Adventure on a Topless Beach

by Priapus

Copyright© 2012 by Priapus

True Sex Story: Based (almost exactly) on a true story: a college-aged couple go for a stroll on a topless beach. They encounter an older couple, first on the beach, and then again in a spot in the woods where they go to make-out.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Swinging   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   .

In college my first girlfriend (I'll call her Karen ... not her real name) was probably the most sexually adventurous woman I've known in the 30 years that I've been sexually active (starting with her). We lived in a city on the Gulf of Mexico on the southwestern coast of Florida, and while we lived there the far north end of one of the barrier island's beaches was known as the "topless" beach. It was never officially sanctioned as a topless beach, but the authorities mostly left folks to their own devices.

There was a wooded area behind this beach that was really an intricate maze of mangrove, sand, and Australian pine trees. I say it was a maze because the area was "cruised" regularly by gay men, who created secluded paths through regular traffic and build shelters and hideaways with branches and bushes.

Karen was a gorgeous, raven haired girl with blue eyes, naturally tanned skin, tiny A-cup breasts, with a knockout bubble butt and great legs. She loved to show off, and loved the attention she got from exhibiting her hot body to appreciative audiences.

I loved to buy her clothes and shoes that showed her off, so we were a perfect pair (at least in that sense ... there were other issues that eventually led to an end of the relationship.) We had gone to one of the local bikini places and gotten her a nice string bikini that showed off her greatest asset, and a wrap to make the outfit presentable on the walk up the "prude" part of the beach before we got to the north end.

We had gone up to the beach a few times before we eventually broke up, but this was one of two times that really stand out in my mind.

On this occasion, we had just been walking up and down the beach. She was topless, her pert brown nipples tempting me. She had the wrap on over the string bottoms. I hadn't been able to convince her to go the woods with me, yet, but we made out a little bit on the beach, and I was making some headway on the idea of finding a spot for us to be even more intimate.

When we got down the beach, close to one of the entrances into the wooded paths, there was an older couple, maybe mid-forties (they were older compared to us, I was 18 and she was 19 at the time) that we hadn't seen on our last pass through the area.

They were lying on a blanket up near where the dunes gave way to pines, beside a felled tree that blocked us from seeing them until we were practically on top of them. They looked up and smiled.

The woman was topless, with firm C-cups and broad pink nipples. She also wore a wrap skirt covering down to her knees. She was lying on her back facing the man, with her knees bent, and was teasing the curly hair of his lower belly just above the waistband of his Speedo.

The man was lying flat on his back, with one arm reached over cupping his lady's breast. He had a thick hard-on visible in his tight swimsuit.

We startled them a little bit, appearing suddenly from behind the tangle of roots at the base of the fallen tree. I apologized, and they both smiled and looked us over in a rather obvious way.

I had my arm over my girlfriend's shoulder, and reached down to take her stiff little brown nipple in my fingers when I noticed the man doing the same thing. We slowed down, but didn't stop walking, and just as we were even with the woman she lifted one knee, making a tent of her wrap and exposing her naked, unshaven pussy to the two of us.

I had to pause and smile appreciatively at the beautiful sight. I looked up at her and she was smiling right back, as was the man. Without further discussion between us, I led Karen into the woods, down the path 30 or 40 feet to another downed tree. The trunk was parallel to the ground, just below waist height, forming a long natural bench.

I pressed my girl up against the tree and kissed her hard, pushing my erection against her pelvis as I lowered and stepped out of my nylon running shorts. I draped the shorts over the tree-trunk and turned around and leaned back against it, untying my girl's wrap and draping it over the trunk next to me. I was standing naked with my erection throbbing in the sunlight, with my girlfriend dressed in nothing more than a triangle of knitted material covering her black-haired bush.

She dropped to her knees in front of me and held me by the balls. She smiled wickedly, and without a word I knew what she meant.

"Oh, yeah..." I responded as she engulfed the head between her wet lips and started working on the shaft with her hands.

"Looks like someone found a little piece of paradise." It was the man, walking hand in hand with his lady down the path we had just taken to get here. "Mind if we join you?"

Karen never stopped her suction as I responded "Not at all." The woman put her own wrap over the tree trunk, and proper herself against it. She was completely naked, and sitting less than a foot away from me. Her man stepped out of his Speedos, revealing a hard, impressive erection, and knelt down next to where my girlfriend knelt. He spread his lady's legs, leaning forward to lick her wet pussy. I coul smell her sex in the soft warm breeze.

The woman started narrating the action in a whisper. She was a talker. "Oh, that's good, baby, lick me." She spread her legs wider to allow him better access, and first her knee, then her lower thigh came in contact with mine.

This was my first experience with any kind of exhibitionistic sex, and I was enormously aroused. My girlfriend reached up with one hand to stroke my shaft and the other she used to press the lady's knee harder against my leg.

The woman reached down and held my girlfriend's hand as she continued to narrate for her man. "She's really doing a job on his cock, honey. Looks like she gives great head. I bet you'd love to have her suck your dick."

The man grunted in agreement. His lips and tongue were on his woman's sex, but his eyes were all over me and my girlfriend. "He has a really nice cock, would you want him to fuck me with that cock, baby?"

The man grunted again, and tried to move Karen's hand up his lady's thigh, but my girlfriend resisted ... I guess she wasn't ready to go quite that far. She was adventurous, but it was tempered with a coy girlish quality that made her still seem innocent.

Instead, Karen led the woman's hand up my thigh, and to the base of my cock. "Mmm," the lady said as she squeezed my dick, "I'm touching him, honey. She wants me to play with him while she sucks."

I had to stop my girlfriend at that point, because I almost erupted, and I wanted to make this situation last as long as I could. I decided it was Karen's turn for oral attention, and reached down to get her to stand up.

As much as I wanted to shoot my cum down her throat, Karen was the only one of us not completely naked and I wanted to show off her young firm co-ed body. After what the other woman had just said, I was really hoping that I'd get to watch Karen suck his cock or, better yet, watch Karen go down on the other woman. It's always been a fantasy of mine to watch my girl going down on another person, and maybe join her.

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