The Touch of a Total Stranger

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Debbie was quite content. She had a nice boyfriend who obeyed her nicely. She loved giving her girlfriend's father blowjobs because he had the biggest and thickest cock she had ever seen. But her greatest thrill was to ride the subway or the bus and receive the degrading and humiliating treatment of her private parts by unknown strangers. It never failed to make her have a very satisfying climax.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Size   Public Sex   .

Debbie was basically a normal girl. She was 19 and out on her own with her own job and a nice boyfriend to play with her nipples at the movies. Well, maybe not quite out on her own, since she still lived in her parents basement with her very own TV and furniture.

Her hair was long and naturally red and she liked to wear high heels because they made her legs and her ass cheeks look so toned and young. Recently, she had gotten into the habit of not wearing panties to work because they made her feel too confined. She liked the freedom of letting the cool air run up her legs under her skirt and making her pussy nice and relaxed.

Sometimes when she ate her sandwich on the bench in the lunchroom, she "accidently" allowed her knees to part far enough for the stock-boys to see her reddish pussy bush covering her tight pussy slit. It always made her wet when she was aware one or more of the boys were peeking between her legs to catch a glimpse of her pretty red bush. When she was overwhelmed with desire, she ran into the ladies room and frigged her pussy with her softly rounded lipstick applicator until her juices squirted out right in front of the toilet. Whenever she did this, she tried not make any sounds that would reveal she was deriving pleasure in a completely perverted manner.

Debbie was not a virgin any more ever since she allowed Dennis, her boyfriend to slide his cock into her pussy from behind while she sat sideways on a recent tour bus to the Capital. It was a very strange experience because Debbie found that she enjoyed it better not seeing her boyfriend's face. That way, she could imagine it to be almost anyone she wanted like a movie star or even her girlfriend Ellie's father with his sausage of a cock.

Dennis had wanted to stick it up her ass as well, but she was not having any of that since her mama told her it was a terrible sin and not something decent girls took part in. Still, she let him rub it in her crack and she really loved it when he lost control and splashed his load right up against her tight little pucker hole. It was almost like having it back there but not giving in to the sinful deed itself.

She remembered her surprise when she walked in accidently on Ellie's father taking a pee in the bathroom; she was really taken aback at the size of his huge thing.

"I am so sorry, Mr. Carillo, I had no idea you were already in here."

"That's OK kiddo. I can't stop if you don't mind."

Debbie stood there watching, not wanting to leave, and caught up in the close-up view of a super-sized cock.

"Yeah, it's pretty big, kiddo. I bet it's bigger than your boyfriend, right?"

She just nodded her hear in agreement and came closer for a better look.

When Ellie's father saw her interest, he stroked his cock a couple of times and it grew at least 4 more inches right in front of her startled eyes.

"It's OK kiddo, you can touch it, it won't bite."

She knew Mr. Carillo was laughing at her but she didn't care. Debbie reached out and grabbed the huge cock with both hands and found that there was plenty of room left over even with both of the hands wrapped around the thick cock. With pure instinct, she began to stroke the cock and watched Mr. Carillo's eyes for his reaction. When she saw he was pleased with her ministrations, she even leaned down and kissed the tip just like she saw in the dirty movie her boyfriend had made her watch down in the basement.

The cock was jerking and twitching like a bucking bronco.

The touch of her tongue on the little slit forced Mr. Carillo to shoot his load even though he wanted to keep her head right where it was. After that incident, Debbie never hesitated to offer her lips to her friend's father at the slightest opportunity. The older man never asked her to bend over for him because he didn't think it was right with her being so young and all. Debbie was frustrated at his reluctance, but figured a cock in the mouth is better than no cock at all.

Debbie enjoyed the explorations of her boyfriend and the nice little secret get-togethers with Mr. Carillo, but she knew her favorite little perversion was when she was getting "groped" on the subway or the bus by unknown hands. It was the thing that made her heart race with anticipation and made her pussy tingle with sheer delight.

She didn't care who it was or what they looked like. All she wanted was the touch of the unknown hands between her legs right on her pussy slit or digging deep into her heated crack. Sometimes she would get a sneaky feel from fingers cupping her boob or even tweaking her nipples. That always made her look around the subway train or the bus to make sure others were not watching her degradation. She really wanted her humiliation to be a private thing between her and the stranger.

When she was in a real tight jumble of arms and legs, she could not really tell who was playing with her tender female parts and that made it even more exciting. Her lack of underwear and the looseness of her clothing made it simple for the unknown groper to reach paydirt in her already wet pussy or right on her rear portal quickly and with little effort. She was certain she even had repeat gropers because she generally rode the same transit at the same times. She really liked it when the stranger made her feel extremely dirty with the treatment of her hidden holes. A hard rough entry into her dirt-hole tended to make her squirt her female juices right down onto the filthy floor of the train. At all times, Debbie contrived to keep her face blank from any expression no matter how depraved the groper treated her private parts. Sometimes she would stare blankly into the eyes of another passenger who could be the culprit wondering if he or she was the one taking unimaginable liberties with her hidden goodies.

She was beginning to think something was wrong with her because she was unable to have a satisfactory orgasm with either her boyfriend or even Mr. Carillo, but she often shuddered inside with the satisfying throes of convulsive release at the hands of an unknown stranger.

It was a hot summer morning when she found that she was crowded into a corner of the subway car by an unusually thick press of humanity.

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