Angie's New Life

by Mike S

Copyright© 2012 by Mike S

Sex Story: Continuing the story of Angie, the dumb as a rock California beach blonde, following the results of her application in A New Beginning by msboy8.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   White Female   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

Angie character was created by and is used with the permission of msboy8

Former Deputy Sergeant Angie Applegate had belonged to Gregor Andropof, owner of Brightston Security for 6 months. While working undercover vice for the LAPD, a mobster by the name of Viktor Rostovitch had died while having sex with her. Viktor had a bottle of spray Viagra and the Coroner had ruled the drug had killed him. Gregor Andropof, aka Greg Smith, was Viktor's cousin and learned Angie's identity when she had applied for a security position with his company. By means of a hidden microphone in his personnel office, he had heard Angie say she had worked undercover vice for the LAPD while on the force and Gregor had ordered her hired and then was going to kill her as retribution for her killing his cousin. In his mind the Coroner's report was what the police wanted it to be and the cops couldn't get anything on Viktor and had this undercover cop poison him. Angie was convinced by Gregor that she had caused Viktor's death. She had been alone with him when he died and Viktor was not a man to commit suicide. Angie agreed with those facts and resigned herself to whatever Gregor wanted to do. She owed him a life for her cousin's and that was that, she deserved to die.

His brother Sergei had arrived as Gregor was about to cut the big titted former cops nipples off as her breasts were Angie's pride and joy, and convinced Gregor she could be of better use to them and she became Gregor's pleasure slut for the company.

A deep blue with silver highlights body suit with flaps over her cunt and ass, was made for her. The costume was cut to show the tops of her breasts to the bottom of her aureole and her 3 inch nipples had been sewn into a joined set of silver rings, keeping them always erect. Angie referred to them as "shiny bumper guards." Her long, once blonde, hair had been dyed to match the suit.

Angie had grown to enjoy her life, delivering coffee in the morning to Gregor in her uniform and tottering on 6 inch heels. She would then give her boss (owner) a hummer under his desk and then was off to the lounge for the morning fuck break for the other employees. Angie would be fucked by 2 or 3 men, 1 in her cunt and 1 in her ass, and then either a cock in her mouth or her face in a cunt and sucking a female employee's pussy. The employees in the big office had staggered fuck breaks so Angie was occupied from 9 AM till noon.

Then she would stand and the flaps would fall back down and cover her lower fuck orifices and she would totter to Gregor's office and be the lunch fuck break for Sergei and him. At 1 it was back to the lounge until 5 when the office closed, for the other employees afternoon fuck break. Then Angie was allowed to go to the locker room and shower and change into her evening uniform, a sheer black demi bra, black thong, white garter belt, black stockings, white micro mini cheerleader skirt that barely covered the front of her thong by ½ inch but showed the lower 2 inches of her ass cheeks in back, a white gauze transparent blouse that showed her nipples and aureole on display in the demi bra, and the black 6 inch heels.

A company bus, filled with all her fellow employees, would be waiting in front of the office and would take her home. Angie was required to totter from the front of the bus to the rear and back to the front the entire trip as her fellow employees groped her body and enjoyed the show as her skirt swished back and forth and her tits bounced for their enjoyment as the bus hit every rut and pothole it could to cause the swaying and bouncing.

If an employee was being rewarded, he would exit the bus with Angie and enjoy her body all night long and be picked up with her in the morning. Employees, male and female, had enjoyed that privilege and brought a change of clothes for the next day when they were being rewarded. The bus then dropped the other employees at a public parking lot where they parked their cars in the morning to ride with Angie on the bus. As has been said before, Angie enjoyed her new life because it had all the sex the California beach bunny craved, courtesy of her owner. She was so happy when Gregor decided not to kill her she gladly accepted her new role in life and all the sex.

That morning started like any other and Angie tottered into Gregor's office with his coffee and found a Mexican seated in a chair in front of Gregor's desk. His pants were around his ankles and a nice big 10 inch cock thrust up from his crotch.

"Morning boss," Angie said and then licked her lips as she stared at the cock. "Here's your coffee and ready for your morning hummer?" She began to kneel to crawl under the desk but Gregor stopped her.

"Mr. Mendez and I have business to discuss and I have offered him an incentive to allow us to work with them" Gregor told her. "Pedro would like a hummer and then keep sucking until the meeting ends or he wants you in his lap so his cock can find comfort in one of your lower holes." Angie licked her lips again to collect the drool running from her mouth at the thought of that shaft in her. Angie hurriedly tottered to the Mexican, almost losing her balance and falling twice in the heels, then sighed in contentment as she dropped to her knees between his legs.

Grasping the cock Angie leaned forward as she stuck out her tongue. She licked from the Mexican's nut sack all the way up his cock to the crown and over the piss slit. A drop of precum was there and Angie tried to wiggle the tip of her tongue into the piss slit in search of more. With the Mexican moaning in contentment Angie encircled his cock with her lips and slowly sank down the shaft. She fed inch after inch of the massive rod into her mouth, between her tonsils and down her throat until her nose was in his thick black pubic hair. Angie took several sniffs of the manly scent there as her tongue lashed the shaft in her mouth and her throat muscles milked the shaft and head in her throat. Pedro so enjoyed the feelings he was getting he forced her head back down and held her there when Angie started to rise up so she could bob up and down on his cock.

"Gregor, you are right" Pedro moaned. "This puta has a throat like velvet and I want to discuss some personal business with you after the professional."

"Pedro, if it concerns this slut, anything is possible if the price is right or I like the idea of what will happen to her" Gregor replied with a smile.

"Very well, to official business" Pedro said. "As you know, I am the lawyer for the largest drug cartel in Mexico. I had dealings with your cousin Viktor and now your brother Sergei since he took over Viktor's family. It makes for a very profitable trade for us both but the cartel thinks we need more help here in Los Angeles and your brother suggested your security specialists as possible mules for getting our product over the border when they accompany rich Americans into Mexico. We would pay you a 10% fee for the value of the product as we know many of your clients come in large RV's or sail down in yachts.

If you tell us where they are going and when they are leaving, our men will pack the vehicle or boat with our product and then it will be up to your personnel to unpack it and deliver the product to our distributors here. They will pay you your fee, in cash, upon delivery. Depending on how many clients you can convince to visit Mexico, this could pay you a million dollars or more a year. AY CARUMBA ... YOU FUCKING PUTA ... I CUM ... JESU I CUMMMMMM" Angie felt the log in her throat throbbing and cum gushing into her belly. The cock was so far into her throat she didn't have to swallow, it was ejected straight into her gut. She was surprised at the amount of semen being injected into her and wished she could catch some to taste and determine his BAC, if he had any this early in the morning. While with the police department Angie had been trained, by the teachers and many of her fellow students who volunteered, to determine BAC by sucking the suspect off, swilling the cum in her mouth and then swallowing. Her accuracy was then tested by a breath analyzer and Angie had become pin point accurate, her declared BAC was agreed with by the machine.

"Pedro, I would be happy to enter into a business agreement with your clients" Gregor said. "If you were to bring a contract laying out the terms of the agreement, I would be happy to sign it and have you take it to your employers. Now, what was the personal business?" Angie's throat had coaxed the Mexican's cock hard again and he released her head and grabbing her long hair jerked her head up, forcing her to look up at him.

"Climb on my lap, puta" Pedro said. "When you sit, ensure my cock slides into your slut pussy." Angie stood and then turned around and began to sit. Just before she was on his lap she grabbed his cock and positioned it at her opening and then plopped down, ramming the cock deep into her body.

"AY CARAMBA ... FUCK THAT'S TIGHT" Pedro called out as his cock slashed into the slut's vaginal cavity. "Ride me cowgirl, take this cock and hammer it home again and again. Oh fuck, make my cock fill your womb with my seed." Angie, feeling very stuffed and happy about it, was more than willing to ride this shaft and feel it shoot its cream deep inside her.

"I have an Irish Wolfhound that I love like a son," Pedro said. "He has a mighty cock with a grapefruit sized knot and the puta in the villages around my hacienda know it well. They love to come out and have him fuck them, suck his second load off and then fuck his third into their bodies. I would love to see Diablo mounted on this puta. What would you want to allow my Diablo to have your puta?"

"Pedro my friend, I have long heard of the dog, donkey, and other animal sex shows in Mexico," Gregor said as he considered it. He would love to see the killer of his cousin as a bitch for a dog. "If you'd care to bring him when you come back for the contract signing, your "son" can have the bitch any way he wants and as many times as he wants, to celebrate the new business relationship. But he must come here for it as I want to also enjoy this show."

"CARUMBA, I'M CUMMING AGAIN ... SO SOON ... YOUR PUTA IS A NATURAL SEX MACHINE THE WAY SHE IS MILKING ME" Pedro cried as Angie kept him buried in her and milked his cock dry with her vaginal muscles. "Diablo will love this slut's cunt, mouth and probably her ass. You will eventually have to bring this puta to Mexico, the cartel has a sex club where hookers are paid, and wives and daughters of enemies are forced, to fuck the cartels mule herd. These mules are bred to have large cocks and then trained to fuck women with those 18 to 30 inch cocks."

Angie was quivering and writhing on his shaft as her own beautiful orgasm washed over her like her beloved ocean waves on the California beach. The thought of the dog's described cock made her orgasm last longer than ever before. The thought it was a dog didn't bother the beach bunny slut because if Gregor wanted to watch the show, and the cock was that big, Angie would let the dog do whatever he wanted with her body. And then the sex club, Angie's fantasies of a Mexican trip kept her in a highly aroused state for the next several days and she attacked and nearly raped her fellow employees on fuck breaks.

"My friend, I look forward to that invitation" Gregor said as he fantasized about his cousin's killer being used over and over by donkeys. Maybe they had bulls or horses also for her and he had heard that all Mexican farms had goats and many had sheep.

Two weeks later Angie tottered into Gregor's office with her juices running down her legs. Gregor had told her last night that Pedro Mendez and Diablo would be back today and the over sexed big titted former police officer had masturbated, since no one was being rewarded with the night using her, most of the night and slept with her dildo buried in her pussy the rest of it.

Angie placed Gregor's morning coffee on his desk and turned around to look at Pedro and Diablo. With her 'bitch in heat' aroma wafting from her soaking wet cunt, Diablo's cock was at full arousal and jutting up the front of his belly an impressive 12 inches. Sitting on his haunches Angie couldn't tell how big he was but when he stood Diablo was 3 feet tall and weighed 145 pounds. The Irish Wolfhound is the largest dog in the world and Diablo was a poster perfect example of the breed. His black coat was shiny and his red cock stood out against the black fur.

Angie swallowed hard as she imagined that cock in her and then her pussy spasmed and released a flood of juices. Her mouth was keeping up as spittle was flowing in a stream from the corner of her mouth as she drooled over the thought of taking the magnificent cock into her throat.

"I have told Pedro of your talent doing BAC's in the field so Diablo was given a bowl of beer to lap up this morning and we would like to know his BAC" Gregor said.

"Of course boss," the now cock crazy girl moaned. Dropping on to her hands and knees she crawled across the floor as the fluids flowed from both ends of her body and her eyes never left the object of her desire.

"Heel Diablo, stay" Pedro said as the dog began to get up. The bitch in heat smell in the room was driving him crazy and since the bitch was in the classic fuck position, Diablo's instinct was to mate and impregnate her.

Angie had thought about this for 2 weeks but didn't know how to suck a dog and so had decided to treat it as any other cock and she was a world class oral expert. Her pink tongue crept out of her mouth as she lowered her head and then licked the cock from the base to the tip. There was a slimy looking substance coating the shaft but it didn't taste bad so Angie took another lick and then ovaled her lips and lowered them over Diablo's shaft.

The dog howled as those velvety lips glided down his shaft and more and more of his cock entered the warmth of Angie's mouth. Diablo had received many blow jobs from the hookers in the surrounding villages and knew that this was going to be the best ever. This mouth was the most talented and definitely the deepest as more and more of his cock was encased in the warm grotto.

Angie felt the broad head pass her tonsils and relaxed her throat as she allowed more and more of it down. Pedro and Diablo were both surprised when Angie's lips reached the base of his cock.

"AY CARUMBA!! She took it all," Pedro exclaimed as Diablo howled his appreciation for Angie's cock sucking skills. Smiling to herself over the praise from the two Angie began to run the shaft in and out of her throat. Diablo whined as he felt her velvety lips gliding up and down his shaft and he pumped precum into her mouth and both the men watched Angie swallow again and again to clear her mouth for the next jet.

Angie loved the taste of cum in its various flavors from the different cocks she sucked it from and Diablo's was no exception. She had studied up, or how that hurt her tiny brain, and knew this was not the real cum she wanted, but just the way a dog lubricated his bitch and while she loved the taste, she was dying to feel it on her crotch, preparing her for this magnificent specimen of the thing she adored the most, cock. She heard the door open and then close but thought nothing of it; she just continued to suck Diablo, wanting him to cum so she could test her abilities on K9 cum. She briefly wondered why the police department had never trained her on the K9 units so she could test dogs for their BAC. After all they were used as Seeing Eye dogs for the blind and should not be drunk performing those duties. Yes, the K9 units should not be drunk on patrol either; she definitely should have been trained on them.

Suddenly she felt a thicker cream jet into her mouth and knew the time had come, she was about to see if she could perform her abilities on a dog. Not realizing how much cum would be ejaculated and for how long, Angie collected her mouthful and backed off to test it. Diablo kept spraying and Angie's face was being covered as she ignored it and concentrated on the test. Angie swished the cum in her mouth around, sampling it, passing it over her taste buds to taste it and finally swallowing the magnificent tasting cream. Diablo was still pumping doggy cum on her face and wanting more, Angie took his cock in her mouth again, swallowing a little when her mouth was full to allow more in, but wanting to keep more to sample.

Finally Diablo was dry and Angie lifted her head to test her mouthful and after making her analysis, it had the same result as her first test batch, Angie turned to the men to announce the results. She then found the reason for the door opening and closing as 2 women from the secretarial pool, she thought, were on their knees, faces in the men's crotch and sucking them as the men had watched her performance.

" .09" Angie announced. "If Diablo were driving and I was still with the police, I would arrest him for DWI." Angie then discovered that one of the women was not from the secretarial pool.

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