The Butterfly

by raltsn

Copyright© 2012 by raltsn

Sex Story: Girl leaves the remote for her butterfly vibrator for a 'friend' at the park. See what happens when he finds it! Another stroke story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Humor   Public Sex   .

You pull into the back of the parking lot at Lake Johnson and park in a remote spot. Checking the clock on the dashboard, it's 10:51am. That gives you 9 minutes to find the spot to hide your new venus butterfly remote. You press the button on the remote to check and make sure it works and BAM! a jolt of electricity surges up through your clit, running up and down your spine. Just as quickly, you turn it off, you can still feel the chills and the front of your black lacy panties are already getting damp under your denim skirt.

Opening the door, you step out of the car and adjust your skirt. One last look at your reflection in the car window and you head towards the water. You wander down one of the trails until you see a bench with a large tree behind it. Looking around for any people, but seeing none, you place the remote behind the big tree and walk back out to the walking bridge. There are more people over here now, walking their dogs and playing with their kids. Plus, plenty of hikers and joggers just out to enjoy the day.

Leaning on the railing, you admire the scenery and watch the people walking by, wondering if he's actually going to show up and find the remote. You check your watch again and it's 11:10 now, the remote has been in place for 10 minutes. You strike up a conversation with a passing walker, and wonder if it's him. Trying not to keep checking your watch, you continue your conversation.

Suddenly - BAM! the vibrator starts buzzing and you grab the railing to keep your knees from giving out. Somehow, you manage to keep the conversation going without him noticing. You try and look around to see where he could be, but nothing stands out. You feel your face start to flush and excuse yourself from the conversation and start walking back down one of the trails, towards where you left the remote. The buzzing stops as you start walking and you try and regain some composure.

You pass a few more people while walking, but no one gives you a second glance as they walk by. BAM! the buzzing starts again and more jolts of electricity run up and down your body all stopping in your clit. You have to stop walking for a moment as the vibrator continues to do wonders to your clit and your panties are now sopping wet. You know your face is flushed as as a couple of people pass you, give you a curious look. The buzzing stops and you breath out heavily, not realizing you were holding your breath.

You turn down an unpaved trail and keep walking, noticing there are less people down this way. The vibrator hadn't buzzed in over 5 minutes and you think you may have lost him and contemplate turning around and going back. You think maybe he lost you, or can't find you. BAM! again the vibrator goes off ... BAM! BAM! BAM! this time he's turning it off and on and your knees buckle and almost give out as the vibrator keeps buzzing up against your clit.

Before you have a chance to regroup, someone grabs your arm.

"Excuse me miss, are you OK, is something wrong?" He asked.

You look over quickly and notice that with one hand he's holding your arm, and the other hand is a small black remote. Looking up at his face, you see a big grin. The buzzing stops and you straighten up and keep walking with his hand on your arm, guiding you. After walking further up the trail - BAM! ... it stops you in your tracks and you can't help this time but to let a low moan escape your lips before it suddenly stops. You look over at him as you continue walking and he's just grinning.

He walks with you further up the trail, there are no other people around now and he veers off into the woods. 20 feet off the trail there's a small clearing. You stop in front of a large tree, between you and the trail and he spins you around suddenly, you back against the tree. He leans in and you feel his mouth on yours, his tongue meets yours as BAM! the vibrator turns on again and this time your knees do buckle. His hands reach around and grab your ass as he holds you up, your tongues still swirling.

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