Winning the Lottery

by Richard the Third


Romantic Sex Story: Richard and Susan were brother and sister, until one friday night...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

Every week, since I turned 21 ten weeks ago, I started to buy a single lottery ticket from the same market between my apartment and where my folks lived. The numbers I'd always played were one of the last two digits of the year everybody in our family was born — there's my Dad, Jerry — born in '61 — Mom, Ruth — born in '65 — Me, Richard — born in '91 and my sister, Susan — born in '94!

The final two numbers were my age, 21 and Susan's age, 18. We're all natural blonds and blue — eyed. Susan and Mom were both quite beautiful — despite 39 years between them. I often mentioned to them, that they could pass for twins, with both of them grinning and slapping me on the arm.

6 — 5 — 9 — 4 — 2 — 8 were my regular lottery numbers.

After classes, on Friday each week I did my little bit of grocery shopping and always adding a single lottery ticket to the order. I'd take the stuff home to my apartment and put away the groceries. I'd add the ticket to my bowl of them I'd been accumulating, over the last two and a half months that I'd started to do this.

I didn't tell any of my family — Dad would tell me it's a waste of money, and Mom would say to save my money for my girlfriends. Susan would want to immediately watch the Friday night TV show to find out if I won or not. When any of them came over to visit I'd hide the bowl in a cupboard to avoid the subject.

I'd also hide it when I knew I was bringing a girl over for dinner — which wasn't very often. I was really into schoolwork — I was a scholastic achiever, getting into college on a scholastic scholarship. I was often home studying or reading, when I probably should've been enjoying myself more by 'going out with the guys, ' if I knew any.

The school year was getting close to Winter Break — and I was stopping at my store to get some groceries. There was a quite a kerfuffle going on as I heard that they'd sold a ticket that won $7 Million dollars the previous week. I remembered that Susan was coming over that night. She was my monthly guest for dinner. I'll talk about her later — suffice it to say she's pretty and flirty — nuff said!

Getting out of my car, I saw her come over and help me get my stuff inside. She was dressed very nice.

"You going out somewhere later?" I asked, opening the apartment.

"No, I just decided to dress up a little for my monthly date with my big brother, that's all. What's for dinner — maybe I can help?" she replied.

"I was thinking of fixing us a spaghetti dinner, how's that sound?" I said to her, noticing how tight her dress was, especially around her butt.

"Sound's marvelous, Rich — what's this?" she said, picking up my lottery ticket.

Trying to make it sound like no big deal, I said, "I sometimes get a Lottery ticket when I go shopping."

I glanced and saw I'd left out my bowl, which caught her eye, "Yeah, just every now and then — my gosh ... you must have a dozen tickets here."

"Yeah," I said, "It's Wednesday night ... Go ahead and turn on the TV, the numbers are being selected, in about 18 minutes — I'll watch from here in the kitchen."

That's what I usually did every Wednesday nights — turn on the TV, fix dinner for myself, and find out I only had one or two numbers of the six necessary. This ... was the California Lottery.

She leaned over to get my remote, and her dress stretched across her butt again. I actually felt my dick harden — Jees Richard — stop perving on your own sister.

She turned it up, as they were just about to start calling numbers. Dinner was moving along — my sauce was Mom's with a secret ingredient — rosemary, and the pasta was bubbling.

"You always get the same numbers, Rich?" she said from the sofa.

(reminder 6 — 5 — 9 — 4 — 2 — 8)

"Yeah, it's easier that way." I explained where the numbers came from. "The store I shop at was saying that someone won the second place amount of $8 million dollars last week, but they didn't know who yet."

From the TV area, I heard Susan say, "4, the first number's 4!"

"That's one so far," as I often said at this point. I was setting the table.

"9, the next number's 9," my excitable, but scrumptious looking sister said.

"Yeah, but all of my numbers are single digit — you know the odds of all of them hitting? I don't — the Super Lotto is at $358 million dollars - nobody's won that in almost eighteen months," I said.

"The next number's 8 — Richard you have three of the numbers already, come in here!"

"I don't want to ruin dinner — just keep belting out the numbers, Beautiful."

Oh, shit — did I just say that!

"6 — oh my god Rich — now you have four of the numbers!" she said kicking of her shoes from the sound of it.

I put the meat on the table and started to strain the pasta.

"2 — Rich — you've got all five called so far. Isn't that amazing ... Wow!"

I finished straining the pasta and put it on the table just as I heard a scream from my sister.

She was jumping all around, screaming out "5 — the last number was 5 — big brother, you've won $358 fucking million dollars — Five — Oh my ... fucking goodness — my big hunky brother just won over $350 million dollars!"

"Calm down, check the numbers again, Susan," I said in a soothing tone.

She read them to me as I looked at one of my tickets, OH MY GOD!

I went over to her and said, "My lucky charm was here tonight." I put my arms around her and we hugged one another real tight. As the hugged diminished, I saw her face and her mouth — we looked into one another's eyes and started to kiss one another.

I kissed her — she kissed me back — we were swapping tongues for over a minute before we separated and I took her to the table where we ate dinner constantly glancing back at one another. When we were done with dinner, I put the leftovers away as Susan cleared the table into the dishwasher.

I turned her around and said, "When are you expected home tonight, Beautiful?"

She looked into my eyes and said, "I need to call Mom and tell her I'm staying over at a friends place. Are you my friend, Rich?" A brilliant grinned flashed across her face.

I answered that by pulling her up against me and giving her a more sensuous kiss than we had before dinner.

She pulled away and said, "Whew - I'll take that as a yes!"

She took her phone out of her purse and called Mom, saying that she was leaving my place and heading on to a girlfriend's apartment, where she was staying the night.

All during her phone call I was behind her kissing her on the neck and unzipping her dress. I reached inside and covered her breasts with my hands, just as she finished the phone call.

"Ohh, Richard — that feels so nice," she said as her dress fell off of her, leaving her in just her panties. I picked up her dress and escorted her into my bedroom.

"Susan," I asked calmly, "are you on the Pill?"

As she got up on the bed pulling the covers down, she said, "Yes, I am — Rich."

I started to undress myself, and I started thinking about the lottery and wondered aloud, "We need to tell Dad in the morning?"


"We need to tell Dad about this!

"About our having sex?"

"No, no, no — he's a CPA, he'd know the smart way to deal with the money — and will help us know what to do," I said crawling into the bed.

"Us, what do you mean — Us?" she questioned.

"I've got all kinds of ideas of smart things to do with the money; get myself a house, pay off their mortgage, pay for your college, get a new car — get you a car ... and a whole lot more," I listed.

She got up from the pillow and said, "Wait a minute — did you just say, 'Pay for my college' AND 'Get me my own car?' If I didn't love you before tonight, I sure do right now."

"Lights on or off, beautiful?" I said.

"Off, but I think we both have some nervous energy to burn off — don't we?" she said with her charming little girl giggle.

Using her giggle as sonar, I moved over and started our best kiss yet. I felt her hand move to my rapidly growing midsection and she started a nice and easy hand job, while I was kissing her breasts. I softly touched them, feeling my little sister tremble to my touch.

"We can't let anyone know, all right?" I said.

"I won't tell anyone we're lovers," she responded.

"Oh — I meant about winning the Lottery — not that, but you're right — Nobody would understand about how we feel about one another, do you want any more foreplay — or can I make love to my gorgeous, good-luck charm of a sister?"

"I'm ready for you, I'm not a virgin — Sorry! Jeff Taggard talked me out of my panties six months ago. It wasn't as good as I expect it'll be from someone who loves me," she said, getting emotional.

I climbed between her legs and gripped myself, making sure I was hard enough to satisfy this ravishing beauty beneath me. I didn't give all of her vital statistics before — she's three inches shorter than me, her breasts are just bigger than my hand can cover and the rest of her is wonderfully proportioned.

I'm five inches soft — nine inches hard. I keep myself in shape by going to the gym twice a week. A home gym is another good idea — maybe a lap pool, too.

I entered her slowly but forcefully — she made a cute little high-pitched 'Oh' as I sunk myself inside her very wet pussy. A small shaft of light came in through my bedroom window, showing her face with her sparkling blue eyes. I used the light to start a kiss as I started the rhythmic routine of making love to this enticing vision I was inside.

We kissed and fucked — fucked and kissed, for what seemed like a while. I'd surprised myself how long I was lasting, since I hadn't had a regular girl since seventh grade. That was when I lost my virginity, to Mindy Taggard — Jeff's older sister. I wonder if they've ever gotten together?

I sped up a bit and I started to feel the beginnings of a mighty uprising. "Sis, It's been a while since I've done any of this, so there could be a big mess when we're done."

"Whatever you want, Rich — I've never felt so loved as I have tonight. I got your wonderful dinner, we won a little bit of money — and we have a brand new lover in each of our lives."

"Oh, oh — sis — it's about to happen, I'm about to fill you up — you sure it's OK?"

"Yeah, go ahead and give me all you want — big brother."

"Auggghh — Auuuggggghhh — here it comes — oh my god — it never felt this good before, I love you ... Susan!"

The dam burst and I indeed filled her up with a great deal of my seed. If she wasn't protected — there'd be no doubt that I just impregnated her.

"Was I as good as Jeff?" I asked sarcastically.

"Much, much better than Jeff — who was your first?" she asked.

"Jeff's older sister Mindy — isn't that a coincidence?"

She laughed at that, as she got up out of bed holding her hand against herself to not make a mess. She came back out and crawled back in to bed, snuggling up against me ... we fell asleep.

The next morning, the shower woke me up. I yawned and stretched myself awake and the prettiest naked girl walked into my bedroom. She was towel drying her shoulder length blonde hair. I just watched as she jiggled as she dried herself.

"I need to get home — for my alibi — then I'll wait for you to come and get me to go to Daddy's work. Should we tell Mom before we go?" she asked.

"Remind me - What time does Dad go to work?"

"Nine-thirty," she replied putting on her panties from last night. "We could talk to them both, before he leaves for work. That could save time — don't you only have until the next drawing to make your claim?"

"I think so," I replied. I got up and took a quick shower, telling Susan to get home and tell Mom and Dad I had important news that I already told Sue. She gave me a kiss on the way out.

When I came out of the shower, she was gone. I saw how my sheets looked but I didn't care about that yet. I dressed in a hurry, took my Lottery Ticket, and left to go to the folks house on the other side of town.

I pulled up to the nice four-bedroom house I grew up in, getting a hug from Mom at the door. I stepped in and told everyone to please sit down.

Mom and Dad sat next to each other — Susan sat next to me ... but not too close.

"Dad, I know that you think playing the Lottery is a fool's attempt at chump money, but last night — while Susan came over for her monthly visit and dinner, the numbers I've been playing for the past 12 weeks paid off."

"Good for you, Richard — how much? A couple hundred dollars? No, maybe a couple thousand?" he was speculating. I was trying to keep a straight face.

Susan couldn't hold it in, "Mom — Dad ... Richard won the Big Money State Lotto — that nobody's won for almost eighteen months!"

I broke my straight face, pulled my ticket out of my wallet and said, "Three hundred and fifty-eight million dollars, Sir — I need a CPA to help me with some rapid decisions I need to make."

Susan and Mom got up and screamed out loud, while Dad was just sitting there, chuckling a bit. After the ladies calmed down, I went on.

"How long do I have to claim the winnings, Sir?"

"I've actually had a lottery client before, so I can help you Richard — first of all, you have 30 days to claim your prize. Calm down ladies please!"

"I'm sure you know a few things already — you need to choose between a lump sum, or an annuity — which means spreading it out over 20 or 30 years. Either way the Federal government will take their 28 percent off the top — the state of California doesn't levy a state tax on winnings, unless you purchased this ticket from a place outside California. I'd suggest you take the annuity and if you have an option take 30 instead of 20 years. It'll keep you from shitting the money away on girls and cars."

"Jerry — your language?" mom said.

"Sorry about that, Honey. Come with me to work Richard, we have a number of things to do to protect you. Be thinking of which option you want to use," he said.

"Can I come along Daddy?" Susan asked, "Richard and I talked last night about this and we need to run our ideas by you ... please?"

"Certainly Susan," dad answered, "this amount of money will affect us all in one way or another — Who knows about this, Richard — anyone ... outside the family?"

"No sir, nobody — Susan and I celebrated last night with a glass of wine. I made sure she only had a single glass — don't want to corrupt her, do I?"

"Ruthie, I'm going in to work, the kids will follow me. Don't tell anyone, please — our lives are likely to change anyhow, so everybody ... take a deep breath! Put that ticket back in your wallet, we're making a copy and putting the original in a safe deposit box, but we need to do some legal shenanigans first."

He gave a kiss to Mom. Susan and I got up and we went off to his office. When we got there, Dad stopped at his secretary's desk and said, "Unless the place is on fire ... do not bother us please!"

"Yes, Mr. Lemucchi — I understand," she replied.

We all went in, I caught myself holding Susan's hand, but dropped it. We all sat down, Dad behind his desk and us in his office chairs, which were quite comfortable.

"OK, first thing — don't tell anyone anything — Don't change your habits. Keeping your privacy is the key to this. I'm sure you've heard about all of the people who've won more money than you have, and a couple years later, they're bankrupt and living under an overpass somewhere. Got that?"

I nodded my head in the affirmative.

"Hand me the ticket please?" he asked.

I got it out of my wallet - he got up and made a half a dozen copies. He sat back down, grabbed an empty folder from his desk drawer, and put the copies in it. He gave me back the original, and I put it away.

"When we're done here, we're going to my bank, open up a new account and get a safe deposit box. First, an important question — do you want the world to know that you, Richard Walter Lemucchi have won this money?"

"Absolutely not, if at all possible," I answered.

"Just as I thought - we need to create a Trust — there are many tax advantages to putting your winnings in a Trust ... specifically, it helps avoid probate of the proceeds upon your death. Be thinking of a Trust name — it can be anything, except your name — that's just asking for trouble, if you ask me."

"Did you buy this ticket by yourself - or did anyone, maybe your sister, go in 'halfsies?'

I looked over at her, grabbing her hand, "Dad — Susan didn't literally pay for half, but I want to give her 50 percent ownership in this money, so she can use it for school and such. You and Mom seem well enough off, if that's all right to do?"

I saw her eyes moisten as she gave my hand a squeeze.

"Well, that's unexpected — but we can do that a number of ways; put both of your names on the Trust we create, or you could form a partnership, of the two of you as equal partners. Another option is to 'gift' her money each year to the limit, which isn't very high unfortunately."

"The Trust makes the most sense Dad, can we use the name 'The C & S Group?'"

"Clever — good idea — I'll start the paperwork on that after you leave — I'll have documents for the both of you to sign, by tomorrow morning. Just a few more things - my other Lottery winner set up a blind trust — allowing you to collect your money while maintaining your anonymity. You'll be able to designate a power of attorney with your lawyer. Don't worry about that — I can draw that up myself, you'll need to sign it."

"Next, your decision on the money itself, annuity or lump sum?"

"What's the amount after federal taxes, Dad?"

He punched in some numbers on his calculator and said, clearing his throat first, "Just under $258 Million Dollars — over 20 years that's $1 million dollars a month, over 30 years it's $716 thousand dollars a month — We can make the monthly distribution directly into this new back account of yours and your sisters. I'll teach you about distribution methods — specifically how to have your money 'Make' you more money."

"Let's say you choose the 20 year annuity — that's $1 million dollars a month ... we move $700 thousand of it, to a low risk Money market fund and let it make 2.5 percent interest, which is $17,500 dollars the first month. If you two can keep your monthly expenses to that $17,500 — then the next month another block of money comes in and now you've earned $35 thousand dollars and it grows mathematically and all you're spending is the interest, Even if you splurge and each get a new car and a nicer place to live, the interest will be plenty to live on."

"We're almost done, I know you're anxious — Are you going to stay in school, Richard?"

"I actually haven't thought that far ahead Dad, I'll finish the school year I'm currently taking. I want to get Susan into the same University, if she wants to. We've discussed her living with me during that. A new car can wait — I've only had the Camry I've got for three years — Toyotas last forever!"

"I always thought you were a smart boy. Your mother will be sad, if Susan moves out, but I see that you two are becoming real good friends — there's nothing wrong with that. We're done for now — go do whatever it is you guys are anxious to do. Come back in tomorrow at 10AM please. We'll be closer to getting your money. In the meantime — keep that ticket safe — it's your future, 'Bye!"

Susan and I got up, shook his hand — she gave him a kiss on the cheek ... as we left his office.

As we drove away, Susan scooted over and took my arm, "Do you think Daddy suspects something about us?" she asked.

"Yeah, that business about us 'becoming good friends' was his code for us, although it makes me wonder if he ever had a relationship with any of his five sisters — being the only boy can work to your advantage — don't you think?"

"Yeah, I'm hungry Richard — can we get lunch?"

"Sure thing Beautiful," I responded.


"For what?"

"For calling me beautiful — I never knew you'd noticed me, until last night."

"I noticed you — all the time. Going in the back yard, tanning, going from the shower to your room, in only a towel. I was pretty much hard all the time when you were prancing around in bikinis, your underwear and some of those dresses you wear. When you showed up last night in that stunning dress, I figured that you were up to no good. I just waited and when we hugged after realizing I'd won all of that money, I just couldn't move my gaze from your face."

"Yeah, you've been turning me on for the last few years. Moving out when I started college, didn't stop me from thinking about you ... a lot. During classes, taking tests — trying to go to sleep — even in the shower, I couldn't get my pretty sister out of my mind."

"Do you have any classes today or tomorrow?" she asked.

"No, nothing I can't miss — what do you have in mind?"

She reached for the front of my pants and unzipped me, releasing my hard as steel erection. She started to give me a hand job, then leaned over in my lap and started to blow me, "Susan — my god ... I know at least three guys who had a car accident when their girls started a blowjob at 40 miles an hour. Let me get us some lunch, we'll head back to my place, and have our dessert there."

"It seems a shame to waste this erection you got, could I at least give you a hand job?"

"OK, but when I say I'm cumming, you'll have to swallow?"

"Did Mindy ever do this to you?" she asked.

"No ... she was pretty blah, unless we were in bed together, but you're so much more exciting Susan — my god — we're brother and sister and we made love to one another last night. It was so breathtaking to kiss you, to hold you and to make love to you. I've been in love with you for so long, Susan."

Leaning into my shoulder, she replied, "I love you too, big brother. Oh, there's a place to eat," she said as we pulled up to the drive-up of a Burger King. She put my dick back in my pants. I pulled my shirt over the bulge.

"Welcome to Burger King — How may I help you today?"

I answered with, "A Double Whopper combo with a large Dr. Pepper — and Tendergrill Chicken combo with a medium Sprite — easy ice please?"

"Thank you for your order, please pull forward to the second window."

"Susan, move over for a moment, I recognized that voice," I said.


"It's Mindy — Mindy Taggart," I said getting my debit card out to pay.

"Here are your drinks," she said, looking at me.

"Hey Mindy, how's it going?"

"Richard? Hi — this is your little sister with you, isn't it. Its so nice to see a brother and sister who don't seem to mind being seen together — Jeff and I go out to everywhere together. Oh, here's your food, and your receipt — nice to see you guys again. Goodbye!"

I handed the food to Susan, who put it in her lap. She handed me a fry and moved back over to me.

"She looks happy, doesn't she?" she said.

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