No One Else in This World

by kaidmanx

Copyright© 2012 by kaidmanx

Romantic Sex Story: Brother and sister experience tragedy, heartbreak and love together.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Petting   Pregnancy   .

This is the story about the man who means the world to me and how we lived life. My name is Kara and at the start of this I was 16 years old with dark red hair worn past my shoulders and my body was petite at 5'5" and 101 pounds my breasts were quite small but my skin was perfect if I do say so myself. So this starts off near my house on my way home my friend Christy ran up to me she was your typical cheerleader type with blonde hair blue eyes and perky breasts.

"Hey Christy what's up practice let out early?"

"Yeah so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me?" she asked.

"OK but I can't stay for long I have to get home and let my brother inside he lost his key yesterday" I said smiling.

We didn't do much at her house just talking about guys we wanted to go out with and what was for homework and it wasn't till an hour after I needed to be home that I saw the clock.

"Shit I need to head out I'm an hour late any tips on how to get my brother to not tell on me?" I asked her.

"You could try this I'm sure he would agree to anything you ask him" she said as she made this strange hand motion it wasn't until a few years later that I learned that her hand motion simulated giving a hand job.

"Sure I'll do that if you think it will make him happy" I said uncertainly.

She just laughed and then said, "Alright just don't let him get it in your hair it is a nightmare to clean."

I ran home it took me ten minutes to make it there but as I approached the front door I felt an ominous feeling in my chest the door looked like the mouth of a beast inviting me in to my doom. As I opened the door I felt that something was wrong the house was too quiet and no one was there. I noticed the flashing light on the answering machine and hit play

"Hey Kara I am just calling to confirm that you are not home and going to spend the next seven days home since I had to leave work early today bye," and the machine indicated this as being recorded almost an hour ago.

I felt my nerves relax as I thought that my mother must have taken my brother to some fast food place for dinner and will be home later I was so naïve. I went upstairs and what I saw will stay with me forever. There they were on the bed unnaturally still they both looked cold was my final thought before I fainted. I woke up a while later as a paramedic was giving me CPR as I came to I blushed. This was not my idea of how I wanted my first kiss but the damage was done.

I was approached by a police officer he was young and he asked me questions rapidly "Were you home when the incident took place do you know where your brother is, were your parents involved in anything illegal?"

How did it come to this less than two hours ago the only thing I was worrying about was getting home before my brother and now he's missing my mom and dad are dead as I thought this I started to cry?

"I don't now I wasn't here what happened to my parents?" I asked.

A firefighter walked up to the cop and said, "It appears to be caused by a gas leak in their room while the heater was on it didn't turn on it just pumped gas into the room killing them in seconds."

"Alright did you turn it off I don't want the CSI team to drop dead on me."

"Yeah we turned it off you can move the bodies now."

I flinched as he said bodies then the officer turned to me," Your aunt is on her way to pick you up don't worry if your brothers alive we will find him and let know," he said before he noticed me going pale.

I felt horrible I never even thought of my brother being dead but now that he said it I got the sinking feeling that someone is going to wind up finding my brother dead. As all these thought started to overwhelm me I started getting dizzy about to faint when my aunt barged in.

"Where is she?" my aunt asked.

She went up to me a hugged me.

"I am so sorry Kara but don't worry you and your brother will be staying with me from now on hold on where is he?"

The cop said, "He's currently missing miss but we will find him however if you see him call us right away we need to question him about his involvement with this."

My aunt looked pissed at this young cop's insinuation that her nephew was involved in her sister's death but she held her tongue. "Let's get out of here and go to my place Kara" she said moving me out the door and to her car.

My aunt's name is Arya and she looks like an older version of me except while my eyes are brown hers are blue and she has nice breasts. As we drove by the library I had a sudden flash of inspiration there is where he will be hiding regardless of tragedy. "Stop the car Arya he's in there!" I screamed. I jumped out and ran up to the front doors and saw him standing in a pile of books. He was busy looking through this one book as I surprised him.

"Jason! What are you doing here?" I asked.

He looked up at me and said, "I had some research to do and my night freed up so I came here." His voice cracked when he said freed up so I knew he was hurting badly and also I could see he was close to tears.

"I have a lot of work to do please don't bother me you always bother me," he said crying now.

I walked up to him and held him while he cried thinking that even though he is very intelligent he is still a thirteen year old kid.

He then said one of the worst things to say to me, "Mom came home because of you and dad took off early because of that to surprise mom." I looked at him as he stared into my eyes for over a minute "so it's my fault that they're dead is what you're saying."

He kept looking into my eyes "I love you more than anyone else in the world." He hugged me with strong arms and I felt my heart skip a beat and at that moment I decided to never leave his side.

Three years later

A lot has happened in the last few years they biggest thing being that our aunt who took us in developed terminal cancer and died she was very wealthy and left it all to Jason and I. Jason was never the same and didn't return to school he had Arya teach him at home in her large library he earned a college degree a month before I graduated high school. I still went to the same school I just didn't have much of a social life for I spent all my time helping my brother with his hobby.

Jason decided that his parent's death was the result of someone's malicious intention and spent his first year at our aunt's house trying to prove it until Arya sat him down and explained that death happens and often there is no evil force behind it. He was sad he couldn't blame someone for their deaths but he did enjoy the process of solving mysteries so at sixteen he became some kind of detective I just drove him around and carried his tools. I was his guardian when Arya died but often I found him taking care of me when it came to money managing he was a genius so we never had to worry about money and he could do his hobby pro bono.

The courthouse

This is the day that spelled the beginning of the end for Jason and changed our lives forever. We were waiting in the halls outside the courtroom the trial was for a man who committed murder and tried to cover it up. The man killed his father after finding out he had been raping his older sister for quite some time I tried to have sympathy for the son but my brother found out that the son had a sexual relationship with his sister.

I didn't know why but the thought of a brother and sister having sex really got me frustrated I guess I didn't understand my emotions because I was very annoyed about this case. The sentence was announced and the young man was given ten years in prison ten years he never got the chance to serve.

As the man was being led out of the court to a holding cell my brother spoke to him. "You shouldn't have tried to cover up your crime you could have easily argued self-defense but now you are going away for a long time and she might not be there when you get out."

I then made the biggest mistake of my life by confusing my feelings for animosity and opened my mouth "yeah you really screwed up you should have just reported your father to the police instead you kill him and seduce your sister that is sick."

He looked at me and said "I love her more than anyone else in the world and after finding our father hurting her like that I couldn't let it go I had to save her."

I heard his words but became agitated when I realized his words were similar to what my brother told me after our parents died. I was angry I thought how could this degenerate have anything in common with my Jason.

"Your just like your father you took advantage of your sister when she was vulnerable you raped her and killed your father in a jealous rage your worse than him you're a rapist and a murderer!" I yelled at him and instantly regretted it as I saw the look of hopelessness in his eyes.

This is when it happened the man hit the guard and took his gun. Three shots were fired at me and three missed as my brother jumped in front of me and took what was meant for me.

"Jas why did you do it?" I asked him while he lay on top of me and bled out.

"You always cause me pain" he said and I felt my heart break "but even though you bug me you are the one I love more than anyone else in the world" he said smiling then his eyes closed and he was still.

"No I screamed, "You can't leave me I love you please stay with me stay with me!" I held him until the paramedics pulled me off him. I was sitting there for a long time until my friend Christy showed up and took me to the hospital.

"Don't worry he will be fine and I will make sure to take care of him during my shifts at the hospital," Christy said referring to her being a nurse now.

As we entered the hospital the doctors were busy trying to revive him and I could only watch as they cut into him. We waited in the waiting room for hours they operated on him and in the end he had a punctured lung and they needed to remove one of his kidneys but the worst part was where the third one hit. The doctor told me that the bullet was lodged in his heart and couldn't be removed and now he has shortened his life span by a considerable amount. I just stood there trying to come to terms with what the doctor said.

A few months later

Jason was in Christy's care for the last couple months and I got a sneaking suspicion that she was trying something with him but I couldn't get her to admit it even when I asked her.

The last time I asked her she got a haughty and said "He isn't the kind of guy to fall for his nurse."

She looked disappointed when she said this while I felt a warm sensation spread throughout my body and when it reached my vagina I felt electricity.

It was the very next day I came to visit him and overheard her talking to him as she cleaned his wounds.

"Be a good boy and I will give you an extra special gift after your sponge bath," she said giggling.

I was furious and left without talking to any of them and instead called the hospital and complained, "Hello I would like to have my brothers nurse be switched to a male one."

"May we ask why you want this so suddenly?"

"I just don't like the inappropriate way she gives him baths," and then I hung up.

Christy called me later that week fuming about being fired.

"Hey Kara can you believe one of my patients accused me of molesting them or something they didn't give me the details so now I'm unable to take care of Jason for you."

"That's ok I'm sure he'll be alright with his new nurse they told me it's a male so I guess the only trouble will be the awkward moment when Jason gets a sponge bath," I said giving a weak laugh.

"Yeah I hope so. Some of the male nurses come from the psych ward and are real sadists to their patients this one I dated was the worst he tried-"

I cut her off. "I don't want to know about your psycho exes but I am sorry you lost your job."

I felt torn. I didn't think Christy would be fired I thought she would reassigned but a part of her was glad that she wouldn't be doing stuff to her brother and another part was nervous about meeting his new nurse even though it was a guy.

I went to the hospital on Monday to meet the man who was going to take care of my brother he was a tall and muscular man a few years older than me.

"Hey my names Ryan and I will be dealing with your brother on his road to recovery," he said taking my hand and making me blush at the contact.

"I'm Kara it's nice to meet you please take care of me ... I meant my brother," I stammered and looked away from him and just happened to catch Jason's eyes.

Jason was watching me with this strange look in his eye I couldn't quite figure it out for I never saw this look before and it made me more nervous than holding Ryan's hand.

The next few days were uneventful and I got to have some nice talks with Ryan we even exchanged cell numbers. It was going very well with Ryan and then on Friday he asked me out right outside of Jason's room and I said yes. We met up on Saturday at one o'clock and went to the movies I didn't know what it was about for we spent the whole time making out and feeling each other up.

I was feeling very warm and feverish especially when Ryan put his hand between my legs it was a good thing I decided to wear jeans today or he would have felt the dampness in my panties.

He tried to put his hand down my pants when I broke contact and said "Ryan we can't do this here let's leave this place and go to your house."

"Sure it's not far from here and we can have a few drinks there," he said helping me to my feet. We got into his car and headed to his house it was in the neighborhood next to the theaters.

At Ryan's house we listened to music while he made me a rum and coke. I had never drunk alcohol before and became intoxicated quickly then we started making out again. Ryan felt all over my body as he removed my clothes and when he was all done taking my clothes off he started sucking on my breasts and biting my nipples. I don't remember what happened after that I was too drunk

I woke up the next day alone in an unfamiliar bed and missing all my clothing. I looked around wondering where I was until the soreness in my pussy made the nights events come back to me. It seems that in my drunken haze Ryan and I had sex the memories shocking me. I was very depressed that this was how I lost my virginity I wanted it to be special but instead it was quick and rough leaving me feeling used and dirty. I ran to the bathroom I had to clean myself of this feeling of shame and regret as I turned on the shower and got in I noticed a white fluid coming out of my pussy and running down my leg. That jerk came inside of me I was very annoyed because I was not on the pill and now I needed to get the morning after pill.

I managed to catch Ryan the next day and let him have it for his actions and he apologized telling me he had got an emergency call to the hospital. Like a fool I bought it and we started going out for the next couple of weeks. Jason seemed very distant when I came to see him and he seemed to have something on his mind all the time. I was talking with Ryan when he dropped a bombshell on me about why my brother was acting like this.

"Your brother seems to be talkative with his other visitor did you have a fight?"

"What do you mean other visitor?" I asked him.

"There is this hot blonde who visits him on the weekends I only saw her from a distance but your brother seems to talk for hours with her whenever she visits.

I was livid Jason never kept secrets from me before who was this person that replaced me as his confidant. I was wondering what was going through his mind when one day I went to visit him and he wasn't there. I felt a sinking sensation what if Jason died and no one told me or what if someone kidnapped him he was only sixteen. The doctor in charge told me simply that Jason checked himself out on Saturday and was picked up by a loved one. I didn't know what to think he left the hospital without telling me and has been out for a few days and didn't call me.

"How could he check himself out I am his guardian and only I can check him out?" I asked feeling angry and hurt.

I found out that Jason got himself emancipated and that was the reason he was able to check himself out of the hospital and a week later he got some of the nursing staff there arrested for abuse and neglect. Ryan was one of the people arrested it seems he didn't even bathe Jason while taking care of him and he would treat him badly in ways I didn't want to think about. Jason finally turned up at home in his room only thing was he had it set up so nobody could enter the library except from an entrance in his room leaving him very isolated.

I was venting my worries to Christy when she seemed to get mad and tell me something I wish I never heard.

"I don't want to hear you complain about Jason's actions I tried to warn you about Ryan but you blew me off and after you started dating Ryan would tease Jason about how he would use you for sex and you would do whatever he said no matter how depraved an act it may be ... Jason loved you but you treated him like he was a burden to you and ignored him while he was hurting you always hurt him!" I stood up and left the room but I didn't stop there I decided to leave and not hurt him anymore.

Two years later

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