Seducing Sleeping Beauty

by Priapus

Copyright© 2012 by Priapus

Erotica Sex Story: As she rests on the couch, letting the night-time cold medicine take effect, I have other ideas about how to cure her ills.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

Knocked out by your cold meds, yet? Just lay there, pretend you are not awake.

I love this game. You are lying there on the couch, in nothing but a short cotton nightshirt, on your stomach. The shirt is a little rumpled, just enough to expose the bottom of your luscious ass.

You are pretending to be knocked out by the night–time elixir, but as I slide my boxers to the floor and reveal my strict attention, I see a flitter of a smile cross your face.

Since your body is so relaxed in your "unconscious" state it's perfectly natural that one leg should slide sensuously from the couch to rest on the soft carpet below. This provides me a perfect view of the treasure between your thighs, moist and waiting. Your mouth opens slightly and you sigh.

I can't decide what to do first. Should I kneel by your head and touch your lips with the tip of my throbbing member, or kneel at your feet and work my way up your lovely legs with my lips?

I'm feeling mischievous, so I crouch at near your lovely "sleeping" face and gently kiss your cheek. Not awakening?

I run the tip of my tongue across your parted lips. Your mouth opens a bit wider, and I slide my tongue between your lips into your mouth. Still not awakening?

Sleeping beauty is not awakened by a kiss, at this end. Maybe I've misinterpreted the legend?

I crawl to the other end of the couch, taking a moment to lift the hem of the nightshirt a bit. You "stir" without opening your eyes, conveniently making it easier to raise the nightshirt higher. You are very compliant in your sleep.

I kneel next your dainty, beautiful feet and lift the one that has dropped to the floor to my lips. I kiss the bottom of each toe tenderly, then take the big toe in my mouth and suck it gently. Still not awakened, I place the flat of my tongue on the ball of your foot and lick, firmly so as not to tickle, to the heel.

My hands run up your shapely calf, and I glance up to note that your pink, precious flower has started to open of its own accord, allowing your delicious fragrance to fill my senses.

No response yet? I slide one hand up the outside of your thigh as the other, more slowly, sneaks up the inside. My mouth nibbles and licks up the back of your calf, gently against the back of your knee, not tickling...

My hand on the inside of your thigh stops close, but not close enough to your womanhood, now open and seemingly begging for my touch. My other hand continues past your hips, under your shirt and under your body, seeking the warmth of your breast and the firmness of your nipple.

I continue to lick and kiss my way up the back of your thigh. Still not awake?

I find your hard nipple with my fingers as my mouth reaches the juncture between your round, firm ass and golden thigh. Hard nipples? Your body is very responsive in slumber ... surely this is magically induced, and strong counter magic is required to break the spell.

As I trace the shape of your bottom with my tongue I wonder where to go next. Maybe I kissed the wrong cheek? I press my warm lips against the curve of your ass and plant a kiss there. Still no reponse. I shift to the other cheek and kiss you tenderly.

No, not awake as far as I can see, though your smile seems broader you still don't awaken.

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