The Birthday Treat

by Priapus

Copyright© 2012 by Priapus

Erotica Sex Story: She meets him at the gym and accompanies him into the men's locker room for a birthday treat.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

I have a special treat lined up for your birthday.

As you drive out to the city sports park, you aren't really sure what's going on, but you've brought your gym bag packed with your workout clothes and a bathing suit.

It's, hot, Florida summer hot when you step out of your air conditioned car into the nearly empty parking lot—the kind of heat that immediately seeps into your joints and muscles, relaxing you, making you move slower and making you conscious of your body.

You grab your gym back, and closing your door you see my car and wave. I'm sitting in the driver's seat, engine and AC running, waiting. I wave back and take in the sight of you as you glide toward me, sensuous and smooth, hips swaying as though you know I'm watching, behind my sunglasses. I can't resist giving myself a squeeze as you approach. It may be hot outside, but you are hotter.

"Hey!" you greet me as you open the passenger door and slide into the seat, your denim skirt riding up a bit to flash your tanned, toned thigh. I get a peek under your shimmery sleeveless blouse, noting the white, sheer lacy bra.

I don't say a word, overcome. I lean into you, lace my fingers into your shoulder-length blonde hair and pull your lips to mine. I tease your lips with my tongue, pressing us together passionately. My other hand goes to your knee and slides up the warm skin, under your skirt and quickly to the panel of your panties.

I am demanding, probing, pushing your panties aside and parting your labia with my fingers as I thrust my tongue down your throat. I press inside your moist pussy easily and you gasp into my mouth as I flick your clit with my thumb.

I briefly consider keeping you here until you cum, but the timing doesn't allow it. I pull back and you lean forward into me, not wanting to stop.

"Not here" I insist. "You don't want to miss your birthday present?" You pout for a second and it's almost too much. I almost give in, but you smile and let me off the hook.

"What's my present?" you ask with the impatience of a schoolgirl.

"It's a surprise ... we have to play a game to get it."

"Ooh, what game?"

"Sort of a 'blind-girls bluff'..." you squinch your face in curiosity and a little bit of playful distrust as I hand you a set of heavy, thick sunglasses, the kind that wrap around and cover your eyes from all angles. "Put these on and pretend you can't see. You have to be good at pretending or you don't get your present."

You put on the sunglasses and of course you can still see perfectly. "Wait here, I'll come around and get you." I walk around the car, fiddling with something that turns out to be a collapsible white cane with a red tip. As I open your door I hand you the cane "you don't have to use this, I'll lead you, it's just for show."

You smirk and reach out toward the handle of the cane, but reach past it and grab the outline of my semi-hard cock through the front of my pants instead. "Is this how you are going to lead me?"

"Very funny." I help you stand up, grab our gym bags and guide you toward the building by the elbow. A large muscular man sites behind the reception desk. "Hi Bob! This is Chris, the woman I was telling you about."

"Hi Chris." His voice is deep and touched with a bit of sympathy. You reach out your hand, not directly toward him (nice touch) and he takes it in greeting.

"Like I was telling you, Bob, the motorcycle accident left her blind and she's still not used to it, but wants to start getting back into working out. I thought I'd take her through your circuit, okay?"

"Sounds good. Let me know if you want to get a membership when you are done."

I lead you down the hall, right into the men's locker room, whispering "happy birthday, sexy!"

We turn the corner and the locker area is empty ... but there are sounds of men's voices coming from the shower area. They must have broken practice early today. "Quick, change of plan, get undressed!"

You strip out of your clothes, as I go to fetch us towels. By the time I get back you are naked, in the corner of the locker room, except for the sunglasses, and quivering with anticipation. It's all I can do to keep from ravishing you right there, but we need to get into the shower quickly, so I wrap you in a towel and strip.

My cock stands straight out at you and I wrap my towel around it, pressing it against my waist. I take you by the elbow and guide you around the corner to the showers.

All the men of the soccer team are still there when we turn the corner, naked and mostly facing the shower-heads on the walls around the large open, u-shaped room. Their bodies are solidly muscled, most of them are olive skinned and speaking Spanish to one another, if they are speaking at all when we enter.

One in particular catches your eye ... he was facing toward the entrance when we arrives, rinsing shampoo out of his land dark hair, the bubbles running down his lean, taut frame, highlighting the contours of his rippled abdomen, and teasingly sliding down his long, soft uncircumcised shaft and heavy pendant balls.

He is surprised to see you, a woman, in this male sanctuary. He says something in Spanish and the other men turn around and start to hoot and whistle when they see you. He looks straight into your dark sunglasses, right into your eyes and with a sly grin tells his teammates to be more respectful.

I mumble something about you being blind and I hope they don't mind. Just the sight of a beautiful woman in the men's locker room, clad only in a towel, is enough to start some of the men's cocks to harden. He speaks for all of them when he tells me in a thick accent that they don't mind at all. He tells two men in the middle of the U to open up a space for us to shower, and I lead you right into the center of their formation.

At this point, all of the men have turned to look at you and are openly staring. Our deception not only gives you an excuse to invade their private environment, but it also gives them license to silently stare at you. You count seven swinging dicks standing all around you. The two men who cleared a space for us are closest, having stepped back from their shower but having no place left to go, they silently watch from one a couple of feet away as I lead you to an available showerhead.

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