The Chauffeur

by Mister Arioch

Copyright© 2012 by Mister Arioch

Mind Control Sex Story: When Courtney was assigned to drive Mr. Maybourne to Club Frantique, she didn't realize they'd be making a slight detour first.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Heterosexual   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   .

"Courtney?" I said to the limo driver. "Are you sure you know the right way to Club Frantique?" I drummed my fingers impatiently – perhaps a bit too impatiently – on the armrest of the limo. "I think we were supposed to make a left back there, maybe two blocks ago or so."

"We were?" Courtney glanced back in my direction, trying to look past me and through the rear windshield of the car ... the one made out of dark tinted glass, the one she especially couldn't see through at night. "Oops. Sorry, Mr. Maybourne ... my bad?" She gave me an apologetic smile and a shrug, and then turned her attention back to the road – where it should've been in the first place – gazing in confusion at the passing street signs while we rolled through the city.

I didn't mind. To be honest, over the past couple of weeks, I'd come to expect it. My driver Courtney was a sweet sexy thing, all of eighteen years old, new to the world of driving limousines ... and probably cars in general, for that matter. I can't tell you how many traffic lights we ran by accident when she was behind the wheel, or how many curbs we ran over, or how many other minor disasters happened while she was driving.

Courtney had the face of an angel and a slim, dynamite body that was just begging for sin. Her curly chestnut hair was cut in this short, cute little piecey bob cut, which was mostly hidden under her black leather chauffeur's cap while she drove. But trust me, it was still damn sexy. Her breasts were kind of on the small side, like ripe, juicy peaches. But they were still perky and firm, and when they softly bounced around under that black driving jacket and white blouse of hers, they looked all sorts of perfectly luscious. Just looking at Courtney was easy on the eyes. She was such a petite knockout, with that pale, delicate, porcelain skin of hers, and with just enough curves in all the right places on her lithe, lean body ... so the fact that she wasn't all that great of a driver?

Not all that big of a deal. Not in my book, anyway.

Lounging back in my seat, I pressed a button, and the window next to me slid wide open. The bright, energetic lights of the city spilled in, as did a blast of the cool night air. It was an absolutely beautiful night, the kind that just made you glad to be alive. We rolled to a stop at a red light, and I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath and savoring the majesty of the moment.

When I opened my eyes ... well, it turned out that the night had gotten even more beautiful. I looked to my left and saw that a cherry-red convertible Lamborghini had pulled up next to us. A stunning, statuesque blonde goddess sat behind the wheel of the Lamborghini, dressed to kill in a slinky black cocktail dress. She wore cherry-red lipstick that matched her ride perfectly ... and when she turned to check me out, she gave me an admiring stare, looking me slowly up and down. With a smile, she gave me a casual, flirty wink, and then blew me a kiss with those ravishing red lips of hers.

I winked right back at her. Drop-dead gorgeous woman, checking me out ... shit, what wouldn't there be to like about that? After all, the woman was getting herself an eyeful of one hell of a handsome, athletic black gentleman ... complete with a fresh fade, high and tight, a devilishly debonair goatee, and a dazzlingly white smile. Oh, and I did I mention the gentleman – yes, that'd be me – was wearing nothing less than a fourteen thousand dollar custom suit – charcoal gray and perfectly tailored, with diamond cufflinks and a matching tie pin? And he was riding in style, in one of the finest stretch limousines that money could buy?

Apparently, though, whatever the ravishing blonde in the Lamborghini saw – well, she was only window shopping, I guess. With a saucy grin, the woman licked her lips suggestively at me ... and then, the light turned green, and with a squeal of burning rubber, she shot off into the night, disappearing from sight before I could even blink my eyes.

Ah, well.

Some dreams just weren't meant to come true. Which was probably a good thing.

Other dreams, though ... oh boy, did they come true.

That, I knew for sure.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Courtney exclaimed happily. I thought I heard a gleeful hint of triumph in her voice. "I think I know where I am ... yeah! Oh, I am so good! Club Frantique should just be just a few blocks away!"

"Really?" I asked her. "Are you sure?"

I snapped my fingers.

"Well ... um, I think so, Mr. Maybourne," Courtney said, a bit more doubtful. "I mean, I'm pretty sure, anyway ... if I can just turn around up here, then make a left back onto Central Avenue ... it should be pretty close ... right?" She glanced back at me again, biting her lip in sudden uncertainty.

"We're lost," I repeated, as I stared hard into those deep, beautiful blue eyes of hers. "Aren't we, Courtney?" Although I meant that more as a statement, rather than a question.

Then I snapped my fingers. Twice.

A puzzled, dazed expression crossed Courtney's cute face. She frowned for a moment ... then shook her head vigorously as she completely agreed with me. "Oh, absolutely," she said. "Totally. Completely lost, um ... not sure where this Frantique place is. No clue. Sorry."

I let out a weary sigh. "Oh, that's very disappointing," I said to Courtney. "I guess we won't make it in time. Again. I guess we've got no choice but to take the car back to the garage. That, and I suppose I've got to go over some city maps with you again. Maybe one of these nights, you'll pay attention and we won't get lost..."

"Again with the maps?" Courtney asked. I couldn't tell from her tone whether she was disappointed or excited, or maybe a bit of both. It didn't really matter. I snapped my fingers, and Courtney turned her full attention back to the streets of the city, suddenly driving with great care and precision.

I lounged back in my seat, smiling as we rolled on by the bright neon sign for Club Frantique, heading instead for the outskirts of the city, Courtney wheeling expertly through the snarls of traffic. She could drive like a pro when she put her mind to it ... or, to be more precise, when I put her mind to it. But that usually wasn't much fun. Much more entertaining to watch her struggle a little behind the wheel. Okay, it was a little more dangerous that way too ... but hey, what can I say? I liked living a little dangerously.

We left the busy downtown streets of the city, heading instead down by the docks, down where things were much quieter. I checked my Rolex. Damn. Just a bit past eleven ... later than I'd expected, and a bit later than I wanted. Some of the stuff I'd had in mind for the evening's festivities would have to wait for another time. I knew I'd have to cut to the chase and get to the meat of things, so to speak. A snap of the fingers, after all, only went so far.

Courtney drove the limo down a dead end street. All the buildings were closed, save for a garage at the end of the block with its lights still on. As we made our way to the end of the block, Courtney flashed the highbeams of the limo twice right at the garage ... and one of its doors slowly creaked open. Courtney beeped the horn twice, and as the door finished opening, she smoothly drove us right on inside.

Though it was late, there were nearly a dozen guys or so stilling milling about inside the garage. Some of them were still wearing their grease-stained work overalls, while others had changed into more casual clothes ... none of them looked like they were working, though. Some were watching a ball game on a crappy old television, others were playing cards, and a few were munching on burgers from the fast food place a few blocks away. All of them, though, completely stopped what they were doing when the limo rolled to a stop in one of the garage bays, putting away the cards and food as they saw us arrive. And when I got out of the limo, a few of them began to clap and cheer, their applause echoing throughout the otherwise quiet garage.

"Thought you were never gonna get here," an older guy called to me with a laugh. He stubbed out a cigarette in an empty soda can, and wisps of smoke twirled up to the ceiling. "Starting to think we should've gone to a strip club instead!"

"Oh, c'mon," I replied. "You know good things come to those who wait, right?"

"Ain't that the truth," one of his buddies said with a sly grin. "Especially this!" The two laughed, exchanging high-fives with each other and some of their other buddies.

I didn't pay too much attention to the cheers and laughter, though. Instead, I watched as Courtney stepped out of the limo. From the waist up, she was dressed like a proper, respectable chauffeur – black jacket, white cotton shirt, black leather driving gloves and a thin black tie, and a nice black driving cap to top it all off. From the waist down, though ... she wore just a pair of black thigh-high stockings and shiny black stiletto heels. No pants, no panties. The pale, creamy flesh of her thighs and bare bottom looked absolutely stunning in contrast to the stockings ... and, to my surprise, I noticed she'd done a little maintenance work on her nether regions since last I'd seen her. Instead of her usual thatch of short, curly hair between those slim thighs of hers, the flesh surrounding Courtney's tender pussy was complete smooth and bare, save for a neatly-trimmed landing strip of pubic hair that traveled up her mons ... and then disappeared up under her white shirttails.

I grinned in admiration. Even I hadn't expected that. It was nice to know even I could still be pleasantly surprised, every so often.

Taking Courtney by the hand, I led her out in front of the limo. With her standing between me and the car, I slowly took off my trousers, stepping out of them with great care. You don't just casually yank a pair of custom made pants worth a couple of grand down around your ankles, after all. Same went for my shirt, my vest, and my jacket – I took my time removing them, even going so far as to lightly fold them and place them up on the roof of the limo.

Courtney watched wide-eyed – as she usually did – as I undressed in front of her. I wasn't quite sure why ... okay, part of it was admiration, which was pretty damn flattering, but I think it was also because she mostly couldn't believe I'd strip naked in front of a bunch of other guys. And I guess that part of it never ceased to surprise me. I mean, why wouldn't I do that? I certainly had nothing to be ashamed about. I went to the gym every day, I was in phenomenal shape ... and let's just say that when it came to my equipment, I packed a lot of heat. Women – and men – who'd heard all those stereotypes about how all black guys were well-hung ... well, I didn't disappoint them. At all.

"Your turn now," I murmured to Courtney. She let out a little squeal of surprise as I picked her up by her slender waist. Carrying her to the front of the limo, I plopped her down onto it, so those curvy asscheeks of hers rested right on the edge of the hood. "Let's get you undressed."

"I ... I don't know," Courtney said nervously. She turned her head, glancing over her shoulder at the group of guys who were watching us ... okay, at that point, they were really watching her. Some of them lounged lazily on the boxes and chairs just a couple of steps away from the limo, and from us. A few of them grinned wickedly and waved at her. One guy, a skinny, scruffy older dude dressed in grease-stained overalls, even blew her a kiss and laughed. She quickly turned back to me, a slight hint of panic in her eyes. "I don't think ... I mean, are they going to be watching us?"

Again, I snapped my fingers twice. Snap, snap.

"Are they going to be watching us?" Courtney repeated excitedly. A naughty grin spread across her eager face. Frantically, her small fingers started fumbling with the buttons of her blouse, as she impatiently started to rip off all her clothes. "Wow ... ohmigod, fuck yes. That's so hot..."

"Yes, indeed it is," I agreed, as I helped Courtney remove her jacket. I tossed it carelessly off to the side of the limo, next to a large, grimy air compressor and a pile of tires. Courtney's shirt followed the jacket shortly, as did her driving gloves. She wore a white lace open cup bra beneath the shirt, which pushed up and proudly displayed those perky breasts of hers ... I reached behind her, though, and undid the clasp, letting it fall to the ground. Sexy as her bra was, it was easier playing with her tits without it. She still wore her driver's cap, though – and her skinny black tie, which still hung playfully loose around that pale, slender neck of hers.

"You can take the cap off. Leave the tie on, though," I said quietly to Courtney. "Trust me. It's so much hotter that way." Courtney nodded. With an excited giggle, she took off her cap, carelessly tossing it up in the air. It landed on the roof of the limo with a dull thud. She giggled louder, getting even more aroused ... and as she did so, I grabbed her by the tie, pulling her face up towards mine so I could kiss her. Hungrily, she kissed me right back, sliding her tongue eagerly into my mouth. As we tasted each other, I slipped one hand down between her legs, my fingers lightly tracing along her slit. Already, she was nice and sinfully wet.

"You don't know how bad I want this," Courtney murmured, as she finally broke off our kiss. She lay back on the hood of the limo, spreading her slender legs apart and lifting them high in the air, pointing the toes of her high heels at the ceiling of the garage. Her pussy glistened with desire. "I can't wait for you to fuck me."

"Like I told the guys over there," I replied, "Good things come to those who wait." With a slight smirk, I glanced over at the guys sitting near us, all of them watching our every move with rapt attention. "Why don't you play with yourself a little first? Put on a little show for them." My rock-hard cock was impatiently standing at attention and ready to fuck, but as much as I wanted Courtney and the tasty honeypot between those legs of hers, I liked the idea of her playing with herself first even more.

Apparently, Courtney liked the idea, too. A lot. "Okay," she said dreamily. I took a step back from between Courtney's slim, spread-open legs, holding one of her ankles up high, giving our eager spectators a spectacular view of her delectable cunt. With one excited, trembling hand, she reached up and grabbed her other ankle ... and she slid her other hand between her legs, parting the lips of her nether regions with her fingers. Her small tits bounced joyfully up and down as she lewdly revealed her damp, pink hole to the guys ... and then began shamelessly finger-fucking herself, dipping her middle finger into her hot depths with slow, earnest strokes.

"Yeah, girl ... that looks all sorts of scrumptious," I said admiringly to Courtney, as she brazenly played with herself. If we had more time, I wouldn't have minded going down on her, lapping at those juicy folds and tasting some of that fabulous nectar of hers. We didn't, though, so I contented myself instead with listening to the gloriously filthy sounds of her squishing fingers as she pleasured her sloppy cunt, and the soft, breathy whimpers and sighs she made while her fingers worked their magic. The horny little bitch began rubbing at her clit with her thumb while three fingers dove ever deeper into her pussy, and in no time her pussy, her ass, and her thighs ... they were are absolutely drenched with her desire as she squirmed and writhed on the hood of the limo.

"My, my," I murmured, as I watched Courtney having fun with herself, "that feels good, huh, angel?" I'd started stroking my cock as I looked down at my dirty sexpot driver. Fun as watching her was, even I knew that I couldn't resist much longer.

"Mmm-hmm," Courtney whispered. She pulled her sticky fingers out of her cunt for a moment, and held her hand up high in the air, so all the guys in the garage could see it ... and then she stuck her hand in her mouth, noisily sucking on it. She giggled as some of the guys cheered loudly in approval. "Feels fucking great, actually."

"Good to know," I said with a laugh. I reached over and fondled one of Courtney's perfect, creamy tits with my hand, pinching the nipple hard between my fingers. Courtney let out a soft moan, her hips wiggling about happily on the limo hood as her fingers returned to her pussy. "A naughty girl like you should always feel good."

"Tell you what feels even better, though," Courtney breathed raggedly, "and... mmm ... makes me feel even naughtier, too ... that big thick chocolate rod of yours, deep inside me..." She lifted her head slightly, licking her lips lewdly as she shamelessly stared right at my cock ... and then up into my eyes. "Please, put it in me..."

"Well," I replied matter-of-factly, "I suppose we can arrange that."

Still holding her ankle high in the air, I gave one of her lean, stocking-clad calves a slowing, loving lick. I grabbed her other ankle, and stepped directly between her parted legs. I put her feet up so they rested on my shoulders, and then I put my hard dick right on top of her slick cunt.

Courtney pulled her sopping fingers out of her steaming snatch again, and with a lewd grin, she started jerking on my cock instead. I grinned back at her as I pulled her closer to me, and especially as she guided my cock to the entrance of her sex. I let out a loud, long groan of sinful pleasure as I parted the wet, slippery folds of Courtney's slit with the tip of my manhood ... and then, I sank myself deep inside her. Nothing felt better than sinking my cock into some tight, white pussy. Especially Courtney's tight, white pussy. The walls of her velvety cunt wrapped snugly around my length ... every time I plunged in and out of her, the feeling was just utterly exquisite.

"Look at that bitch go!" I heard a voice cackle admiringly behind me. "Goddamn, that little slut loves the dark meat!" There was some laughter, and the sounds of hands slapping together in high-fives, and some slightly envious but good-natured mutterings – lucky son of a bitch, I'd love to fuck her, shit like that – but I didn't pay any particular attention to it. Courtney, though ... she paid attention to every single word and laugh ... and sweet mercy, did that randy minx get off on it. Every time a whisper like nasty whore or what a cock-loving cum dumpster made its way to her ears, the depraved grin on her pretty face only grew wider ... and her hips ground even harder against mine, as she frantically tried working even more of my thrusting cock inside that marvelously tight pussy of hers.

"So," I panted, as I fucked Courtney slow and deep, "feel as good as you thought?" I smacked her asscheeks hard with the palm of my hand, loving it as she let out a filthy moan of delight. Smiling, I wiped sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand – the bright lights hanging from the ceiling above made the garage a hot place indeed. As I kept reaming her tight cunt, I ran my fingers across the contours of her smooth, flat abs, and she shivered in ecstasy. "Because I got to tell you, I don't think I've fucked a pussy finer than yours..."

"Ohhh ... so good," Courtney growled hungrily. "Harder, though. Harder... harder!!!" She sat up on the hood of the limo, grabbing my hips as she sat up on the hood, pressing her breasts urgently against my chest, wailing in wanton joy. "I'm so close, baby ... fuck me like the dirty whore that I am..."

With a bestial grunt, I roughly grabbed Courtney by her slender waist, spinning and flipping her around on the limo hood, planting her down on it so her high heels were firmly planted on the concrete floor of the garage ... and her yummy little titties were squashed against the hood. Shoving her legs further apart with a sweep of my foot, I rammed myself into her doggystyle, spreading her pale asscheeks further apart with my hands. There was just something sinfully good about watching my dark, thick dick plundering that amazing tight cunt of hers, my shaft glistening wetly with her juices as I drove myself deeper and deeper inside her. I didn't hold back any longer, and I just happily rammed myself into her snatch with wild abandon, fucking her with an animal lust ... and she enthusiastically fucked me back the same way, grinding her ass back lustfully against my hips, her arms sprawled out across the hood of the limo. I could see Courtney's beaming reflection in the tinted windshield of the limo, the blissfully depraved grin spread across her cute, sexy face as I fucked her rotten.

The garage had grown nearly quiet, save for the sounds of our wetly slapping flesh and Courtney's decadent little grunts and squeals as we savagely fucked. Suddenly, Courtney let out a wild, uninhibited scream, and I could feel her body start to buck and shake beneath me ... and the wet walls of her fantastic pussy clench my pistoning cock even more tightly. I felt her begin to gush her sweet, sweet juices all over my cock as she started to orgasm.

"YES!!! OH, FUCK, YES!!!" Courtney cried out as her body shook in ecstasy. I could see grateful tears of joy running down her pale, pretty cheeks in her reflection in the windshield. "Holy shit ... so good, so good, so good... YES!!!" Her lean, lithe body bucked harder as she came again.

Well, the wonderfully wicked sensation of Courtney cumming hard all over my pistoning shaft was just too much for me to take. Shit, it'd probably be too much for any man. Much as I was enjoying every single second of fucking Courtney's succulent snatch, I couldn't hold myself back any longer. With a long, loud groan, I grabbed her hips tightly. I thrust my cock deep and hard into Courtney's delicious pussy ... and I unloaded a torrent of hot, thick cum inside her, relentlessly flooding her tight, pink hole with spurt after spurt of my semen. Courtney mewled with wanton glee as I pumped her cunt full of jizz, and then she began to writhe against the hood of the limo, cumming again hard herself, her naughty juices and mine beginning to pool together on the front of the car.

As I pulled myself out of Courtney and stepped away from my sweaty little sex kitten, she looked over her shoulder at the guys who'd been intently watching us. Giving them a quick, naughty smirk, she slapped her ass with the palm of her hand, and then gave that ass a mighty sexy shake. Courtney opened her stance as she still lay across the hood of the limo, spreading her ankles wider apart, giving the guys an even better view of that luscious, dynamite rump of hers ... and of her freshly-fucked pussy, which dripped messily with my cum.

Our enthusiastic audience erupted with wild, raucous applause. A standing ovation. Bravo.

I gave the guys watching us a knowing, appreciative nod and a quick thumbs-up ... and then, I helped Courtney stand up, pulling her sweaty, panting body off the hood of the limo. A blissful, dreamy grin was plastered on that gorgeous face of hers, and her petite, sex-ravaged body still trembled a little with utter delight. I picked up the pieces of her dirty driver's uniform – making sure to pull the keys to the limo out of her jacket first – and shoved them into her shaking hands. After that, I carefully tucked my own neatly folded clothes under one arm ... and then I led Courtney to the back end of the limo, and popped the trunk open.

Two suitcases, a gym bag and a garment bag sat in the trunk. I carefully put my clothes in one of the suitcases, which was empty, and then put Courtney's uniform in the gym bag, which was also empty. I unzipped the garment bag, and gently removed a white satin bra, and a long sleeved, pink-sequined club dress with a ridiculously short hemline.

"Put your real clothes back on," I said softly to Courtney. I tenderly ran my finger down the side of her cheek ... and then I snapped my fingers. Obediently, Courtney did as I instructed. Meanwhile, I opened the last suitcase and took out my own driver's uniform. As I finished getting dressed, I plucked the cap that Courtney had tossed off the roof of the limo, and readjusted its headband, pulling it onto my own head when I'd gotten the fit just right.

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