Nephew's Lap Dance

by Jessy19

Copyright© 2012 by Jessy19

Fantasy Story: This is a simple and fun story I wrote in honor of Halloween. Aunt Missy works as a stripper but her nephew doesn't know that...or does he?

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Exhibitionism   Petting   Voyeurism   Halloween   .

I saw my sister Gloria eyeing my six inch heels as I unpacked the last of my luggage. Her brown eyes glared at the pair of shoes with such despise.

"Yes?" I asked.

She looked at me and then at the shoes and back at me. "So is that part of your uniform?" She asked sarcastically.

I sighed. I knew it had been a bad idea to move in with my sister. I couldn't help it that my roommate totally bailed out on me leaving me stuck paying four months of rent. That had made me dig into my savings and now I was flat broke. My sister was the only one in town that I could move in with immediately without having to be homeless.

"Look Gloria, I'll only be here a few weeks ok? I promise I won't stay too long."

My sister rolled her eyes. "Well whatever sis. Just be sure not to tell Caleb where you work ok? I don't want my hormone raging teenage son to be asking you to get him in there for free."

I laughed. I couldn't believe my sister. She had some nerve! Ever since I started working as a stripper, she had been giving me attitude. My sister Gloria was very uptight. She was married at age 19 and had my nephew when she was 20. I was only 9 years old at the time. Yes the age difference between my sister and I only made things worse. She acted like a mother to me instead of a sister sometimes.

"Don't worry sis, I won't say anything." I took the rest of my shoes out and laid them out near the bed. My sister was letting me stay in the extra bedroom that was reserved for guests.

"Well, I'm going to get dinner started. Please join us in thirty minutes. And that is thirty minutes my time not thirty minutes Melissa time." With that, my sister left the room.

I figured I'd lay down for a bit to rest before dinner time. I couldn't believe I was now 27 years old and living with my older sister instead of having a man in my life and living with him.

I headed off to the kitchen half an hour later and my sister, her husband Joseph were there and my nephew Caleb too. I hadn't seen Caleb for over three months. Was it my imagination or had Caleb gotten taller and cuter?

He wore his dark brown hair slightly long and his big blue eyes, which he inherited from his father immediately, spotted me.

"Hey, Aunt Missy," he said and sprang out of his seat. Caleb had always called me Missy unlike my sister who preferred to use my full name Melissa. He had to be at least almost six feet tall. He towered over my 5'2" body.

"Hey kiddo," I said and hugged him. Caleb hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek. I thought he was done but then he kissed my other cheek too. He held my face for a few seconds.

"Ok we're about to eat now!" Gloria snapped.

I pulled away from my 17 year old nephew and sat down next to him. He passed me a plate and I helped myself to some green beans and mashed potatoes while I waited for the baked chicken to be passed my way.

"So how have you been?" Joseph asked me.

I shrugged. "Ok I guess. I appreciate you letting me stay here for a bit."

Joseph smiled and passed me the baked chicken. "Hey no problem. Anytime."

"I can help you find an apartment soon," Gloria chimed in.

That was just like my sister. She was no procrastinator. She liked things done fast and wasted no time.

"Nah, just let Aunt Missy hang out here for a while mom," Caleb suggested and looked at me.

Gloria didn't say anything. She sipped on her water.

"So where are you working at Aunt Missy?" Caleb asked.

I nearly choked on my mashed potatoes. I heard Gloria clear her throat and Joseph simply pretended to be really enjoying his food.

"I-I um ... I work as a waitress," I said nervously.

"A waitress? Really? What restaurant? Maybe you could give me some free meals," he joked.

"Um ... well uh..." I looked at my sister for some back up.

"It's a very exclusive restaurant Caleb. Only the rich folks go there and you need to be a member. It's some sort of yacht club," Gloria told him.

I sighed a sigh of relief and nervously drank my water.

"Oh ... oh ok..." Caleb said and gave me a weak smile.

"Yeah sorry kiddo, can't get you free food." I patted his hand.

Caleb turned slightly red.

"He's not going to be a kid anymore. My boy turns 18 on Halloween," Joseph said proudly.

I had almost forgotten it was going to be Caleb's birthday. I remembered when he was growing up he'd have the best birthday parties because his birthday landed on Halloween, which was my favorite holiday.

"Oh that's right! Any big plans for your birthday?" I asked my nephew.

He pushed his food around his plate and smiled shyly. "No ... not really. Just going to hang out with some friends."

"Are you going to wear a costume?" I asked him.

He laughed. "No, not this year."

"Aww, but that's the best part of Halloween."

"That's what I told him, but he insists he's too grown up for dress up and would rather hang out with his buddies than let us give him a birthday party," Joseph stated.

"Well, he must grow up sometime, Joseph," Gloria sassed.

"Hello, I'm right here guys," Caleb said.

"Yeah, you two just let him do what he wants. It'll be his day after all," I said backing up my nephew.

Caleb looked over at me and smiled. "Thanks," he mouthed and we went back to eating our dinner.

The next evening at work, before the start of our shift, our boss got all the girls together for a "meeting" of sorts.

"Ok look, Halloween is this week, so we decided it would be nice if you girls dressed up in costumes," Our boss Ronald said.

"Um don't we already do that?" Penny, a tall blonde stripper asked.

We all laughed. Ronald didn't think it was funny.

"Alright that's enough! Now, I'm serious. I want you all dressed in costumes. There is a requirement though. I think you should all dress up in super hero outfits. So pick one and let me know so we can send someone to go buy the costumes."

We all groaned. "Superheroes?" Danielle, a pretty brunette asked. "Can't we be like sexy nurses or sexy police women?"

"Ooh or how about princesses," Ruby, a short redhead asked.

Ronald sighed. "Look, I want superheroes ok? We did the sexy nurses last year remember? It's been done. Now tell me what superheroes you want to be," Ronald grabbed a notebook and pen and began to write down the information.

"Hmmm I guess I could be the female Green Lantern, since green goes so good with me," Ruby gushed.

Danielle giggled. "I'll be wonder woman."

Penny requested to be Catwoman.

Some of the other girls chose, sexy Robin costume, Super Girl, Spiderwoman and when it came to my turn, I immediately said "I'll be Bat Girl."

"Can we have wigs too? That would be fun!" Penny asked eagerly.

Ronald was writing down our requests. "Yeah, Yeah I guess."

"Good, I'd like to be blonde for one day," I laughed.

I hardly got to see my sister, Joseph or Caleb when I was home. I would work nights and they were all up during day time, when I was usually asleep. I figured it was better that way to avoid my sister from nagging me.

By the time I knew it, Halloween had arrived. I made it a priority to be up earlier that day so I could wish my nephew a happy birthday. To my disappointment, Gloria indicated that he was going to his friends house straight after school.

"I wanted to say happy birthday at least," I pouted.

Gloria shrugged. She had just arrived from work and was getting ready to start preparing dinner. "Just call him up."

"But I even got him a present," I said holding out a gift box that had a prepaid Visa card."

"You can give it to him tomorrow Melissa, I'm sure he won't mind."

"Yeah ... but today is his birthday ... oh well..." my voice trailed off when I noticed Gloria wasn't even paying attention to me. She was already turning on the stove and took started making a salad.

I shrugged it all off and went off to my room to get ready for work. I made sure to shower up good and put on some nice scented perfume. I held out my Halloween costume and smiled. It was going to be a fun night at work for sure.

I left the house nearly at ten that night and head off to work. I always wore jeans and t-shirt to work and never got ready until I arrived there. Once at work I spotted several of the girls dressed up already.

Ruby smiled in her Green Lantern outfit. "Well, what do you think?" She asked.

"Looks great. You're right, green is totally your color."

"Yes, I know," She beamed.

"That's weak, look at my costume," Danielle said spinning around in her Wonder Woman costume."

"You both look great. I got to get dressed myself," I passed them both up and went to my changing area.

The other girls were busy putting on their makeup and fixing up their wigs. Once I was finally dressed, I stared at myself in the mirror. I had to admit, I looked nothing like my usual self. The long blond wig and the black Batgirl mask hid my identity pretty well.

The costume was totally cute. It was strapless corset style top, black and yellow trim and with an official Batman logo on the front. The costume also had black gloves that had bat wings on them. The skirt was ruffled with a smaller Batman logo as well. It even came with a black cape. I put on my four inch spiked black heels to complete my sexy Batgirl look.

Ronald came in as I was examining myself in the mirror. "You ladies all look like superheroes! Good, good. Now let's get out there and make some money. We got some horny dudes out there looking for their superhero girls."

We all headed out to the front and noticed the club was really crowded that night. Some of the customers were dressed up as well.

I started making my rounds greeting the customers and smiling sweetly. Right away I had a request for two lap dances. One was for an older dude that looked like one of my dad's friends and the other was for a geeky looking dude that seemed really sweet.

We had several ways lap dances worked. If you paid twenty bucks you got a simple dance and we pulled down our tops and put our tits in your face. If you paid forty bucks, we did the same thing but we would grind on you for a while. If you paid hundred bucks, we would take you to the back room, which was called the Champagne room for a private one on one lap dance. In there, it was required you make a guy cum in his pants by grinding on him. The time limit was 20 minutes and there was always a bouncer there to make sure none of the girls were violated.

I had only done the champagne room once and it was with another man that looked like one of my dad's friends. Not very pleasant but, I got paid well.

As I was walking around I spotted Ruby and Danielle talking. I headed over their way. The DJ was playing "Saltshaker," by the Ying Yang Twins loudly.

"Hey, what are you two gossiping about?" I joked.

"No, nothing ... just looking over at that table over there at the barely legal guys," Danielle said over the loud music.

I craned my neck to look over where Ruby indicated. My eyes widened when I spotted my nephew Caleb sitting down with his group of buddies. I gasped and Danielle and Ruby gave me strange looks.

"What's wrong with you?" Danielle asked.

"N-nothing," I said and excused myself I headed towards the back where the dressing rooms were. I stood against the wall trying to breathe. What the hell was Caleb doing here? I wanted to call my sister up and tell her but then I knew Gloria would have a fit and get after my nephew. I couldn't rat him out like that. But then again what the hell was I supposed to do all night? I couldn't hide out. Ronald would probably fire me!

"Hey, why aren't you out there shaking your ass?"

I nearly jumped up when I heard Penny's voice.

"Shit! You scared me!"

She laughed. "Oh you thought I was Ronald huh? Be glad I'm not. He'd be pissed off if he knew you were out here hiding instead of making some money."

"Well don't say anything ok? I'm going out there. I was just feeling a little sick that's all."

"You need some medicine or something? I got some headache meds in my bag."

"N-no I'm fine. I just..." I took a deep breath. "I'm on my way out now," I said and headed back out.

I peaked around the corner, hoping that Caleb and his friends had left, but no luck. They were still there at the table and to top it all off, one of them was getting a lap dance from Danielle!

I slowly walked out and made rounds at the tables that were the furthest from where my nephew was. I did some short and easy lap dances for a few gentlemen. I was finished with my third lap dance when I felt someone tap my shoulder.

I turned to see Danielle standing behind me.

"Hey, birthday boy over there is requesting Batgirl," she said.

My heart began race. "W-what?" I asked nervously.

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