Ah, HawaII!

by Speakeasy

Copyright© 2012 by Speakeasy

Romantic Sex Story: Romance in Hawaii. There's nothing better.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

We've been in Hawaii for two days. Just enough time to remember each others bodies and how well they work together. It's lotsa sun during the days and Mai Tais at night, and every kind and color of volcano-named drink we can try - including a real killer served in a big volcanic rock that takes two straws from a Polynesian restaurant that sports bamboo walls and waitrons in shorts and brightly colored shirts. We sat in a high backed, two seater wicker chair. The food is good, exotic, but not spectacular. We didn't care. There's an enormous terrarium with bizarre plants and wildlife that has a fake thunderstorm every fifteen minutes. We are sure they give smile pills to the people that work there. Aloud, I wondered where we could get some for us, but we decide that if we got any smilier, they'd probably lock us up as escaped mental patients. That was last night. We passed out before we could make love, almost desperately entwined around each other each other.

When I wake up this morning, I spend a few minutes gazing at how beautiful you are when you sleep. Your face is totally relaxed and your breathing deep and slow. I can't believe that we're finally seeing each other again. You turn to the side looking away from me and the sheet drops down your back. I see your amazing long back in detail ... the fine bone structure covered with the skin I love to touch.

I pull closer to you, molding my body to yours. A perfect fit. I kiss you on the neck lightly, then pull you very close and luxuriate in the feeling of oneness that comes from such relaxed times. My arms are around you, cupping your breast. Then, remembering a thing you love so much, I feel a stirring down below. I want you now. I get very hard thinking about being inside you again. Then I reach behind me and get some lube from the nightstand and spread it over my cock. You love it when I surprise you like this. I - very gently - nudge you onto your back and then move on top of you. I place my cock on your vagina and slide it up and down a couple of times to make sure you're wet enough, then slowly, firmly press my cock into your pussy. Your back arches in appreciation, but you're still very sleepy. My movements are slow, deliberate, deep. Your body starts to respond as it always does and you begin to wake ... breathing quickly and thrusting against me. I don't know what you were dreaming about, but it sure must have been interesting.

Your arms reach up and out and grab onto the nearest piece of anything that feels grab-able, your left hand has the headboard and is pushing against it ... your right hand has a handful of sheet and you're pulling against it as your breathing gets deeper, faster and harder. I'm sucking on your nipples, occasionally biting them each gentle bite drawing an appreciative gasp. We both feel ready to come. Your beautiful little moans as you're about to come are one of the biggest turn-ons I've ever experienced. Your breathing is ragged and you hold your breath, then moan as you remember to breathe again. Then, I feel your pussy squeeze me VERY tightly and rhythmically as you moan longer and more low pitched and I feel my explosion building from somewhere beneath my toes. Then it happens ... again ... that moment of perfect vulnerability. I lose total control and splash my come inside you over and over again. I can't believe there was that much come inside me. As I hold you closely, we look into each otherís eyes. Smile. Kiss. (Ah, that gorgeous lower lip of yours.) We hold each other very tightly until we close our eyes and fall asleep again, my (shrinking) cock still nestled inside you.

After a short nap, I sneak out of bed and make a pot of coffee ... Kona coffee, of course. When I get back to the bedroom - our coffee in hand - you are sitting up and smiling at me with that early morning muzziness that always surrounds your first hour or so. We're scheduled to be at the heliport by 10:00, so we have time to drink our coffee and nibble on the fruit and rolls that I had delivered as our breakfast. For a person who never eats breakfast, you seem awfully hungry. Me, too. I guess all our appetites are piqued. We decide to dress lightly today ... we're to be delivered to a secluded beach with a picnic lunch and then picked up late in the afternoon. We take towels, suntan lotion, and snorkel gear ... everything else will be provided.

The copter takes off from the island and we fly over the ocean, looking at all the other islands ... clear air ... water that seems totally transparent ... God it's beautiful. We can see forever. The pilot takes us on a scenic drive-by of the island that's to be ours today ... there's dense forest and long stretches of beautiful beach. No people, no houses, no phones. We will be totally alone for the day. We land on the beach against calm ocean waters and a stream that flows out from the interior. The attendant gets out and sets up a small cabana and a folding table with two chairs. He then brings out a huge picnic basket full of goodies and sets up for our lunch ... total decadence. We ask him about bathrooms he tells us to stay off the trails a little way and points out some paper in the lunch basket. He also advises us that at the head of the stream is a waterfall that is worth the walk to see. Everything in place, the attendant takes his leave and jumps back into the copter. They take off and fly away. Leaving us completely alone. This is the most beautiful and romantic place I've ever seen. We can't stop smiling. My face hurts from smiling, which - of course - only makes me smile more.

Something takes over between us we look at each other and start laughing. No one deserves to be this happy. No words pass between us just laughter like little kids that suddenly get tickled about something.

It's a race to see who can get undressed faster. You win. Your new "muumuu" comes off in a heartbeat and there's no underwear to deal with, so you're totally naked before I have a chance to get my zipper down. You decide to help me my shirt buttons seem to take forever in our haste.

Finally undressed, we kiss. Long and lingering. Your pouty lower lip getting most of my attention. Then, "race ya to the water!" We run. Naked as the day we were born. It actually feels like a rebirth of sorts. A new world. A new life.

You, of course get to the water first because you cheated and began to run as you said the word, "Race you to the water." Somehow watching you prance toward the water and occasionally look back at me ... you are so beautiful to watch ... made me forget you cheated - or maybe I just didn't care so much. I made sure I was far enough behind to watch your every move toward the water ... then we started splashing through the shallows until we were waist deep in the clearest most beautiful water anywhere. I start splashing you because you cheated and you, of course, splash back. It becomes a no holds barred ... no quarter given or expected, winner take all splash fight. I - sensing no victory in the offing - choose to drop down under the water and swim right up next to you and then come up out of the water into your waiting arms. You wrap yourself around me and we kiss. For now. For this minute. We have found Paradise.

"Hungry?" I say.


"Lunch is waiting"

As you rub your pussy against my cock, you say, "Let it wait."

Lunch is temporarily removed from the docket. Your cunt is now pressed against my cock and as I get harder, I gradually slip inside you. We hold ourselves very close together to let this amazing thing happen to us. My cock gets harder and harder, and as it does, it slips inside you inch by (precious) inch until it is totally hard and nestled inside you. We have made no overt movements ... just holding and kissing, and my cock is now buried deep inside you. We stay immobile for quite a while letting the waves move us up and down gently. Then you begin to rock back and forth ... slowly ... almost timed to the waves ... we are in harmony with everything around us. I tell you to squeeze your nipples, then hold you closely and rock back and forth so your clit gets maximum stimulation. You start to come almost immediately. Shaking, barely able to hold on, you squeeze my cock and moan that wonderful moan of yours and the whole world seems to stop. Then we hug until all the spasms stop. Effortlessly floating in our private sea.

I lift you easily in the water and hold you floating in front of me. Your hair swirls around your head making you look like a mermaid in some Disney cartoon. My lips start to roam down your neck. You revel in the pleasure of the moment knowing what's coming next. You are floating in my arms my lips find yours I kiss and taste my way across your body as you float calmly serenely I spend extra time at your breasts wonderful lingering sucking and pulling on your nipples. Your little gasps tell me you don't hate it too much. Then I move slowly down to your pubic bone, kissing and licking and loving my way toward the place we now both want me to go. I'm teasing you ... you're laughing I'm getting salt water up my nose not that I care. I bring you to a small peak no orgasm just the beginnings of sweetness. I look up at you, you slide your body down from my arms and we kiss together we taste salt water, musk, spices. Time to eat.

We walk slowly toward the beach and arrive at the cabana wanting to taste everything in sight. Lunch is fabulous. Paté, cheeses, fruit, a delicious, light white wine, nothing is left out. The breads are exotic and tasty. We lie on the blanket on the sand and feed each other, each juicy bite more erotic than the last. Finally, I know what that scene in "Tom Jones" was about.

"You didn't come," you say.

I laugh "Yeh, but I'm a guy three or four times a day is plenty!"

"Not in Hawaii, it isn't!"

With this last, you bend down and lick my cock lightly.

"Hmmmmmmm you may be right."

My now happy dick is growing under your continuing ministrations I'm in heaven. I reach over and fondle your gorgeous breasts than move my way down - slowly - to your inner thighs we are both getting more excited as we continue. I nudge your leg slightly so you bring it across my face and I start giving you the kind of pleasure you've been giving me. My fingers slide inside you as I lick your thighs and labia not yet touching your clit the tension is building slowly but inexorably. Breathless, you turn over so you're on top and facing me.

"Fuck me."

Never being one to decline that sort of invitation from you, I move you so you're on your knees and enter you from behind you've never been so wet. God I want you. I enter fast and deep. You arch your back to get all of me in, then spread your legs even more, so I can get deeper and deeper. I slide you down to lie flat against the towel and you lift your ass just slightly off the sand to give me room. "Yes, fuck me fuck me" I feel your legs lifting up to pull my ass even closer to you we are both gasping, groaning, humping fucking intensely. Then I come and so do you. We've always been good at coming together. I can feel you squeeze me ripples of spasms that start at the base of my cock and move up this is a deep one for both of us. I practically see stars. You scream. I groan from somewhere very deep no neighbors here so we can make all the noise we want. Afterwards, panting, and laughing, we kiss and nap on the beach.

When I wake up, I see you beside me beautifully naked and reading the latest "Cosmo." I reach out and lay my hand against your beautiful long thigh then kiss your shoulder and walk toward the water

"Get back here, Mister"

I look back and smile wondering what you mean.

"Time for some suntan lotion or you'll be red the whole time we're here."

On my return walk, you get out the SPF 30 and start to put it on your hands. You cover me well especially the parts that never usually see the sun. I do the same for you. We both feel a stirring, but let it go; it's still early.

"How 'bout a walk to that waterfall," I say.

You smile put on your sandals and stand up. We walk down a marvelous path to what feels like another planet. Lush forest. A knee-deep stream we follow to its source. Arms around each other as we walk, we stop occasionally to kiss our bodies warm against each other with the cool water at our feet. Then we see "the pool." Paradise again. crystal clear, cool water just over waist deep with an amazing wide waterfall cascading down a series of rocks more like rock gardens really, since they are covered with ferns and other plants I don't recognize. The white water against the green plants, black rocks and occasional red or blue flower is the most beautiful place we have ever seen. We stand in awe. A perfect moment of a perfect day. We walk into the pool. The cool water takes the edge off the heat of the day again, we find you in the pool at the base of the waterfall you're floating in my arms

I walk around the pool with you floating in front of me. As we approach the waterfall, I tell you to relax completely (as if I had to) and to go with the flow. I move us so that the lower half of your body is in the direct line of the water falling into the pool. It provides a delicious, heavy, constant pressure everywhere. "Spread your legs a bit." You do and I turn you so there is direct constant pressure on your clit. You gasp in surprise, but settle into it immediately ... your eyes close as the delicious movement of the water takes over and you feel a sweetness building that's different ... stronger luscious. I move you back and forth so the feeling changes constantly, from stronger to weaker, but never letting you go from its cool, sweet feelings. "Squeeze your nipples." As you do, you arch your back with the amazing feeling that is taking over, making your mind think of nothing else but the coming orgasm, trying to make it wait, but wanting the climax to be there right away, lost in the throes of complete surrender to the sweet moment. "Look at me." You open your eyes. You can see into my soul again. I can see into yours. Open. Vulnerable. Loving. Wanting. Then it hits. Your face is pleading me not to violate the trust of the moment. I don't. You begin to shake all over as spasm after spasm hits you. Your legs spread further apart as you desperately try to fuck the water the water doesn't disappoint. Again and again you come squeezing your nipples looking into my eyes it seems it will never end. "Oh, God." Then it hits you again - smaller, but deeper - my fingers slip inside you and you come one more time. You're reeling, dizzy, overwhelmed by the amazing sensations that now begin to subside.

You can hardly breathe as I let your legs drop. You wrap yourself around me and I slip my cock into your very wet cunt. Your are filled with me and the feeling is wonderful. I walk us to the edge of the pool and lay you on the grass. We fuck. Needy greedy hungry fucking in the most beautiful place on Earth. I surprise myself and come again this must be heaven.

As we stroll back to the beach, we talk about not wanting this day to ever end. We both know it's magical thinking, but it doesn't hurt to want it. By the time we get to our cabana, we hear the copter returning to get us. We scramble into our clothes and sit and wait for it to land.

On the way back, the pilot tells us we looked as relaxed as anyone ever has coming back. We have to agree.

Back in the room, we decide to nap before dinner it's been an exhausting day!

You wake first. I'm sleeping beside you, my very used shorter-than-ever-even-when-I-was-a baby limp dick lying and all-but-snoring in front of you. A smile comes across your lips as you lean down to give it a kiss. We were too tired to even shower when we got back so it still has our mixed odors and flavors surrounding it. Spice hangs in the air as you get closer to give it a little kiss. Not a stir. Challenged, you kiss again. Still no response. Now it has become a matter of honor. You take my cock in your mouth and wipe your tongue around and around it until you feel the inevitable stirring take place. He grows slowly now - much to your satisfaction. After all, a challenge is a challenge, and the little guy has never let you down yet. I - of course - begin to stir independently of my dick and groan happily as your ministrations continue. Knowing you've got me going makes you very interested in your own pleasure, so you move your cunt close to my face. As always, you don't have to ask me twice. I start by kissing your inner thighs, lightly biting that beautiful tendon that leads to your cunt from your legs. We are both kissing, sucking, nibbling to our great mutual pleasure.

I decide to escalate a bit and put two fingers inside you ... slowly, deliberately, then tell you to squeeze. As you squeeze, I push them in, when you relax, I pull out ... all very slowly in cadence with your squeezes. Your incredible, beautiful, most wonderful clit is completely exposed. Hot, hard, desperate, it moves back and forth to the rhythm of your squeezes. I kiss and lick around it ... touching only very occasionally when it is sticking out and begging the most. Your breathing becomes ragged ... so does mine. You're sucking very hard on my cock now, making it even harder to breathe.

Suddenly you sit up on top of me with your cunt lowered to my mouth. You begin to shake. I'm still teasing you and you're trying to maintain the sweetness that starts to come and bring it down your thighs and up through your stomach. You do. your whole body now is filled with the ecstasy of the moment. Quickly you decide you need to feel me inside you so you crawl forward and sit on my cock. It slide in easily and quickly. We are both ready now, but I tell you to hold still; keep the feeling alive and rub your clit slowly and evenly. I have to remind you to breathe several times. We keep the slow build going. Then you feel a very lubricated finger playing with your asshole, slowly drawing rings around it and just starting to enter you occasionally ... my finger goes in deeper now as you slowly rub your clit, moving back and forth across my dick and squeezing very hard. I start to fuck your ass with my finger now., in and out slowly, comfortably. Somehow you feel wonderfully violated. Your orgasm starts now, my finger is pushing you over the edge. Grunting powerfully, you feel your cunt squeeze me harder than ever, starting at the outside and moving all the way up. Your cunt is milking my cock, and my cock is loving it. You come, deeply, powerfully. Muscles are in spasm that you didn't know you had. Over and over again, the waves hit you, then gradually subside, but it feels like they'll never stop (not that you want to.) Then I move out from under you and shove my cock into you from behind. you collapse onto the bed, lying underneath me, your legs spread and your hips raised to receive my cock. I start pumping you faster and faster. You begin to come again. It hits quickly as you feel my come splash into you. My cock going through spasms of it own.

I lie down beside you with my cock still inside ... holding you close to me from behind.

"OK, Buddy ... let's hit the showers ... dinnertime!"

I reluctantly loose you from my hug and we walk into the shower together. We get in and I wash your hair, then rinse. A kiss or two with the water running down our faces. Then I take the Oil of Olay buff puff and wash you all over. You do the same for me, then we get out and towel off, and go our separate ways to dressers and closets.

"Wait..." I say, "before you dress, I have a little gift for you that I've been saving for over a while..." I take a bag from my drawer and pull out two orange/red balls tied together with a cord. I walk to the bedstand and get some lubricant and cover the balls with it. Then, I walk to you and put them against your pussy. "Try this, you'll like it." You spread your legs and I slowly push the balls inside you. You feel full, but not uncomfortable. A string hangs down for easy retrieval.

"Feels like nothing," you say.

"Don't worry ... it's subtle and cumulative. These are Ben Hwa balls ... thought it might be worth a try ... jump."

You're a little embarrassed. "What?"

"Just a little jump. try it." You do ... and the sensation is strange, intriguing, and very subtle. "It's the balls knocking against one another. Like it?"

"I don't know yet."

"Give it time. Tell me what you think after dinner."

We dress - you in your new "muumuu" and me in a Don Johnson Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals - and then we go to the roller skate of a car we rented and head out to another umbrella drink restaurant. Tonight it's a luau ... sitting on the sand and eating with our hands. When we get to the restaurant, you whisper to me as we go in, "I'm getting very damp." My only answer is "kewl." I pull you to me and kiss you. "Let's eat."

Hawaiian music. Great, exotic food. Drinks that go down like water. We are feeding each other with our hands, kissing between bites. The Ben Hwa are truly affecting you. You squirm to increase the feelings. "Just squeeze rhythmically," I say. You try it. It's amazing. You feel like you want to fuck right there, right then, in front of everyone if it's necessary. Not frantic, just building desire.

You look at me with that wonderful needy stare of yours that tells me I'd better be ready for at least one more fuck tonight. I stare back. No problem. My cock is soft, but dripping in anticipation. There is a wet spot on my shorts that hasn't been there since junior high when I slow danced with Kay Parker in Phyllis Brown's rec. room. Boy am I ready. After dinner, we walk slowly along the beach. It's sunset and there's an amazing Technicolor display in the Western sky. I sit on the beach and you sit in front of me ... my arms wrapped around you. I nibble on your neck. You find rather suddenly that your whole body is on fire. The balls are teasing you with sensation and my nibbling makes another orgasm imperative. Your breathing is deep, slow gasps. My hands slip under your blouse and cup your breasts. Electric shocks travel between your breasts and your cunt. You squeeze ... more electric shocks. "Remember there was a time when you thought I might be able to make you come just by playing with your breasts? Let's try."

"It's almost cheating," you say.

"Wanna try anyway?"

"Maybe," in a throaty whisper.

My hands move toward your nipples. I squeeze both at once. You gasp. You hadn't realized just how close you already were. You lean back against me, surrendering to the moment and very quietly whisper, "Ohhhh" as only you know how to do. My fingers are twisting your nipples now, almost painful, but more just insistent. I'm nibbling on your neck. "Just let the feelings take over," I say. "Don't try to come." As we sit and watch the sunset on this deserted stretch of beach, the colors in the sky become deeper. Your cunt is now feeling very full, and you squeeze ... release ... squeeze ... release ... the ben hwa are sliding up and down inside you as I nibble your neck and stimulate your nipples. Your whole body begins to shake. There is an orgasm already here, but building so slowly, it's hard to say when it actually starts, or where it actually starts. Your thighs are shaking. Your cunt is pulsing. Your breasts seem to be having an orgasm of their own. The ben hwa which were so subtle before are now clanging inside you. You can almost hear them, stirring new feelings. There are little orgasms all over your body ... tiny ones. You're confused ... you don't know which to concentrate on. I tell you to not concentrate on anything, just let them do as they will. As soon as I say it, all the little orgasms join forces together making so much more than all the little ones separately. Synchronicity. You're coming like you've never come before. An orgasm that seems to have a life of it's own. No control from you. It's so deep, so strong, so ... everywhere ... that you seem to be watching it from somewhere else. It has your body now, and it's delicious, sweet, almost overwhelming.

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