Tennis Anyone?

by Speakeasy

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Sex Story: This is an (almost) true story. Names and places are a bit changed, but it really happened.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   .

This happened a few years ago I had just finished playing tennis. An unusual day already because I had actually won two out of three sets against a better player, and I was feeling pretty good, if sweaty and tired. I sat down on the bench at the court under a merciful tree and began guzzling water.

A younger guy came up to me and started talking. He was about 32, 6'4", and in great shape. He pointed out his girlfriend ... Debbie ... and asked if I found her attractive. I had to say yes. She was about 5' 5", long brown hair, Eurasian mix, slim, well proportioned and in really good shape. He said she thought I was attractive, too ... and she wanted to fuck me.

I - naturally, I think - was a bit shocked, but covered it up by laughing and saying, "Gosh this is so sudden!" He told me he was serious and that she liked to be tied up, and used for hours at a time by him and now wanted to experience the same thing with a stranger.

I asked to talk to Debbie alone, and he said, "OK." (I wanted to be sure it wasn't just his fantasy and not hers. She came over and was obviously very shy. She is a bank manager - charming, lovely, and very nervous. I talked to her long enough to know that it really was what she wanted, so we made an appointment for two hours later. She was a submissive - not into serious S/M, but loved to be completely controlled without too much pain. I've never been into giving anyone welts, myself, so I agreed to try this bizarre meeting.

I went home and showered, then dressed lightly 'cause it was hot outside ... then drove over to her apartment. Tim (the guy) let me in and got me a glass of tea. Debbie was there and sitting in the living room waiting and visibly shaking. We sat and talked for a while until she was less nervous and then Tim left.

She said she would do whatever I wanted, so I told her to go into her room and come out dressed in nothing but thigh high stockings and fuck-me pumps, and to bring her favorite toys with her. She left the room and I sat and drank my tea for a while. When she returned, she was stunning, and I told her so. She smiled gratefully. I asked to see her toys and she knelt in front of me and handed them up. With her hand shaking, she handed me a blindfold, a small, flat vibrator - a kind I've never seen before or since - and a medium sized butt plug. I told her to stand and turn around so I could see her legs. She did. The truth was that I needed her to stand and turn around because I, too, was shaking and didn't think it was very "dom-like" to be so nervous. It was also a beautiful sight to behold. She had (has) a fabulous body with incredible skin.

Then she said, "Sir?"

I said, "Yes?" in my best dom-like voice.

She said, "I love to be restrained." I then ordered her to go to her room and get some restraints, which she did ... almost dancing along the way. When she returned, I ordered her to undress me and show how much she wanted me as she did. YIKES! did she follow orders well. She was kissing and licking every newly exposed inch of my body until I was naked. Well, I probably don't have to tell you that "little guy" was standing at full attention by this time, and the smile on Debbie's lips told me that she was pleased.

As I stood there, she kissed my cock and balls until I'd had enough to know it was time to quit or I'd come right away, and I didn't want to lose interest so soon. I like keeping at a peak for a long time.

I told her to stop and stand up. She did. "Turn around." She did. Then, I pulled her arms together behind her and tied them together with the restraints. She was now helpless in front of me, and her legs were shaking in anticipation. I put my arms around her and pinched her nipples. She gasped and her legs started to move as if she were fucking. She was as hot and horny as anyone I'd ever met. I think she would have fucked anyone (or anything) I told her to at the moment.

The blindfold was next. I put my arms around her and held her close so she could feel my hard, oozing cock against her back and then asked her if she were wet. She said yes and I reached down to check. She wasn't lying. She was actually streaming down her legs by this time ... she spread her legs and I slid in a finger "just to check," then brought my hand up to her mouth to lick clean, which she did with glorious abandon.

I have to take a minute to tell you that this had been my one and only excursion into this realm, and it was extraordinary. This was amazing. I had had no idea that anyone could be so into being controlled, and - frankly - I loved being the controller. It was a never-to-be forgotten exchange of power. By this time, I also was hotter than I'd ever been before, but I knew that my job was not over in the dom department.

It seemed that my job was to stimulate every single nerve ending of her body as much and as often as I could ... and I did my best. First, I led her to the sofa where I sat and then turned her over my knee. She practically came at the thought of it. I spanked her a few times - never very hard - and then pushed my thumb into her cunt to find her g-spot. It was there and waiting for me. As soon as I touched it, she groaned and I felt her pussy squeeze my hand over and over again ... it was the first of many orgasms for her. I ordered her to keep count.

There I was with this beautiful woman across my lap who just had a wonderful, long, deep orgasm, and now the pressure was on. I suppose I could have just fucked her and left ... it would have been good already ... but I wanted to give this cutie the sexual experience of a lifetime ... and have one of my own, of course. The butt plug was on the table beside the couch with some lube beside it ... I decided to go there first. I got the plug and held it to her mouth, telling her, she'd better get it very slippery because it was about to make her happy ... as she licked it, and made it slippery, all I could think of was what she was going to do to my cock in a little while ... GOD I was horny, and my cock was dripping all over my lap and her torso. I took as much of my personal lubrication as I could and rubbed it on her lips. Well, that only served to make her even crazier. I was feeling pretty good about my "maleness" by now as you can imagine. I took the plug from her and told her it'd better be pretty slippery because it was about to put it in. Actually, as I was telling her this, I added some of the lube from the table. Then I spanked her a couple of times ... the surprise was obviously a turn on because she started to moan. Then I put the plug against her backdoor and started to slowly fuck her with it ... to my surprise, she backed into it ... wanting me to shove deeply and quickly ... so I did. Her back arched up to greet it ... and it slid in all the way.

I then began to massage and pinch her nipples as I lightly tapped on the butt plug ... her breath came in short gasps ... then long and deep ... then short gasps again and a very long sigh as she came again. This was a VERY horny woman, and I was feeling very lucky.

Then I told her to get down on her knees in front of me. She did. I pulled her mouth to my cock and she smiled as she took it in clear to the back of her throat. I said that she'd better make it good or I'd have to punish her, and that I don't like it when any spills. That, of course, just got her going even more. she somehow managed to slip her foot under the butt plug and was making sure it went in and out in the same rhythm as my cock was going in and out of her mouth. She managed to get me clear down inside her throat and fuck me with her mouth like no one has ever done before or since. God what a sight. And what a trooper she was when I came. I know that it was a large amount because of the time I had been waiting to come, but I think it was on purpose that she allowed a small dribble to fall from her lips. She smiled as she let it fall, and apologized for losing some as she tried to gather it all in with her tongue.

If she had asked me to marry her at that instant I would have. I took off her blindfold and kissed her. It was one of the most passionate kisses I'd ever had amazing. ìLead me to the bedroom." She walked in front of me with her arms tied behind her. I took this opportunity to look at her perfect legs and ass magnificent skin, smooth, soft. I couldn't believe my luck. We went into the bedroom and there was a four-poster double size bed. Perfect.

I removed the restraints and told her to get all of her toys and bring them to the bed. I was not prepared for what I saw a few dildos (small to amazingly large, some electric, some not) bed ties a ball gag clothes pins a large vibrator ben hwa balls a large butt plug and a small whip - the kind with a flat piece of leather on the end. I looked at her and she was beet red. Don't be embarrassed, Love, this is very exciting to me." She gushed a sigh of relief. ìBut if we're going to play this hard, I want you to use a "safe word" if you feel scared, or uncomfortable. What would you like it to be?"

"Mercy", was the answer.

"OK. If you say the word, "mercy," I will stop whatever I'm doing, OK?"

ìYes Sir."

ìFirst I'm going to give you a reward for being such a good submissive. Stand in front of the bed with your legs apart and hold on to the posts with your hands."

She did. I then knelt down in front of her and began teasing her labia with my tongue her breath hissed in as I continued to tease her by licking down her thighs and back up again, then across to the other leg not touching her clit I should describe her clitoris at this point. It is quite large and whenever she squeezes her vaginal walls it moves out and becomes even larger quite a sight to see. It sticks out about a half an inch - maybe more - from its beautiful "hood" when it is fully extended. I loved teasing it unmercifully because it reacted so visibly and well. In the midst of all this teasing, I would occasionally touch her clit lightly with my tongue and her legs would shake visibly. I'm glad she was hanging onto the bedposts. I started to bring her to another climax and quit she whimpered audibly.

I then took some restraints made for the occasion and told her to turn around. She did. I then tied her hands to the bed as far up as she could reach. She was standing on her tiptoes in heels, with those thigh high stockings on, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. I then put the blindfold back on her and grabbed two clothespins from the pile of toys. These were placed on her nipples. Again the gasp and she began to shake again.

"Are you coming?"

A weak and shaky "yes sir" was the answer.

"You like a little pain?"

"Yes sir." I took the whip and started to strike her - almost gently - on the ass, making sure to occasionally hit the still inserted butt plug. She moaned "YES!" so many times, I didn't keep count, but it was obvious that another orgasm was hitting her hard I could see the butt plug moving in and out spasmodically in time with her breathing. I stopped striking just to see how long she would keep it going seemed like quite a while. I rubbed my hand over her ass it was quite warm by now and red I hoped no bruises would come of it. I asked her about it and she said it would just remind her of a great time.

As she was telling me this, I put two fingers inside her and began to massage her g-spot. Again, she went over the top her body gyrating against my hand I then removed the butt plug it was time for me to get a little relief as well. I took the ben hwa balls and put them inside her cunt and told her to squeeze them rhythmically. She did as she was told then - not wanting any permanent damage - I removed the clothes pins. The removal of course is even more stimulating than putting them on, so she began to come again. This was one hot woman.

I then stood behind her and put my cock against her asshole and began to fuck her slowly and gently I could feel the ben hwa balls moving inside her cunt as I fucked her an amazing sensation (apparently for her as well). Then, of course, my needs became more urgent and I started fucking faster. I could actually feel her coming again, too, which made my explosion even more intense.

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