Do You Remember?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My mother-in-law walked in while I was masturbating one afternoon. It was embarrassing but what happened twenty years later easily made up for it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   InLaws   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Chapter 1

It's funny how things begin sometimes with you not even realizing that something new has begun. In this case, the seeds were sown about twenty years before the main part of this story takes place.

At the outset, I was married to Brenda who was the daughter of Amanda and Harry.

I got along well with them both, especially my mother-in-law, and we lived fairly close to them so Brenda and her mom would often go shopping together and things like that.

We were happy together, our sex was good, and, this being a few years ago, I'd acquired a few porn tapes to give a boost to our libidos and provide a little 'edge' to our lovemaking. Brenda liked them as well, she was no prude, thank goodness.

One Saturday afternoon, Brenda and her mom had gone shopping and, typical of my half of the species, my thoughts got around to popping in one of those tapes and having a little hand-fun to while away the time.

So I was stretched out on the sofa, stroking away, watching a blow job on the television screen, just ready to cum, when I heard from behind me, "Oh, my god, Drew, we're home, Mom's with me," from my wife as they both began to laugh.

"Let's leave him to his pleasure, come I'll make tea," Bren said and I pulled up my briefs and pants, putting my limp cock away and ejecting the tape. I went off to our bedroom and stayed there until Amanda left. I sat there on the bed, rather humiliated, and when Brenda came in, she looked at me and began laughing.

"It's not funny, Bren. Shit, your mother saw me jacking-off."

"It is funny. She took it just fine, Drew, she even made a nice comment about your cock."

"Oh, spare me, please."

"Well, what she said was pretty nice. She thought I found a man who could certainly please me and I told her that I had."

"Now I'm a big stud to your mother, great."

"Come on, let's go watch the tape. This whole thing's got me horny as hell," and she stepped to me, took my hand and pulled me up and we went down to the den and she started up the tape and got naked, asking me to do the same.

We began watching the video; I am a male, so I became rather quickly distracted from my earlier embarrassment and Brenda and I ended up fucking the rest of the afternoon, even having another hot go at it in bed that night.

As one might expect, the whole incident became soon forgotten by Brenda and me, though, as it turned out, not by Amanda, my mother-in-law.

It was never mentioned again for nearly twenty years.

Many things happened, of course, in the twenty intervening years, a major one was the passing of Brenda's father to a stroke about four years ago.

Amanda wanted to simplify her life, she was left well-off, and decided to buy into an adult community that was quite nice with excellent facilities, including quite a good dining facility.

Brenda and I weren't exactly sure if she'd be happy there but she settled in, made quite a few friends and joined in several groups that fit her interests.

We saw her, of course, we still lived nearby and would invite her over for supper and such and I would come by her place and do any routine maintenance that needed doing.

It was on one of these visits where my long-forgotten embarrassment came back.

I was putting up a shelf that she had bought, one in her bathroom, when she asked me, "I was thinking back to that time when Brenda and I walked in on you when you were masturbating," she laughed. "Do you remember that?"

"I hadn't given it a thought in, well, what, about twenty years now? What brought that up?" I asked, laughing.

"Well, I was thinking about it the other day. I had mentioned it to a friend."

"Oh, Amanda, I was embarrassed enough back then, don't tell me I'm getting a reputation around the older set. Was it one of your women-friends?" I asked, hoping it was not.

"Yes, Caroline Lewis. We talked about it and, um, we have a bit of an unusual request for you."

I stood there, not having a clue what she might mean by that when she added, "We were wondering if you might masturbate for us, so we could watch. We would never tell a soul, it would be our secret forever."

Well, it wouldn't have taken a feather to knock me down hearing her request.

"It would be quite a thrill for the two of us to watch you do it, Drew. I've really never forgotten what you looked like when we walked in on you that day. It was quite exciting."

I really couldn't help but chuckle.

"You two really want to watch me masturbate? All the way to the end, ejaculation and all?"

"Oh, especially that, yes, we both would love to see you do it. I know it sounds awful but, well, we'd like to see a younger man, see him being virile. We're not dead yet, you know," she said with a bit of a twinkle in her eye.

"Um, when would you want me to do this?"

"I could get her right now. She knows I'm asking you this afternoon."

Life does bring some twists and turns as one lives it and this was certainly one that veered off from my expected course.

"Well, I ... I..."

"Say you will, Drew. We are so hoping you will. We'll take our clothes off, too, we'll all be together like that and keep it a secret forever."

I did have a reaction to what she was asking, a physical reaction, as I felt my cock lengthen and swell.

I had seen my mother-in-law in a one-piece swimsuit and, well, for a woman in her mid-sixties, she looked pretty nice. She was pretty much just an older version of Brenda after all.

"Yeah, I'll do it," I said and she said she'd be right back and left out the front door to return a few minutes later with her friend in tow.

"Drew, this is Caroline, Caroline Lewis."

"Nice to meet you, Caroline. Amanda tells me you two want to watch me, um, getting myself off?"

"Masturbating, yes. I'm so excited, I was hoping you'd say yes," this rather proper-looking lady said. She seemed a few years older than Amanda but she was slender and attractive.

They both seemed a bit uncomfortable and I figured that this had to be something they each really wanted in order to garner the courage to ask me.

"Well, I suppose we should get started, then," I told them and they both went to Amanda's bedroom and returned a few minutes later in robes.

"We'll undress after you do, Drew, if that's all right?" my mother-in-law asked and I told her that was fine with me and began pulling my polo shirt off over my head.

I decided to take a little extra time undressing, after all, how often does a man get to act the 'stripper?'

So, I undid my belt, slowly opening it, then slid down the zipper as I watched them watching me so intently. I pulled my shorts to the floor and stood there like a teenager showing two middle-school girls what he had, complete with bulged-out navy blue briefs.

They both had girlish smiles on their faces as I dropped my hand over my bulge and rubbed to give them a little spice.

Then I slid my hand down under the elastic waistband and over my cock, still hidden from their eyes, and rubbed getting it even more engorged before its unveiling.

I'll be quite honest about it, this is not a story about some guy with a huge horse cock that he reels out like a fire hose. I'm about six and a half inches and, trust me, I've had a lot of fun with what I've got.

I rubbed a minute or so, then pulled my hand out and began slowly tugging my briefs down until the head of my cock appeared. I stopped and stood there rubbing my fingers across the head then began lowering them some more, exposing about half my cock.

They both quietly sat there, raptly attentive, watching my manhood become uncovered. I pulled down some more and my cock fell free, all that was hidden were my testicles.

"Oh, I'd forgotten how handsome you are there, Drew. Isn't he nice, Caroline?"

"Yes, quite beautiful. This is really so exciting."

I went ahead and pulled them off and stood there with my cock standing out pointing upward toward their faces as they stared.

"I'll need some hand lotion, Amanda, if you have some," I asked and she hopped up and came right back with a bottle and handed it to me.

"I think we need to fulfill our part of the bargain," she said as she opened her robe and let it fall off to the floor, standing there naked before me for the first time ever.

Well, she wasn't twenty or thirty but she didn't look old either. Her breasts were full and did fall a bit but were still quite lovely with small, dark red nipples. Her pussy was covered with light brown curls and her legs were quite nice.

Her friend, Caroline, was older but, she too, was quite attractive naked with small breasts that had some under curve with large, pink nipples that were quite erect, very elongated, the longest I'd ever seen. I really wanted to feel them in my mouth but kept that to myself. Surprisingly, at least to me, was the fact that she was clean-shaven down below and her pussy was quite pretty, plump and inviting.

We all three stood there in my mother-in-law's living room, naked, looking at one another as I told them, "You two are still pretty hot-looking. You must be popular with the men around here."

They both laughed and Caroline said, "Well, the only balls around here are golfballs and they're no fun at all. That's all these old guys play with, not even themselves, I don't think. That's why we wanted to see a younger man and Amanda was right, you've got what we've been wanting to see."

"Well, it's my pleasure to give you two lovely ladies what you've been wanting," I told them as I dribbled a line of lotion along the length of my shaft.

I took a grip and began sliding back and forth, standing there in front of them, now sitting on the sofa together watching me. I had decided to take it slow, making it last, so they could get a whole mind-full of male sexual images; something to remember during lonely nights in bed.

I had been going about four or five minutes, when they each looked at each other, smiled, and opened their legs to begin rubbing themselves.

"We hope you don't mind, Drew, if we enjoy ourselves while you do," Amanda said and I told her I didn't at all, that they were welcome to enjoy the entire proceedings whatever way they wished.

At that, Amanda got up and soon was back with two dildos, handing one to her friend.

They quite unabashedly spread open, each put the tip in their mouth leaving it wet, then dropped it down to begin working it up inside while I continued stroking slowly back and forth.

"Oh, this is just what I was hoping it would be. I haven't been this worked-up in, well, a long, long time," Caroline said slightly panting.

"Me, either. This is just perfect. I told you my son-in-law is a sexy man," Amanda said as I smiled at the compliment.

"Thank you, Amanda, you two are pretty sexy yourselves. Too bad some of the men around here can't seem to realize that."

"All they talk about is golf, golf, golf. We'd be in their beds if they ever thought about anything else. Anyway, this is lovely, quite wonderful," Caroline said.

"Yes, just what we wanted, Drew. You were just the perfect man to give us such a nice show," Amanda added.

They were red-faced, running the dildos in and out, when Caroline asked me, "Could I do that for you? I used to love masturbating my Henry when he was alive."

Chapter 2

Well, that's something I've never turned down, ever since the first time I'd been asked. It was Claire McNeill, one of my first girlfriends, when she let herself into my house one summer morning and came up to my bedroom when I was waking up slowly giving myself a morning rubdown.

I let go and moved closer as she squirted some of the lotion on her hand and took me, saying to Amanda, "Mmm, he feels so hard, you should take a feel," and my mother-in-law's eyes widened.

"Well, I'm not sure if I should do that, after all, Drew is married to my daughter."

"You're sure missing a fine cock, then," her friend told her as I stood there.

"I promise I'll never tell Brenda if you'd like to take a feel. Something to remember when you're in bed with that," I said, nodding to the dildo.

"Yes, putting it that way, Drew, well, I think I might like that," she said and Caroline let go of me as I turned to my mother-in-law who looked up at me as her hand reached out.

Was this whole thing sexy, you may wonder?

Well, I don't know what turns you on but I can tell you that this situation sure had me wound-up pretty tight.

Her fingers wrapped around my throbbing erection as I felt her softly squeeze.

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