A Different Way of Life

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2012 by SW MO Hermit

Romantic Story: The life of a young man raised by parents deeply influenced by the 1960's. Follow along as he grows to adulthood and finds his true love.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   White Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   .

Sam Jenkins was a different child. He was smart, heck he was genius level smart with an IQ that tested at 180 when he was a freshman in high school. His parents were unrepentant 1960's style hippies who had made it good. They were well educated and had great jobs but their life philosophy embraced many of the beliefs the "flower children" of the 1960's spouted. This was, perhaps, normal considering they had grown up in that decade. They had both been in love with the Beatles music as well as other contemporary groups. They had both been violently opposed to the Viet Nam War. They had read voraciously about the "free Love" and had read many books and papers on Utopian views of life and how to live with others.

Both of Sam's parents had grown up in the Midwest so the majority of their knowledge about these beliefs came from news shows, paper and magazine articles as well as some of the music they loved so much. Their parents had insisted they attend college. Their parents assisted them with expenses too so when Sam's parents graduated from college and went to work they did not have too large a student loan to pay off. Sam's mother Flower (Daisy was her given name and she HATED it) had majored in Psychology and Sociology. His father Todd had taken a degree in Business Administration. Like many young people of that generation Todd and Flower had tried some of the recreational drugs. By the time they were in college though they had eschewed the harder drugs. Their drug of choice was alcohol with a little Grass or Mary Jane on occasion.

Shortly before graduating college they even stopped smoking. Their alcohol consumption declined until they were what would be called moderate drinkers. Todd and Flower lived their philosophy of love and caring. When they made a friend they would do anything for them if necessary. They helped strangers whenever they could if they felt they were kindred spirits. Even during their college years they let friends and acquaintances live with them if requested. Some of their friends stayed a night, some stayed for weeks at a time. Many times Todd and Flower received no monetary help from their live in friends. Other times they got a token amount. No matter, if you were their friend and they had it, you had it. Sam learned this unselfish way at an early age.

Both Todd and Flower took jobs in a moderately large city as teachers. For the first few years they taught high school then both obtained graduate degrees and began teaching at the local college. Considering their background it is not surprising to any who knew them that they chose to reside in an unconventional location. Shortly after the two young lovers began working and well before they decided to marry they made a purchase that was to impact their and their future children's lives greatly. They were looking for a place to live that was not overly expensive and that suited their philosophy of life. The city had just completed consolidation of a smaller school system outside the city limits proper into their much larger school system. The school district was trying to sell the old middle school in the small town to generate some much needed cash. The building was in marginally good repair and sat on an entire city block.

Todd and Flower thought it would be proper to "recycle" the building, to salvage it and turn it into more than another decrepit empty building. The school building was in a nice but older residential neighborhood. They somehow managed to borrow money from friends and family members to get enough for a down payment on the old building. They ended up with a very large mortgage but their jobs were sufficient so they could service it and still afford to live. Todd and Flower began improving and repairing the building turning a couple of the 6 classrooms three offices, gymnasium and food service area into their home. They even had a local farmer plow up some of the yard for a very large garden.

One of the classrooms was turned into three sleeping rooms and small sitting area. Another of the classrooms was turned into a large living area with one corner set aside for a library and study area. They continued to use the food service area for a family kitchen. It was rare that the only people served were their immediate family. Friends, friend's acquaintances and family members were always welcome to eat with the small family and 'crash' in their home. Guests used one of the remaining classrooms or offices for a sleeping area. The school restrooms served the family and guests just fine.

All during his formative years Sam lived in the old school. Many times his parents let families of various sizes live for varying periods of time in some of the other rooms. From time to time one or the other of Sam's parents brought home a college student down on their luck. These students would stay with them for varying periods of time. Some even lived with them for a year or more until they found someplace else or graduated and moved away. If the student could afford to pay rent or for some of the food they ate they did. If not they were asked to help around the house and yard to pay for their stay.

As time passed Sam and his parents slowly landscaped the grounds making them into a veritable paradise. They planted tall growing shrubs along the boundary fence then a row of trees just inside that. By the time Sam was large enough to play outside the shrubbery was ten feet tall and completely blocked sight of the grounds. When he played outside it was as if he were playing in a Forrest. Every summer they grew many garden vegetables which Flower lovingly preserved for their winters enjoyment. They even purchased wheat and corn from a local farmer to grind into meal and flour.

One of the first expenditure of funds Todd and Flower made was to pull up half the gymnasium floor and install an in ground pool for year around use. Later they tore out the remainder of the gym floor, replaced it with concrete and installed an in ground hot tub beside the pool. They left spots in the concrete open to the dirt underneath for plants to be grown. The end result was almost tropical in nature. The pool and hot tub were surrounded by very comfortable lawn furniture and vegetation. The part of the gym that did not have the pool and hot tub in it was turned into a two story floor plan by adding a second floor over it. This area was converted into yet more rooms for guests with a balcony overlooking the pool.

Being "flower children" Todd and Flower did not wear clothing in their home. None of the windows were low enough for anyone to see inside so once they returned to their home their clothes were taken off. Sam learned nudity from birth and saw nothing wrong with this. All of Sam's parent's friends who visited disrobed upon entering the home. The only exception was business associates that infrequently visited. Even some of them visited nude if they were numbered one of Todd and Flower's friends. The friends that 'crashed' acted like Todd and Flower. Adults slept together in the parent's bedroom and children in Sam's room. No distinction was made for sex. Sam learned at an early age about sex and birth control. Many times he saw his parents or their friends engaging in the sex act consequently it did not hold the same mystery for him it did his peers. It was a natural occurrence and he treated it as such. Sam's parents did teach him to treat his partners correctly, with consideration and to make sure they enjoyed the experience. Sam lost his virginity at a very early age because of his upbringing and the almost commune like environment he lived in.

Sam learned at an early age to avoid conflict. Unfortunately, since that was the case his schoolmates labeled him a wimp. His outlook on life was such that his interests did not coincide with his peers. He did not enjoy sports but would rather read, grow plants or 'commune with nature'. As he aged he became enamored with that new concept called the computer. Since he was a social outcast he took solace in the machines. Somehow he obtained an old TRS 80, one of the first computers, and learned how to program it. As some of the businesses discarded old primitive machines Todd or Flower obtained them for Sam. He learned how to repair and operate the machines. He spent hours programming games on his new toys. Of course as he became more interested in the computers he had even less time for social activities so he became even more of a loner. If you looked up "Nerd" or "Computer Geek" in the dictionary the definition could be condensed to one word—Sam.

The jocks and in crowd did what they normally did to those not in their group. Sam was picked upon unmercifully. None of the few women he tried to date would go out with him because to them he was a geek, a weirdo and therefore below notice. He did have a few friends but they were like him—geeks, nerds, the 'ugly people'. A couple of them even shared his love of the computer and spent many hours in his workroom with him and his machines.

After Sam had been beaten up several times by the town bullies Todd took him aside and suggested he fight back. Sam was 16 at the time and replied, "I thought you and mother didn't approve of violence. Why do you want me to fight now? Besides, I wouldn't know how to do it."

"Sam in general we don't approve of violence but there IS a time and place for it. I love your mother dearly so I try to follow her desires in many things. I never openly confront people if I can avoid it but I have to admit a time or two I have had to stand up for myself or for your mother. I just choose a time and place where she can't see me do so. If you would like to learn a little self defense and can keep it a secret we will see you get some training. Would you like to do that son?"

"Yeah. I'm tired of being the school punching bag. When can we start?"

Todd showed Sam some Karate moves he knew and put him onto an exercise program. After Sam became as adept as his father could make him secretly he decided he wanted to learn more. He really enjoyed Karate. Sam made a deal with a local Karate studio to work as a cleaning person and general gofer in exchange for lessons. By the time he was 18 he was quite good and had earned his Brown Belt.

One of the girls who didn't think she was too good for Sam was April Tisdale. Her parents were blue collar workers who could barely provide for their family. As a result of this April wore old out of style clothes she obtained at the thrift stores. She didn't have money for cosmetics and hair care. Her glasses were the cheapest they could find—what many in the military called 'Birth Control glasses'. They were the old thick black plastic frames with the very heavy cheaper lenses. April's complexion was pale, pasty grey looking because she had to do almost all the housework and child care for her parents and three siblings.

Sam at first talked with April in school because she was in the group of students he was forced into. Sam found he really liked April and had many things in common with her. They had a love for books and reading and loathed sports and the 'beautiful people'. Sam began dating April and they fell in love. April became one of his closest friends in addition to being the love of his life. She enjoyed tinkering with his old computers when she could find time after he began taking her home with him. Her visits to Sam's home were the beginning of the end for the couple however.

Sam's parents stayed out of sight much of the time April visited but she did see them nude from time to time. This bothered her and she told Sam so. He said, "April I know the way we live is strange to you and most other people but that is just the way my parents are. They know you are not into the same lifestyle as they are. You are in their home though and it is their right to dress as they choose. Out of consideration to you they do try to stay out of your sight but you have to accept them the way they are."

As their romance progressed April became more used to Sam's parents and learned to ignore them as they wandered around nude while she was with Sam. She still became embarrassed and blushed when she caught them making love however. By this time Sam and April were almost through their first year at the local community college. April had become one of Flower's friends. She was now accepted as a family member albeit one who was, to them, a little strange. She would run around their home in one of Sam's old T-shirts and would even swim nude with them but she did not sit around the house visiting in the nude.

One day while they were swimming Flower said, "April you have become a very pretty woman. You are smart and kind. I am so happy Sam found you. Would you let me help you with your clothes and make up? I have some old clothes that I think would fit you wonderfully and some old cosmetics I don't use any longer that I think would be right for you. With a little work I think you could be a real beauty."

April flowered under the tutelage of Flower. Of course the 'old' clothes Flower gave her didn't hurt either. All at once April was a beautiful young woman and other boys began to take notice of her. They clustered around her everywhere she went telling her how beautiful she was and begging her for a date. If she and Sam were out the boys clustered around her and she laughed and flirted with them while she ignored Sam. She danced with other boys more and more when she and Sam went clubbing. In short, April began to move into the realm of the Beautiful People leaving poor 'geeky' Sam to stand alone and watch her party. She began to treat Sam with contempt because he was still a 'geek' and dressed the part. Several times Sam warned her about the boys she was now spending time with. He told her they remembered her from school and were only interested in what they could get from her.

April became very angry with Sam one evening and said, "Sam these people are my friends. We have fun together and I like it. If you're going to find fault with all my friends maybe I should just stop seeing you." Sam stared at her for a moment as he felt his heart break. "April I can't control you and I don't own you. You are free to do what you want but I have to warn you that what you are doing is killing us. I don't want a woman who sleeps around and treats me like you are doing sometimes now. You have to make your choice. It's either these assholes or me."

Sam turned and walked away. He spent the rest of the evening sitting at their table watching April flirt and dance with the 'in' crowd. She did come back to their table and sit with him from time to time but she never stayed and even refused to dance the two times Sam asked her. She told him she was too tired and just needed to sit there and rest. There was one young man especially that worried Sam. He had been a total asshole in school and Sam felt he still was. Mark Stevens had gone to school with him and April. Mark had been captain of the football team and its star Quarterback. Sam could not understand why she would spend time with Mark because he had scorned her and their friends badly in high school. Many times he had spoken so harshly to April she had cried. Now, since she became desirable in their contemporaries eyes Mark was paying way too much attention to her in Sam's opinion. It seemed like she had forgotten how Mark had treated her in high school.

One evening at a dance April became very angry at Sam. He had just finished warning her once more about Mark. He had told her Mark was planning on making love with her and then giving her to his friends.

April looked at Sam and her face became extremely red. "Sam I can't believe you hate Mark so much you are telling lies about him. I've had it with you and your attempts to slander Mark. He's changed and is a really nice man now. He has invited us to a party at his house next weekend. I was going to go with you but now you can just go to hell. I'm going to Mark's party and you can just find something else to do next Saturday."

"April please don't go. I overheard what Mark is planning for you and I don't want you to be hurt. Please. I guess we're done but I still don't want you hurt and that's what's going to happen if you go out with Mark. I'm telling you April Mark said 'I'm gonna fuck that bitch like the low life she is. She was just trash in school and she is still trash. Do you see how she's trying to be one of us now? It pisses me off. She thinks she can change the way she dresses a little and we'll immediately be her best friends. Well, she is good looking enough to fuck now but all she'll ever be is a geek. Her parents work in the damn La-Z-Boy factory for God's sake. Where the hell does she get off thinking she's one of us? When I'm done with her if ya all play your cards right I'll see she fucks you too. I plant to nail that bitch the first time at the party."

"Sam how could you say something like that. Mark has been very nice to me since we got to know him better. I can't believe you would make up something like that about him. What has he done to you to make you hate him so much? Just go on and leave me alone. These people are my friends and if you can't say something nice about them then just get away from me."

Sam didn't say anything else that evening. He just sat at their table and watched as April made a fool of herself. She let Mike lead her to a group of the "beautiful people". He watched as the girls smiled and talked animatedly to April when she was in the group. When Mike led her to the dance floor and her back was turned one of them grimaced and rolled her eyes. Another stared at April's and Mark's back. She opened her mouth and stuck her finger inside miming gagging. The group giggled and turned back to a circle. They spoke quietly to each other occasionally looking at April then they would laugh once more. Sam felt sorrow for his friend but didn't know what else he could do to warn her.

Sam decided to try one more time to save April before he left the dance. He walked up behind Mark and April and stood trying to decide what to do. Mark saw him finally and said, "What do you want loser? Why don't you get the hell out of here before I have to fuck you up again like I did in school? April and I don't need you hanging around bothering us."

Sam stood looking down at the two. April didn't move for several moments. Mark whispered something in her ear and she giggled then turned to Sam and said, "Go on Sammie. I want to be with Mark for a while. I'll talk to you later."

Sam was shocked. He had seen this coming but he was hoping it wouldn't, that he had been wrong. He was worse than shocked he was hurt to the core. He thought April and he were a couple and had hoped what they had would be enough they wouldn't split over this. He had even been thinking about asking her to marry him. He wondered where this had come from, how April could be so blind to what was going on. Sam just turned and walked rapidly from the club. He drove home and spent the rest of the night in his room listening to music and thinking about what had gone on that evening.

Sam and April had a standing date every Friday and Saturday night. The next day was a Saturday so he arrived at April's home at his normal time. Truthfully he had forgotten she had told him not to come, that she planned on going to Mark's house and his party. Sam got to April's home just as she and Mark were walking toward Mark's car. Sam stood half way to the house and stared in shock. He finally remembered what April had told him but even seeing it with his own eyes he found it hard to believe April would actually go on a date with Mark. April looked at him defiantly then turned her head away and resumed her walk to Mark's car.

When Mark saw Sam he smirked at him and turned toward where he was standing. "What are you doing here asshole," he asked. "I thought I made it clear to you last night that you needed to stay away from my woman here. Now get your ass out of here before I get pissed."

Mark placed his hand in the small of April's back and guided her to his car. Just before she got inside Mark pulled her to his chest and gave her a deep kiss. His hands fell to her hips to pull her tighter to his body. He ground his crotch into her belly. Mark slowly pulled his hands up her sides until they were cupping the swell of her breasts. He moved them to the center somewhat and Sam saw him grab and roll her nipples between his thumb and index finger. April's knees gave way and Sam heard her moan. Sam felt his heart die when Mark looked toward him and smirk.

Sam turned and got back into his car. Just before he drove off he saw Mark and April in a clench inside Mark's car.

Later that evening Sam was at the local pizza parlor getting a take out when Mark and April came in. It was obvious they had been drinking. April was tipsy and giggling. Her face was flushed and she was almost staggering. Mark sat her in a booth then stood surveying the room. When he saw Sam he grinned at him and grabbed his crotch. Mark moved across the room stopping at another table to talk to his friends and their dates. After he talked for a moment all four of the young people at the table laughed and turned to look at April. One of the girls shrieked, "Really? You're kidding right?"

Mark grinned and shook his head no. The girl placed her hand to her mouth and said, "Oh My God. I can't believe it. Right there in the middle of the park on a picnic table? Oh, this is just too good. I can't wait to tell all the gang. The little geek actually let you do it in the middle of the park. That's just too good to be true. She really is a slut isn't she?"

Mark moved on to the rest room. Sam paid for his pizza and detoured past the booth April was in on his way out the door. She was slumped against the inside corner of the booth. Her blouse was buttoned crooked. Sam could see she was not wearing a bra. She had several hicky's on her neck and the tops of her breasts. There was something white on her blouse and skirt.

When Sam walked up beside the booth April looked up at him and asked, "What're you staring at Sammie? Come over to see how a real man loves his woman? You better get away before Mark comes back and kicks your ass."

"April I loved you with all my heart until you stomped on it. You know that. Just remember when he shits on you that you gave all that up for that asshole. I'll still help you because of what we had but we'll never be a couple again."

April laughed and said, "Get the hell out of here loser. Mark's not like that and you should know that. He's different now."

Sam shook his head in sorrow and turned toward the door. Mark had seen him talking to April and rushed up before he had completed his first step away from April. Mark grabbed Sam's arm and pulled violently. Sam dropped his pizza because of the violence of the move. As he turned toward Mark, mark swung his fist at Sam. "I told you to leave my woman alone loser."

Sam felt an instant surge of anger. He reacted instinctively from his Karate training and blocked the blow he saw coming toward his face. Again instinctively Sam made the required response. Before he realized what he was doing Mark was laying on the floor. His right arm was hanging at a strange angle and Mark was moaning in pain. Sam looked down at him and said, "Don't you ever try to lay a hand on me again asshole."

Sam looked at April as she stared at him in shock. "I hope you're right April and I hope you're happy. Good bye." Sam bent, picked up his still boxed pizza then left.

Mark's friends were rushing toward Sam and the writhing Mark. The owner of the pizza parlor came from behind the counter and said, "Stop it right now. All of you get the hell out of here right now."

Sam looked at Gino, the owner and said, "I'm sorry Gino. I didn't mean to make a scene but you saw him try to hit me. No one will ever hit me again." As he was leaving the pizza parlor Sam heard sirens getting closer. Before he could drive out of the parking lot a police car and ambulance arrived. The officer held up his hand and motioned Sam to stop. When Sam stopped he rolled down his window as the officer approached his car.

"Were you inside son," the patrolman asked. Sam sighed and nodded his head yes. "I need you to stick around for a while then. We may need a statement from you. Please park you vehicle and go back inside."

The patrolman's partner had already gone into the pizza parlor. Sam turned off his car and followed the second officer inside.

Mark and his friends tried to say Sam had attacked Mark. Gino told the patrolmen what had really happened. Much to his surprise April stood up for him too and told the officers Mark had grabbed Sam and turned him around and was trying to hit him when Sam reacted.

The patrolman who had stopped Sam took his name and address from his driver's license then said, "Ok Son. I suppose you can leave now but stick around town for a while in case we need you again."

Mark looked up from the gurney he was on and snarled, "You fucking little cunt. You and the asshole are going to get yours for this shit. If I can't play ball because of this arm neither of you are going to like what will happen to you."

Sam looked at the officers and said, "I assume you both heard the threats he made to April and me? I want to be sure that is in your report please." Both patrolmen nodded their heads yes.

Mark was released from the hospital the next day. To Sam's disgust he and April continued to date. It seemed they made it a point to show up at Sam's usual haunts to rub his nose in their relationship. April began to wear shorter skirts and lower cut tops. It was always obvious she was wearing no bra when Sam saw them together.

Saturday night about 3 a.m. three weeks after Sam's and Mark's fight the bell rang at Sam's front door. He pulled on some shorts and staggered out to see who could possibly be ringing the bell at that time of night. Since he lived in an old school of course the door was one of the heavy glass commercial doors with wire reinforcing. When Sam turned on the light he saw April standing in front of the door crying. Her clothes were askew and there were love bites all over her neck and what he could see of her breasts.

Sam opened the door and April leaped into his grasp. Sam pulled her to him and gently rubbed her back as she cried on his shoulder. She and Sam were loud enough they woke his parents. Todd and Flower came to stand behind Sam while he comforted April. Finally April calmed down somewhat and Sam asked, "What's the matter April?"

Sniff, sniff, "I'm sorry Sammie. You were right. Todd and I made love tonight and it was so good. We did it twice then he said he was going to the bathroom. When he came back he had two of his friends with him. They just got on the bed with me and before I knew it they were f f fucking me. The all three took me at once. Oh, Sammie, I'm so sorry I called you a liar. After they were done they just told me to leave and walk the streets like the skank I was." April began crying harder then said, "You were so right. I just couldn't believe he would do something like that to me. I thought he loved me. When I was leaving he and his friends asked me what made me think I was good enough to be one of their friends. They said I was a geek and always would be. Oh, Sammie I'm so sorry."

Flower gently moved up and wrapped her arms around April. She pulled her away from Sam and said, "Come on Honey. We'll go relax while Todd calls the police for you."

"NO! Please don't do that. I don't want the police. I just want this to be over. Please don't do that. Can you just please call my parents and have them come get me? Please?"

"Oh, Honey. You really need to think about this. If we let them get away with this they'll just do it to someone else later."

"NO. I couldn't stand it if this got out. I just want to forget it ever happened."

"Ok, if you insist. Now come on and let's get you cleaned up Honey."

Todd and Sam stood watching as Flower led April off to the shower room. Sam looked at his father and said, "This doesn't end here Dad. I'm going to take care of that asshole."

"No Son. You need to let it go unless he bothers you or April again. If you go after him he and his parents will press charges and you'll be the one that ends up in jail. Just let it go like April asked. He'll get his sooner or later."

April and Sam were never again a couple. She remained an acquaintance, even a close acquaintance, but they were never lovers again. She spent many hours trying to convince Sam she was over her infatuation with Mark and her need to be a member of his clique to no avail. She remained one of Flower's friends and was seen at their home many times. She finally adopted their manner of dress and desire to help friends. In fact many nights she stayed in one of their guest rooms. She had even moved many of her clothes and belongings into their home. She would kiss and fondle Sam but he never took her up on her offers.

One evening she and Sam were sitting beside the pool visiting when she turned to him and said, "Sam you know I love you with all my heart. Why won't you make love with me like we used to do?"

"April I told you when you left me for Mark and his group that we were through as a couple. I could never trust you again like I did before. You betrayed me and went with him. You accused me of lying when I told you what he was planning on doing to you. You disrespected me and treated me like Mark and his crew did while we were in high school. I have forgiven you but I just cannot forget what you did to me. Every time I think about us I wonder if you could ever do something like that to me again. I just cannot get past what you did and said to me while you were trying to fit in with Mark and his crowd. I like you but I don't even feel as close to you as a friend as I once was. It just wouldn't work for us April. I'm sorry."

Tears were leaking from April's eyes as she replied in a quivering voice, "Yeah. That's about what I decided you would say but I had to know. I still love you Sam. I just wanted; I needed to be one of the 'in' crowd so badly that I let my needs override my love for you. I was so convinced you were wrong that I couldn't accept or believe what my mind was telling me about them. In my heart I knew you were right and they weren't for me but I wanted so badly to belong that I let myself be drawn into his trap."

April smiled and gently touched Sam's forearm. "I wish you the best Sam. If you ever change your mind I'll be waiting."

April continued splitting her time between her parents home and Sam's. One day she showed up at Sam's home with a bedraggled young woman in tow. Sam saw them come into the house and go into the room April was using. His parents were off on a long trip as it was summer break and neither one was teaching summer school this year.

Sam and April were in summer school. He had one more year to obtain his degree in Computer Information Systems. April was finishing up a degree in Programming. Sam already had a thriving business operating out of one of the rooms in the old school. He had turned the room into a computer lab and cut a doorway from it into what had once been the administrative offices to use for his showroom and sales area. He was running servers and providing off site computing and storage for several of the smaller businesses in the area. He was already making almost as much per year as his parents had made as high school teachers before they became professors at the college. April was one of his trusted employees but she had never managed to become more.

Sam watched from his office door as April led the young woman from her room to the communal shower. When April saw him watching them she motioned for him to follow them. They had taken off their clothes and were wearing robes when Sam saw them walking down the hallway toward the shower and bathroom. Sam made sure the doors were locked into the building and into his shop before following.

When Sam arrived at the shower he heard April and the girl talking as they showered. The girl was saying, "But what if Professor Jenkins doesn't want me to be here? What will I do then April? My money's all gone and I won't get another grant until the fall semester starts. How will I live until then? I just have to drop out of school and find a job. Maybe after I work for a few years I can save enough to pay my loans and come back to school."

"No Melissa. It'll be ok I'm sure. The Professor's son Sam is home right now and I'm sure it'll be ok with him if you crash here until you get your feet under you again. They do it all the time for people down on their luck like you are. They especially let students crash here if they are having money problems. We'll ask Sam when he gets here but I'm sure he'll agree to let you stay for as long as you need."

"WHAT? He's coming here? I mean now? He wouldn't just come into the shower with us would he? I'm ... we're naked!"

April laughed and said, "Yes, he would Mel. I guess I should have told you about that. You see no one wears clothes inside the house here. We usually undress as soon as we come in and stay naked until we get ready to leave again. Sam was dressed when we came in because he was working in his business and it was open to the public. He operates a computer service in the first room as you come in the front door. That's why you saw the dead air space with the other door opening to the side. The inner door is always locked and people visiting his business go into the one opening off the dead air space. His office is in the back of the computer lab and opens directly into the main hallway. You saw him standing in his door when we came into the shower."

Sam decided he had heard enough and undressed in the locker area. He walked into the shower with the ladies and began to clean himself. He grinned when he heard a gasp from Melissa. He turned toward them and said, "Hello." He stepped toward a blushing Melissa and held out his hand. "I'm Sam Jenkins. My parents own this fine establishment."

Melissa started to turn away from Sam in embarrassment. April gently touched her arm and held her in place. "Melissa Honey. If you're going to stay here you really have to get over your embarrassment and get used to people seeing you naked and to you seeing them that way." April laughed and continued, "I remember how long it took me to be comfortable running around naked here but now I am almost uncomfortable at my parent's home because I have to stay clothed. Besides the fact I love the Jenkins with all my heart being able to go nude is one of the reasons I stay here as much as I do. I dread having to move out when I get my degree and find a job."

Melissa slowly, reluctantly lowered her hands from where they had been hiding, or trying to hide, her breasts and pussy. She slowly reached out and shook Sam's hand then turned her back to him. April smiled and handed Sam the soap in her hand. April's eyes were sparkling when she said, "Ok Mel. Let's get your back clean then we'll go take a quick dip before I have to go fix some supper. I'll tell you right now you need to do everything you can to keep Sam out of the kitchen. He can actually burn water when he tries to cook."

April motioned to Sam then to Melissa's back. Sam grinned and moved another step forward. He began washing Melissa's back. When he got to her beautiful ass he gave it special attention. He rubbed as far forward as he could between her legs. Melissa unconsciously spread her legs slightly so he could have easier access. "April please don't," she said as she unconsciously leaned slightly forward thrusting her ass back slightly while Sam continued to rub.

When she moved she caught a glimpse of April standing under the shower head Sam had been using. "Oh!" Melissa gasped. She jumped away from Sam. "Sam. What are you doing?"

April moved between Melissa and the door to the shower while Sam gently took her arm to hold her back. "Just what it looked and felt like Melissa. I was helping you wash your back. We all help each other here. You know like the old saying goes—you wash my back and I'll wash yours. Nothing more will ever happen unless YOU want it to. No means no here. Now, please, come on and rinse off then we'll take a swim before supper."

April gently pushed Melissa back into the water where she and Sam made sure all the soap was rinsed from her. When they were clear of soap Sam walked from the room. He looked over his shoulder and said, "Well come on! Let's hit the pool." He held his hand out toward Melissa. April gently nudged her forward and she reluctantly reached out to take Sam's hand. He smiled at her and led her toward the old gymnasium and the enclosed pool.

When they entered the gym Melissa gasped and stopped dead while she took in the room. She couldn't believe her eyes. There was a small pool with two grotto's surrounded by vegetation. There was a fake rock mountain with a waterfall draining into the pool. There were pool chairs and a couple of small tables scattered around the area in groups for conversation. She could barely see the hot tub through the vegetation surrounding it. "It's beautiful," she said in awe.

Sam tugged on her hand once more and she followed him with alacrity. When they got to the edge of the pool Melissa stood for a moment then turned in a circle as she took in the room. "I just love this room."

Sam smiled and said, "Yeah. I think it's everyone's favorite. Most of us study out here and spend almost all our time here when we're not busy doing something else. I'm afraid Mom and Dad's living room only gets used for business meetings and formal occasions. Even then some of the visits end up out here. I expect you'll be like the rest of us. We come out here to do our paperwork and study then move back and forth between the chairs and the pool or hot tub. We all have to be very careful not to get our papers or computers wet."

After their first swim Sam led the ladies to his favorite chair arrangement. He motioned them to have a seat then walked to a nearby refrigerator. "What do you want to drink? Melissa we have beer, soda, cold water and ice tea here. We also have some chips and sandwich fixings if you're hungry." Sam grabbed the drinks the girls wanted and returned to the seating area.

After they had opened their drinks Sam leaned back and asked, "So Melissa. I heard you talking in the shower about needing to find work. What kind of work are you looking for? What is your major? Are you looking for work in your field or what? I know some people and my folks know more. We may be able to help you find something if you're not too picky. Also, please tell me a little about yourself."

"I'm majoring in business administration with a minor in Computer Information Systems. I'm so broke I couldn't even pay attention as the old saying goes. I would take any job but I would really like to find something that would give me some practical experience in my field. Do you know anyone who needs help? I don't care what kind of work it is. If I can do it I will."

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