Like a Stud

by Marzy Dotes

Copyright© 2012 by Marzy Dotes

Erotica Sex Story: Just another day at a stud farm for Jack and Tamara in more ways than one.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

Tamara looked across the arena and knew she had to have a piece of him.

Jack stood in the middle of it while lunging Sun Devil, a magnificent piece of horse flesh who did as he asked. She knew that the stallion was in capable hands because Jack knew to ask not demand obedience from him. The last couple of people who had tried to push Sun Devil around had wound up in the hospital with broken bones and missing teeth.

She handled the stallion carefully herself, but then Sun Devil never had any problem with the females, whether the mares he serviced most of the week or the one woman who he allowed to stroke him, while she soothed him with a ballad.

That hadn't been Arlene the bored millionaire's wife that had been Jack's latest stepmother that had been Tamara his groom who had grown up alongside him even after her father had died. She had stayed at the ranch taking care of him during his stud career which had already raked Jack's father a lot of money for his coffers.

He's earned enough to buy a string of some of the hottest blooded mares that ever graced Colorado, certainly the south eastern corner where they all lived, just a couple miles out of Colton. That kept Tamara even more busy because they were all to be bred to Sun Devil in just a couple of months in between two waves of outside mares. She hoped that the stallion wouldn't be plumb worn out from all the mating but she figured he was more than up to the task.

Jack lunged him every several days to keep him fit, because he was just too risky to take riding, as spirited as he was these days.

She climbed up on the railing to sit and watch him, and after a few moments, he tugged the stallion gently toward him and Sun Devil turned his head and dug a hoof into the dirt a couple of times. Jack walked towards him gently and the stud just watched him. Jack had a nice pair of hands, firm yet gentle against the sensitive skin of a horse like Sun Devil and Tamara imagined they'd feel just as nice against a woman's skin.

Not that she'd know because there were some lines never meant to be crossed.

Jack was the son of one of the wealthiest men in the area whose father likely had picked out the filly he'd pair up with to birth his own children, the next generation of Montana's. It'd be some debutante daughter of one of Jack, sr.'s friends, someone that the son already knew quite well from hanging out at the same social functions.

Wild Forks was a small town and everyone who lived in it from the cluster of millionaires, the big time farmers and ranchers to the poorest sharecroppers knew their places. She and Jack had gone to school together from junior high to high school but they had never hung out together except when Tamara came to take care of Sun Devil. When her father, a sharecropper died, everyone assumed she'd leave town to go live with some distant relatives but she took over the stead and worked it when she hadn't been in school or tending to the stallion. Even Jack's own father knew that she had a way with his prize horse that no one else had, he just didn't think she would have any place with his son.

That was fine with her; she understood the rules, unwritten as they were in this town. She didn't want to marry Jack; she just wanted a piece of him.

She jumped down off the fence into the arena while he approached, and she walked up slowly to Sun Devil who looked at her with interest. She stroked him softly while Jack held onto him.

"You want me to take him in?"

He nodded, handing her the shank once he detached the lunge rope.

"I'll be there in a moment," he said, "I got to make a call ... I need to talk to you about something."

Her brows arched up.

"What ... you can tell me here."

He looked at her a moment.

"No ... it can wait ... I'll see you in the barn."

She watched him leave the arena and then turned to scratch Sun Devil's jaw.

"Come on, we'd better get a move on okay, and get you settled," she said, "I think you have a full book of mares tomorrow."

He lifted his head up so she would stroke his neck and after that, they both headed to the barn.

Jack made his call and then watched as Tamara walked into the barn, leading Sun Devil who seemed to be more relaxed around her. That's why his father kept her on to take care of him paying good money so she'd spend more hours. Jack, the son liked that she took good care of his father's best stud.

But that wasn't the only reason he liked her.

He appreciated her beauty, even considering her outfit of worn jeans and an old long sleeve shirt that buttoned up the front like a man's. Maybe her father had worn it and she needed something to remember him by, maybe it had just been through the laundry so much, it had softened enough to feel comfortable next to her skin. Jack had always considered Tamara to be beautiful but in the last year she had truly blossomed. Her lean body had developed curves, which her clothes couldn't completely hide and her curly dark hair had settled into waves as it grew past her shoulders. She wore it in a thick pony tail most of the time, but on rare days like today, it hung loose.

Her hazel eyes were intelligent; her mouth fully lipped, with a hint of gloss, the only sign of makeup she ever wore around him. She smelled of honeysuckle and lilac and he only wonder what she tasted like.

Jack knew that he should stay away from where his mind took him. He knew his father had women lined up, all daughters of his friends to date and mingle with until he picked his future bride. He had dabbled with quite a few of them, probably more than his daddy would have liked, because times had changed and men took women out on test drives before settling down with just one. Not to mention that his latest stepmother, just a few years older than him had been flirting with him like crazy, and he had breathed a sigh of relief when she finally had jetted off to France on an extended holiday with other bored trophy wives. His father hadn't wanted a life partner since his mother died when he was a child in a car accident, he wanted a woman who looked good on his arm at parties and didn't spend too much of his money in one spot.

He knew that Arlene cheated on his father but he also knew his father didn't care, as long as she was discreet. But he assumed he might, if she dallied with his son so Jack had kept his distance, not that he had been his tempted because his father's bride hadn't caught his eye.

The woman who had the way with his father's prize stud had done that instead and she had just walked into the barn.

Jack put away his phone and walked into the barn. He heard a voice humming slightly, maybe slipping some words in there and when he turned the corner, he saw her stroking the mane of the stallion, while he brushed her shoulder with his nose.

"That's a nice picture..."

She stopped humming and looked at him, pushing a strand of hair off of her face.

"He's settling down," she said, "He knows he's got a busy today tomorrow."

Jack leaned against a stall door on the end and sighed.

"Got some mares early tomorrow ... at least their stalls are available."

She shrugged.

"I got paid extra to clean them this morning," she said, "I had some extra help on the stead so the next couple days, it won't be any problem."

He nodded.

"I'll be in the tack room if you need me."

Ah yes, she thought, his office away from the house. It had been an actual tack room once but it had since been renovated into two compartments, an office and a groom's room containing of a cot and a chest of drawers for clothes. Only they hadn't needed to house anyone in it this summer.

She stroked Sun Devil's mane softly, as she thought about the work tomorrow. To bathe the mare's privates and prepare them to be bred to him ... with Jack in charge of the teaser horse used to make sure they were in heat before they were brought to the shed ready to be mounted by Sun Devil ... who could do it on cue, with assistance of course to make sure the mating between two nearly two ton creatures went smoothly. She would watch of course ... fascinated by the sheer power and domination of the stud, yet with his fierceness in check replaced almost by as close to tenderness as a stallion could ever reach.

The mares never balked but submitted to the powerful control of the stud, obeying nature's design for them without question. So much different than relations between men and women ... but she thought about what it'd be like if she were a mare eagerly awaiting her stud to mount her, grab a hold of her neck in his teeth not hard enough to bruise while he thrust his stiffened cock inside of her pussy.

Her panties dampened right now just thinking about it and she looked towards the tack room. Her breasts tightening beneath her shirt, as she left Sun Devil. No she couldn't, she wouldn't.

She would just talk with him, shoot the breeze as she often did ... they wouldn't touch.

She knocked on the partly open door.

"Come on in..."

She did and stood there watching him working at his desk.

"He's relaxing ... I'll put his feed in about an hour."

Jack smiled, closing a ledger.

"You take great care of him," he said, "You have a way with stallions."

She shrugged.

"They're just like teenage boys," she said, "only they can throw more weight around."

"True ... but he's got 10 mares tomorrow," he said, "that will take a bit of the edge off."

She just looked at him sitting there, dressed in similar attire as her, only his body looked hard underneath his clothes whereas hers was soft. He was lean but well muscled, the kind of build that came from working hard day in and day out. Unlike other millionaire sons, Jack worked as hard as any ranch hand, harder as if he were fully aware of the legacy that would be handed to him someday and wanted to make his mark on it before then.

His arms were roped with muscle, beneath his shirt and she just knew his abs had to be flat with all the riding and the hauling that he did every day and his legs stretched the denim that sheathed them, the fabric sculpted to his ass and his package up front, from what she could tell, very nice.

She felt her mouth go dry and cleared her throat a couple times. He gazed up at her then.

"Anything wrong Tamara?"

She shook her head.

"I just wonder what it's like sometimes to be like him ... to have some of most fundamental decisions made by others and have no choice in it."

Jack studied her.

"A stallion's number one instinct is to mount mares Tamara, you know that," he said, "At least Sun Devil doesn't have to fight another stallion or two to the death for that right."

Well he had a point, but she still often thought about it, how perfunctory an act of nature had become for him and others of his kind, not to mention the mares that were trussed up waiting for the stallion.

"Yeah well, what about the mares?"

His lips curled into a smile.

"What about them ... they wind up with a foal for their few minutes of standing there."

She wandered to the window, looking out into the clearing.

"What is it you really want to know Tamera," he said, "Do you wish you were one of those mares?"

She turned around and looked at him, her eye arched.

"What about you ... I heard you're quite the stud already ... got those fillies all lined up for you by your daddy to try out before taking your pick."

He sighed, folding his arms.

"That's a rather clinical way of putting it."

She shrugged, and then turned her back on him again.

"I work on a stud farm, how else can I be?"

He grew silent for a moment and she heard some movement behind her. Maybe he'd gotten up from his chair. She didn't look to see.

"Say you were one of those mares Tamara ... standing there with your tail twitching, not in a shed but out in a field somewhere, and some stud came walking up to you taking a sniff of pussy to see if you were ready for him."

"Depends on what he looks like and if he shuts the door on the way out."

Jack didn't believe that Tamara was as casual about it as she sounded as he walked towards her. Next thing she knew she felt his hands on her shoulders and his breath on the back of her neck, which made it tingle.

"What if he came up to you like this..."

She felt him pressing against her back, the crotch of his jeans pressing against her ass with two layers of denim and at least on her side, some lace panties in between them. She swallowed noisily when she realized how hard he felt against her, a sensation which dampened her panties some more.

"Like what Jack?"

He heard the playfulness in her voice intermixed with tension. He parted the hair off of her neck with one hand while stroking her neck with his callused fingers, before his lips brushed against the nape. She shivered in response, not expecting his action at all. His lips caressed her neck, softly at first and then more playfully with a little bit of teeth. She found herself leaning back against him as his hands slid down her body to settle on her waist.

"Look out the window Tamara ... and don't stop no matter what."

She tried to look at him.

"Eyes out the window ... no cheating..."


"Because you're the mare and you ever see one look behind her?"

No, not in a breeding shed but she wasn't a broodmare and he wasn't a stallion, but she did as he told her ... because his mouth had returned to worshipping her neck, nipping it which sent her blood racing all the way down to her pussy.

"I'm not looking back..."

He whispered into his ear between kisses.

"Good ... because in this game, I'm the stud ... and I've got something for you."

She figured as much but really he was talking crazy because they were just two people who worked together, they didn't hang out together and that was because they knew they didn't run in the same crowds.

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