I Only Did It for the Money

by Wifewatcher369

Copyright© 2012 by Wifewatcher369

Erotica Sex Story: Husband discovers his wife's infidelity in a shocking way!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Light Bond   Humiliation   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Size   Workplace   Prostitution   .

I knew it was wrong but i couldnt help myself. While at a client's house one day I came across a dvd in the basement that had fallen behind the washer. I picked it up and was shocked to say the least. Mostly i was aroused and my cock stirred to half an erection just reading the cover. "White Sluts And Big Black Cocks". The most surprising thing about it was that my client is a butch lesbian. Maybe the dvd was hidden by the previous owner and forgotten about. The dvd appeared to be quite a few years old. I thought about putting it back but my own curiosity and attraction to interracial sex quickly pushed that idea out. I put the DVD in my tool bag and couldn't stop thinking about watching it when I got home. I knew I couldn't show it to my wife. She has a very strange aversion to pornography. She's not a prude by any means. We have a great sex life. We've been together since we were teenagers and she was always up for trying different things: dirty talk, toys, role playing. But for some reason she didn't like "smut". The funny thing is I had revealed to her, during a very hot, very drunken, sex session one night how I'd love to see her having sex with other guys. I started off slowly revealing my fantasy to her by telling her that one night when I have the guys over for poker we're going to get her drunk and take advantage of her. Then I'd whisper a fantasy about how a guy held us at gunpoint and tied me up and then had his way with her. She enjoyed it. I could tell because she would seem to orgasm quicker and more intensely than usual. Finally, again after getting her rather tipsy, I pulled out all the stops. I told her my real fantasy was to see her being used by one or more black guys.

I told her they'd have very large cocks and would use her to the point of exhaustion but that she'd cum over and over again. She responded even better than I imagined. She filled in some gaps in my fantasy with great detail and said things like "you'll be so jealous watching me cum on their big cocks, so much bigger than yours! And she even suggested that "they" would want to cum in her mouth and fuck her In her ass. This was rather significant, and vey hot coming from her, because she had never let me cum in her mouth or have her anally. I mean I did lick and finger her there but she never, in all the years we were together, let me put my cock inside her ass. She always used the excuse that I was too big and it might hurt. Now, I'm average at best and not very thick either. I know she could handle my cock with plenty of lube and a little caution. But I respected her and never pressed the issue. So that's why hearing her tell me her black lovers would want to fuck her in her tight "virgin" ass made me cum quicker than a high school boy on prom night! And even though I knew she would be extremely turned on by the action in this DVD I didn't tell her about it when I got home. I put my tool bag away and had a nice dinner with my beautiful lady. The next morning my wife was already off to the gym and errands when I woke. I found the sweet note she left for me dotted with x' and o's all over it. I filled my coffee mug and remembered the DVD. Like a kid on Christmas morning I ran to find my precious gift and excitedly fumbled it into the DVD tray. I lay back on the couch and worked my way through the menu until the first scene. Typical porn music, typical porn acting. But I didn't care, I was about to see some huge black cock pound into tight white pussies. My heart was actually racing and my dick was hard before the first glimpse of nudity. I slowly started rubbing my semihard dick as I watched the white girl strip down to nothing but heels and this big black bull of a man enter completely naked. It was hot and to the point which was fine by me. They licked and sucked then fucked until he shot a big thick load of cum inside her reddened pussy! I held off my own orgasm because I wanted to watch a little more of the DVD.

The next scene started off with two well built black guys working out in a gym. A sexy white woman walks in and one of the guys says "im sorry. Gym is closed" The other guy quickly cuts him off and says "but you're welcomed to work out with us if you want." It was at that moment that my jaw dropped to the floor. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and my head was spinning around at 75mph. The sexy white woman on my t.v. screen was my fucking wife! I thought I must have fallen asleep and was dreaming this. I wasn't sure if it was a nightmare or my imagination. I also noted that I couldn't stop watching and my average sized white dick was hard enough to cut diamonds. I watched, and stroked my rock hard dick nonstop, for the next twenty minutes as my wife sucked and stroked two of the biggest, blackest cocks I had ever seen. I watched as the men took turns fucking her pussy and her mouth cumming inside her and on her.

They mauled her beautiful tits, pulled her hair and slapped her ass cheeks until they were red and sore. Then I watched, my heart pounding like a bass drum, as one of the black studs lay back on a weight bench and my wife straddled his huge dark stick. I couldn't believe that my wife, who told me since the day we first had sex that I was the only man she's ever been with, was sliding her soaking wet pussy down on to this black mans 10 inch monster! She slowly took every inch inside, moaning with each one, until I could no longer see that cock. She began to slide back up then down again until she was completely accustomed to what was obviously making her cum like crazy! She collapsed on his chest and the camera zoomed in to show his thick seed oozing around his cock and out of my wife's gripping pussy down on to his plum sized balls. I was so torn with mixed emotions. I literally didn't believe what I was seeing with my own two eyes. But I didn't stop stroking my dick either. In fact I looked down and realized I had shot a pretty big load of cum all over myself and hadn't even stopped stroking. Then, to my disbelief, the second guy straddled the weight bench behind my wife and began running some lubricant on his cock, working it all over and he then rubbed that big fat cock head against my beautiful wife's tight asshole. "No! No! He can't. She wouldn't. She doesn't go for that!" I said aloud. But he did. She does. Little by little he worked his thick dark cock inside her virgin hole. First the head. She moaned loudly but her other black lover shoved his tongue in her mouth and began working his cock back in and out of her used pussy.

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