Blue Moon on Halloween

by Ana Mirely

Copyright© 2012 by Ana Mirely

Romantic Sex Story: A ghoul-hunting witch takes on the ghoul that has tormented her family for generations. There's only one problem: the pair of wolf shifters the ghoul used as bait just happen to be her mates.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Paranormal   Were animal   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   Slow   .

Lucinda was standing at the porch of her little house. It was almost midnight on October 30th. Halloween was just minutes away and staring at the moon she sighed. This year October 31st will have a Blue Moon. Blue Moons usually appeared every three or four years, and in those occasions many unexplained phenomena happened. It was not so much that the Blue Moon usually caused a stirring in the gifted communities of witches, wizards and warlocks, but it also brought out monsters, demons and ghouls looking for souls to posses, people to destroy and brought havoc upon the ungifted population. Chaos happened and the other gifted beings like shape-shifters, vampires and the fey tended to stay indoors while the ungifted went out Trick or Treating dressed up in different costumes to enjoy an overindulgence of candy and gifts. Well, the gifts that some people got were not exactly what they were looking for.

She was ready to face whatever it came. Eleven years ago she had lost her mother on a night like this; an earth witch who had lost her life to a ghoul trying to protect her community. Three years later, on another Blue Moon, Lucinda lost her dad and brother.

Staring at the moon, she sensed something stirring inside her. The Moon was large over the zenith and had a certain bluish tint. At twenty she knew what her life would be like: fight ghouls and become stronger in her magic. Her mom had passed on to her the knowledge of using the earth to harness the power needed to fight the monsters. Her uncle, Caleb, had taught her the techniques to fight such creatures and together with others like her, they were able to thwart some of the creatures from taking other souls. Unfortunately, both on January 31st and March 31st, neither she, nor her uncle and his friends had been able to save some of their relatives, including two cousins. This year, when the Blue Moon came, she and her relatives would be ready, especially since she now knew that her family had been a target since her mom died. The ghoul had left his calling card, and she was ready to answer this time around. It will not win again, she promised herself. Sensing something, she went inside and the phone rang.

"Aunt Clare?"

"Hi Lucy, your uncle is a little antsy, we are worried. Anything to report?"

"Not yet, Aunt Clare. All is quiet, too quiet," she answered, worried. If her Uncle Caleb and her Aunt Clare were worried, something was definitely on the air.

"It's already midnight. We have a whole day to worry, and until the clock strikes midnight we'll be on alert. Keep your senses open, Lucy. I know that thing is out there."

"I know. I'm keeping watch. Love you, Aunt Clare."

"Love you too, girl."

Lucy hung up and went to the window. It was going to be a long night, and then All Hallows Eve will be upon them. She sat by the window, watching the night. The evening mist covered the streets, and as the fog grew thicker, she sensed that something watched her.

She took a quick reading of the wards around her home, if someone needed her, they would be protected under her roof. She needed to save her energy for the following night when she would patrol the streets, protecting those that needed it. She was anxious; her world was not exactly what she would have wished for, but every time she fought the ghouls and demons, she felt satisfied that she could make a difference.

She watched her reflection on the glass window. She felt old, and looked into her hazel eyes. She had traded most of everything that a woman her age would want for the chance to fight against the monsters. She didn't think herself pretty, and thought very little about being a woman. Her life included helping out her two aunts at the coffee shop and train with the other witches to help her community, having some empathic abilities helped. After all, dealing with daemons, strange poltergeists, ghouls and zombies took up most of her time. She felt responsible for the safety of the gifted as well as the ungifted part of the population in her community.

This time she would get the nasty ghoul and send him back to where he came from. Halloween was the perfect time to exile the creature for eternity and she was ready. Even if meant giving up her life. She wouldn't trade a single moment of it.

Engrossed in her thoughts, she almost missed a reddish mist circling the house across the street. Quickly, Lucy tried to remember when had she seen such a mist before. She then remembered the night her uncle Caleb had contacted a government agency to help control the amount of ghouls and zombies that had gone berserk during an All Hallows Eve. The four inner planets had aligned and the hunger for pure energy had brought out all sorts of creatures.

She stared at the mist. What was going on? Worried she looked at the moon again. And a reddish ring surrounded the bluish halo.

Nervous, she prayed that she was seeing things. If her senses were right, an energy source from the depths of the planet made its way to the surface and with it all sorts of negative energy.

"Oh, hell, no," she exclaimed and reached for her phone. Lucy dialed her aunt and waited. No answer.

Worried and desperate, she opened the door ready to run to her uncle's house, when suddenly she was hit by a wave of heat. Her sight blurred and an overwhelming sensation of fear, excitement and anxiety made her body vibrate. She shook, and making an effort to clear her mind, she conjured a cleansing spell. She stood and recited her spell over and over, and once her vision cleared, she sensed a presence at the end of her yard. Through the dark, she could tell someone was there. She sensed two presences. Staring motionless, she finally distinguished two figures, but they were not people. Instead they looked like some kind of animal on four legs. Agitated, she took a step back, closer to her door, and just as the figures starting moving towards her she felt a rush of energy and projected a shield surrounding them.

She watched as two huge wolves sat on their haunches, waiting, encircled in her force field. She wouldn't allow two wolves to come any closer until she could find out what was going on. The wolves, one gray and one black, were enormous and seemed to be growling while making a sound like snorting. Wait, snorting? Wolves didn't snort, did they?

Lucy had her eyes fixed on the animals and carefully started to approach them. No way was she going to let them loose from her shield without knowing the cause of their visit. It was almost one in the morning and all sorts of weird happenings would start on this day, even if the moon was not completely full yet.

Reaching the force field, she studied them. They were not average wolves, for one, their size was practically doubled, and as she stared at them she could tell there was something to them that caused her fear to fade. They didn't seem ready to attack, and cautiously she tried to reach them empathically. Surprised she felt them both as something other than animals, which made her realize that they were much more. She felt no threat from either of them; her empathic abilities had kicked in.

"Shape shifters, I assume," she said holding on to the shield. Just because she knew what they were, it didn't mean she trusted them. However, dawn was coming soon enough and she needed to know if they needed her help or had been sent by that awful ghoul that had it out for her and her family. "I feel no threat from you, but you could be under spell yourselves and ready to strike me."

The grey wolf growled and looked straight at her, his eyes changing from animal to human. Dumbfounded, Lucy tried to read him and suddenly a light bolt of energy hit the force field, destroying it. The black wolf howled while the grey one fell on his stomach as if it was unconscious.

Lucy felt it before she saw it, a thick crimson mist jumping the street trying to get to her yard. She knew what it was; she had seen it before when her mom had been killed, and again when her dad and brother had lost their lives. The thing was coming for her and probably the wolves had been the bait, but she was not going to let the monster take the lives of the shape shifters, nor take hers. Not yet, anyways.

Chanting her next spell of protection, she threw a shield around the wolves and herself and summoned another spell to stop the ghoul. As if in on cue, the black wolf turned to face the threat and she saw out of the corner of her eyes three people rushing towards them. Lucy recognized her uncle Caleb and two other wizards nearing the red mist. Without hesitation she heard their chanting joining hers and their energy reached from the ground and surrounded it. Instantly, a cry of pain echoed in the night and the mist disappeared.

"Oh, crap, both wolves are down," she said running to them as her uncle and the other two men reached them.

"Are you OK, Lucy?" asked her uncle, the oldest of the three men.

Lucy nodded, keeping her eyes on the two animals.

"What happened?" She looked at her uncle and added, "I called, but no one answered."

"We were coming to warn you. Saw the mist, Clare went straight to the basement, and I left to follow it," explained Caleb and hugged her. With a sad smile he looked at the two wolves. "Sorry we didn't get here soon enough to save them."

"They are not dead, Caleb," said one of the younger wizards that had knelt next to the wolves.

Lucy joined him and carefully touched them. Tremors ran up her arm and a sense of belonging and heat flushed under her skin.

Mesmerized at their size, Caleb also checked the wolves.

"I don't understand," he said confused.

The second wizard, a man that appeared to be in his thirties, came closer to study the wolves and asked.

"Do you know them, Lucy?"

"No, Justin, I just saw them tonight for the first time. Why?"

Justin, was a red headed with a angular jaw and big brown eyes. He was a wizard with psychic powers and on occasions had the sight.

"It seems that they are yours."

"What?" asked Lucy standing up and looking at the three men and then at the wolves. "I don't understand."

Caleb took Lucy's hand and closing his eyes, recited some sort of spell. Justin and Fernando, the other wizard, both closed theirs eyes and followed Caleb's chanting.

Lucy felt her inner self exposed, and automatically raised her own shields. The three men stopped their chanting and looked at her, then at the wolves.

"They are yours, niece."

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked pulling away.

"It seems our angry ghoul, the one that has targeted our family, found your mates and lured them here to you. I guess it didn't expect that you didn't know about them. We have thwarted him for a bit. But I don't think he is going to give up, especially on All Hallows Eve and the full Blue Moon. You need to be prepared," answered Caleb.

"What do we do, Caleb. The shifters seem to be trapped in their animal form," said Justin looking worried.

"You need to take them inside, Lucy. When the full moon appears, either they will shift or not. It seems that our ghoul had put some kind of wards on them to keep them from shifting."

"They have some sort of collar," added Fernando.

"Lucy, what do you thing it means? Did you feel anything when you saw them?" asked Caleb to his talented niece.

"I didn't feel any threat from them."

Lucy closed her eyes and kneeled again. Hesitantly she touched both wolves, and felt their live energy. Conjuring a spell that helped with her empathic abilities, she read their confusion and anxiety. She also realized they were as confounded about the mixture of feelings and not being able to shift.

"I sense distress and confusion. They were probably guided here; I do not think they knew about me." She stood and looked at her uncle. "They are coming around now, I guess I'll take them inside and try to communicate somehow. We need to be alert."

The moment Lucy finished speaking, the four of them turned to see how the crimson mist had reappeared and now started to move in the direction of the town center followed by shadows.

"Time to go," said Caleb and added. "Lucy, you stay with the wolves, take them in the house, care for them, we can handle tonight."

She was going to say something, but Fernando raised a hand stopping her.

"No arguments, Lucy, do what Caleb says. You'll have your chance to fight the monsters," Fernando said and followed Caleb and Justin who were already disappearing around the corner.

Lucy looked at the two wolves and she saw how they fixed their stare on her. A little nervous she realized, that for now, it would be best to take them in. After all, they had been exposed to that nasty ghoul and needed her help to shift back to humans. It was going to be an interesting dawn. She hoped that Caleb and the others would be okay dealing with whatever was out there.

"If you two can walk you need to follow me inside the house. I'll promise to keep you safe. For now, anyways. I have no idea why the ghoul targeted you two; I can't accept what Justin said. It's too weird."

Lucy helped them stand. Again she felt a sense of belonging, a recognition on the cellular level that she didn't understand. It was confusing and unexpected. It was also arousing, which didn't make any sense at all.

Lucinda walked to the house, letting the wolves in first since they were still walking somewhat unstably. She closed the door, recited the wards and turned on the lights. If anyone needed help tonight, she would to leave the wolves protected. She stared at them and noticed their eyes that seem to be following her every move.

One of the wolves made the same snort that she heard before when shielding them and Lucy couldn't help smile nervously.

"I don't know why the ghoul targeted you both, but I will try to help you find a way that you can shift back. The collars might be preventing you to shift, but I don't understand its purpose. If you sit around me I'll try to reach you through a dream spell. Understand?"

The gray wolf eyed her suspiciously. OK, could a wolf look at some one suspiciously? At her puzzled looked, he growled low and made a gesture with his head, and he seemed impatient. Wow. An impatient wolf. What else would the night bring her? Well, she needed to try to communicate with them and gain their trust to accomplish her dream spell.

The wolves started to surround her, sniffing her hands, and rubbing their snout on her thighs and waist. She didn't stop them; she new animals trusted by smells and shifter were not so different since they were part animals. The trust between the three of them had to be built if they were going into this trance together. She needed their cooperation. As they raised their heads and sniffed her more deeply, she let out a deep breath. She was in precarious situation; could she trust them not to attack her?

Her anxiety must have been felt by the wolves because they both growled without real menace, like they were exasperated. Lucy looked at them directly into their eyes; she could see the intelligence there, coated with some sadness and frustration. Slowly, she leaned closer, her left hand going to the grey wolf. His eyes were blue and his coat was softer rather than coarse, and it was even softer under his neck and underbelly, where the gray was lighter. His paws were large and his legs muscled. Attentively, she touched to top of his head caressing behind his ears. The wolf made a strange noise in the back of his throat and Lucy realized that he eyes were watching her with increased interest. She looked at the black wolf, as large as the gray one, his eyes a dark gold, almost amber. She couldn't hold back the sigh of pleasure as she touched his coat and rubbed behind his ears.

"I never thought a wolf coat would be so soft." Lucy knelt and rubbed her cheeks against them, and couldn't help smelling them. They smelled of a combination of wood, mountain air and spices mixed with grassy earthy smell of wild flowers. "You both smell incredible," she confessed without realizing she had spoken out loud.

Moving closer to her, their wet noses reached both sides of her neck, sniffing and leaking her skin.

"Hey," Lucinda laughed and pulled away, watching them stare at her. "Let's try this now, before we get another visitor, or the same one."

Lucy sat between them, and as they cuddled against her and surrounded her, she felt a strange tingle run through her spinal cord making her skin rise in goose bumps.

"Wow, your energy is strong and powerful. You both must be some powerful shifters." Placing her hands on their large heads, she leaned back and let herself drift into meditation.

Pine scent and the whistle of the breeze greeted her, brittle needles crunched under her feet, and several birds her presence had disturbed flew into the blue sky. Somehow she knew where she was headed. A small lake sat in the middle of tall trees, the air smelled of mountain air and wild followers. She had reached a place where the wolves felt safe. She looked at her reflection on the lake, and noticed that she had on a long silky green dress, her hazel eyes sparkled in the shimmering water, and her oval face with soft lines, dark eyebrows and thick lips looked almost beautiful. Her hair was loose and a soft breeze was playing with her tendrils. A sound behind her made her turn and she stared breathlessly as two incredible tall men with wide shoulders and tanned skin staring at her from a short distance.

She took in their presence, and felt her body tremble, her heart beat faster. Her thoughts were scrambled at the site of their gorgeous muscled bodies, their strong legs and arms, their faces almost beautiful in their masculinity. There was nothing effeminate about them, not even their shoulder length hair, dark as the night and touched by the same breeze that played with hers took away from the raw male presence. They were strangers and at the same time she knew them. Her body suddenly craved their touch, and her hands were itched to make contact with the taunt skin of their chests. Dressed in dark leggings, their bodies couldn't hide their desire for her, and in unison, they approached her. Enclosing her with their arms, their eyes were fixed on hers and on their beautifully sculptured mouths, a smile formed. Her heart beat faster. Her thoughts shouted to be careful, to stop them; after all she really didn't know these men. But her body craved their touch. Her mind whispered as she felt one set of hands caress her back and the other her face, holding her in place so she could look into his blue eyes.

"Mine," she heard the whisper over her lips as he leaned towards her and captured her mouth in a kiss that stole all her willpower.

She couldn't explain to her muddled mind her reaction to the his kiss, and when she thought she couldn't stand the pleasure any longer, he lifted his head, and turned her to the man still holding her by the waist. His dark gray eyes were burning, and in less than an instant, he was molding her lips to his, her mouth captive under his sensual assault.

"Mine," she heard him say as both men separated partially from her, giving her room to look at them.

"It's a dream induced spell," she started to explain. "I have come seeking you in order to help you. I really do not understand..."

The blue-eyed man leaned closer and pulled her by the waist. Their bodies were pressed together, fitting perfectly like pieces of a puzzle.

"We are aware of the dream spell, Lucinda. We are angry, upset, and pleased beyond belief," he said staring into her eyes. "You are so beautiful."

Lucy tried to put some distance between them, but he just looked at her, patiently waiting for her struggle to end.

"We know who you are because we heard the wizards and the warlock call your name. We, from the Braden Pack, are aware of your abilities and those of your community. However we do tend to stay within our own and now I am sorry that we didn't pay more attention on the problems our town is having. My name is Trey, and the evil entity that took us by surprise guided us to your front door. Believe me when I tell you that neither Clive nor I knew where we were going, nor that you were our mate."


"Yes, Cinda," answered Clive pressing himself to her side. "Trey is the Alpha of the pack and I am his cousin the Beta. We didn't know where the entity was taking us. One minute we are checking our property and the next we are in our wolf form, with a collar around our necks preventing us from shifting, walking right to your front door."

"How could this ghoul know that I might be your mate?"

"Not might, you are our mate," Trey assured her staring into her eyes. "You are ours, and how the ghoul knew, I have no clue."

"We have put you in danger. And I felt his disappointment when the others banished it. It will be back; it want to kills us right in front of you."

"It thinks to destroy you by killing everything you ever loved."

"How could you possibly know that?"

"It told us," said Clive kissing her hair.

"But I just met you. I know nothing about you."

"You know us, Lucinda," said Trey hugging her closer to him. "Your mind might not accept it yet, but your body knows."

"It is a dream, Cinda. We have no idea why he had targeted you or your family. But if we can be useful in this fight, we want the privilege to protect you for the rest of our lives," continued Clive.

"And never take your safety or that of our community for granted. We made a mistake by believing that the problems of witches and wizards were not our problems. But I was wrong, we need to join the fight and vanquish the evil that constantly surround us," continued Trey.

"I need to prepare," said Lucy somewhat confused but with determination.

"We will help you," said Trey kissing her lips lightly.

Lucy looked first into Trey's eyes then into Clive's. Somehow it all made sense. She knew them; she felt them inside of her.

"In order to save you, I will need to go into a deeper trance. Be part with the earth. The collars you have on are ghoul made to control their victims. It is using you to get to me. I am sorry."

"There is nothing to be sorry about, my witch. The ghoul miscalculated and now you are in danger. Let us be part of you in this dream and then you'll let us go," offered Trey kissing her eyes, her nose, caressing her hair.

"No, I can't do that. I help people, I..."

"You can't help us, love," said Clive kissing her neck and her shoulders, needing to feel her. "You will not put yourself in danger."

"I've being doing this for years, you probably know that."

"We knew of an earth witch named Lucinda that fought ghouls and zombies with her family of wizards and witches. But we will not be responsible for putting you in more danger or by death's door."

"I want to do this; I need to save you from it!" she pleaded and began to shake with anger. "Don't you understand? It had taken so many loved ones, and it wants to take you too. Do you really want to let him win?"

"If it ensures your safety, yes," added Trey.

"I have being fighting it for years. There is no safety. Never was and never will be any as long as it exists."

The fear in their eyes was evident as they both pulled away from her, ready to run away. Lucinda stopped them by holding their hands.

"No, don't run. Hold me, touch me. Share with me what will give us the power to fight him. It's taking your life force and we have very little time. As soon as the Blue Moon rises at twilight of All Hallows Eve, you will loose your soul."

"Lucinda," murmured Trey, holding her to him.

Lucy reached for them throwing her arms around both of them and closed her eyes. She just wanted to feel, have the connection with them, whatever it took to make them hers and ensure their victory.

Suddenly, waves of sensation rippled through her, dreamily aware that hands were sliding leisurely over her body, removing the silky green gown, leaving her naked for their touch. She felt her butt being caressed by callous hands and her torso skimmed by another skillful pair of hands. Somehow she knew who touched her and where. Trey kissed her neck, running his hands over her ribcage, scooping her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers until they were erect enough for a mouth to suck on. The bulk of a pair of bodies surrounding her aroused her beyond anything she had ever known. She stiffened when Trey released her nipple and raised her chin, forcing her to open her eyes and look at him.

"You are so beautiful," murmured Trey.


"Just feel, my mate. We are here to show you how it could be, we want you to experience our touch, our desire," murmured Clive kissing her jaw, licking her earlobes.

"I want it to be more than a dream, Clive, Trey. I want us in the real physical world."

"Lucinda, my heart," said Trey in a whisper and returned to suckle her breasts.

Closing her eyes, she arched forward, gasping at the large erection pressing to her groin and realizing the second one on her backside. Moisture seeped from her, wetting her labia, drenching her clitoris. Their caresses turned feverish, and she writhed under their hands. Both men started to lick their way down her body, their tongues synthesizing her skin, each swipe scorching.

"Trey, Clide, I need..."

"We know what you need, baby, just let yourself go, we'll catch you."

Trey licked his way to the apex of her thighs and parted her nether lips, his hot breath over her exposed flesh. He lapped at her, sinking into the hidden core of her. Her sharp cry was lost in Clive's mouth. He had turned her head, holding her close to him, pressing her back to his front, controlling their kiss while playing with her nipples as Trey pleasured her. Driving her higher and higher, Trey flicked her clit before sucking on it and had her climaxing in waves of ecstasy. Clive swallowed her cries.

"Delicious." Trey fell back on his haunches his cock proudly erect between his thighs.

Lucy stared at him. He was magnificent and she craved his full possession.

"Trey, fill me."

"Yes, my mate," Trey answered by holding her by the waist and hugging her to him. He kissed her and when he let go, lifted her and turned her around to face Clive. He spread her legs which were over his thighs and their eyes met.

"Clive wants to taste you, sweetheart."

Lucy turned her head and watched the hunger in Clive's eyes, his body a work of art, his hard stomach, his wide shoulders, the heat in his eyes his turgid shaft calling to her. Leaning over, Clive tasted her, licking his lips as he sucked on her, again and again, while Trey kept playing with her breasts and his mouth taking little sensual bites of her neck and shoulders.


"Shh, darling, we will take care of you," Clive said inserting one of his fingers inside of her drawing out her climax.

Clive lay dawn on the green grass; the forest was around them, the breeze making the leaves murmur some sweet melody. Stretching his hands, Trey handed her over and positioned her over Clive's erection.

Her breath caught in her throat, he was so hard, so large and thick.

"Lucinda, just let yourself go, we are here to catch you," Trey murmured in her ear.

She imagined the weight of Trey's cock on her tongue and the bulk of Clive's filling her at the same time. She lowered herself into Clive's cock and turned her head seeking Trey, reaching for him and pulling him closer as her mouth closed over his shaft.

As her movements increased, she felt Trey getting even harder and longer, opening her throat and swallowing. He growled when cum jetted down her throat, and she lapped every drop. Clive plunged into her again and again set a pace that drove her insane, until the moment before coating her with his semen, overloaded her senses by pinching her clit and sent her into sweet oblivion.

Lucinda woke up from the trance, and looked at her two wolves. She kissed their wet noses lightly and smiled, "You are mine to protect." Lucy stood up and watched as her wolves stood next to her. Walking towards the window she looked into the twilight of dawn.

"It is almost morning; we must prepare for tonight's trance. I have to make the potion and prepare the basement." She turned, squared her shoulders and walked into her kitchen followed by the two huge animals.

"I do not know if you are hungry or not, but you can't go out to hunt. You must stay with me under the protection of the wards. The ghoul might return but he can't reach us in here. We must be prepared for any surprises."

While making breakfast, Lucinda took out two packages of ham and placed them on two plates serving them to Trey and Clive.

"I am going to call my family; they probably know something and I hope we didn't have any incidents last night." She felt heat rise to her cheek and saw both wolves watching her and smiled nervously. I was kind of busy, she thought.

After talking to her aunt Clare and learning that there had been no more incidents during the night. Lucy went to her bedroom, grabbed her towel and headed for the bathroom. Thinking of the two wolves made her smile. She could save them, they could be hers. Of course, the dream plane was different from the physical one; maybe after she saved them they might not want her. But she knew about shifters and their mates, once they found them nothing could tear them apart.

She never thought of the pleasure to be one with her mate, well in this case, her mates. She couldn't say which sensation was better, because feeling both surround her with their smell, was beyond anything she had ever experienced. Their touch had been magic and their lovemaking a wish that she had never put into words. Her world was not made for mates or family; it was a world of war against evil.

Hearing a low growl from the other side of the door brought her out of her daydream. Afraid that something might be wrong; she opened it and was confronted by two hungry looking wolves, their noses sniffing the air.

"What is wrong?" she asked looking beyond the bedroom door.

Clive took a step closer and started sniffing her right between her legs. Trey watching her started to come around suddenly licking one of her butt cheeks, making her jump.

Lucy laughed and stepped away from them. "You naughty men, stop that. Well, naughty wolves. We don't have time. I need to get ready."

Clive's jaw grasped her towel and pulled before she had time to hold on to it. It flew across the room with a flick of his massive head.

Completely nude in front of them, Lucy felt heat start at the tip of her toes as it rose all the way to her brain making it feel distended. Both wolves leaned back on their haunches and stared at her from head to toe.

Okay. They seemed to just want to look at her. Lucy felt a rush of heat cover her skin and realized how in a matter of seconds their looks had aroused her beyond belief. Embarrassed, she felt flustered and taking a deep breath she was assaulted by their incredible smell. The smell of male arousal, hungry to mate.

Growling, both wolves turned from her and climbed on her bed. They laid each on either side of her bed leaving a space in between and silently placed their heads between their paws closing their eyes.

Lucy, who had been holding her breath, filled her lungs by taking deeps gallops of air. They needed her to bring them out of their curse otherwise they will be lost as soon as the moon rose from its zenith. They were trying to distract her. More in control she returned to the bathroom and took a shower; she needed to erase from her body any evidence of arousal. They had sniffed her desire and it had brought out the hunger in them. She needed to stay focused; they needed her, not her fantasies.

When she left the bathroom, she saw them still on the bed. She dressed quickly and went to the basement where she started to prepare the ingredients for her trance. She needed to reach them beyond the dream plane and into the astral plane, where their souls seemed to be locked. She had to find the key to unlock their collars and once and for all face the ghoul that had been haunting her dreams and her life for eleven years. This was her chance to finally finish him. With Trey and Clive as baits, the ghoul had thought to hurt her. Well, killing them will definitely destroy her, but she was not going to die without a fight.

She heard the doorbell and went to see who it was. The wolves were standing by the door, silently watching her approach. Behind the door, both Justin and Fernando waited for her.

"What happened?" she asked opening the door.

"Caleb sent us to check on you and the wolves," answered Justin.

"They are fine. Please come in."

"We just came to make sure you're fine."

"I was getting started on the potion. I need to prepare to go into the trance to reach them. The house is warded; I should be able to find out how to remove the collars."

"Good, I'll tell the pack," said Fernando.

Both wolves took that moment to move next to Lucy and stared at the men.

"Sorry, the pack is in an uproar. It seems that you have the Alpha and the Beta with you, and their Omega is feeling everything they are feeling, like pain and frustration. They are not happy," continued Justin.

"We let them know that they're here with you and that you're their mate," explained Fernando. "We are going to be busy tonight, see if you can finish before twilight."

"I will. We will join you as soon as I'm finish here."

"See you at the shop," said Justin, turning away and followed by Fernando.

Lucy closed the door and faced her two wolves.

"Well, lets get to work, then. Follow me."

After several tries, Lucy realized that the wolves were not cooperating with her. They definitely didn't want her to risk her life. Foolish men, didn't they know that life was constantly at risk.

"Trey, Clive. One last time. Help me reach you; otherwise you wouldn't be able to help tonight when all those monsters appear. You told me yourselves that you were going to take an active roll in helping the community, so get with it and show me the way," she said frustrated.

She went into deep trance, and watched as the wolves joined her and walked along each side of her. She felt secure in their presence. As they walked into the mist, the smell of deep forest enveloped them. They would shift soon, she thought, and she needed them to reach that part of themselves that would show her how the ghoul fastened the collars. Once she knew that, she would understand how it worked.

Breathing in the smell of the forest, instinctively, she caressed the heads of both wolves. The trees started to get larger, and their canopies thicker. They were following a trail, and at the end, a cottage appeared. The door opened and a giant of a man with a huge axe appeared.

"They are not here," he said staring at the wolves.

"Where then?" asked Lucy.

"Beyond the woods, by the cliffs."

"What are they doing there?"

"Running from you. You want to help them and if you do, you'll die. They do not want that."

"They have no idea if that will come to pass or not. Call them, I need them. They promised to help."

"They don't want to risk you, Lucinda."

"I will die without them anyways, Omega, their pack will suffer if they can't shift. They will go feral trapped in their animals. Help me get them; I need to see how they got their collars on."

Lucy looked at the wolves staring at the man, moving their heads in denial. But the man nodded to Lucy and went inside the cottage, closing the door.

As if in a film, the woods surrounding them disappeared, and so did the wolves. A dark red mist started to slither across the darkness and the presence of both men appeared before her.

"You shouldn't have come," said Trey full of anger.

"I need your help."

"You will die."

"So be it then. But if I die, you are also to blame. You could have helped me." Lucy glared at Clive. "You could have helped too."

"Cinda, don't you understand that we prefer to stay as wolves with you, than as men without you."

"Neither of you will let me die. I need to take those collars off so we can fight my nemesis. I am asking for your help. Will you give it? Trey your pack is in danger, would you leave them to the monsters?"

"Don't, Lucinda. I know what I am doing. The pack is strong, they don't need me."

"I need you. Both of you."

"You'll have us until the Blue Moon."

"So you would condemn me to a life without you? You are going to die once the Blue Moon appears."

"And so we die," answered Clive.

"Then I guess I'll die too, because without you I can't beat this monster. It has been haunting me and my family for eleven years. It killed my mom and dad and my brother. Then it took two cousins. I am tired of its existence. I need you to help me kill it. And if you don't then I'll die trying."

Both Trey and Clive looked at each other. They could argue for hours, and they knew that her answer will be the same. And would cause her death.

"You can beat the bastard without us, my mate. But it seems that you'll not give up on us," said Trey.

"You wouldn't have given up on me either if the roles were reversed," Lucy replied as she approached them. "Show me and we can return and fight this thing."

Each one stood on either side of her, their smiles reaching her heart as they looked at her. Suddenly enveloped in their embrace, Lucy felt the joy of belonging. She had a great reason for fighting the ghoul; she wanted her men.

Trey and Clive held her, watched her, leaned over to smell and touch her skin with their lips. Lucy reached for them, touching their faces, their chins and strong necks. She ran her hands over their wide shoulders and then returned to run her fingers through the thick mane of their dark hair.

"It's time," she said.

As the mist surrounding them thickened, they showed her how the collars were put on. And now, Lucinda knew how to save them and maybe even destroy the monster.

Lucy arrived at the shop just minutes before the twilight. The coven had gathered, and her aunt saw her come in followed by the two wolves.

"Oh my, they are huge."

Lucy hugged her aunt and looked around for her uncle. "Where is Uncle Caleb?"

"He is in the back, preparing the ring. The ceremony will start soon. It's going to be a long night."

"I know, but we'll win," Lucy assured her and as she crossed to the rear of the building where the wizard fire burned. The witches and wizards moved leaving room for the wolves to follow.

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