Lost in Lust on a Luxury Cruise

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: The 4 adventurous females took advantage of the reduced rates and decided to go on a romantic cruise of the Greek Islands. They meet Carlos who decides to have each of them before the voyage is over. The heat gets turned up between their own relationships and teenager Candy learns the benefits of a special female friend.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Introduction: This is a story of unbridled lust on a luxury cruise. There is no doubt that the motto of "whatever happens onboard, stays onboard" has saved many a marriage from disaster. This combination of two young girls and two older more experienced and mature females is fair game for Carlos, pussy-hunter extraordinaire. He has vowed to give all four of them the "Carlos Special" before the cruise pulls into shore.

The four American females stood in the center of their luxury compartment on the upper deck of the "Queen of the Seas" out of Oslo, Norway and registered in Cyprus which might seem strange but was really not all that unusual. The huge ship was configured for several thousand passengers and crew but seldom was filled to more than 50% capacity these days because of dwindling economic conditions worldwide.

The cutbacks in service and staffing were visible but not severe enough to curtail either ship activities or quality of service.

It was the reduction in the cost of the trip that had induced Hannah Carmody to suggest the voyage to her best friend and sometimes bed companion Cindy Johnson. Cindy was doubtful at first but the lure of having four of them in a deluxe Quartet suite with a large view outside was too tempting to turn down. Her maid's daughter Candy and her best friend Natasha were so excited that they followed every order she gave in the weeks leading up to the cruise.

Both Hannah and Cindy were convinced that neither Candy nor Natasha had any inkling of their sometimes kinky relationship and they were careful not to "let the cat out of the bag" by presenting very circumspect behavior in front of them. Poor Cindy had no idea her maid's daughter Candy had a front row seat from the bedroom closet, one drunken Saturday night, when Hannah was humping her in the ass with her custom made 10 inch dildo. It was made to the exact dimensions of a famous rock star who never failed to make Hannah leak profusely whenever she saw him perform. Cindy didn't mind being fucked with the rock star's imitation cock, even in the ass, as long as it was strapped to her best friend Hannah.

Candy had no idea of the significance of the huge dildo but she understood the words that her mom's employer and Mrs. Hannah were shouting at each other. She had no recourse but to stroke her clitoris in hopes she got off before the older attractive woman and Mrs. Hannah. She never let Natasha in on the deal because she was afraid that her best friend would think she was suggest they should try the same thing and it would be all too embarrassing for words.

Natasha never said anything to Candy, but she was certain there was something funny going on between Candy's mom's employer and Mrs. Hannah because, while they were waiting for the cabin to be ready, she saw Cindy goosing Mrs. Hannah in the ladies lounge on the main deck. The petite Russian girl was wise to the ways of the world and she didn't understand why the delectable Candy didn't make a move on her despite all the opportunities she gave her. She had decided the best way would be to share a boy's cock between them and then "accidently" hook up while they were playing with the strange cock. She had been in several "threesomes" but with older couples who used her like a sex-doll for various kinky fetishes and inspiration for their flagging sex drive.

Candy and Natasha went into the separate bedroom with the twin beds and stripped off all their clothing to put on bathing suits for the upper level Olympic sized pool. They each took turns putting some sun-block on each other and Natasha took extra-long time to take care of Candy's inner legs and bare buttocks outside the thong. Candy was vibrating with excitement when she was done.

Cindy and Hannah were doing the same thing in the other bedroom with the exception that Hannah's fingers were exploring Cindy's slit with inquisitive determination. Cindy couldn't stop her explosive orgasm and whimpered like a little girl when she finally came. They quickly dressed in more conservative bathing costumes because they no longer had the ass structures of a teen-ager. Hannah had a little sexy skirt on hers that disguised the slight droop to her luscious ass cheeks.

Carlos was sitting at the bar with a very alcoholic drink sporting a multi-colored umbrella and lots of shaved ice. When he saw the four attractive females enter the pool area together, he promised himself that he would tap each one of them before the cruise was over. It might have seemed overly ambitious, but Carlos was one of those guys who liked a challenge. After a quick once over, he decided that Natasha was the most primed pussy ready to fuck in the group and he made a bee-line right for her.

"Are you girls all sisters, you look so much alike."

Candy giggled and Natasha studied his groin estimating the shape of his dick. Cindy had to laugh and told the brash young man,

"Thanks for the compliment, young man, but I am Cindy, chaperone to that young lady right there who is called Candy and right next to her is her best friend, Natasha. This is Hannah, my friend and close companion. And you are... ?"

"Carlos Enrique Del Costa, at your service, ladies. Anyone needs a swimming lesson, I am your man."

Natasha held up her hand like she wanted to go to the bathroom even though she was almost a world class swimmer and they all knew it.

"I could use a lesson, Carlos, but don't let me sink under the water. I am such a little baby in the water."

Candy snorted in derision and Hannah and Cindy ordered drinks.

Moments later, Natasha's ass was the only part of her sticking up above the water and she rocked it left and right on Carlos's hand planted smack dab in the center of her underwater pussy. It was the best swimming lesson she ever had, she later told Candy. The envious teen-ager told her she would be "getting some of Mr. Carlos's hand" for the next lesson. They giggled together and rolled back and forth on the twin beds holding each other down like a winning wrestler. Natasha got so excited; she squirted inside her bathing suit and hoped that Candy was unaware of her passionate response to the touch of her well-shaped body.

Carlos invited Natasha to the "poop deck" to look at the harbor lights after dinner.

Candy laughed at the thought there was such a thing as a "poop deck". She hoped there was nothing of the sort and that it really meant something nautical. She wondered if Carlos was pulling Natasha's leg.

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