Birth Control

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Lisa and her boyfriend didn't have any condoms, but Lisa did have a passed out twin sister...Hmmm...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   NonConsensual   Incest   Sister   Interracial   Pregnancy   .

My name is Lisa and this is about me and my sister, Stacy. We're twins anyway, so mostly everything about us gets lumped together. But just so you know, I'm not the evil twin. Not like everyone thinks. I'm just smarter than my sister, which is why I'm writing this and not her! See? Simple.

We go to college, the same one, and we look a lot alike. I don't think we're identical though, and neither does Stacy, but everyone else is either blind or stupid, or something. I'm always being called Stacy and people call her Lisa all the time. I've been groped by her boyfriend, and she's been kissed by a few of mine. They always say it was a misunderstanding, like we'd believe that!

Anyway, I'm like 5'5 and pretty toned all over, you know. Blonde hair, sort of long and a little shaggy. It fluffs and curls and does what it wants. I gave up fighting with it when I was about twelve or so. Stacy's is the same way, and we both like it, but we hate it too. And Stacy, she's my twin and all that, except my eyes are bluish green, while hers are more greenish blue. I have a mole too, like right on the side of my left breast, Stacy doesn't. She has a scar on the back of her left knee, from when she fell off her bike and the pedal cut her. It's small and hard to see, but believe me it's there. We have the same size body though, same perky tits and small waists and narrow hips. We both wear size six shoes, blah blah blah. But really, we're not that identical at all.

Okay, this party. Stacy's boyfriend had just left her. Not dumped her or anything, but school was out and he was going back to Connecticut for the summer. So Stacy was all down, feeling dumped and positive this guy was going to see his old high school girlfriend, who is probably butt ugly and working at a 7-11 or something. So Stacy was drinking a lot and she hardly ever drinks.

I was with my boyfriend, a real stud who wouldn't ever date a scag from Connecticut and leave me for a whole summer! His name is Dave and he's a total fox. I creamed the first time he smiled at me, I swear. Like 6'2 and strong and totally hard, like he could do underwear ads or something. I love having sex with the guy too. His dick is so freakin' big! You wouldn't believe it. I measured it, like three times and even showed Stacy once, dragging her into my bedroom because she didn't believe me. He's nine inches long and four and a half inches around, no kidding. It's just a ridiculous cock and I ride it hard!

So he was at the party too, but we weren't drinking a lot, cause we're happy together and getting drunk just makes me sick. Stacy too and I was telling her to slow down, to get a grip and find a guy, but she didn't. She was pouring down rum and cokes and crying about her loser boyfriend and all that. So pretty soon she starts going down, you know? Her head is on the kitchen table and people are ignoring her mostly, except for a couple pervs who were trying to feel her up, but there's always guys like that around.

"Dave, we gotta get her upstairs," I told my boyfriend. The party was at a friend's house and there was a spare bedroom upstairs. He agreed with me and pretty much just picked Stacy up and carried her to the bedroom while I followed.

He put her on the bed and Stacy was a real mess. She was babbling about something, but it didn't matter and pretty soon she was sleeping like a baby. So, we turned off the light, closed the door and went back downstairs. You know, it wasn't any big deal.

"Hey, Lisa. Some guy is fingering your sister," Tina was saying. She'd told him to stop, but he hadn't so she'd come down to find me.


I was like totally pissed, you know? Like anyone would be. So I grabbed Dave, who sort of made a face because he was talking to his buddies. But he came with me and sure enough, there was some fat pimply bastard on the bed with Stacy. He'd pulled her panties down around her ankles, and her skirt was up around her waist and he was rubbing her pussy while he jerked off.

Dave punched him like five times in the head and I tried to kick him in the balls as he scrambled around on the floor, down the hall, and down the stairs. God, I hate those fuckers! I think Dave's buddies hit the guy too, at least they said they did later, but who knows? So, we're in the bedroom and looking at my stupid sister, half undressed and passed out.

"We gotta take her home," I was saying to Dave, but he didn't want to leave and the truth is we were both a little horny, I think. Well, I'm always horny anyway and I think seeing my sister's trimmed blonde pussy, which looks exactly like mine, sort of got him in the mood too.

"Later," Dave was saying and the next thing I know he starts kissing on me.

We ended up on the bed, right next to Stacy, and Dave was squeezing my tits just the way I like and grinding his crotch against mine, dry humping me while we kissed. I sucked his tongue eagerly and groaned when he pinched my nipples, squeezing them and pulling hard so my boobs popped right out the top of the halter I was wearing. I was rubbing his strong back and down to his great firm ass, just getting off on his body.

"God, Lisa. I wanna fuck you so bad..." he was whispering and I nodded.

"Yeah ... Fuck me, Dave ... Make me cum all over your cock!"

We love talking dirty to each other like that. He sort of knelt above me, letting me unbuckle his pants and push them down, then he moved so he could get them all the way off and his underwear too, so his huge penis jumped right out and slapped his belly. I shrugged out of my panties quick and I was so wet already it was gonna be easy taking his cock. Sometimes it isn't. I mean, I gotta be really wet for it, you know?

"You want it baby?" Dave was grinning down at me, stroking his dick slowly and I rubbed the fiery little pearl of my clit, nodding breathlessly. He loves hearing me beg for it.

"Oh yeah! Come on lover ... Stick that big cock all the way up inside me..." I watched him expectantly, waiting for him to put a condom on his dick. I didn't use the pill or anything. I mean, I could use like a spermicidal cream maybe, but I didn't. And the pill, I'd tried like three kinds and they all had a bad effect on me. Stacy too. So our boyfriends always used latex.

"Where's you rubber?" I was fingering my cunt slowly, feeling my labia getting all hot and greasy as I split them with my fingers.

"I was gonna get some," Dave shrugged. "I forgot."

"Forgot?" I stared at him.

We'd done it before without a condom, but not often and he'd always pulled out, but it hadn't made him happy. He didn't like stopping really, and he'd begged me to let him cum inside, just once. But there was no way I was gonna fuck up the rest of my life with a kid. Our whole family was psycho-catholic, so abortion wasn't even a remote option! More like kicked out. Exiled. Cut out of the will, you know?

"Yeah," he smiled and leaned down a little, rubbing the head of his dick past my fingers and across my slit. "Come on, Lisa, I'll be careful. I'll pull out, okay?"

"This is bad timing, Dave." I sighed.

Me and my sister are pretty much on the same cycle, and so are our other two roommates at the dorm we lived in. Something about women living together, I remember reading about it someplace. It's true too, I swear ... I mean, if I was ovulating, we all were. And when one of us was pissed and bitchy, well, people avoided ringing our doorbell, you know what I mean?

"Please, Lisa? Just tonight, I'll pull out and it'll be fine..." he was sucking my nipple a little and his cockhead was really rubbing my labes nice. "You're so fucking hot, babe. I gotta feel how tight you are deep inside..." he was pushing and I didn't stop him.

His dick split my pussy gently, almost casually and it was just a little discomfort at first, cause he is huge, but then it was gone. It was just a really, really good feeling that made me want more. "Juuuusss ... Mmm ... be careful ... Ohhhh ... fuck me!"

Dave did fuck me too, nice and slow at first, feeding me that monster cock of his inch by inch until I felt completely stuffed and when he shoved that last inch or so inside me, grunting into my mouth as he kissed me, I felt the head of it nudging the soft pillow of my cervix and I started cumming like crazy. I mean, just that quick too. He always surprises me with it. Never a slow build up, just a crash of thunder, and his cock, buried inside me so deep, was like the finger of God ... It nestled right to the very mouth of my womb, teasing and pleasing and making me moan and convulse in Dave's strong arms.

"Uhhh yeah ... Baby ... Fuck you're so tight! I'm gonna pump you now, Lisa ... Pump your pussy hard!"

Dave lifted my legs over his shoulders, folding me right over so my ass came off the bed, and that got him even deeper than before! All I could do was beg for mercy as he pinned me beneath him, helpless as my orgasms robbed me of my senses. His cockhead was bouncing off my cervix and it was almost painful, but pleasurable too. Like someone was punching me in the gut, it left me breathless and aching, but God help me, I wanted more!

But Dave was getting close too and I was barely aware that he'd almost stopped, just moving a little and basically holding his cock inside me with his eyes closed, as if concentrating. He was right on the edge, I realized, he was going to cum any second and I pushed at him. "Nooo! Dave ... No, get off! You can't cum inside me!"

"It feels so good, Lisa! You don't know, baby ... Let me do it ... Just once, baby ... Please!"

And he was begging. I mean, he could have just done it. Dave outweighed me by a hundred pounds, and with my body bent the way it was, my legs over his powerful shoulders, I couldn't have made him stop. No way. But Dave really is my boyfriend, he loves me and if I said no ... But I love him too and if he really wanted to cum inside me, just once...

"I know you do ... Do it in Stacy..." I blurted as sudden inspiration hit me. "Hurry, just put it in her..."

"In Stacy?" He stared at me and I could feel his dick twitching, or maybe I imagined that, but it was definitely swollen as big as it had ever been in his life ... His balls were tight and primed and ready to spew a huge load straight into my womb. I mean, his dick was against my cervix, for crying out loud. He'd probably give me like triplets or something!

"Yeah ... Do it! Fuck Stacy ... Cum inside her, Dave ... I want you to!" And I was pushing at him and Dave pulled his cock out of my pussy quickly, bringing with it a flood of my juices. I twisted my body, turning to Stacy and feeling her pussy. "She's still wet ... That freak got her wet!" I was giggling and I don't know why it was so cool, it just was. My drunken twin sister, passed out and wet and about to be seriously spermed by my boyfriend!

Dave lined his cock up and pushed inside Stacy quickly, his face shining with sweat and he grinned at me. "Holy shit ... She's tighter than hell, Lisa!"

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