Halloween Seance

by Old Freak

Copyright© 2012 by Old Freak

Fantasy Sex Story: Jack was orphaned as a toddler when his parents were killed in a car crash. His wife Janice and her sister Janelle were also orphaned at a young age. Janice and Janelle's step-mother, an adept of "The Old Ways", is going to hold a seance on Halloween to try to contact the two sets of parents for her daughters and son in law. Will she be able to contact the parents who had passed on so many years ago? What else will happen? Some codes omitted to avoid giving away the end of the story.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   InLaws   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Petting   Squirting   Food   Pregnancy   .

"Jack, are you sure you won't mind going over to my mother's for Halloween?" asked my lovely wife, Janice. She and I had just been celebrating our six week wedding anniversary and were taking a break before we started round two.

"Of course, I don't mind," I replied. "I'm sorry I had to be out of town and missed it last year. I've never been to a séance before and it sounds like it would be really interesting. Who all will be there?"

"From what mom said, it will only be you, Janelle, mom and me." Janelle is my sister in law, my wife's identical twin, and I do mean identical. The only difference I have been able to find is that Janice has a tiny mole on the underside of her right breast and Janelle doesn't, while Janelle has a very tiny mole just below the bikini line above her pussy. Like most twins, they have that special connection where they seemed to share thoughts and emotions, finishing each other's sentences, and all of the myriad things that identical twins can do. To my everlasting joy, Janice and Janelle decided early on in our relationship that they would share me as well.

I too seemed to share a strong connection with both women, which was a bit strange. My wife and her sister seemed to be able to finish my sentences while I was often able to finish theirs. The connection with my wife was slightly stronger with Janice than it was with Janelle, and vice versa. All three of us loved one another and knew we should be married, so we decided that Janice would be the first or legal wife, and that Janelle would be our second wife. Janelle lives with us, but her mother had asked her to help her get everything ready for our Halloween séance the next evening.

The séance is going to be held in one of the outbuildings on Janice and Janelle's mother's farm, some 650 acres where their primary products are herbs and spices, along some fruits and vegetables, all organically grown. Over the years, the twins' parents have added a number of greenhouses to the property, most of which are computer controlled for temperatures and humidity, enabling them to grow a wide variety of plants which would normally not be able to be grown in our part of the country. In the late winter and early spring, their greenhouses are also utilized to grow seedlings, which they sell to home centers, garden shops and landscapers in addition to individual homeowners. Janice, Janelle and I only live about ten minutes from the farm where they grew up, in the house I inherited after my parents' deaths, so we spend a lot of time helping there as well.

Grace, my mother in law, and I get along famously. She is actually Janice and Janelle's step-mother as their biological parents were killed in an accident when they were toddlers. Since there were no known relatives that could be found, the twins were placed in an orphanage after being treated for some relatively minor cuts and bruises they received in the crash. Grace and her late husband Roy, had decided to adopt the twins after they found that Roy had become sterile from getting the mumps when he was a teenager. Roy had been killed a couple of years ago when a tractor trailer drove around a curve too widely and too fast, then rolled over his pickup truck crushing him. Luckily, he was the only one in the pickup at the time.

Unlike the twins, who were only five feet one inch tall and very petite with both of them being blessed with very nice curves that were proportional to their bodies, Grace was about five eight with a little extra padding in all of the right places. While the twins had very fair skin, auburn hair and green eyes, Grace's coloring reflected her Apache heritage, with a somewhat darkened complexion, very dark hair and deep brown eyes that were very easy to get lost in. Since I'm describing what everyone looks like, I might as well describe myself. I'm about six foot two inches tall, medium build, in fairly decent shape although I'm in no way a fitness fanatic. I have light brown hair, the same as my mustache, with hazel eyes and my coloring is somewhere between that of my wife and that of her step mother.

I too had been orphaned when I was a baby. My parents were killed in an auto accident, and I was very badly injured with head trauma. I was airlifted to a trauma center, staying in the hospital for nearly three months until the worst of my injuries had healed. No relatives could be found, so upon my discharge from the hospital, I was placed in an orphanage near the hospital where I had been treated. Somewhere along the line, my paperwork was lost, so the people at the orphanage gave me a new name and birth date and made up a birth certificate so that I could be adopted. I stayed at the orphanage for about six months until I was adopted by a very kind and loving middle aged couple who raised me until their deaths while I was in college.

I grew up in a very loving and supportive environment, yet my adoptive parents made sure that I would be prepared for the time I would go out into the world on my own. They taught me how to think critically and how to ask questions. They taught me to keep an open mind and how to listen to others' points of view. They taught me that there are good and bad people of all races, nationalities and religions. They taught me to be tolerant of others' religious and spiritual beliefs, as well as of their political opinions.

As I got to know Janice, Janelle and Grace, we would discuss spirituality, religion and our own belief systems. I explained to them how although I did not belong to any religion, that I did believe in a higher power. I also told them that I tried to lead my life by trying to live by the Golden Rule, of treating others as I would like to be treated. They explained their personal beliefs combined those of Grace's Apache ancestors with those of what they call "The Old Ways", the beliefs in the God and the Goddess, of their respect for nature and other humans, of how they believe that power and magick can be found almost anywhere. They discussed their tolerances of other religions, of how their belief system has been around for some 20,000 years and how it has evolved over the years. They explained to me how their one rule is that if harms none, then do it. We discussed quite a few things within these subjects, and we all agreed that our belief systems were remarkably similar.

I have participated in several different rituals with Grace, Janice and Janelle, both clothed and skyclad or nude. Grace had warned us that the séance this evening would last until late that night and that it would be very physically, mentally and emotionally draining for us. Because of Grace's warning, Janice and I scheduled the next three days as personal days. We would sleep in and rest on Wednesday, which was Halloween, then recuperate from whatever happened Halloween night on Thursday, Friday and over the weekend.

Grace had never given me that kind of warning before, so I asked my wives about that. They each said that they had never heard Grace give that kind of warning before either, increasing the level of intrigue I had already been feeling.

Janice and I continued to lightly kiss, lick and nibble each other as we began preparations for round 2 of our six week anniversary celebration. She began telling me how Grace wanted to try to contact hers and Janelle's parents at the séance, and then when she heard that I too was an orphan, to try to contact my biological parents as well. Janice told me how she, Janelle and Grace had tried on two earlier occasions to reach their parents, but how they had not been successful. We were going to try to have me join them for the séance last year, but I had to go out of town for work.

I asked Janice, "What was going to be different this time other than me being there?"

"That is part of it," she replied. "She also found an old book about six months ago, and she has been reading through it and apparently found a few things in it which make her think that it will work this time."

"Any idea of what she found?"

"Mom didn't tell me a whole lot about what she found in the book. She did say that she did find what appeared to be a much more powerful ritual than what she had before, and that your male energy is vital for it to work correctly. Mom also said that this ritual calls for us to be in an altered state of consciousness, although she wouldn't say anymore about how that would be accomplished. She said that she would explain everything to us when we got there."

Before I could ask anything else, Janice pressed her lips against mine, slipping her tongue inside my mouth where she searched and found my own tongue, enabling them to do their dance of desire together. She leaned over me and fed me her breast, which I happily took between my lips and began to nurse from her hard nipple. I placed my hands on her sides and gently moved her chest so that I could nurse from her other erect nipple while I slid behind her so she could find something else which was quite erect as well.

Janice lifted the top part of her torso so that I was no longer able to wrap my nips around her nips, started giggling when she saw the fake pout on my face. She scooted down a little bit, while grasping the base of my titanium strength tumescence, leaning forward to give me a super passionate kiss, before completing her journey down my torso.

Janice placed my manhood into position so that it would be lying against the bottom of my abdomen, then set herself up in such a way that my cock was situated long ways between her labia, just as a hot dog would be set inside of a roll. She then moved back and forth, making sure that the tip of my erection was bumping and rubbing against her clit while she deposited the combination of her fluids and the remnants of semen I had deposited inside of her during round one of our celebrations. The way Janice deposited the combination of our fluids reminded me of how mustard and relish are placed on a hot dog while it's setting in its bun.

Janice then prepared my rocket for launch, lifting her torso so that she could place the rocket into position to propel us into orbit. She then moved her specially designed and built gantrey into position so that it could enclose and service my rocket, preparing it for blast off as only she knew how to do. She moved her gantrey down very slowly, making sure that she didn't damage any of the sensitive instrumentation of the rocket as she began lubricating it.

Once Janice had my rocket fully settled into her gantrey, she then used her vaginal muscles and her own sensitive sensors to make sure that my rocket was in optimum condition. She continued to squeeze her muscles as she slowly lifted her gantrey off of my rocket, testing all parts of the rocket and very pleased with what she was finding. As she neared the top of the rocket with only the tip remaining inside of her, Janice eased the pressure of her muscles and slid the rocket back inside of her.

Janice raised and lowered her gantrey onto my rocket, starting out slowly and gradually building up speed as she continued to receive positive feedback from her sensors. Her breathing, movement and moaning all increased in tandem with one another. I warned her that the countdown was getting much closer to blast off time. That only caused her to move that much faster, her moans transforming themselves into screams. Next I heard her chanting, "Oh Jack! Oh Jack! Make me a baby! Make me a baby!"

Janice, Janelle and I had talked about having children. We all wanted children and we didn't want to wait too long to begin having them, so her chanting lit the fire that started the ignition that led to blast off for both of us. I raised my hips into the air, lifting Janice along for the ride as my rocket traveled down range from the launch site, making sure that my payload was released at the proper time and in the proper place. Janice collapsed onto my chest as we both slowly returned to earth after sharing that cosmic orgasm together. I wrapped my arms around my wife's body, feeling the spasms from the aftershocks that moved up and down her beautiful body, lightly kissing her and whispering how much I love her.

I could still feel aftershocks traveling through Janice's body a half hour later, when we both finally managed to gather enough energy to walk to the bathroom. There, we each used the toilet, brushed our teeth then got into the shower where we each washed one another gently and lovingly. After finishing in the shower, we each dried one another, then cuddled and snuggled together in bed as together, we drifted off to Dreamland.

Janice and I slept in the next day, not awakening until after 9:00 AM, since neither of us had to get up for work. On a normal work day, we were up between 6:00 and 6:30, so it felt good to sleep in the way we did. We kissed, cuddled and caressed one another and I for one was ready to have round three this morning, but Janice told me that I needed to save my strength for this evening's ritual. I wonder if there was something else that her mother told her that she has not passed along to me yet.

We finally managed to crawl out of bed and into the bathroom where we relieved the pressure on our bladders, then climbed into the shower together where we washed one another without getting another round of lovemaking started. As we left our house, we found that it was a beautiful, warm Indian summer day, with the warm weather expected to last through the upcoming weekend. Since we had a few errands to take care of, we decided we would eat breakfast in a restaurant in town which was owned by a local family and which had a great reputation not only for the quality of the food they served, but for the quantity as well.

After stuffing ourselves at the restaurant, Janice and I proceeded to take care of our errands and returned to our home after picking up sandwiches and fixings for salads from the local deli. Grace had told us to only eat a light meal before going to her farm for the ritual, so we ate the sandwiches for lunch and saved the salads for eating before going to Janice's mother's. Once we had finished eating our lunch and cleaning up after ourselves, Janice and I went into our bedroom, where we got undressed and got into bed, cuddling together as we drifted off to sleep.

We woke up from our naps by 4:00, with both of us feeling very refreshed from the rest we had gotten. While I shaved my face, Janice filled the bathtub with nice warm water in which she had poured a combination of vanilla and jasmine oils. I was later to learn that both oils were reputed to be aphrodisiacs, with jasmine also said to be used for relaxing and calming the body. We relaxed in the tub, washing each other than soaking to allow our bodies to absorb the essence of the oils which had been added to the water.

After soaking for about twenty minutes, Janice climbed out of the water and sat on the edge of the tub. I took the shaving cream and applied it to her vulva, shaving her completely smooth except for a tiny heart whose point was just above her clit. After I finished shaving her, I rinsed off the entire area and gently caressed a small amount of vanilla oil around her labia, feeling how soft and smooth her skin felt with first my fingers, then with my lips and tongue. Reluctantly, Janice pushed my head away, reminding me that I needed to save my energy for later tonight, before we switched positions. Janice shaved my pubic hair, rinsing the area when she was done, then applied vanilla oil to the newly shaved areas, as well as on my cock and balls.

After we had finished all of this, we then turned on the shower to rinse both of our bodies, then dried each other before going into our bedroom to dress. Janice put on a short black skirt with a bottom hem which came half way up her thighs when she was standing and a lot higher when she wasn't. To that she added a black top with silver interlaced which seemed to mold itself to her titillating body, showing her perfectly shaped breasts off to their best advantage. I wore black slacks with a shirt made from a combination of materials which made it feel soft and very comfortable, whose silver and black colors complemented those worn by my wife. We figured that since we would be getting undressed so soon after arriving at my mother in law's that we would just go commando and not worry about underwear.

Once we were dressed, Janice and I packed small suitcases with enough clothing and other items to last us through the weekend as I figured we would be helping Grace with some different things around the farm. After we had finished packing, I carried the two suitcases down and put them on the floor of the back seat, then went back inside to make sure the lights were on the timers and that everything was locked. By that time, Janice had gotten a couple of light jackets for each of us and was waiting for me at the door. We exited the house, locked the door, then walked to our car.

I opened the back door on the passenger side so that Janice could put the jackets on the back seat. I stepped back a little bit because I knew that my sexy wife was going to give me a little show, and she didn't disappoint me in the least. Acting as if she didn't know that I was behind her and watching her every move, Janice opened her legs a little before she bent over to place our jackets on the back seat. As she did this, her skirt rode the rest of the way up her thighs, exposing the bottom of her nicely rounded ass cheeks and giving me a glimpse of heaven. She stayed in that position for a couple of minutes, acting as if she was making the sure that our jackets were in just the right place, then looked back over her shoulder at me. Spying the projecting protuberance that was pressed against my pants, Janice smiled at me and asked, "See anything you like?"

I licked my lips before I responded, "Sure do! You look absolutely delicious!"

Satisfied that our jackets were the way she wanted them, Janice straightened herself, then closed the back car door. I walked over to open her door as a gentleman should, and she again rewarded me for my sense of chivalry, opening her legs real wide as she slowly sat in the car. I looked up my wife's short skirt, seeing how swollen her labia were, and spotting how her special lubrication was sparkling in the last of the sun light. She looked at me with the most smokey passionate look I think I've ever received from her and said, "I am so wet right now! I don't think I've ever desired you more than I am right now!"

I smiled at her and half tongue in cheek asked her, "Are you sure you want to go to your mom's"

"Oh yes!" she replied. "We need to share this with our other wife. Our cycles are in sync with each other, and tonight is the middle of our cycle. I just ovulated a couple of hours ago, so tonight is the night that Janelle and I will be at our most fertile times. Honey, I want us to do some baby making tonight!"

Now if that didn't get me going, I don't know what could. Janice slowly brought her right leg into the car, allowing me to close her door behind her. I walked around the front of the car, adjusting myself as I walked to show my wife the effect she had on me, then got in on my side and started the car. We pulled out of the driveway and onto the road to Grace's farm, the scene for our next adventure the Halloween séance.

As we drove down the road, I moved my right hand so that it was resting on Janice's thigh just above her knee. When she felt my hand on her thigh, she spread her legs wife open to give me the access I needed to reach all of her charms. I suppose I was being a bit mean, nasty, rotten, cruel and horrible, but I showed my wife that she wasn't the only one who could tease. With a very light stroke, I caressed the insides of her thighs with my fingertips, getting to within an inch or two of Nirvana, then moving down the inside of her other thigh. I stroked the sensitive spot behind her knees for a little while before my fingers resumed their journey up the insides of her thighs. As I neared her apex, Janice lifted her hips from the seat, trying to get the contact between my fingers and her dripping pussy so that I could take her over the top. When she had lifted her hips, I moved my fingers down her thigh toward her knees as she screamed, "No! You're being mean to your loving wife! Why won't you let me cum?"

I removed my hand from Janice's thigh as I needed both hands on the steering wheel so we could turn onto Grace's driveway. I smiled and replied to her, "I was trying to increase your arousal and your anticipation for baby making tonight. I read somewhere that the more aroused both partners are, but especially the woman, the greater the chances are that she will become pregnant. I'm just trying to make sure we have the optimum conditions for getting you pregnant tonight."

"I still love you," she replied, "even though you are a big meany and left me feeling more frustrated than I think I have ever felt in my life." Janice smiled at me and said, "Just wait until my mother and sister find out how mean you are to me!" She started giggling as I parked the car next to the others near the house.

Grace and Janelle must have been watching for us as they came out before we had finished parking the car. Both women were dressed in short skirts showing how Grace's legs were just as delectable as those of her step daughters, while their tops showed off their cleavage to the greatest effect. I didn't think it was possible for me to be more aroused than I already was, but the combination of the short skirts worn by all three women, combined with their tops which also revealed that neither Grace nor Janelle were wearing a bra, caused my excitement to grow even stronger.

Once we were parked, I turned off the car and removed the keys from the ignition. Janelle came over to open my door while Grace went to greet Janice. As I got out of the car, I looked at my other wife, and saw that I was not the only one who was aroused and erect. I noticed her hard nipples pressing like small bullets through her top and saw a drop of her effervescent honey as it slowly made its way down her thigh from under the hem of her skirt.

As I got out of the car, I noticed that Janelle was staring at my crotch and licking her lips. I stood next to her, wrapping her in my arms, feeling her bullet like nipples as they tried to shoot their way into my chest, as she pressed her body and her lips against mine. I rubbed my hands up and down her back, then began kneading her buns as I pulled her and she pushed herself toward me even harder. Janelle then jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist and began grinding her dripping pussy against my diamond hard cock. She pulled her lips from mine and whispered into my ear, "I am so hot for you right now! I just ovulated about an hour ago and I know that tonight is the perfect night for us to make a baby together!" She then moaned as she again pressed her pussy against me.

"Janelle, do you know that your lips taste like fresh pussy?" She blushed and I continued, "Honey, unless you want me to cum in my pants where it's not going to do either of us any good, I think you should let go and get down for now. I am so turned on between your sister teasing me earlier, you grinding away at me and showing me how hot you are, how you and your sister both want me to give you babies tonight, and the thought of you eating your mom's pussy that I'm right at the edge right now." Janelle pouted for a second, then gave me a quick peck on my lips and released the death grip her legs had on me. I helped her down so she could stand next to me, then put my arm around her waist so I could say hello to my mother in law and so Janelle could greet her twin sister.

Janelle and I walked around the car so I could say hello to her mother. We each had an arm around one another, with my fingertips just barely caressing her nipple, eliciting a slight moan from her as we walked. We looked through the windshield and saw Grace leaning into the car and passionately kissing her other daughter. Glancing at Janelle with a smile on my face, I quietly asked her, "Do your mother's lips taste like pussy too?"

Janelle blushed a little bit before answering, "Yes they do. But she was a bitch about it because she wouldn't let me cum! She took me so close to the edge, but when I begged her to take me over the top, she just laughed at me!"

I too laughed, especially when I saw Janelle's face with a pout on it just like her sister's had been. "You and Janice must be completely frustrated right now because I did the same thing to her after she had spent most of the day teasing the hell out of me."

By that time, Janelle and I were right behind where Grace was bent over at her waist, leaning into the car and exchanging passionate kisses with Janice. I noted that Grace too was going commando and was giving Janell and me a great view of her most private parts. I winked at Janelle before commenting, "Grace you really do have a nice ass!"

Grace moved her feet so they were a little farther apart than they had been, then wiggled her perfectly shaped posterior at me before breaking her kiss with Janice and responding, "You like this old ass of mine, eh? You can rub it if you would like."

I looked at Janelle before I heard her and her sister answer at the same time, "Go ahead Jack. Show mom how much you love her."

Janelle and I walked up until we were right behind Grace. Together we each reached out a hand and lightly caressed the back of a thigh, then slowly moved our hands up her thighs and caressed her lower cheeks. I looked into the car and saw that she had not resumed her kiss with Janice, so I reached in and began playing with her mature breast and teasing her erect nipple. I heard a low moan escape from Grace's mouth as she said, "Oh Jack! That feels so good! You have no idea of how long I have been wanting you to do something like this! You're the first man to have touched me like this since Roy died."

While continuing to caress her breast with my left hand, my right hand moved down a little to begin stroking the top part of her inner thigh, rubbing the special lubricating lotion that had escaped from her labia into her soft smooth skin. Janelle and I continued to caress her step-mother for another five to ten minutes, but neither of us would let her climax as she desired to do so much. Janelle and I stepped back from Grace, then I gave her a light smack on her butt, saying, "I think we should get our things inside then get started with the evening's festivities."

Grace moaned in frustration before backing away from the car and straightening herself, holding onto the car door as she stood on her quivering legs. I took a step toward her and she came into my open arms, pressing her luscious body against me, kissing me with enough passion to let me know that she, like her step daughters, was completely aroused. Grace moved her lips so they were next to my ear, then began nibbling on my earlobe before she whispered to me, "I too am ovulating this evening. My daughters and I are all on the same cycle. Will you help me make a baby too?"

Goose bumps ran up and down my body as I realized the ramifications of what my mother in law had said. It seemed that all three women were at the most fertile part of their cycles and all three of them wanted me to take advantage of that and make all three of them pregnant tonight. I looked into Grace's eyes and asked her, "Is that what you truly want? How do your daughters feel about that?"

Grace kissed me again before replying, "I have always wanted to carry a baby of my own. The girls know that as we have discussed it many times over the years. After you began your relationship with Janice and Janelle, I talked with them about having you give me a baby. They knew how you and I felt about one another and said they had no objections, but that it would be up to you. They also told me that I would have to be the one to approach you about it and that they would not mention anything about this to you as they didn't want there to be any uncomfortable feelings between us if I decided not to ask you about it. My biological clock is quickly running out of time, and I would love you even more than I already do if you would be able to do this for me."

I continued to hold my mother in law in my arms and gave her a soft, gentle kiss. "Wow! You know that I adore you and I know that you love me as well. I never imagined that you would want me to help you make a baby. I think we should get our things together and go inside so that the four of us can discuss this. I'm not rejecting you, but before I agree, I want to be certain that this would not jeopardize the relationship I have with Janice and Janelle."

By this time, Janice had finally managed to get out of the car, so we grabbed the jackets and luggage from the back seat and went inside the house. Janice asked me to just set our luggage down in the corner of the family room while she put our jackets on hangars and Janelle and Grace went into the kitchen where they put plates and some snacks they had previously prepared onto the kitchen table.

I looked around at the food on the table. I saw a plate with salmon that had been grilled with basil and a plate with raw oysters on it. There was a large bowl that contained a fruit salad made of strawberries, bananas, figs, avocados, pineapples and chopped almonds in a sauce of vanilla yogurt mixed with honey and a sprinkling of ginger. Besides all of that, there was a small plate with chunks of dark chocolate and a large bottle of cabernet sauvignon.

Grace looked at me and smiled. "I know that you're supposed to serve white wine with seafood, but the red fits in better with what will be happening later this evening. Everyone, please dish up the food and we'll eat while we're discussing what will happen tonight if we all agree." She paused while each of them gave thanks for their food and the sustenance it would provide.

Once everyone had started eating, Grace resumed what she had to say. "For the past several years, Janice, Janelle and I have held séances to try to reach the spirits of their biological parents, but so far we have not been successful. Halloween is the one time each year when the spirits of those who have departed are closest to our plain of existence, which is why we are holding the séance tonight."

"About six months ago," she continued, "I found an old book of spells, some of which are very powerful. The spell I would like to use this evening for our séance requires us to reach an alternative state of consciousness, and it requires sex once we have reached that state to release the energy that we need to contact those who have departed. I would also like to see if we might be able to contact Jack's biological parents as well this evening."

Grace paused for a moment before continuing. "As you know, all three of us women have ovulated within the past two hours. I have asked Jack if he would help me to make a baby while he helps you two to make one too. He is concerned that this might have an adverse effect on the relationship which the three of you share. That is the last thing I would want to have happen, so I want to make sure of how each of us feel about it before we proceed."

Janice took my hand in hers before she spoke. "Jack, you know how much I love you, and how much I love Janelle and mom, and I know how much each of you love me. I feel that if you are able to help mom make a baby, that you will help make her as happy as you have made Janelle and me feel, and will bring all four of us even closer together than what we already are."

Janelle took my other hand, looked me in the eyes and gave me a smile that lit the whole room. "Jack. Janice and I have never been as happy as we have been since you came into our lives. Ever since they adopted us, mom and dad showed us that their hearts were filled with love for us and for each other, and they were never hesitant to let us know that, not just by their words, but by their actions. I suspect that if dad had not had the mumps when he was young, that there would have been a house full of kids in this house."

She paused for a moment and looked over at Grace. Janice and I did as well, seeing Grace blushing slightly as a few tears escaped her eyes and slid down her face as she nodded in agreement to what Janelle had said. Janelle resumed, "Mom also loves you, Jack, without reservation or limits and I know that you return her love the same way. If you were to help mom make a baby, you would make mom the happiest woman in the world, with Janice and I being very close behind." She squeezed my hand, gazed into my eyes and asked, "Jack, will you make mom, Janice and me the three happiest women in the world?"

I stood and walked behind each of the women's chairs and helped each of them to stand. I moved the four of us to a corner of the kitchen were there was enough room for us to stand together. I looked at each of these wonderful women and saw the smiles on each of their faces and the tears of happiness flowing down their faces. I turned to Janice and took her into my arms, kissing her with all of the passion and love I felt for her. I then did the same for Janelle, and then for Grace. After Grace and I broke our kiss, I moved back slightly from Grace, keeping one arm around her while motioning my wives into the group hug.

With a few tears running down my cheeks, I smiled and said, "How can I not want to make the women I love so much the three happiest women in the world?"

The four of us were almost giddy with happiness. Janice said, "How about if we clean the table off, put the dishes into the dishwasher and put away the leftovers?"

Grace noticed that the grilled salmon was gone, so she said, "We'll take the leftovers over to the other building as I'm sure we'll want to snack over the course of the night. I now have a refrigerator there, so we don't need to worry about leaving things out where they might spoil, especially the oysters."

Within ten minutes, we had the kitchen completely clean, the dishwasher running and were leaving the house carrying the leftover food and several more bottles of wine. We walked to one of the other buildings which Grace had dedicated to doing her rituals and other ceremonies. We entered the building and went into the large room where Grace did her rituals, placing the food onto the altar for blessing before we would put it into the refrigerator, and opening another bottle of wine so it would breathe.

I noticed several changes had been made since I had last been in this room. Grace had put cedar trim around the twelve by fifteen feet room, giving the room a clean, pleasant aromatic scent without it becoming overwhelming. Besides the new refrigerator, Grace had also added a king size bed with satin sheets, an incredibly beautiful handmade quilt and a large number of pillows, along with what appeared to be a massage table which could be raised and lowered. I looked at the altar and saw a number of scented candles, several somewhat large cruets of oil of some kind that were warming in a hot water bath, a large water pipe with a large bowl and four hoses leading from it, a large metal plate with slightly raised edges filled with various herbs setting several inches above the altar and a bowl filled with some kind of dried mushrooms.

Once we had everything together, we all got undressed. Grace walked around the outside of the room carrying a rod as she placed wards and a shield to protect us while we carried out the ritual. We gathered around the altar, then once we were all in place, Grace lit a candle and used it to light the others and the herbs that were on the plate. After the fragrant scent of the burning rosemary, sage, oregano and savory filled the room, Grace called upon the Goddess to bless all of us in the room, the food which we would eat, the marijuana in the water pipe, and the mushrooms in the bowl. Grace called upon the Goddess to bless, enhance and fortify the items to enable us to have the power to contact Janice and Janelle's parents as well as mine on this Halloween night.

After blessing the items on the altar, Grace had us put the food into the refrigerator, bring some ice cubes back from the freezer, and then prepared for the next part of the ritual. She took the top off of the water pipe and handed it to Janelle to hold. Grace poured wine into the bottom part of the water pipe, then added ice to the wine and replaced the top. Grace then poured each of us a glass of wine and moved the water pipe to the center of the altar. She had each of us take a hose and put it into our mouths, then we each took a candle to light the large bowl which had been packed with cannabis. Once we had the bowl lit, we put the candles back into their holders and began sucking on the hoses to prime the pipe. It took two or three draws before the chamber was filled with smoke, after which we each took several tokes to draw the intoxicating smoke into our lungs. After the bowl of the water pipe was kicked, Grace picked up the other bowl, took five of the mushrooms from it, and passed it along to Janelle. "You should each take a small handful of mushrooms, and pass the bowl around until we each have some. After we each have a handful of mushrooms, we'll place them into our mouths and slowly chew them before swallowing them."

"It will take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour before we will start feeling the effects of the mushrooms," Grace continued. "While we're waiting, we will go over to the massage table where each of us will receive a sensual rose oil massage from the other three people here. This massage is meant to raise the levels of our arousal, not bring us to orgasm, but to prepare us for what will happen shortly. Jack, how about if you receive the first massage?"

"Being the chivalrous man that I am, I thought one of you ladies might like to go first."

Janelle winked at me with a mischievous smile. "We three ladies, but especially mom, can't wait to get our hands, and other parts, on your gorgeous, hunky body, so we want you to go first. Plus, if we happen to get carried away, you'll have enough time to recover and still take care of all of us."

Janice and Grace walked over to me, taking my hands and led me to the massage table while Janelle brought over the oil. They had me climb onto the massage table and lie down on my front so that they could begin massaging the back part of my body. Once I was in place face down on the table, Grace and Janice stood on my left side while Janelle stood on my right. Grace picked up one of the cruets of oil and poured a stream of the pleasantly scented oil down the middle of my back, starting between my shoulder blades and ending just above my butt.

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