The Submission Ceremony

by Priapus

Copyright© 2012 by Priapus

BDSM Sex Story: A woman watches and controls her lover through closed circuit cameras, and directs his initiation into the life of submission to her.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   .

I sit alone in the darkened control room watching the video monitors. One shows the inside of the limousine I sent to pick you up at work. Another shows the outside of the limo, from just above the passenger side door. One shows the area where you will be prepared for the night's ceremonies, and three others are arranged at various heights and angles around the final location.

I am dressed in a long black gown, slit nearly to the waist, black stockings with a criss-cross pattern of light and dark bands running up my long legs, and the high-heeled, strappy sandals that you like so much.

As I anticipate the night's plan, I can't help but lean back in the high backed leather chair, and slide my left hand up my thigh where the slit has fallen open to expose it. I quickly work my fingers to my warm, wet lower lips. It's still a strange feeling to me to touch my completely bald slit, it's been less than a week since I decided to shave it, and you don't even know yet.

It's just one of the surprises I have planned for you tonight. I quickly dip a finger into myself, and briefly toy with my clit. My body is so charged with erotic energy that it would take only a few more moments of playing with myself to bring myself to a throbbing orgasm, but I delay that pleasure for later in the plan.

Instead, I have work to do. The limo has arrived in front of your building. I see the look of surprise on your face as the driver, a very pretty brunette in a leather skirt suit, steps out and opens the door, asking you to step inside. I had told you I was going to pick you up at work.

I hadn't mentioned the limo. The limo driver takes your bag and puts it in the trunk while you climb into the back of the spacious vehicle. Again I note a faint look of surprise when you look around and see that I am not there waiting for you. But you settle back and get ready for the ride with a grin, obviously enjoying the first part of my naughty plan.

The driver pulls out into traffic and through the hidden microphone I hear you ask where you are going. As the driver has been instructed, she does not answer, but instead shuts off the lights in the passenger compartment.

All the windows in the passenger compartment are heavily tinted, and even though it is twilight, the compartment is almost completely dark this way. You must have noticed when you got in that the inside of the limo can't be seen through this tinting. With another press of a button, the driver shuts curtains over all the windows, and it gets even darker.

She then lowers the partition between her and you, and hands you a paper shopping bag. She says "Take off your clothes and put them in the bag." Then she closes the window. I watch as you consider what to do. You don't start immediately. The driver follows her instructions when she notices your hesitation in her video monitor.

She rolls down the partition partly and says, sharply, "Things will go much better for you if you respond quickly when you are given commands." Now you know she can see you, even with the partition closed. You start to undress, and soon you are in only your boxers, the rest of your clothes are in the bag. Now it's my turn to intervene.

I turn on the cellular phone link to the limo, and talk to you through the speakers. I try to make my voice as commanding and stern as possible. "Don't get too comfortable, my dear little slave boy. Take off ALL your clothes, as you were told, and put them in the bag." Noticing that your erection has formed a tent in your boxers, I know that I need to give you more complete instructions now.

"I can see that this situation is arousing to you, but you are forbidden to touch yourself unless you are commanded to do so. You will follow all commands given to you, no matter who gives them, as though I myself am commanding you.

If you delay, you will be punished. You will respond to all commands with 'Yes, Mistress, ' except for my commands, to which you will respond, 'Yes, Goddess.' Do you understand, slave boy?"

"Yes, Goddess." You take off your boxers, releasing your throbbing erection. Your response was quick, but not quick enough, and anyway, I am looking forward to an excuse for punishment.

"That is correct, slave, but not fast enough. You will be punished when you reach the destination, now give your clothes to the driver."

"Yes, Goddess." The partition comes down and you push the paper bag through. The driver hands you another bag and tells you to put on what's inside, then closes the partition again.

You open the bag and find two ankle straps, two wrist straps, and a blindfold. You quickly put them on. You hear the partition come down again, and the driver asks for the bag. As you fumble to hand it to her (blindfolded, it's not that easy), she tells you to get on you hands and knees on the floor of the limo, with your head toward the driver's side and your naked ass facing the passenger side.

You respond and comply quickly. I watch as the driver opens the passenger side curtains and windows, and as the cool evening breeze fills the passenger compartment, exposing you to whoever might be on the sidewalk.

I watch as the limo stops at a traffic light, and the driver mischievously pulls too far forward, so that the long vehicle straddles the crosswalk, forcing pedestrians to walk around. Through the passenger side camera I watch their reactions. I know that you can hear them as they stand and point, gasp and giggle at the sight of your naked ass in the back of the luxury limo. One woman, on a dare from her male companion, reaches in and gives you hard pinch on the bottom, then laughs as you react in embarrassment.

The limo snakes through the city to the converted warehouse where I wait with the rest of the cast for tonight's ceremony. On some weekends, this place is a bondage club. Tonight it is all mine. On my other monitors I can see that my cast is dressed and ready for their roles.

As the driver gets closer to our location, she makes sure that to travel the most populated routes. Partway along she has you lie on your back with your feet up on either side of the passenger window. She is improvising, but I appreciate her efforts.

At long last she reaches our location. I raise the door to the loading dock and she pulls the limo inside the large empty room. She leaves you lying on your back and walks smartly around to the passenger door. She opens the door, pauses for a moment to look at your naked form, legs spread, cock hard, balls heavy with desire, then orders you out on your hands and knees.

She clips a collar around your neck as you comply, then attaches a lease, requiring you to follow her up the concrete steps and into the preparation room. She moves quickly, so that it is hard to keep up on your hands and knees, but you manage.

She brings you into the tiled area where you will be prepared, and has you stand. On her command you raise your arms and she attaches chains to the wrist bands, drawing you up until you are forced to stand on your toes. She asks aloud, "Goddess, should I perform the punishment now, or after the preparation?"

I flip on the microphone again, "Punish him now, and if he misbehaves during the preparation, punish him again." My voice reverberates in the large tiled room.

I see her raise the riding crop to your lips. "Kiss it! Lick it!" she commands.

"Yes, Mistress," you reply. You kiss and lick the leather end of the crop as she holds it tight to you lips.

"Enough," she says. She steps behind you and stings your naked ass with the crop, making you yelp in pain and surprise. She hits hard, and leaves a small red mark on your round ass. "Count for me, slave! They don't count unless you do! We'll start again at one." Again she slaps you hard on the ass.

"One!" you cry out, then "Two, Three, ouch, Four, owww, Five!" as she delivers four more sharp slaps with the crop.

"Enough, for now," I command over the speaker. My hand has wandered up to my pussy again as I see you spanked. I have to fight my desire to let myself come.

Your tormentor pulls a shower nozzle from its hook on the wall, and turns on the water. It comes shooting out briskly, hard and cold. She sprays you down and I see you twist and turn under the icy stream. She shuts off the water and leaves you shivering there for a moment while she gets the soap and sponge.

The sponge is rough, and she uses it briskly to scrub your whole body. I can tell that the treatment is uncomfortable, but you never lose your erection, though now your scrotum is tight up against your body from the cold water and breeze.

She quickly finishes, having washed everything but your face. Of course, this is followed by a rinse in the ice-cold water. By now, I know, your skin must be tingling and ultra-sensitive from the treatment.

"Do you want him shaved, Goddess?" she asks.

"No, leave him as he is, just oil him up and attach the clamps and straps and bring him to us, as I required." She seems disappointed at your answer, but complies. She dons long rubber gloves and pours warm olive oil all over you, rubbing it in with her gloved fingers.

She spends extra time on your ass, and it appears to me that she is pushing one, then two lubricated rubber fingers into your rectum. From the look on your face, you are enjoying it, maybe too much. I tell her to stop oiling, and get to the clamps.

She produces tweezer clamps for your nipples, with the rubber caps removed to expose the metal teeth. As oily as you are, and as small as your nipples are, the rubber caps wouldn't have worked anyway. She pinches your nipples hard to get them as erect as possible, and then quickly clamps them with the toothy clips. You whimper and squirm in pain.

Then she produces the leather and metal cock cage. First she fits it tightly around the base of your scrotum, then snugly around the root of your cock. She moves quickly to avoid over-stimulating you.

She removes the collar, and attaches the leash now to the cock strap, right behind your balls. Now that she has you under control, she lowers your arms, and clamps them together behind your back. Then she removes your blindfold, and leads you out of the shower room into the main chamber.

Quickly you follow her through the curtained opening, across the hard concrete floor. The spotlight that is trained on you at first makes it hard to see. It is not until you are standing in the middle of the room that your eyes finally adjust and you take in the scene around you.

I watch as you react silently to the setup. In the middle of the room, where you and your tormentor now stand, is a large wooden chair, covered with leather, almost resembling a throne.

In front of that is a sling, suspended from high warehouse ceiling. There are risers around the throne and sling on three sides, and one each of these risers is an attractive woman, dressed only in a pure white, semi-transparent robe. As you stand naked before these three strangers, your tormentor requires you to turn in place, so that the three can have a good look at you.

"Strap him to the sling! I am eager to get started!" I say through the speakers. Your tormentor has you lay on your back in the padded sling. She straps your legs up high above you, and then does the same with your arms. Your head is tilted back so that you now see the whole scene upside-down, though it is supported by a cushioned pillow. In this position, your hard cock now lies on your stomach, and you are helplessly spread and suspended before your attentive audience.

As your tormentor spins you slowly, for the visual benefit of the three other women, I flip a switch and the loud, rhythmic drum music pours into the room from unseen speakers. The ceremony has begun.

Your tormentor stops spinning you so that you are displayed before the first of the three women. She is a redhead pf medium height, with shoulder length curls, freckles, and a mildly cherubic build. She is sitting on the riser so that she is above you. I imagine that you can almost see up her robe.

"My goddess bids that I should have her slave attend my feet." she says, to your tormentor.

"So be it, as the goddess wills it," your tormentor replies. She holds the sling steady as the woman reaches out with her naked feet and presses them to your lips. As you lick and kiss them, as you take her toes into your mouth and suck them, she raises her white robe above her waist, revealing a wispy thatch of pubic hair, and pleasures herself with her fingers. It does not take her long until she is moaning in orgasm as you worship her feet.

"Thank you, goddess!" She says as she recovers. The sling is turned so that you are now looking at the next woman.

"My goddess bids that I should have her slave attend my breasts." she says.

"So be it, as the goddess wills it." your tormentor says. She again holds the sling steady as the second woman stands by your head and opens her robe, exposing her full, round breasts, with large dark nipples. This woman is short, and dark haired, with middle-eastern features, dark brown eyes and olive skin.

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