Journey to Complete Submission

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2012 by Midsummerman

BDSM Sex Story: A band who trade in trafficking of female slaves is brought to justice by a group of female vigilantes. Their punishment is permanent.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Susie was away again, she had spent her entire life ducking out of one care home to another as a child, now at 18 she found herself skipping out on dubious landlords who would charge her the earth for a place to stay, unless she would offer payment in kind. Not happy to do either, she would oft moonlight whilst owing, and now was such an occasion.

She headed for the more urbane part of town; the small amount of money she had would not sustain her long; she needed find work and shelter quickly once more, or perhaps sign for the meagre welfare she'd be allowed, once an appropriate address could be given. A pretty brunette, her petite figure in tight jeans caught the eye of many as she threaded herself through the urban sprawl of town, the carbon monoxide thick in her nostrils made her need for shelter and a nice shower, all the more urgent. She came across a newsagent with a large billboard outside the entrance; 'Accommodation' read the legend above it. She stood and fingered the cards which advertised places to stay.

Across the street a large male smiled as he saw the nubile bottom in the tight jeans, and pushed a similarly aged girl in Susie's direction, having whispered something in the ear of the girl, who was obviously in the charge of the male to one extent or another, the pair stationed strategically whilst waiting for a 'Susie' to appear. Susie was immediately distracted by the soft blonde girl who 'accidentally' brushed against her as she pinned her accommodation notice amongst the others, then smiled as she feigned paying the newsagent as she into the shop; she was careful to see if Susie was now viewing her card, the terms were much better than average, but not too cheap to make a petite female viewer wary of the true but unknown purpose. The girl came out smiling to find Susie most interested in her advert; Susie was immediately lulled into a false sense of security on seeing a like female actually pin the card. She was most interested.

"How would you like to go for a coffee together, before we take a look; you can tell me all about yourself- my name's Anna." The blonde tingled as Susie took the bait; she had to know her circumstances before taking her back to where they would rendezvous with the large male, to whom she gave a deft hand signal, unseen by Susie. The male smirked with anticipation and disappeared into the darkness of an alley as the two girls chatted on their way to the café. Susie's journey was about to begin.

Anna bought her a coffee and started with the rudimentary things about the work she was looking for, music preferences etc., before touching on her background. When they eventually got round to it, and Susie mentioned she had no immediate relatives to wonder just where she was, Anna's pussy buzzed; He would be so pleased and would reward her. Susie was happy to go with her when she suggested they go, Anna could barely contain her excitement as she led her away. Susie had a strange feeling as Anna casually held her hand as they walked onto the bus; she had a strange tingling herself as though she were being taken somewhere other than advertised, but did not care. She almost knew she was about to embark on a new chapter in her life.

They walked about 500 yards from where they left the bus, to a large Georgian terraced house with a basement below and four floors above; the ground floor being reached by a small and once grandiose stairway, the door sheltered by a canopy on two columns. Susie was only a little apprehensive as Anna virtually pulled her up the steps; Susie only marginally less moist than her captor. Anna fumbled with the key, opened up the glossily painted panel door and led Susie in the strange warmth of the house. She jumped a little as the door closed behind her with a thump and clatter of the brass letter box. Across the road, Marie Harper watched through the curtains of her house; she had noted girls coming, but few going. She was a freelance photographer in her early forties, attractive and between boyfriends. She was determined to find out just what was going on over there; call girls were common in the area, but there was something about the girls who visited number 22 which made her curious.

Anna smiled; she knew someone would be waiting upstairs, Susie was theirs now. The décor in the hall was somewhat sparse, but there was nothing foreboding about the place; Susie was ushered up the stairs by Anna, who watched her sweet bottom ascend before her; she could already see that bottom in other circumstances. Anna took her into a bedroom and showed her a tidy and comfortable room, then took her into a lounge; she sat in a large leather sofa and felt very comfortable as she sank in. Anna knew this was her chance.

"Would you like a drink; wine or a short maybe; I was just about to crack open a bottle." Susie relaxed and thought nothing of it.

"I'll have whatever you're drinking, thanks!" Anna went to the kitchen and opened a merlot; the rohypnol she put in Susie's glass made the man watching through the hall entrance to the kitchen smile, he winked at Anna and bided his time. Susie took the drink and soon had several more; she was used to having a few drinks and a bottle of red was breakfast to her. It came as a surprise to her when she went to the toilet and found she could hardly walk. When she came back, she could not stop giggling and felt strangely sexy; Anna came and sat next to her on the sofa and smiled as she loosened her blouse and undid her jeans. Susie was becoming glazed and very wet, as was Anna; Susie could sense something was not quite as it should be, and quivered with a strange erotic feeling of anticipation.

Anna and Susie were now openly caressing as the drug and alcohol took effect on the wayward girl, her pussy tingled as Anna helped her off with her jeans and panties. Anna had a sterner look about her; she was now in control. Susie was suddenly willing to do anything asked of her and she was also desperate for sex. Anna was now very hot between the legs and turned Susie holding her wrists behind her back; Anna enjoyed the feeling as Susie whimpered slightly and her moist sex slithered on the leather as her delicate arms were held and lifted. She produced a cord and bound her wrists tightly; Susie sighed as Anna pressed her breasts into her back and toyed with Anna's nipples as she nibbled her neck and ears. The air in the room was now sweet with the young women's arousal; Anna Gently pushed Susie forward so she lay face down on the soft leather, she stroked Susie's moist crotch and licked her fingers before pulling the sweet young girl's elegant ankles together. She smiled victoriously as she secured her ankles with a silken cord; Anna's pussy tingled and was so wet, how she wanted to come. She lay a long length of cord on the leather and had the wiling Susie lie down across it after she had woven it between and around her tied wrists; she pulled her legs back and fastened the cord behind her knees, Susie's moist and glistening pussy was now protruding invitingly, and her sweet little anus was there for the taking.

He watched ready to enter, his cock stiff and in need of the relief he knew the young girl would offer, whether willingly or not. Anna winked at him as the hapless Susie felt another cord being drawn around her neck and fastened between her knees; she was now helpless and had allowed this to happen, her pussy dripped as she felt another presence in the room and panicked just a little as another unmistakable scent touched her nostrils; a male was there. Anna pulled Susie up on her knees; her sweet bottom was pertly inviting as she now struggled with the cords for the first time, Anna slapped her face to rouse her senses slightly as she watched the cords bind tightly against Susie's soft white flesh.

"I think you know what's going to happen now, don't you? I can't believe you let me bind you so willingly; we shall have some sport with you now, then after our little assessment we'll decide what market is best for you." Susie tried to take in what was being said, but was interrupted by the entrance of the source of the masculine scent which she had detected earlier. Anna looked up with puppy-dog eyes at the male, his erect cock bobbed and pulsed at the sight of the helpless Susie; her pussy quivered as she smelt a waft of his urgent manhood. Anna looked up for some recognition from him for her achievements.

"What do you think Blair, she's very pretty?" Blair just smiled at Anna with a look of disdain and pushed her to the floor." She cowered as he lifted Susie's head as far as it would go and let her sniff his cock, which he teased her nose with. His cock stiffened as her eyes looked up at him submissively; he smiled back and rubbed his glans softly against her lips, Susie took in the tangy scent and taste of his masculinity, making her exposed pussy tingle and moisten in readiness for its inevitable invasion. Blair pushed his aching cock against her mouth; it was apparent to the helpless girl what wanted, and she strained in fear and anticipation against her bonds. She looked up at him as she slowly parted her lips, welcoming his stiff cock into the warmth of her mouth.

"Good girl, you'll do just as I say if you know what's good for you." He spoke in a broken tone as thrilling sensation of Susie's hot, tight little mouth on his glans excited him. There was the doorbell.

"Answer the door bitch!" Anna covered herself with a towel and went down to open the door; two men smiled and brushed by her in their eagerness to view the fresh new captive with Blair. They laughed as they entered the room to be confronted by the trussed nubile girl engorged on Blair's eager cock. Susie panicked a little as the two disrobed immediately, displaying erect cocks.

"May I?" Smirked one of the two; Blair grinned as the burly male pulled Susie round on the sofa, carefully keeping his cock deep in her mouth. Susie squirmed in her tight bonds; there was nothing she could do as the male moved her round on the sofa and eagerly rubbed his stiff cock in her arse and pussy; Susie spluttered a little with the stiff cock deep in her mouth, she knew she was to be fucked whether she wanted it or not. The male slapped her soft white arse and then eased his cock into her moist pussy. Blair returned to sliding his cock back and forth in Susie's mouth. She tensed at her bonds and whimpered as the cocks want deep in both ends; she wanted to come now, she had let herself be tied up, by a girl and was now being fucked relentlessly by two males she had never met her pussy dribbled as she enjoyed her captivity and abuse; she sucked on the cock like a comforter and squeezed her pussy tight around the welcome intruder.

Anna looked on from her knees whilst the new girl was used by the men. Blair looked over at her.

"See to her Larry, will you?" The owner of the third erect cock slapped Anna viciously and sneered at her as she cowered; he moved her to face the action on the sofa as he knelt behind her and pushed her head down, taking her from behind. She yelped as he brutally penetrated her anus with no regard for her comfort. She moaned as he pressed right to the hilt and held it there while she moaned. Anna watched the two other men work in tandem on poor Susie, as Larry now moved rigorously back and forth in her tight anus, grunting with pleasure as the tight hole squeezed his stiff cock. Ann lifted a hand and rubbed her clitoris as her arse was relentlessly fucked; her arse hurt like hell as Larry grew more excited. None of the men had the slightest respect for the girls.

Blair started to moan and Susie now tasted his salty excretions more than ever; she felt his cock pulse in her mouth and braced herself for his delivery. Her pussy now tingled uncontrollably as the other male's cock worked in and out of her exposed and captive mound without mercy; the cords hurt her wrists and ankles exquisitely and she could not help but be immersed in a deeply erotic submission as she was abused. Blair started to moan and Susie's throat felt the first hot spurt of his orgasm; she did not gag, but looked up at her tormentor as she willingly sucked and he spurted again and again; the hot semen she did not manage to swallow, dribbled from her lips as she now moaned as her own orgasm was gratefully received from the cock behind. As she whimpered, Blair spent again and again. Susie buzzed and tingled all over as she consumed his sticky mess, and her orgasm was taken to a new crescendo as the male behind grunted uncontrollably and filled her tight little pussy with his own hot gift. All three moaned and whimpered in unison as they reached their finale.

Anna and her male reached their zenith as the other three's subsided; Larry roared like an injured animal as his cock filled Anna's tight anus with his cream; Anna lay flat, in complete submission and wailed as her fingers brought joy to her clitoris, and the feeling of the stiff cock in her arse made her wish the male would spank her also, she wanted to submit completely.

When they'd done, Susie was not allowed to speak. Blair smiled at her as he wiped her mouth with her panties, before rolling them into a ball and smartly stuffing them in her mouth. She was then gagged with a length of silky cord. The tie from her neck to her knees was released and she was allowed to stretch on the sofa; she was still in a daze from the drug, but could understand all that was said. Blair dragged Anna over and slapped her face.

"Make use of yourself and clean her up before she's bagged; then you can go and get me some cigarettes." Anna got a bowl of warm soapy water from the bathroom and gently sponged Susie's face and bottom before drying her. Susie tried to protest when she saw Blair smile at her as he stood with a full length body-bag, making sure she heard him slowly unzip it. The three men descended on her as she wriggled in vain; a small dildo was inserted into her pussy and the male who had violated Anna earlier took great pleasure in inserting a rubber anal plug in to her bottom. Though she was now very panicky, the objects stimulated her and she was once again overtaken by a deeply erotic sensation as she was manhandled, feet first into a body bag. She squirmed as the zipper was brought tightly up to her neck, cocooning her, just leaving her face exposed; for the moment.

"She'll make a very good price for us when we market her; she'll be a good obedient slave for some fat harem owner, best get her to the country despatch point as soon as it's dark and we can move her." Susie was now terrified and wet herself in the bag. She squirmed and her heart raced as the men grinned down at her, plugged her ears and then zipped her up, into the dark tight bag. Anna feigned a grin too, only to feel Blair's hand against the side of her face once more. She reeled over and slumped to the floor as the other two laughed. Blair motioned to do the same again, making her cower.

"Get yourself dressed and get my cigarettes or we'll have you bagged too!" Anna was terrified of Blair and did anything he asked of her; despite the abuse he dished out, she always returned to the house, though it was wearing a bit thin lately, and tears streamed from her eyes as she left. The three men were laughing, pinching and poking poor Susie as she writhed, helpless and tightly bound in the darkness of the sack, now also terrified at what was to become of her. Anna hurried away down the stairs and stumbled down the steps after fumbling with the large front door.

Marie Harper was just opening her door as Anna went past; as she took some equipment from her car she could see that the girl was very distressed. She sat in her car and waited, guessing by her dishevelled appearance that she was on some errand and would be back. Sure enough after about ten minutes she re-appeared, stumbling as she came. Marie left the car; she was determined to speak to her about the girls she saw coming, but never going. As Anna turned to cross the road, she tripped and almost fell into Marie's arms. It was as though she felt the need to be rescued and she just burst into tears; she made no effort to break free and go back to her house, she somehow welcomed being taken in to Marie's house.

Marie sat her down and took her shoes off. Anna nestled in the soft sofa at first but was almost immediately anxious and stood up, pacing over to the window to check that Blair was not already at the door or window, waiting impatiently for her. Marie comforted her and asked her to sit.

"Please stay just a little longer, I do wish you'd tell me what's troubling you?" Marie studied the situation, the vulnerability of the girl in her present state, and took her chance as the tearful Anna looked up at her just begging for compassion.

"I know that lots of girls have gone into the house with you, but I don't see them leave. If it were a brothel, it wouldn't bother me, but I'm a little worried about the males that live there too; and you seem to be more distressed every time I see you. I promise I won't involve the police if you tell me, I have a lot of female friends who could look after you too, if it's retribution you are afraid of." Anna clung to Marie and blurted out what she knew; she was on the verge of self- destruction and felt secure for the first time in months. Blair, Larry and the other man - Deacon, preyed on runaway girls. They sold them on, to contacts in North Africa and the Middle East. They were exchanged for drugs and money; girls were rounded up and selected if they, like Susie, were unlikely to be missed by anyone. They were captured in town and taken to a country house where clients would view them, and purchase them like livestock. As serious as the situation was, Marie was reluctant to involve the police as this would mean a jail sentence for poor Anna; she would be viewed as just as guilty as the men. Marie Harper was not just a freelance photographer; she had another side to her which involved a circle of ultra-feminist acquaintances'; it was not by accident that there was not a permanent man in her life, she was very independent and had a specific taste for the men she was intimate with.

"You must go back now Anna, I want you to give me the address of the country house; I have some friends who will relish bringing this little game to an end." She dried Anna's eyes and covered her as they left the front door, to ensure they were not seen from across the road. She watched Anna cross and enter before going back in. She picked up the phone.

"Hi Rula. How do you fancy a little adventure involving three rogue males? I'm sure we can interest the 'African Queen' in three white boys who need to be found new homes and put in their place." Rula was most interested and the two discussed plans. She would be over later. The 'African Queen' was an East African lady called Ebuka; she was a goddess amongst goddesses who had her own little community and business in Africa. In a fiercely male dominated society she held her own, and held a few men too. Only her female associates knew the true nature of her business. Marie was fortunate enough to get pictures of all three men as they left and returned, which she mailed to Ebuka. A mail came back in no time at all: 'Yes, they will do nicely, I will take them – I'll alert the usual team.'

During one period when all three had left the building to visit a pub, Anna came quickly over with the country address written on a piece of paper. While she was there, Rula Stark arrived with two other women; she was also middle aged, very fit and shapely with sable hair and blue eyes, supremely confident and single like Marie, for a very specific reason. The two other women were in their thirties and all three seemed very professional to young Anna. They were quickly introduced to Anna, who was then briefed that they would allow Susie to be transported to the country residence but would follow. It was at this point that Anna disclosed that there were two other girls, bagged and awaiting the same fate; she had to go back and feed them. The women were a little stunned, but to Anna, this trafficking had become a normality; Marie promised Anna that she would soon be free from the situation, and one of the younger women gave her a warm smile and said she would be welcome to stay with her when things had been sorted. Something in the smile made Anna tingle; she would welcome lasting female company. The other younger woman, an associate of Ebuka's, a stunning black lady with silky brown skin and deep brown eyes, winked at the two of them; she knew that her friend had a penchant for young girls herself.

Anna went back to the house and into the room where the three cocooned young women squirmed in there confinement as they lay on a bed. Anna unzipped each one in turn; they were not permitted to see each other at this stage, and fed and watered them. After zipping the last, Anna returned to the first and unzipped her once more; the dainty red-headed girl inside had looked at Anna with eyes full of longing; she knew what was needed. Anna eased one hand between the girl's legs and slipped the tightly fitting dildo back and forth in her sweet little ginger mound. As she lay trussed on her side, Anna inserted the middle finger of her other hand deep into the red-head's anus. Anna smiled sweetly at her as the captive quivered and moaned through her gag, closing her eyes and tensing as she was brought to a merciful orgasm. When she opened her eyes again, Anna removed her finger slowly from the newly satisfied girl's rectum, looked down at her and licked her tangy finger clean before smiling wickedly as she zipped her back into darkness. Anna had met the ginger girl at a club, and she had told her of her masochistic traits. She had gone willingly with Anna, knowing she would be abused and trussed; she longed to be enslaved and ill-treated, her ultimate fantasy was to one day to be snuffed. The knowledge that Anna now had would be bitter-sweet news for Ginger, but she would do her best to help her, and would enquire of the women as to what would be best for her.

Marie and the other women had arranged for other associates to be on stand-by nearer the country residence; they would need to assess the situation first to establish just how many males would be at the country house. The lithe and sexy black girl, Dominique, licked her lips as she viewed the photos of Blair, Larry, and Deacon. She knew her Mistress Ebuka would find good homes for them all, somewhere in Africa or the Middle East, or use them for an entertaining event; it depended on her mood. Her pussy tingled with the idea of the sweet irony that they would end up enslaved themselves; it was justly fitting and she would relish playing her part in breaking these men into submission, knowing that they had preyed on young girls. If Ebuka decided to sell them on, she would ensure they were fully broken before the sale, and would ensure that the women they were sold too were made to understand their backgrounds. The three males would easily be found homes with the many black women who appreciated serving special treatments on white slaves.

Blair and Larry lifted the first of the girls and carried her downstairs as Deacon drove the van round to the rear of the terrace into the mews road. Under cover of darkness they loaded the three girls into the van unseen, or so they thought. Marie and the other women watched the van leave, then took Anna from the house. They then drove up to the country destination, overtaking the van on the way. When they arrived at the address, they found a large house in an avenue of similar detached houses, no elaborate security or gates. They left their cars and viewed the building; through a window they saw just three males, all middle aged one olive skinned, one of an eastern extraction and one white, some very expensive vehicles sat outside. The women were met by six more who had been alerted by Ebuka. Just as they were discussing plans, they were forced to withdraw to cover as the van came into the driveway; the olive skinned man came out of the house to greet them, and was obviously in a hurry, as he had Blair open the van's rear doors immediately and unzipped the top end of the bag with Ginger in it. He smiled and passed a package to Blair as Ginger was re-zipped; she was a redhead kidnapped to order. He opened the boot, and the trussed and squirming girl was lifted in, and the boot closed leaving her in further darkness to begin her journey into slavery.

He drove off immediately, too soon for the women to arrange one of them to tail him in a vehicle; they would have to interrogate the three men to establish who e was and where Ginger was to be taken. In the boot of the car, Ginger was not too uncomfortable and she squirmed and rubbed herself excitedly on the dildo and anal plug inserted in her. She had now seen the face of the man who now owned her, and hoped to be abused shortly; she wet herself as she achieved an orgasm, trussed and locked in the darkness. Back at the house, the other two were brought in, unzipped and shown to the men. The eastern man slapped Susie's face several times, making the already distressed girl cry. Laughing, he undid his flies and forced the weeping Susie to suck his cock; the other girl was held by the head and forced to watch, terrified, as Susie gagged and swallowed on the man's seed, which he gleefully spent into her mouth, grunting as he spurted; his white semen dribbling from the corners of Susie's mouth and mingling with her tears The white man then moved to the other girl and pulled his cock from his flies; though trembling and terrified the girl sucked on his cock with enthusiasm, in fear of what may happen to her. After he had grunted his mess into her mouth the girls were re-bagged and booted as per Ginger. Both vehicles would be followed this time; the women chosen to do this were expert in this field and were ready equipped with passports to enable them to follow anywhere.

Blair, Larry and Deacon laughed and joked, then settled down for the night in the rooms upstairs. They didn't know they'd be sleeping for a lot longer than intended, and would wake elsewhere. The women entered the house when the men had been given ample time to sleep; each one was chloroformed, trussed and taken to the women's vehicles.

When Blair woke, he found himself naked, trussed and gagged. He was on a large bed which was too comfortable. As he squirmed and struggled he suddenly became aware of someone else in the room, and he felt something prod his back. He turned to see Dominique smiling down at him, naked, cane in hand. She removed his gag.

"You will tell me where the redhead has been taken within five minutes." The lithe black beauty then stepped back and commenced her work on Blair; he was not given the opportunity to give her an answer, he was given what was to be the first of many thrashings by the supple woman. He cried in pain as she brought the cane down with relish on his arse and legs, again and again; he was shown no mercy whatsoever.

Dominique's supple muscular form glowed as she whipped Blair in a frenzy of cuts and strokes, her pussy moist and tingling as she thoroughly enjoyed the thrashing. Though Blair wept like a baby as Dominique worked on him, he could not avoid the smell of her arousal or the look of the beautiful woman as she dominated him; his cock erect and rubbing on the bed, he moaned between the tears as he disgraced himself under the cane. Dominique smiled with sheer satisfaction as he squirted his cream and made sure his pleasure was matched with pain, bringing the rattan down with extra force as Blair spurted in complete submission.

Dominique relented only when her arms were spent. Blair writhed and moaned in pain; red welts and the blood from them, trickled down his arse to mingle with the semen on the sheets. He could hear the howls from the other rooms, as Larry and Deacon were also beginning their descent into total submission to the women. Blair willingly blurted out all he knew about the man who had taken Ginger, and Dominique passed the info on to one of the female agents who would track her down. She then returned to the snivelling Blair.

"You'll lick my arse, and then I shall cane you again." Blair received a cursory stripe with the cane as he dared to protest, before he commenced licking the sweetly perfumed chocolate brown anus; this would be part of his submission to her, he would learn to associate the sweet smell and taste with the promise of a caning. When the assertive Dominique considered he had serviced her well enough, she simply resumed the caning. Blair cowered and begged for mercy, but was shown none; Dominique laughed at him as he howled with pain as the cane resumed biting his flesh.

"Don't worry; you'll be begging me to cane you before you know it!" Blair tossed and squirmed as the stinging pain wracked his body; he was hopelessly erect again and could not help but remember the sweet pleasure of the first occasion, and now he had the sweet smell and taste of his new mistress's arsehole in his nose and mouth. The pain and the pleasure combined, Dominique noticed his rhythmic motion and adjusted her cane strokes to suit.

"You may come for me again now; I intend to have you come several more times before we're done." The words of his beautiful tormenter served to assist with his humiliation, as the cane made his stiff cock jet back and forth under his tormented body. Dominique laughed at him as he duly convulsed and now the jets were of hot sticky semen as he took the cane and thought of that arse; he knew she was right, he was doomed and she was in complete control of him, he knew he would soon be begging for a caning.

In a house in Rabat, Morocco, the police were removing the body of a middle-aged olive skinned male. He had been found hanged; a pair of delicate woman's panties stuffed in his mouth. He was also covered in welts where he had evidently been whipped and caned. Much semen was in evidence upon the floor before him; the forensics team were puzzled by the bright red pubic hair found in his bed. Their investigations led them nowhere.

Further south, somewhere in the African interior, three white girls watched with a crowd of laughing and jeering black women, as two men, one eastern and one white, were bundled and dragged whilst screaming and begging for mercy, up the steps of a scaffold to where two more smiling black women stood waiting with hoods, next to two silky white nooses. Dressed just in funeral shrouds, the quaking and terrified males were eagerly noosed by the smiling women, who had won the privilege to despatch them. They were very eager to tell the men their names and that they would be the women to send them to their deaths. The two trembled as their legs gave way with fear, but the nooses bit tight and kept the choking men upright, much to the delight of the jeering crowd of women. The two smiling women made sure the nooses were nice and tight- the men were to be allowed no drop- they wanted real sport of them. The women then hoisted the hoods aloft and looked down at the seething crowd of women, for their opinions; they were told in no uncertain terms by the laughing jeering majority that no hoods were to be worn, the women wanted to watch the faces of the men as they suffered.

The two had been captured shortly after Ginger had been released in Rabat; like the other three men, they had ben chloroformed and brought here to face a court run by Ebuka, who took great pleasure in making an example of males who had ill-treated women. The two had been whipped and beaten to give up the names of all their contacts and to confess their crimes, before being tried in Ebuka's court before a jury of 12 women. They had been found guilty and sentenced to hang within 15 minutes of the start of proceedings. They were stripped of their clothes from the onset, and were made to crawl on all fours from their confinement to wherever they were to go. The women ensured that they suffered for their crimes; now they would take great satisfaction in ensuring they committed no more.

The two stood in full view of the jeering taunting women, noosed, hands bound behind them, ankles now smartly bound, and ready to dance at the end of the rope. There was one more humiliation first though; their shrouds were lifted to reveal that both men had healthy erections; though terrified, the smell, look, noise and the thought of dying for these women had made both men involuntarily excited. The woman laughed and goaded their small white pricks, but they would oblige them just this one last time. Both men's cock's rose instantly to fully stiff erections as the two black beauties each took their man in hand. The men knew they were to die, and the eroticism of their imminent despatch by women was not lost on their senses, despite their fear. Both men looked down at the smiling, leering crowd of women who now clapped in time, awaiting the display from the males as they were milked to oblivion, the men knew as soon as they came they would hang, but could not hold back. one of them looked down at the assortment of buxom and lithe women as they smiled up and clapped relentlessly; the pleasure afforded him by his stroking tormentor was all too much, he was overcome by the eroticism and wanted to die for the women. The women cheered and whistled as he bucked and grunted in absolute ecstasy; the orgasm gripped him like no other as his tormenter smiled and gripped firmly and stroked harder as the pleasure warped through him. He gave up his seed for the women, who jeered and laughed as he gratefully shot his mess down to the wooden trapdoor, a trapdoor which would now disappear.

The woman squeezed her silky brown hand up the length of the man's cock and drained the last of his warm semen; he had come for the last time. She smiled and strutted to the lever which would send him on his way. The other male whimpered as he strove to stave of the pleasure of masturbation, the buxom African woman smiled at the man, as the baying throng of onlookers egged her to pull the lever; some of them openly toying with their sex.

"You have abused women and you will pay dearly for that. I want you to think of what you've done as you hang for me. Now you will die." The women cheered as she smiled with satisfaction and smartly pulled the lever. He let out a gasp as the wooden floor left him and his neck and throat were pinched tight by the deadly noose; his feet swung and twitched looking for the floor as the pain of his oncoming death was realised for the first time. He spluttered and fought for breath as he was slowly choked by his own weight; his cock rose erect once more, as he took in the jeering, laughing and clapping women and the reality of the situation registered fully; there was no going back now, he would be dead within minutes, the silky noose creaked as it squeezed ever tighter, and the inside of his shroud was suddenly warmed by the fact that he pissed himself with fear. The women screamed and jeered all the more as the liquid streamed down his legs and splattered in the dust below the gallows. The other man now received more attention from the crowd; he whimpered pathetically as his dark mistress stroked him relentlessly, laughing as she teased him to his end. He now had the extra distraction of seeing his accomplice struggle and squirm at the end of the rope. His cock stiffened, he could not hold back, his laughing mistress taunted him as he began to convulse with pleasure.

"Yes yes, you are to die now, like your friend; give me your seed like a good boy, I want to watch you die." Her words, the crowd, and his accomplice dangling were too erotic. He cried tears as he realised it was hopeless; how he wished now he'd never been cruel to women, his black mistress let out that typical high pitched African warbling yell as his cock spurted forth his cream. He was doomed. The women closest to the gallows moved forward and spread their arms to catch the jets of semen which the doomed man shot over the parapet in a fit of resigned ecstasy.

His mistress was very pleased with his performance.

"See how easy it is? Now you can go." He whimpered all the more as she moved toward the lever, but he was to be shown no mercy. A second rally of cheers rang out as the frightened and spent male was delivered to his death by a woman. The lever was ripped back with gusto by the eager black mistress, the floor went away and his whimpers turned to gasps as the rope squeezed his neck exquisitely in announcing his oncoming death. Piss still dripped from the first male as his eyes bulged and his face went blue as he was slowly constricted; he was knowing pain, and the women rejoiced in his silent agony as the life was squeezed slowly and painfully from him. The second man now knew pain also and longed to pass out. As his feet swayed the women taunted all the more; they knew their enjoyment would be done in a few minutes. As his body stretched and he felt the bindings of his wrists and ankles, his cock rose once more, as if it too was bound by some invisible force. He could not understand, but he now managed to look down at the smiling jeering women and he was overcome by the eroticism of his situation. His hanging mistress noticed the bulge in the shroud and lifted it clear; the women shrieked as they saw his erection, the shroud was removed.

Even with the pain of the rope as it squeezed ever tighter he now felt the breeze over his body, naked and dangling before the seething mass of aroused women, to accentuate the humiliation of his demise. He strained against the taught bindings of his ankles and wrists and the feeling of utter helplessness made his balls tingle with excitement as the seconds passed by. The women taunted him all the more now his cock was pointing rigidly, and he fought for breath as the rope clicked tighter about his neck; he was now enjoying his despatch and the tell-tale signs from his loins were there. The women warbled and clapped as they sensed what was to happen as he squirmed at the end the rope awaiting death, increasing the new found erotic feeling he was experiencing. He looked at the smiling laughing women, some of whom had there sex's bare and openly pleasured themselves, he looked at the hanging mistress smiling with satisfaction at her work, squirmed against the bindings and his cock pulsed unmistakably as his body convulsed in announcement of a final ecstasy. His balls twitched and tingled in that pleasurable way when at all times before, his cock had either been locked in his hand or deep within one of the women he had treated so badly, he now fought for breath, not because he wanted to simply survive, but because he wanted to enjoy a final orgasm. He twisted and convulsed as the women's jeers reached a crescendo; they had seen this before, he was to give his seed up to them as well as his life. His cock jutted forward in the breeze as his buttocks squeezed and convulsed in sheer ecstasy; the women clapped and taunted as he jangled on the rope and thrusted, shooting his cream in pure ecstasy, he knew he would die shortly but had never thought it would be like this; he gasped as the pleasure coursed through his body, then he was gone.

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