Fishing in Heaven

by crotalusw

Copyright© 2012 by crotalusw

Erotica Sex Story: When Natasha and I reconnected, I found out how much she enjoyed fishing. To my pleasant surprise, she wanted to join me for a holiday weekend in the mountains for some fishing and fun, and I was more than excited to accept!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I admit it, I was nervous. I know a guy isn't supposed to get nervous, but I'd had feelings growing for Natasha for quite a while and this was the first opportunity to be alone with her for an extended period of time.

What was going to happen? Anything? Were any of my fantasies and dreams going to come true or were we going to enjoy a platonic weekend together?

My fantasies and dreams had been rather explicit from time to time. Generally, they were just overall feelings of happiness every time we talked. There was a definite connection between us.

Several years before that weekend, she joined the firm where I worked. My first thought was that when she smiled, she looked very pretty and I had hoped that we'd get along really well. At first, we didn't have much time to get together because I was stationed at a remote work site. After that job finished, I was pulled back into the main office and found the opportunity to get to know her better.

And I liked what I saw.

Not only was she very pretty with black hair and dark eyes, a shapely figure with large breasts, and a very engaging smile, but she also had a terrific sense of humor and a wonderful head on her shoulders. I found myself looking for chances to make myself stand out from the rest of the guys in the office.

I think it worked, too. She seemed to like me and we built a rather nice friendship.

Unfortunately for me, she was married. I know that some women didn't mind fooling around behind their husband's back, but she wasn't one of them. She seemed rather dedicated to her marriage and the vows she took when she married her husband. I had to respect her for that. My thoughts of her were relegated to the fantasy world in my mind.

Then, one day, another coworker asked me for the web link to my erotic stories. I thought she was interested in reading them, herself, but it turned out that she wanted to share them with Natasha. I was a little surprised to hear that Natasha might be interested in reading my stuff, but was actually rather pleased to hear it. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and hearing the positive feedback I'd received. Every time someone new read my stuff, I would get an erotic thrill. I began to imagine Natasha reading my stories and having her body respond with increased breath, hardened nipples, and her pussy moistening as she imagined my stories occurring with her in them.

After that, I started to wonder just how far I could push Natasha toward naughty thoughts and instances. I wondered what she would be willing to do; I hoped she would want to explore sexual ideas with me.

When the firm let me go, I wondered just how much I'd be able to maintain my friendship with my friends. I figured it wouldn't be too hard if I was still in the Valley. There were a lot of people there, though, that lost their jobs so it became really tough to find a job. I did get one offer, though. It was 700 miles away, though. That would definitely cut into lunch meetings with my friends! It was my only offer, however, so I took it and moved away from the place I'd lived for the last dozen years.

The new place was perfect for fishing and I soon found myself catching the fishing bug. I would go fishing after work or on the weekends and started to post pictures online for my friends to see. I wanted them to see some of the benefits I had with my new location.

To my pleasant surprise, I received an e-mail from Natasha to rebuild our friendship. We realized just how much we'd missed each other and wanted to reconnect. Since I was fishing so much, it became part of my regular narrative. Because of that, I learned that she liked to fish a lot; it brought back a lot of fond memories from her childhood. We would often share our fishing stories and how much we would like to go fishing together, all the time realizing that it wouldn't likely happen.

Adding to the fact that she liked fishing was the fact that she'd spent much of her youth in the area near where I was born. We knew some of the same places and had enjoyed some of the same things. We both really enjoyed that area of the country, though neither one of us lived there any more.

Along with our fishing stories, we started to share more of our sexual ideas and I realized just how deliciously sexual she was. She was very interested in sex and had tried many things, some of which I'd only imagined. She loved to please her man and really enjoyed receiving her own pleasure. As we talked, I learned more about her and what she looked like and some of her likes and dislikes, and I realized just how compatible our tastes were.

I started to imagine trips with her, reliving some of the fantasies from the past and adding new details from our more recent conversations. I also started to seriously imagine going out camping and fishing with her. It became one of my favorite fantasies. Making love to a beautiful woman out in the wilderness had been a fantasy for a long time and finding out that she enjoyed that, too, just intensified those feelings.

Imagine my surprise when she told me that she needed to get away from the Valley and wanted to enjoy the coming Memorial Day weekend with me! It felt like a dream-come-true, but I was also really unsure just how to proceed. I knew some of the things I definitely wanted to do, but also didn't want to destroy our friendship. However, there was no way I was not going to take her up on the idea. I hadn't seen her in almost two years, except in my mind, and really wanted to spend time with her.

We agreed that fishing was the best way to spend that weekend. Not only would we get to spend some time together, but we'd be doing something we both really enjoyed and we'd be removed from other people enough that we could relax and let the World disappear into the background.

As it turned out, the area in which we'd enjoyed our youth was about halfway between our two locations, so it was the perfect place for us to spend the weekend. We'd get to enjoy the absolutely beautiful scenery and the wonderful fishing there, without either having to drive an extra long way.

We spent some time online coordinating things and deciding on the perfect location. There was a reservoir up in the mountains near there that held a lot of good memories for her and about which I'd heard wonderful fishing tales. We figured that would be one of the places we would definitely have to go. There was a campground not too far from there that was also within easy driving distance of a few rivers and streams, so multiple fishing types were going to be available to us. We purchased our fishing licenses online for that weekend and also made reservations for the campground, both of us lamenting the lost time when nobody made reservations, but just enjoyed the camping. I owned a two-bedroom tent, so we figured that would work well for sleeping arrangements and we had a mixture of cooking equipment that we'd be able to share. We each had our sleeping bags and air mattresses, along with other personal items we might want. I had plenty of fishing gear for both of us, but she had a bit that she would bring, as well. We figured out a good menu and split up the shopping duties so we could both have some things that we knew we liked.

Everything seemed to be in order.

That's when the nerves hit. I started to realize just how real this was getting and that's when I started to wonder just what she had in mind. I was afraid to ask for fear that she'd back out if she knew I was considering sexual options. I definitely didn't want her to back out.

As the weekend approached, I took care of my shopping list and pulled my camping gear out and made sure it was clean and in good, working order. Having those things to do helped get my mind off my worries and helped me look forward to the weekend with anticipation more than nerves. My nerves dissipated as I realized that it wouldn't matter what she had in mind aside from the fishing and camping. We were going to have a good time and enjoy the company, the surroundings, and the fishing. I was happy enough with that to not worry about anything sexual that might or might not happen.

By the time the day came for me to head out, I was almost giddy with excitement. It had been too long since I had time to go camping and I was ready for it. I put everything in the car, double-checking to make sure I had everything there that I'd promised to bring with me. I locked the house and climbed into the car, ready to go. I had filled the gas tank the previous night so didn't have to stop anywhere on my way out of town.

As music blared from my stereo, I drove down the road with a smile on my face. I sang along to the best songs and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of going on a trip, the wind blowing in through the open window sending feelings of pure life coursing through my veins. I was in heaven.

Of course, had I known how the weekend would turn out, I would have realized that I was only on my way to heaven, that though it was wonderful, I wasn't there, yet!

My trip went very well and I pulled into the campground with an easy smile on my face. I drove around until I found the campsite that was ours for the weekend. I saw my name on the post and took a quick look at the arrangement. It was going to be perfect. The site wasn't in the middle of everything, but on the edge, which would afford us some privacy. There was plenty of parking for both of our cars. The site seemed fairly large and had a tent pad that looked large enough for the tent I'd brought so it would be easy to set up camp. The restrooms were close enough that it would be easy to get there, but not so close that we'd have people walking around near our site all the time. There was also a water faucet nearby, which would make cooking and cleanup a lot easier.

I backed into the parking area, leaving enough room for her car, and started to unload my gear. Since she hadn't arrived yet, I wasn't sure how she liked camp set up so I didn't worry too much about the cooking area, but I did put a tablecloth on the table and put much of my cleaner items on that. I also decided it was a good idea to set up the tent and took it over to the tent area.

As I unrolled the tent, I noticed that it would just fit within the tent pad. I had forgotten how big the tent was, having grown up with smaller, three-man tents. Still, it fit well so I placed the stakes in the base and put the poles in place. Once the poles were securely in place, the tent stood up proudly and looked good. I was just attaching the tent fly when Natasha pulled up to the site.

She looked a little tired from her drive, but the smile she gave me when she saw me erased any of that from her face and her eyes shown with complete happiness. I dropped the mallet I'd been using on the tent stakes and went over to her to give her a big hug. She felt so very good within my arms, her arms wrapped tightly around me. I felt absolutely wonderful to be there with her.

"It feels so good to be here," she said with a huge smile, looking around at the beauty of the forest around the campground.

"It really does, doesn't it?" I agreed. "I just love the feeling up here!"

I showed her how close the restroom was and where the water faucet was located. Then I started to help her unload the gear from her car. As we worked, we discussed how we would set up the campsite and found out that we had the same feelings and ideas about how things should be. That just added to the bond we'd created. Everybody tends to like things there way, but to find out that our ways were so similar just made it that much better.

Once we had the main campsite area set up, we went over to the tent and I showed her how it was divided by a hanging curtain. I grabbed my air mattress and put it in my side of the tent, getting ready to inflate it, as she put her own bedding into her side of the tent. I had a foot pump that filled up my mattress pretty quickly. When Natasha looked in to check my progress, she saw that it was a queen-sized mattress and raised her eyebrow at me.

"I like my space," I said with a grin.

She laughed at that and then winked and asked, "Always?"

"Of course! It's just that sometimes I want others in my space with me!"

We laughed at that and she went out to finalize the cooking area. It was getting later in the afternoon and would soon be time for dinner.

I watched her work a bit, thinking about her comments and wondered, again, just what she had in mind for the trip. I also realized that the relationship that we'd been building over the last year or so was still pretty solid and included jokes about sexuality, which I really enjoyed.

It was going to be a very good weekend!

I finished inflating my air mattress and then put my blankets and pillow in place. I figured I didn't need my sleeping bag since it felt like it'd be fairly warm. Once that was all organized, I went out to see what I could do to help with dinner.

We had decided that hobo dinners would be perfect for that first night. They're easy to fix and don't have a lot of dishes. We didn't want to start the weekend with a lot of cleanup chores.

Natasha had the potatoes out and was peeling them. The meat was there, though she preferred a turkey burger to the beef that I liked. I gathered some wood and proceeded to start a fire. We'd need some good coals in order to be able to cook the dinners well, so I built a fast-burning fire that would create plenty of hot coals in a hurry. The wood in the area was rather dry, which helped, but also had me watching for errant sparks to be sure we didn't cause any problems.

Once the fire was going, I went back to the table to help cut up the onions. Once the various goodies were ready, we pulled out the foil and made up the dinners. There was a little time before the coals would be ready, so we cleaned up a little bit and then pulled out the folding chairs to sit by the fire and chat while it burned down.

We soon realized that our relationship was solid. Though it had been almost two years since we'd last seen each other, face to face, our chats online had been so vivid and truthful that it was as if we'd just seen each other last week. We both felt very comfortable with each other and were able to be open and to share things easily. In our "real" lives, we were both a little shy about sharing our feelings and being too open, but I guess our time online had destroyed any of that shy feeling between us, so we were able to just be there together as our true selves. And it felt terrific!

Before too long, the fire was dying down and the coals looked perfect. I spread the coals out a bit so as not to burn the food then put the dinners where they'd cook best. It looked like we'd have our meals ready in about twenty minutes.

Our chat continued and I learned that she and her husband were having a tough go of things. Life had just taken a turn for them that made things very different from what they had expected and she was finding it more and more difficult to spend time with him. The guy she'd married turned out to be someone different from the guy he became once they'd said their vows. For the most part, she could handle his new persona, but the latest changes he was making were extremely difficult for her to be able to overlook. That was a big reason she needed to get away that weekend.

Of course, I had an internal battle going on at that point. My friend was hurting from her marriage and that made me want to comfort her and help her find a way through the quagmire in which she'd found herself to a happy future with her husband. I wanted to be able to find the key that would make her new life more palatable. The other side of me was hoping that the change in her marriage would lead to something between the two of us. I chuckled at the thought of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.

"What's so funny?" she asked, afraid that I was laughing at her troubles.

I couldn't lie to her, so I said, "Oh, I was just listening to the angel and devil sitting on my shoulders."

She seemed to know what was on my mind and smiled at me. Then she looked into my eyes, a mischievous twinkle in her own, and asked, "Which one is winning?"

"To be honest," I said, "I'm not really sure. They've got a definite battle going on here! I guess I would say, if either one had any sort of edge, it'd be the devil."

That brought a grin to her beautiful face and that really helped push the devil ahead.

"Do you suppose they're done?" she asked.

At first, I thought she was talking about the angel and devil, but then I noticed that she was looking at the dinners on the coals and so I did a little mental check on the timing and decided they might be. I got my gloves on and a fork to test the tenderness of the potatoes then pulled a dinner from the coals. I opened it and checked the vegetables. The food smelled so good that my stomach started to rumble a bit. Luckily, the vegetables felt soft enough and I pronounced them ready to eat.

She got her utensils as I pulled the other meal from the fire. I put them on the plates she brought over and then added a couple of smaller logs to the coal bed and placed a larger log over the top of them. I knew the heat from the coals would catch the smaller logs on fire and that they'd feed to the larger, giving us a nice campfire to enjoy while we ate.

With a little salt and pepper, along with some ketchup, I found the meal to be outstanding. I love hobo dinners anyway, but eating them while camping in the mountains is a special sort of something.

While we ate, we got to talking about the fishing we'd planned to do the following day. We discussed various methods we'd use, whether using bait or lures. I'd brought some Velveeta and worms along with the usual power bait and salmon eggs. Of course, I had my lures and various other items we could try. She didn't have as much tackle, but it sounded like we'd be pretty set to cover a number of options. We were both pretty excited at the prospect of catching some nice trout.

After we'd finished eating, we quickly cleaned up the few dishes that were dirty and then went back to sit by the fire. We enjoyed some of those comfortable silences that good friends and family can enjoy while staring at a fire.

I've long enjoyed fire. It's so beautiful and is incredibly mesmerizing for me. I just sat there watching it for a while, getting lost in the flickering flames.

Suddenly, I felt a little chilled and looked up from the flames to notice that the sun was just going down. I could feel a bit of a breeze come up that was making me feel cool. I'd forgotten how often that happened in the mountains.

"I need to get a sweatshirt," I said, rising from my chair.

"That sounds like a really good idea," agreed Natasha, also getting up to follow me toward the tent.

When I unzipped the door to the tent, she was standing close to me, even closer than I expected. I must admit, I felt a stirring in my jeans as I noticed how close she was. Once the door to the tent was open, we went inside and separated to our sides of the tent. I quickly grabbed my sweatshirt and pulled it on. I then turned and started to leave the tent. As I passed the partition, I looked over to Natasha's side of the tent and saw that she had a few items from her bag out and was reaching further in to get her sweatshirt. My eyes became riveted on what my mind quickly determined was a silky nighty lying on her bedding. My mind most certainly liked the idea of seeing her in something like that!

She turned and looked when she sensed that I was standing there. When she saw where my eyes were looking, she blushed a little and then chuckled.

"I thought it'd be nice to sleep in something like that while I was up here," she said, picking up the nighty and putting it back in her bag.

"Sounds like a good idea to me," I said with a big smile.

We walked back out to the fire and sat down again, enjoying the flames some more. That time, we didn't get caught up in watching the flames, but found ourselves talking some more. It was as though we wanted to feel that togetherness of being with someone else and not just lost in our own minds. We talked about a lot of different topics; nothing seemed to be off-topic or beyond us.

After what seemed like about an hour, I looked at my watch and was startled to see that we'd been talking for three hours. It had been a long time since I'd been with someone and talked that much without noticing the passing of time. It actually warmed my heart to learn that she was someone with whom I could share a night like that.

I looked up at the stars and realized that I couldn't see any.

"Uh oh, it's looking cloudy," I said. "I hope it doesn't rain too much, if it does. I've got the fly on the tent to keep us dry and we've put everything away that might be a problem, but I don't want it to get too muddy."

Of course, at that moment, lightning struck a little ways away and I automatically started to count the seconds until we heard thunder. It took about 7 seconds for the thunder to rumble, letting me know that the lightning had struck almost a mile and a half away.

"I want to get some wood gathered and put away before rain hits so we've got something for the morning," I said, standing again.

Natasha got up and went with me out into the forest to collect some wood. We wandered around, picking up what we could see and carrying it in our arms back to the campsite. We put the wood under the table, hoping it'd be protected from any rain that might come. It seemed higher than the surrounding ground, so any runoff wouldn't go through our wood pile.

Just as we put the last of our wood under the table, it started to rain. I looked at the fire and realized that it was just about out, anyway, and figured the rain would get anything that we left. We hustled over to the tent and ducked inside just before the rain started to seriously come down.

"Well, so much for not much rain," I said, chuckling at our luck. "Make sure you don't have anything leaning against the side of the tent or it'll let the rain through and get it wet."

Natasha went over to quickly check her stuff and I heard her moving some things away from the edge. Then she came over to my side of the tent.

"Do you mind if I join you for a bit? The thunder kind of bothers me. I'm not really scared, I just prefer not being alone when it's rumbling so close!"

"I don't mind at all!" I responded.

She sat down on my air mattress and commented on how nice it felt. I took off my shoes and climbed on the bed, too. Of course, that led to me bouncing a bit because it made her bounce up and down. I certainly liked the way her body responded to the bouncing. She couldn't let me get away with that, though, and had to bounce back.

Soon we were laughing and rolling around. I couldn't help it, but had to reach over and tickle her a little bit when the opportunity presented itself. I didn't know she was that ticklish! She jumped and squealed, which prompted me to do more right away, which led to a tickle fight and lots of laughter.

As always seemed to happen when I was tickling and wrestling with a woman I found attractive, I was soon rather hard. The angel on my shoulder tried to get me to move in such a way that it wasn't obvious how turned on I was at the game we'd been playing. The devil, though, was trying to move me in just the right way so she was more likely to touch me and notice just how hard she'd made me.

The devil won.

She reached across to tickle me on the far side and her forearm rested against my erection. I saw her eyes get big and she kind of paused in her tickling. She looked at me and I could see a few different emotions pass across her face. She was embarrassed, shy, and nervous and then I saw the look of hunger settle into place. She started to pull her hand back, but didn't pull it further than my throbbing cock, which she quickly squeezed, causing intense pleasure to immediately shoot throughout my body and a soft moan to escape my lips.

Slowly, she squeezed and released my cock, massaging it through my pants. I watched her face, enjoying each and every play of emotion as they crossed her face. I loved the feelings she was creating within me and wanted very much to return the favor. However, I also feared that I would scare her if I moved too much, too quickly.

Her eyes left my groin and looked into mine. I knew she was seeing hunger in my eyes and was thrilled to see it mirrored in hers. Leaning forward slowly, I moved closer to her. I kept eye contact, watching for any change of mind in hers.

I absolutely love anticipation, so I moved really slowly and savored the tension between us. Soon, I was quite close to her, our breath mingling between us, teasing our skin and making us breathe even faster and more shallowly. Then I closed the gap between us, pressing my lips softly against hers. At first, she tensed, then quickly opened her lips and pressed hard back against me. I brought my hands up to caress her neck, my fingers tracing back along the back of her neck to lightly massage her while we kissed.

As our kiss intensified, I felt her hand squeeze my cock even harder, then start to massage me through my jeans. I was becoming extremely turned on at that point and feared that I would cum too soon, so I softly held her hand and pulled it up to put her arms around my neck. She reached around me with both arms at that point and pulled me more tightly against her.

At that point, I wanted to lie down with her so started to lean over towards the bed, happily noting that she was following me down. I rolled over onto my back, pulling her on top of me as I did so. I loved the feeling of her body pressing down on mine as our lips dueled together. I let my tongue slide out from between my lips to tease hers. She quickly opened her mouth and started to suck my tongue, which drove me even further along the path of bliss.

I let my hands wander up and down her back, trying to touch and feel every curve that I could reach. She felt absolutely wonderful. She was definitely all woman and I loved how good she felt in my arms.

She broke our kiss and started to kiss down my cheek to my neck, and was really driving me wild with desire. I couldn't believe how much she made me want her. The way she moved on me and kissed me was so erotic and was driving my mind crazy. She started to caress me as she moved down my body, kissing me through my clothes and touching me all over.

Before I quite realized what she was doing, she had my belt open, the button undone on my pants and the zipper down. She purred a bit as she pulled my pants open and saw just how hard I was. She quickly grabbed my underwear and pulled it away from my body so she could pull it down, freeing my throbbing member. As it came into her view, she cried out in pleasure and that sent even more chills up and down my spine.

Then she wrapped her fingers around my cock and started to stroke me. I couldn't believe how very good it felt. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman, but it was even better knowing that it was Natasha that was stroking me. She pushed my shirt up my chest to touch my skin and caress my chest. She then lowered her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.

I was in heaven!

She started to suck my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, her lips and tongue doing amazing things to me. Each time she'd pull back with her mouth, she'd suck in harder to provide amazing sensations all up and down my cock. She used her hand whenever her mouth wasn't there, but slid it down toward the base each time she'd suck me back inside.

Soon, she picked up a quick rhythm and seemed anxious to get my cum. As soon as that idea crossed my mind, I could feel an orgasm building up within me. From the depths of my balls, the tingling spread throughout my body and quickly built.

"Unh," I groaned. "You're going to make me cum!"

She pressed at the base of my cock and held her hand there, easing the sensations and allowing me to come back down from the impending orgasm. Once I had calmed enough, she started to suck on me again and I very quickly built back up.

My moans alerted her to how fast I was back on the verge of cumming. This time, she pulled her mouth from me and started to stroke me quickly with her hand.

"Oh, yes!" she cried as the first spurt shot from the head of my cock.

Her eyes lit up and she stroked me fast and hard, watching each and every rope of my seed shoot out onto my chest and stomach.

When my mind could start to think again, I opened my eyes and looked at her. She seemed really hungry and yet with a strong sense of satisfaction at the pleasure she'd obviously been able to create within me. When I had stopped shooting, she stroked me softly, urging each and every drop she could to come out of me.

Then she giggled a bit and stood, saying, "I'll get something to clean this up."

Soon, she was back with a small box of Kleenex, which she used to clean up her hand and to wipe me clean.

"That was fun," she said with a grin.

"Ain't that the truth?" I asked with a grin of my own.

I then reached forward and pulled her into my arms, kissing her again. Within seconds, she was again kissing me with desire. The more she kissed me and the increase in her passion soon had me wanting to experience even more of her. I rolled us over so that she was lying on her back and started to return the favor.

I broke our kiss and kissed down her cheek to her neck. I could tell by the murmurs of pleasure coming from her that she enjoyed it. I learned that she had a particular place on her neck that caused her to moan harder. I would regularly return to that spot, teasing her and increasing her pleasure and desire with each pass. Before long, I was kissing lower and had moved the neck of her shirt aside and was kissing along her collar bone, enjoying the way she'd run her hands through my hair, obviously urging me on.

As I kissed her, I slid one hand down her side and found the bottom of her shirt, then slid that hand under it. As my hand touched the skin of her side, she let a long, low moan out, her body gyrating as my hand moved up and down her tender skin.

Sliding her shirt up her body, I felt her tremble with excitement and knew that she was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing. I stopped kissing her just long enough to slip her shirt up and off her body. I then quickly returned to kissing her, but found that I had much more freedom to enjoy her body now. I kissed down her upper chest, enjoying the way it moved to her deep breaths. Kissing lower, I teased her by moving my mouth down into her cleavage and let my tongue snake out to swipe up and down between her heaving breasts.

It was at that point that I noticed that the clasp of this bra was in the front. I slid my hands up and easily undid the clasp, freeing her breasts from their confinement. She gasped as she felt the constraint eased on her chest, then held her breath as I moved my hands sideways, revealing her breasts to my view. She had the softest looking, white skin, her breasts lovely mounds of pleasure, topped by nipples about the size of the end of my small finger. Her nipples were a dark pink and were obviously engorged with pleasure, sticking out hard and aching from the ends of her breasts.

Lowering my mouth, I again kissed her upper chest and moved my mouth closer to one of her nipples. She was trying to move her breast to get it in my direct line, but I kept moving around it, avoiding direct contact, to tease her even more. When I felt she couldn't take any more, I opened my mouth and pressed it over her areola and sucked on her nipple, pulling it into my mouth. She arched her back and hissed in pleasure, her hands quickly grasping my head and pulling me tightly against her. I sucked her for a while and then pulled away to kiss my way over to the other. As my mouth latched onto her second nipple, my hand came up to cup her first breast, allowing my fingers to tease the nipple. I nibbled for a bit, enjoying the sounds she made as I worked on her, then broke off sucking on that nipple, too.

I kissed my way back to her cleavage and then started to slowly kiss down her stomach. I let my tongue out to lick around her belly button, eliciting giggles from her, and then kissed lower. When my mouth reached her pants, I undid the button and zipper on her pants and pulled them downward. She lifted her butt to allow me to pull her pants from her body. I then grasped her panties and slowly pulled them downward, revealing her groin bit by bit. When her pussy came into view, I moaned softly and then grinned. She was fully shaved and I couldn't wait to taste her!

When I got her panties down her legs to her feet, I pulled them from her and then stayed at her feet, caressing her legs and kissing her ankles. I then kissed my way up her legs, kissing first one, then the other. She was very sensitive behind her knee so I kissed and licked there a few times, then worked my way further up her leg. She started to tremble in anticipation as I kissed up her inner thigh, but opened her legs wide, welcoming me to her.

I kissed upward, moving closer and closer to her pussy, which was open and ready for me to enjoy it. I could see moisture glistening on her lips and could smell her delicious aroma. When my lips reached the point where her thigh ended and her groin began, I let my tongue out to dance along the soft skin there. She tried to move her hips sideways, urging me to lick her pussy, but I pulled back a bit, then eased my tongue forward again. I licked up along the side of her pussy, slowly, easily, teasing her more. I then moved over to the other side and licked along that side, up to the top then back downward. When I reached the lower side, I slide my tongue over to the bottom of her slit and placed the tip of my tongue between her lips, where I softly wiggled it. Then I quickly slid my tongue up her pussy, right between her lips, until just below her clit.

I loved the way her pussy felt and tasted. The soft skin and the juices she created were just the way I'd hoped they'd be. She was absolutely amazing!

She cried out with pleasure and grasped my head, her fingers entwining in my hair. She pulled my head toward her and I could tell that she was going to cum hard when she reached that point. I slid my tongue back down and then up one lip and down the other. I circled her pussy like that a few times then thrust it into her vagina. She bucked her hips when I did that and groaned out again. I then licked upward again, always getting close to her clit, but not quite touching it.

When she started to move her hips in quick motions, I knew she was getting closer and I wanted to make her cum. I moved my mouth up and latched onto her clit, sucking it between my lips and then picking up a rhythmic sucking on it. Every now and then, my tongue would lash out and brush across it, causing minor earthquakes of pleasure to shoot through her body to her mind. When I slid a finger deeply into her pussy and then hooked it up to press against her g-spot in the same rhythm that I was sucking on her clit, she exploded in ecstasy.

She cried out and then grabbed my head and pulled it hard against her pussy. Her hips were grinding hard and she flew over the edge into blissful orgasm. She was panting and crying out in the same rhythm I'd used to get her there. Her body was thrashing around under my mouth and my heart soared. I absolutely ate up the fact that I had caused so much pleasure for her.

Finally, she started to relax and came down from the peak of her orgasm. She released my head, allowing me to come up for air. I kissed her pussy softly, letting tiny kisses keep sensations going without taking it too far. I kissed her pussy one more time then kissed up her body again until I was lying next to her. I lay next to her, my arms wrapping around her and pulling her onto me as I rolled to my back again. I held her on top of me and caressed her softly while she relived the feelings and sensations that she'd just experienced.

A little while later, she said, "Wow. That was really something!"

"I'm glad you liked it. I sure did!" I responded.

She held me tightly and snuggled up against me. It wasn't long, though, before we started to feel a little cold. I just pulled the blankets over us and we snuggled down for the night, warm in each other's arms and feeling extreme contentment. We slept better that night than we had in a long time.

In the morning, I woke up with the most beautiful woman in the world wrapped in my arms and the previous night's activities came vividly to mind. I happily relived each and every second of our encounter the night before and found myself lying there, grinning. My cock hardened at the memories and began to throb with continued renewed desire. I began to caress Natasha as she slept, feeling how soft her skin was and how warm her body was next to mine.

Before long, she began to stir and was responding very well to my touches. I began to touch her in more suggestive ways, teasing her body and causing her to waken with a smile on her face, too. She looked so lovely, lying there and looking at me with increasing desire in her eyes. We kissed tenderly, sharing the happiness and pleasure that we both felt because of our wonderful night. Our kiss grew stronger and more passionate and we were soon caught up once again in our lustful desires.

After a bit of kissing, Natasha rolled over on top of me, her knees pulled up on either side of my body. She kissed me deeply and began to grind her pussy against my hard cock. I could feel her juices begin to bathe my cock and it increased my desire even more.

I slid my hands up and down her back then down to her ass, cupping it and pulling her tightly against me. She was such a sensual vixen and had a wonderful way of making me feel like a desirable man. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced.

Suddenly, I felt my cock become enveloped in warm, tight, heat and I realized that she had been moved her pussy up enough that the head of my cock had become aligned with her pussy and she was starting to lower herself onto me. I grew nervous about the lack of birth control, but she wasn't stopping. The feeling of my cock beginning to enter her pushed her even further along the paths of lust and she had to have me deep inside of her.

With one more savage push, she took me all the way in and began to press against my pubic bone. She sat still for a bit, kissing me and sucking on my lips, then slowly starting a grinding motion with her hips. I could feel her pussy press against me, my cock sliding over her cervix. It felt amazing to be inside of her, even better than I had ever imagined.

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