In Circles

by kaidmanx

Copyright© 2012 by kaidmanx

Fantasy Sex Story: A dark tale that involves incest, heartbreak and love.In honor of Halloween.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Fiction   Cheating   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   .

had light brown hair and a busty body, she wore glasses and was what you would call

beautiful it still didn't matter to me

I circle around today is her day I feel neither sadness or joy from my action no sense of justice or shame it is necessary because it is a rule that is unbreakable

I watch wondering how it will happen I've watched her for some months now she had quite an interesting encounter with a young male

If I felt emotions I would feel sad for her I watch her rush to her car, interesting creations they have made me quite busy watching her makes me remember a time when I once felt disdain for my task oh well let's see what shall happen today.

... oh how I truly don't care for this calling.


I was never more on edge what I was about to do would change my life forever. I shouldn't do this but my heart and my lust has worn down my resolve until I couldn't do anything else but give in.

I soaked my panties almost all the way through as I sat in my cubicle all day until finally I couldn't hold it in and left work early. I reserved a room at this hotel where the costume party is being held it was going to be a crazy party.

I heard about it from some friends online.

I drove kinda fast I was so nervous that I was unconsciously accelerating and then I made another poor decision when I picked up my phone and texted.

Tania:I can't believe I'm saying this but ok I will give you what you want and more.

As the message was sent I felt calmness fill me and then I got a message back from him from his alternative account.

Conman: wow thank you I've wanted you since the birthday party when we kissed.

I smiled as I read his text I loved my husband but I loved him more and now I was going to show him how much tonight I texted back.

Tania: I love you so much I'm about to be at your school to pick you up I hope you have saved

up for me I don't want to give myself to a minute man lol.

I was smiling and thinking about tonight's coupling when I heard a horns blaring and a sudden crash as everything went black.


I was at school when it happened but I distinctly felt a sense of dread and as I left class I suddenly started crying for no reason.

I was so scared that I went home immediately and saw no one was home which was weird as my mother should have been home by now so I picked up the phone and called her.

The phone went directly to her voicemail

"hey mom where are you at ... please call me when you get this".

I decided to call Conner he might know where moms at I thought as he picked up.

"Conner what's up you see mom she's not home."

"oh well maybe she went to get her costume set up for her friends party tonight I mean it is

Halloween."He said quickly sounding nervous.

"Okay let me know if you hear from her."

I said hanging up.

Now where she could be? I wondered to myself.

I spent the rest of the day feeling a bit off little did I know that there was a storm coming to turn my life upside down.

I wish I had gone to pick up Conner from school I think looking back on that day. It had been six months since our mother died in a car crash and our family was getting back to the normal

The insurance company was giving our father the run around because they didn't want to pay out they insisted on conducting a lengthy investigation on moms actions the day she died leaving no details out no matter how small.

I thought they were being ridiculous when they even confiscated her cell phone but they wanted to be thorough.

Conner was a mess he stayed in his room all this time only leaving to go to school and use the bathroom.

I wished there was something I could do for him but I just couldn't reach him and then he seemed to get worse after I moved into an apartment to be near my school so I wasn't there when it happened.

I didn't know the details of the investigation but it turns out our mother was having an affair or about to and she not only was speeding but talking on the phone as she crashed but our insurance should have covered it as we had the biggest policy.

Unfortunately the company had dragged their feet long enough that our policy was canceled and turned to a minimum one because we failed to renew it at the first of the year.

So the accident wasn't covered and our father shamed by moms actions left without telling me or even Conner. I went home for spring break only to find Conner there and the house a mess.

He looked terrible his body thin and dirty like he hasn't showered in over a month his dark eyes were bloodshot and puffy like he had been crying a lot. I was freaked out by his appearance.

I mean here was my brother who was tall dark and handsome looking like a terminally ill patient pale and weak. I took him to my place and made him get cleaned and fed.

He just stood under the spray as the grime flowed off him as I scrubbed him from outside the shower. I noticed he was well developed down there and I felt ashamed of my thoughts about him even though he was too shell-shocked to notice my lust filled eyes.

I learned our father left a month ago and had some cash set to auto pay for our utilities and other stuff like our internet but he failed to leave anything for our home payments and the house was taken by the bank.

So he ended up staying with me at my place. It was a few months and he was starting to get some life back into him when that fateful day in July when he would give me the worst fright I ever saw.

I was watching the young male whose actions caught my eye all those months ago I felt odd watching his dramatic change in actions since last I saw him he was so much more lively that day I took the older female.

I tried to take her away but the female was stuck fast to the place she died at and although I could force her to come with me but it may destroy her to do so and besides I enjoyed watching them try interact with those I haven't taken.

I truly wished she could interact with the young male however with the way things are going with him I am sure I will be taking him by the end of the week.

Maybe I will put them together after I take him

... I start to circle around.


I was so tired all this guilt was destroying me it was all my fault my mother died. I was such a jerk for taking advantage of her during my birthday even though she said she enjoyed kissing me and letting me feel her breasts.

I knew she didn't want it and she just went along with what I wanted. I pestered her for all of the rest of the month and all of October by kissing her in the mornings when no one was looking I even fingered her in the hallway while we were outside Cassie's room.

She was so embarrassed because she came while leaning against her door. I was so ecstatic when I got her text telling me she would let me have sex with her in her hotel room after the party.

I waited at school until five at night when I decided she must have gotten cold feet and backed out.

I was so angry with her for leaving me horny and went to my friend's house and we ended up going trick or treating with his 15 year old sister and ended up taking her virginity that very night while thinking of my mother.

I was lucky the girl didn't get pregnant because that's all I needed a baby while my mother's funeral was being set up.

I stayed in my room only leaving to go to school and the bathroom I didn't really leave the house and when my father stopped waking me up in the mornings for school I stopped going and stayed inside for a month before my sister came and got me.

I felt weird having her bathe me in her shower especially since she scrubbed everywhere with a faraway look in her eyes telling me she was trying to not think of what she was doing and once I was clean she dressed me in clothes she had from her ex.

I noticed the size of the clothes was smaller than my size but I was even more shocked to see that it fit loosely on me I had lost some weight being indoors a lot.

I found out dad left for another life alone somewhere and we couldn't keep the house so me and my sister started living together.

I hated seeing my sister struggle to keep our place and wanted to get a job but because of my grades I needed to focus on school work if I wanted to graduate in a few months.

I noticed Cassie was being distant from me and staying out late into the night and coming home smelling like alcohol, cigarette smoke and faintly traces of seamen in her hair.

I was getting worried about her as she seemed sad most days and was always worrying about money I felt so guilty for being the cause of all my families troubles.

I went a few weeks seeing very of her little like she would leave to go out as soon as she got home from school and not come home until around three in the morning. I was going to school one day when I saw that the school was closed down and everyone there was leaving.

It seemed that there was an explosion in the boiler room so I immediately headed to the mall to take my mind off things and went to see a movie. I got home at around one when I noticed my sister's car was in her parking spot indicating she was home.

So I quietly snuck in not wanting to wake her in case she was asleep. I was almost in my room when I heard her talking to someone in the living room and I was curious so I decided to sneak a peek at what she was doing.

I got close to the opening to the kitchen and could see the couch where this man who looked to be in his fifties was sitting while my sister was sitting in his lap with no top on grinding herself into him while he played with her breasts.

I was shocked to see my sister doing this and especially with a guy like that seeing as he was so obese and ugly. I watched feeling embarrassed to see my sister with this I hoped she wasn't dating him.

I don't think I could handle it if she got married to such a hideous old man. I was about to turn away when I saw my sisters face as the man reached into her panties, she had a look of shame and sadness in her eyes.

"Please stop that it's against the rules" she said as he started to shove his hands into her panties and she cringed as he appeared to have jammed a finger into her roughly as she started to cry.

"If you want to get paid for this you won't deny me," he said angrily causing me to lose my temper and step out to confront this all.

"Hey! Leave my sister alone you ugly bastard" I shouted causing him to jump and drop my sister hard on the floor with a loud thud.

"Who the fuck is this I don't have to take this I'm leaving" the man said as he got up to leave looking indignant.

I was shocked to see my sister grab his arm and stop him looking embarrassed she said,"please don't leave I really need the money how about I give you an extra special dance in my room".

Grinning wickedly he said "it better be worth it" and went into her room to wait for her.

"I'm sorry Conner just let this go and go out for about an hour while I take care of him" she said with a look of disgust as she said him.

She was about to say something else to me but the man got impatient and stepped out of her room and picked her up and dragged her to her bed and tossed her onto it while slamming the door with his foot.

I heard a lock click and then heard my sister start whimpering and begging for him to go softer but his grunts and her sobbing told me he was going really rough with her as the bed started banging against the wall.

I was stunned and sat on the floor leaning against the wall near her door and flinching each time she cried out in pain unable to do anything to help her I felt worse than the day I found out about our mother dying.

It had been 45 minutes of this when I heard my sister cry out "oh please don't cum inside, stop no it's not a safe day no please".

"Oh fuck take it all you whore" "no please" she screamed out as he groaned out.

A few minutes later he opened the door and stepped out smirking at me as he dropped a wad of cash on the floor in front of me. Laughing at my look of distress and as he stepped out of the apartment he called back, "sorry I think I broke your girlfriend but don't worry she will be back to normal in time for next week's session".

I was too stunned to get up for a few minutes but when I did I walked into her room and found her laying on the bed with only a sheet covering her naked body crying softly.

I got into the bed and held her until she did something that shocked me and changed our relationship dramatically.

"Please hold me Conner I don't want to be alone right now" she whispered moving the sheets aside for me to get under with her even though she was naked.

I slid in and held her and she moved my arms around her in a tight hug until we spooned and then we fell asleep together like that only waking because of her alarm clock going off at eight at night to let her know her work shift was starting.

I shook her as she awoke snuggling close to me and in my arms "you have to get up for work

Cassie" I said as she smiled at me and kissed my cheek then kissed my neck.

"Its ok Conner I don't need to go in today besides I'm too sore to move enough for my job."

"Ok well if you need anything more please don't hesitate to ask I love you Cassie" I said softly to her and got up to leave the room.

"I love you too Conner and can you help me into the bathroom I want to take a shower and get all this dirtiness scrubbed off of me" she said noticing my flinch when she mentioned what happened.

"Okay Cassie I will carry you to the shower" I said picking her up in my arms she was so light I easily carried her to the bathroom while looking at her naked body.

Cassie had some bruises on her along with a red and sore looking pussy. I saw all the bruises inflicted on her by that prick I swore to myself if I ever saw him on the street I would beat him until he couldn't walk ever again.

The events of that day never repeated itself or so I thought but a few weeks later I was home from school early as we had graduation practice so I was home about four hours early and saw some cars I didn't recognize all parked in front of our apartment building.

As I entered the apartment I saw what appeared to be six men coming out of my sisters room and heading out the door not noticing me while I stood in the kitchen.

I quietly walked to her room and listened to her talk on her phone to a friend and what I heard made my heart break.

"I can't go in today Cynthia I'm so sore from that private party those guys forced me to take each of them I may need a few days I can barely move, oh well I have to keep this up for Conner's sake I can't afford to not do this yeah your right but you know how much those perverts pay for this sometimes I wish I never went home for spring break and found him alone..."

She said as I quickly left not hearing another word I ran to the bathroom and took all the pills in her medicine cabinet she had so many different pills lots of pain killers and antidepressants and then sat in the shower stall and closed the door as I started to fall asleep ... so tired

... oh whose that circling around.

I was surprised he noticed me before I was scheduled to take him I watched him for quite

a while but oh well then an interesting thing happened the older female who has been

lingering around since her death all those months ago has shown up to stop me.

It was an impossible task like an ant trying to stop the sun but it gave me pause long enough for the young female to show up. t was interesting as she was supposed to be taken before the young male but his showing up early prevented the man the young female was with from getting frustrated from her denying his advances until he loses it and rapes her then follows up by breaking her neck.

I felt intrigued by this turn of events I have had things happen where the people get lucky

and manage to avoid my taking them but to have it involve two people who have connected so well I circled around feeling fascinated by this so I watched what happens next.


"It was so hard to see him like that it nearly broke my heart oh well I love him so much I'll do anything for him well I'm gonna go take a shower and make myself presentable for him bye


I walked naked to the bathroom and opened the door. I noticed the mess all over the floor those bastards went through my medicine cabinet oh well at least they only took those pills my ex left behind I thought.

As I opened the door to the shower stall and what I saw made me freeze. Conner was in the shower unconscious and it didn't look like he was breathing.

"Oh please don't leave me Conner I don't want to lose you too I've already lost everything please not you too".

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