A Great Neighborhood

by Everydayguy

Copyright© 2012 by Everydayguy

Erotica Sex Story: A nasty story about a neighborhood that enjoys some gay encounters but also some wild party times. Not for the squeamish or homophobes

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Gay   Heterosexual   Swinging   Group Sex   .

The neighborhood is getting better and better. The neighbor to my right is a flamer with a darling Latino wife who protects his image. She often has female visitors when I know he's on the prowl. I've seen the guy at ABS and even made sure one time I knew what booth he went into and served him some of my dick through the glory hole. Loved the act of blowing a load down his throat. So far, I've never let him see me at the stores and one time at a men's club. Just don't want him coming next door for more than I would want.

Now the guy on my left is a single guy, about forty-five plus but what is fascinating about him is he is a power lifter. He's only about five nine or ten but weighs an easy two-fifty to two-seventy-five and is all hairy muscle. The man is a serious competitor and works out with other power lifters one evening a week and on Saturday or Sunday mornings when they don't have a meet. I've been invited to join them but I can hardly spot for them as they all bench from three-fifty up and do their big lifting with up to near a thousand pounds.

The guys who work out with (I'll call him) Jim are all either divorced or single. I didn't think too much about it but after a couple of the workouts I attended, the men would shower off at an outdoor shower, then relax in a warm not hot Jacuzzi. I think it was the second time I was there for the Saturday work out, the five of us were all in the tub together when my neighbor Jim was pressed up to me on one side and Bret was another monster pressed up to me on the other.

I love guys and if anyone could see through the bubbles they could have seen my dick sticking up for attention. I was enjoying the camaraderie with the guys when my neighbors slid his hand over my thigh and grasped my cock. He had been talking to another lifter and didn't even miss a beat as he stroked me.

That was fun but I was almost going to be embarrassed when big Bret on the other side of me slid his hand over my other thigh and encountered Jim's hand. Instead of pulling away, he cupped my balls giving me one hell of a sensation.

One of the guys across from me said, "Dean, you are just about the right size for us to do some curls with. I think I could hold you up and slide you up and down my cock. Damn, that would be so good to get my arms stretched out and dump a load at the same time."

;Jim leaned to me, "I've seen you at a club or two before when Bret and I were out trolling. All these guys love cock and ass the same as you. I think you and I like some pussy when we can get it too but you and me need to get to be better buddies. How about se put a gate in the fence between our back yards. I know you'll respect my privacy and I think you know I'll respect yours. But no sense in us having an old load to blow when help is fifty feet away."

With one hand, Bret slid his big hand under my butt and lifted me out of the water to sit me on the rim of the tub. Jim leaned over and tried to swallow me but I'm a little over nine inches and very thick. Not Coke can size but close. After attempting to jam my cock down his throat, Jim pulled Bret's head to my dick and said, "You try it. You seem to handle Frankie and he's almost that big."

Bret could get the job done and I was soon rubbing Bret's crew cut telling him I was about to unload. While Bret sucked me up, the other three massive men rubbed their hands all over my body and massaged my balls and ass hole. I let loose a really full load that choked Bret but he stayed right with it.

Jim led me from the tub back to the padded workout room and reached for a coffee can to show me it was full of condoms. There was a giant size bottle of flavored KY that he took down too as he had me lay back on a weight bench.

He pulled my butt to the edge of the bench and buried his face in my ass crack and really worked my hole over. Bret was further stimulating me while on his knees feeding me his nice size cock. I did notice the other two lifters on the floor in a sixty-nine so this was going to be a real orgy.

In minutes, Jim had my hole lubed and three of his fat fingers opening me up. After covering his nice shaft, he worked it in my hole and began giving me some full-length strokes that raked across my prostate. Jim must have been really wound up tight as he began playing with his own nipples and thrust into me bottoming with every stroke. Just as Bret began oozing his load into my mouth, I felt Jim's dick swell and jerk as he filled the condom.

As Jim pulled his dick from my ass, he leaned over me pulling my face to his and licked up Bret's cream that had escaped my lips. Jim gave me a quick kiss and wink before telling me, "These other two guys would like to have a shot at you if you're willing."

I was all smiles as my ass was tingling and my dick was ramrod hard. Larry covered up a rather small dick and slid in without hardly any lube. He and Frankie must have been getting each other right on the edge as Larry was going for the finish line almost instantly. Frankie was kneeling at my head and attempting to feed me his whopper. This guys cock was thicker and longer than mine.

Almost as soon as Larry pulled his cock out and stripped off his condom, Frankie was suited up slathering lube on his dick and my ass hole. He began working his big cock into my ass but had hold of my cock sliding his hand up and down. By the time I was used to Frankie's king size dick, he was on his short strokes but Jim, seeing this, leaned over my middle between Frankie and me and sucked me into his mouth.

Seconds later, I was filling Jim's mouth and Frankie was filling his condom.

The five of us were all sitting back breathing heavy when Jim said, "Now you know how we relax after a good work out. You can come over and work out with us but I won't let you lift a lot of weight. You have to lift for years before you can double your weight on a press. I'll show you how we do it but you might just enjoy yourself watching and helping us relax afterward."

After that visit, I didn't go over for every work out session but I did go four or five times a month. Some times there's a couple more men but there isn't any playtime when they are there. Jim does call and invite me over for an evening and I have him come visit with me as well.

Across the street from Jim lives a good looking young couple with three kids. They are really friendly and we have socialized a little with a beer or drink on occasion. It was Jim that clued me in. He said, "If you want, I'll mention to them that you are good company the next time they send their kids to grandmas." I knew the couple sent the three boys to grandmas at least twice a month on Friday and or Saturday night. I knew they often went out with the young couple next to them who also had a little boy but I had seen Jim visit with them on weekends occasionally. Jim added, "Those two are really hot and he loves to watch his wife getting really well serviced. I think he likes getting you ready the most but he also enjoys cleaning her up after you do her good."

Now this is getting to be a good neighborhood.

Tom and Jan the neighbors across from Jim waved at me as I was getting ready to head to work on a Friday morning. When I stopped, Jan came up to the window and leaned in with her arms resting on the window sill giving me a good look down her loose blouse. She said, "We're having some folks over this evening and thought you might enjoy joining us. Jim will be there so you won't be like odd man out."

Not remembering Jim's conversation, I agreed, "I'd love to. What can I bring?"

Jan said, "Any kind of snack food. Some veggies would be good.:

"I'll bring a finger vegetable tray and some ranch dip. How about some booze?"

Jan winked at me and told me, "We might do a little 420 but we stay away from booze so we don't get dull. Come over and enjoy our group."

While I was at work, Jim called me and asked, "Did I see you talking to Jan this morning? Did she ask you to the party tonight?"

"She did Jim but it wasn't like you described. She said there were going to be a group of people."

"I know," Jim sighed. "I've only been to a couple of those parties and it was really something. There were five couples there that were all very friendly. I need to ask you something Dean. Do you have a recent health check? I just did mine this past week again but those people enjoy going bareback and need a health guarantee."

"How lucky, I was at the doc's Monday and did the Quest thing. You know my doc, Satterly, as he treats a lot of wrestlers and body builders that swing the way we does."

"Oh yeah, I know Satterly and his skinny dick. The guy loves to check your prostate then fuck a load up you. That guy squirts a pint every time he comes." Jim took a breath, "That's a good deal so we can do a good job on Jan or some of the other women there. You'll have to watch out for Tom as he really enjoys sucking a load. Save it for the babes and after everyone is gone, Tom likes to get fucked. Between you and me, we'll have both Tom and Jan walking funny."

I exclaimed, "Don't ya just love our neighborhood?"

"Oh yeah," Jim said with an obvious smile.

Now I wanted the day to hurry up and be time to go over to Tom's. Since they were young parents, their parties started early, around seven, instead of the traditional nine o'clock in the evenings.

After work, I showered, shaved, cleaned up the few hairs around my crotch and put on a pair of shorts and a knit shirt with some sandals. I had seen Tom dressed that way on the way home so I figured that was the dress code.

Just before seven I knocked on Jim's door and he came out instantly. He was also in shorts, shirt, and sandals. We were both excited and almost giggling on the way.

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