notice."

Sasha just looked at him. He was standing there in his suit and she ... god, she barely had any clothes on at all. And his fingers kept caressing her face, tracing the edge of her jaw line, tantalizingly soft barely touching her ... then he started stroking her neck, trailing his fingers along her pulse points. She just looked at him.

"So ask me some questions..."

His eyes studied her carefully, and she knew that the way he looked at her, even the lace wouldn't hide her from him. The nipples hardened beneath her bra and her panties ... if he touched her there, she bit her lip. No he couldn't do that.

"You like pleasure?"

The motions of his fingers, repetitive, yet she felt the heat inside of her body as her skin absorbed his touch ... her legs wobbled but she stilled them.

"Who doesn't ... but what does that have to do with anything?"

He tickled that sensitive area between her neck and her shoulders. This was going ... not the way she thought an interview should go.

"It has to do with everything ... now how well do you take direction?"


"Take off the blouse ... now..."


"Take it off or I will..."

She heard the veiled threat in his voice which made her reach for her blouse and remove it from her leaving her in her bodice and panties.

"Much better ... you really are beautiful."

He settled his mouth on her own before she could answer ... what would she have said to that? His lips brushed hers so softly almost like a whisper, almost as if she opened her eyes he might not really be standing there. He shifted and then his mouth sealed off her own and his lips parted her own and he kissed her anew. More fervent and yet ... restrained. She moaned beneath his mouth and when she squirmed he put his hands on her.

"Keep still for me..."

"Why... ?"

He broke his kiss, my lips still tingling and just looked at me in mild reproach.

"Just do ... I'm in control here."

She chuckled nervously.

"It's just an interview ... I could walk right out of here right now and ... report you..."

He chuckled loudly, his chest rumbling with it and she bit her lip because it was at her wasn't it?

"Mr. Castillano..."

"Call me Dirk ... especially when you're dressed like that..."

She looked down at her outfit and almost blushed. He had a point but she'd gotten dressed like ... she didn't want to say the word ... but she really wanted a better intern position to put on her resume by the time she left here.

"Dirk ... you can't do this ... you have to interview me ... we're both professionals here."

He looked at her amused again which almost made her angry but damn, his chocolate eyes with those flecks of green that shone when he laughed even at her and those lips ... the ones that had just kissed her so she'd almost gone weak. Shaggy dark hair that looked a little less tamed than unusual ... the hint of stubble on his jaw that had tickled her when he kissed.

"Yes ... indeed we are both professionals ... and I need one to work directly with me ... hence the interview ... now may we continue... ?"

She nodded and he approached her again, this time running his hands over her bare arms, until he reached her hands which he grabbed to put on his hips. Damn he had been so smooth doing that, seamless in his approach.

Then he kissed her mouth again, his tongue testing her boundaries ... Coaxingly, she knew he'd be nice at first but then ... a spasm of anticipation rocked her as he subtly nudged her closer to him ... where ... she swallowed noisily as she felt him for the first time. Even sheathed by clothes ... damn he was something. Her pussy ached as his hardness brushed her lacy panties ... but she had to keep looking at him.

"With what ... you keep kissing me..."

"Yes I do ... you've got a lovely mouth ... your lips ... I can imagine them all kinds of places, what about you?"

She felt wariness suddenly.

"What about me?"

He touched her mouth coaxing it open with one of his fingers, caressing the seam so she'd part her lips for him.

"What can you do with this mouth," he said, "I know you can kiss with it but what else?"

She gasped.

"I ... I ... I don't know how to answer that or what it has to do with anything."

"Then you don't know me ... and if you're going to work in this position you have to know me better..."

She thought about that even as he slipped one of his fingers in between her lips and she found herself sucking on it.

"Oh yes ... that's good Sasha," he said, "Just imagine what it'll be like when it's my cock in your mouth and you're sucking it."

Her eyes widened and she moved backwards putting some distance between them.

"What ... this is ridiculous ... I'm here for a job."

He appraised her outfit coolly with his eyes and she burned beneath his gaze.

"Dressed like that ... I don't think so Sasha although you look stunning in red ... it really is your color although I imagine you look good in just about any shade."

She sighed under his flattery which excited her but yet no, it could be dangerous too.

"Red's for being very naughty don't you know that?"

She found herself breathing more quickly under his gaze.

"No ... no I didn't ... but..."

He traced the lacy outline of her bodice with his fingers and damn her breasts for hardening in anticipation of his hands on them. Her nipples pushing against the lace, wanting more than just to be touched ... she wanted him to slide one of them in his warm wicked mouth and suck slowly at first drawing it in and then harder, much harder ... she clenched her hands into fists at the idea. Damn it was so wrong to think like that. She shouldn't even be here in his office with him, not like this in some skimpy lingerie with his hands ... his palms now on her breasts.

That nearly made her stop breathing. But when he started rubbing where he knew the nipples would be, she bit her lip.

"Dirk ... I don't think..."

His fingers didn't listen.

"Then don't ... when I want you to think, I'll tell you."

She rankled at that and then she did pull away from him but he'd grabbed her wrists so lightning fast. He pulled her closer to him, so close that she definitely felt him against her panties now, her barely there thong panties. Damn ... he felt so hot there for her and she ... but she struggled against his grip.

"You're a very smart woman Sasha ... the best of my interns this month," he said, "but you're not thinking clearly right now. You walked in here with the outfit I left for you because you want the position..."

She nodded.

"Well I'm here interviewing you and so far ... you're being very naughty is that right?"

She shook her head.

"Dirk ... I'm not being naughty at all," she said, "I'm just asking some simple questions."

He thrust his hardness and its ridge slid along the seam of her panties and she cried out.

"I'm answering them ... now let's continue..."

He moved his hands to behind her bodice and started unhooking it slowly...

"Dirk ... what are you doing?"

She just heard that chuckle again.

"What does it feel like I'm doing," he said, "I want to see what you've been hiding from me."

She felt him loosen the bodice off of her and her skin flushed, with heat as her breasts were released from their confinement. She knew by the way he looked at her when he removed the bodice that he liked what he saw, cream colored and round, plump yet firm and her nipples a pale pink unless they were aroused which ... was easy enough.

But when he lowered his mouth in between them and started with his tongue teasing her between them, she gripped his hips where he had thoughtfully placed her hands. She sighed as he send shudders through her body as he palmed her breasts firmly while he moved his mouth to one of her nipples ... she didn't care which one she just wanted his mouth on her right now.

Damn her, for wanting it but she couldn't help herself.

"See Sasha ... you know what you're doing here..."

She gasped as he slid his mouth over a rosy nipple, teasing it a bit with his teeth which made her wince because she thought he might bite here there but he released it and the next time, she felt his lips seal around it and suck it ... hard ... enough to make her buckle.

"Oh god ... you can't do that..."

"I am doing it and I'm not going to stop there ... because you're damn hot ... your nipples are hard and I bet those panties of yours are getting wet."

She felt her cheeks inflame ... damn how would he know that?

"Oh god ... you taste good..."

He sucked on her nipple causing her to throw her head back ... because it felt too good and she wasn't here to feel good, she was here to get the position. He released her nipple so he could trace his tongue around the aureole ... he didn't play fair because her legs had gone limp and she was about to sink onto the floor.

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