Kelly's New Exercise Routine

by Ironhills

Copyright© 2012 by Ironhills

Erotica Sex Story: Kelly's desire to explore her repressed dark sexual secrets comes to fruition when she meets a stranger in public.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Kelly went out for her daily jog along the bike trail at her apartment complex. The trail consisted of a 3 mile concrete loop with dirt paths that cut through the woods to various calisthenics courses set up for quick 10 min workouts. At 33, Kelly felt great. At the top of her game at work she was just promoted to assistant executive. She worked hard and it showed, though her social life was drab, it didn't bother her to much as she was subtly shy around the opposite sex. Raised up in a conservative family, she always hid her dark sexual feelings as she thought something horrible was wrong with her mind. Her whole life she always felt it was wrong to give into the incredible burning within her groin that would flare up inside her for no particular reason and in the most in opportune times. For quite sometime in her youth, her parents had her treated for blatant public masturbation as her desires became to much for the young girl to control. Multiple incidences happened where kelly's parents had found her in the grocery store, mall, and the front yard down on the ground with her hand writhing in her pants. Then finally she was suspended from school when, in gym, she was found in the locker room completely naked masturbating furiously on the cold linoleum floor after she had basically attacked another girl that had been doing a "fake" strip tease. The girls in witness had said that kelly had gotten this crazed look in her. then one girl said it looked like she had peed everywhere and grabbed the girl dancing and tried to rape her. eventually kelly rolled off the girl and tore off her own clothes and thats when it got crazy. Years of testing determined she had a hypo sexual sensitivity, which was triggered from events that she perceived as being sexual, or seeing something sexual in nature in a public place triggered it as we'll. For a longtime now she had repressed this condition through medicine and meditation so much so for the past year she had taken herself off medication because the long term use appeared to have remediated the condition completely. Through this repression she has been able to obtain a great deal of respect from those she grew up with, but to no avail it left her with an emptiness and hunger she so intently desired to be filled. Since she had taken herself off the medication, the hunger had grown again. Kelly was strikingly beautiful at 5'10 she was very athletic as she played softball all four years of college. She was serious about her scholarship back then and it still showed.

At 135 lbs she was curvy but very muscular. She always admired her muscular legs that flowed evenly into her curvaceous bubble butt. Her hips graciously slendered up towards her tight stomach. Up top she loved her larger sized D cups. With just a slight natural hang to them they definitely were beautiful and pert enough that she didn't have to wear a bra if she didn't want to. Her breasts gave way to soft smaller light pink nipples. Always so sensitive to the touch, she loved to run in her Lycra sports bra as it teased the tips of her nipples the whole way. Her Cherokee heritage that her grandmother always told her about didn't hold much with her, besides she didn't think she looked" Native American". Though the bloodline was far into her ancestral line her high cheek bones and naturally tanned skin always accentuated her long shiny honey brown hair which she always wore just past her mid back. Another one of her features that few had been so fortunate to see and touch was the beauty that lay between her legs. Her body never produced the thick dark hair that most of her friends growing up had. In fact most of her body hair stayed a very soft light color. So much so she shaved it all off. In doing so it greatly accentuated her pubic bone which gave way to a beautiful fleshy mound that held two puffy lips which tuck away in a lovely slit. So soft and pink that when ever her burning over came her would flow out a constant stream of juice that was ever so sweet. Sometimes so much that her socks would be wet.

Today she noticed that really no one was out. The crisp fall air was wonderful. Not a hint of humidity was to be found. The natural scent of jasmine flourished around her as her hair waft it around as she ran. As she rounded the first curve she had noticed a male figure ahead running at a similar pace. She saw him pull off into the alcove that held a pull up bar. As she came by she noticed he had removed his shirt. She slowed as she had never seen him before. He looked about her age with a sharp military style hair cut that consisted of a darker brown shade. Not overtly muscular but defined his body was tone and vascular. She saw he had no armpit hair nor did it look like arm hair was exist an either. Kelly was always one for extreme detail. As she passed he looked up as she almost froze in his sharp gaze from those amber green eyes. A light smile covered his face. She smiled back and quickened her pace. As she continued on she couldn't stop thinking about him which started the chain reaction that lit the burning in her groin. She had not seen that much skin in a long time out in public. But the acknowledgment of her presence that got her going. She could feel the hunger and desire building back up at an exponential rate. Okay she thought if he is still there on my second loop I will stop and talk.

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