Erotic Hypnosis Gone Wrong

by Dab10

Copyright© 2012 by Dab10

Erotica Sex Story: What happened when an erotic hypnosis cd went wrong

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

Edited by Barney R

I am not sure how to start this, it is my story, but how to put down all the things I have gone through is hard for me. It all started about 6 years ago my husband Mike and I, sorry, my name is Sue. We were playing around with erotic hypnosis. You know full body orgasms and erotic visualizations.

We had done this many times without a problem but this one night Mike had a new CD to try. I was excited to try something new when he put headphones on my head and started with a back massage. I was lying on the bed nude, as we always did when we would do the erotic hypnosis.

Now, I normally got very excited while we did this, but this time I fell asleep. Mike was washing my face with a wash cloth and looking worried.

"Hi honey what's wrong," I said.

"You have been out for almost an hour and a half and I couldn't wake you," he said hugging me. We were there for a few minutes and he asked, "Do you feel ok?"

"I feel fine." I replied, "Actually I feel great." We made slow love right there, he ate me out for two orgasms and I got one more as he came with me. Then we spooned as we went to sleep.

Saturday morning I get up, shower and start making breakfast. We live alone in a two story condo and he sleeps late when he can, but the coffee and food smell soon awoke him, he comes in and kisses me hard.

He grabs a cup of coffee and said over his shoulder, "I love the outfit, if you stay that way today we wouldn't get much done," as he goes upstairs.

I look at myself and think he is still asleep as the clothes I am wearing are nothing special to look at and I get the food on to the table. He is back in five minutes and sits down. He starts eating and is looking at me like I am the next course. I am getting turned on by his stares and am thinking that maybe time in bed could be put to good use.

I start flirting with him and he is flirting right back then he said, "Is this why you are walking around naked?"

I look at him and think he is joking, "Honey, while these clothes aren't much," I pluck the front of my shirt, "They are still clothes."

He turns his head to the side like I have lost him, "Love, I don't know the game you are playing, but I will play if it keeps you naked."

Just to interject here for a minute I have a problem about casual nudity, in the bed room is fine and somewhere private for sex works, but to just sit around naked has always bothered me. So you can see why he would like me naked so much at the kitchen table. But I have clothes on I can see them and I can feel them.

"There is no game, you have lost me," I said.

He sits there then gets a cunning look, "Ok, "he said, "Could you please get the paper off the front porch?"

"Now who is playing games," I said and I got up and walked to the hall he followed me I got to the front door and opened it. I feel a chill and walk out the door. I look back and Mike's mouth is open catching flies. I look and the paper is three steps down. I walk down bend over and grab the paper as I stand up I see Mr. Henderson watering his plants. He is the dirty old man next door always leering at me. Today he is frozen and looking at me like I am dressed like a hooker. I wave and said, "Morning," and walk back in the house.

I slap the paper on Mike's chest and ask, "Happy?"

He starts and looks worried and said, "You think you have clothes on right now?"

"Of course I do," I replied a bit indignant.

"Honey, I don't see any clothes you are standing here naked and even walked out and said good morning to Mr. Henderson," he said.

I reach down and feel my shirt and sweat pants. "Mike I don't know what you are playing at but I can see and feel clothes on me."

Looking really worried he walks over to me and puts his hand on my breast and starts rubbing his thumb over my nipple I feel it thru my shirt and even thou I like it I ask, "What are you doing?"

He said, "I have my hand on your naked breast and am rubbing your nipple."

"Thru my shirt you mean?" I asked.

"No, this is your naked nipple," and pinches the nipple hard. Now I have always liked a bit of pinching and started getting hotter and my juices start flowing like he knows they would he reaches his other hand down and rubs my pussy and then brings it to my lips and wipes them there and they are wet with my juices.

"Do that again and let me watch you," I asked kind of freaking out.

Mike lowers his hand and rub over a bit, looks at me and pushes a finger deep in to me. Now when he rubbed I felt the clothes but when he pushed in I can feel his finger inside of me and the clothes didn't pull like they should if he tried to push them in to me. I am starting to freak out but I am also turned on to no end. I have walked around the house naked and even went outside and said hello to the Neighbor. On one hand I am embarrassed as hell, but on the other I nearly come at the thought of what I have done.

I grab Mike and said, "Fuck me now!"

He looks startled but then bends me over the couch I can feel the wetness running down my thighs. He runs his cock up and down and I still feel clothes but when he pushed in I felt all the clothes gone. And I felt him pound into me hard, I went off on the third stroke and it was a long one. Each stroke sent me higher and higher and when I felt him shoot off in me I nearly pass out.

Now he is leaning on my back breathing hard and I feel him up against my naked body when he pulls out and stands up strait I feel like I am laying here in clothes again. I start feeling like I am going crazy. I started crying and Mike came over and picked me up. He may be a rich entrepreneur but he is a strong man and he carries me up stairs to the bedroom. When he walks thru the bedroom door I am naked in his arms, which makes me cry more.

He lays me on the bed and covers me and sits next to me and pets my head and grabs a tissue and cleans my face. Somehow, I drift off to sleep.

When I wake he is sitting on his side with his laptop reading.

"Please tell me I was having a nightmare this morning," I said.

"Sorry sweetie, but I think I know what happened and have a good idea how to fix it," he said.

I sit up and snuggle next to him, "Ok is this a good news bad news thing or am I nuts," I asked.

"No, you're not nuts, well maybe but not for this," he said.

I smacked his leg and said, "For marrying you maybe?" and then gave him a quick kiss.

"No, yes, well maybe," he said. "But anyway the CD last night took you deeper than it should have and there was a part about being able to be nude without embarrassment. Now I read the script for this and in one part it tells you if you don't feel comfortable wearing what you have on just imagine that you are wearing the right clothes"

"But when you were fucking me as soon as you entered me I was naked and when you carried me up here as soon as we crossed the door I was naked," I said, "What was that about?"

"The best I can come up with is you were always comfortable naked in the bedroom and bathroom." he said, "And where ever we had sex you were not worried about naked till we were done."

"Ok so if I walk out of our room to the other bathroom you are saying that as soon as I walk in to the hall I will imagine I have clothes on and when I walk in to the bathroom I will be naked again?" I asked with a bit of doubt.

"If I am right yes," he answered, "Try it now, if I am wrong, we need to think of something else."

I get up and walk to the door peek my head thru look back at Mike. He makes a shooing motion. I step into the hall. I don't even need to look I can feel clothes on me. I look at Mike with tears in my eyes he comes to me in the hall and walks me to the other bathroom when we go past the door I am naked again, I started crying again.

Mike takes a wash cloth and washes my face. Hugging me he said, "This is good honey, if I am right we can have you all better in a few hours."

"But what if I am fucked up forever?" I ask.

"Oh the horror I would have to take care of my wife who can't tell if she is running around naked," he whined.

I kiss him and said, "Pig!"

"Yes, yes I am," he replied.

We laughed, we walked back to the bedroom my clothes appearing and disappearing as we go. I am a bit nervous but Mike does some stuff on the computer. As he is burning the CD he said, "I know you trust me but to help fix this I think you need to trust me more," he got up and kneeled at my feet. "I swore to love you and take care of you, as you swore to me. Now I swear to do everything in my power to make you happy and to keep you safe to the best of my abilities for the rest of my life. You will be my first care and will be before anything else, baring children of course," he winked at me, "Just so you know; I love you first and foremost in this world."

God how I love this man as I jump on him kissing and crying and said, "You sweet romantic and beautiful man, I love you with all my heart."

After a few minutes his computer makes a noise. We get up and he has me lay down on the bed like last night, puts the head phones on me, and hits play. It is harder to relax, he is massaging my back and I start drifting.

I had odd dreams of talking to girlfriends about fantasies and sharing everything without reservation. Then I dream of Mike and me making love on the beach and then on stage somewhere.

There were odd dreams of people from my past and just crazy dreams of floating on pink clouds.

When I woke, it was to Mike's smiling face. He washed my face with a warm washcloth and hugged me.

"How are you feeling honey," he asked.

I thought for a minute and looked at him, "Pretty good." I said, "Refreshed ready to go, even a bit horny," I said.

He smiled and said, "You ready for the big test?"

I smile and get up walk to the doorway, I look thru then take a step and I am still naked, I turn run jump on Mike and start kissing him. We made love for about an hour falling back exhausted.

I finally get up enough and stand up look at the time 7:20

Shocked I said, "Mike was I out the whole day?"

"Most of it," Mike replied.

"What happened?"

"Tell you what, why don't I take you to dinner and we will talk," Mike said.

"Alonso's," I said with hope. It is my favorite place. Tables sectioned in their own little cubical, candle light and a dance floor next door with an older music and slow dancing music.

Chuckling Mike said, "Good with me."

So we both get in the shower and we got more than wet. When we dried each other we were laughing and joking like everything was back to normal.

So we get dressed, me paying special attention to what I was wearing. I wanted to look good for my hero. I got the red bra and panty set I got from Fredrick's and the red stocking and garter set from Victoria's secret.

A little red dress, and with that bra, every time I shifted, the top of my boobs flashed. It would also show a bit of the lace. Now my hair I mostly leave it down but I know Mike likes it gathered up and cascading over one shoulder so that is how it is set. The diamond ear rings and necklace, Mike always likes that one as he can look at my chest and claim he is looking at the necklace. Not to mention the 5 inch fuck me heels that drive Mike nuts, often asking me to leave the garter, stockings, and the shoes on. This outfit Mike calls my 'get some outfit' because every time I wear it we hurry home to get some.

Mike dresses in his Armani suit in a dark green that I have always liked.

We went to the restaurant. Mike got us seated quickly, with a hand shake and some money; we were set towards the back. We ordered wine and got our usual. We ate with light conversation. Then the waiter came and gave us more wine and took the dishes away. Now Mike looked a bit nervous but he started talking.

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