Halloween With Shelly

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Fiction Sex Story: My stepdaughter Shelly wants to help hand out treats. Who am I to say no?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   MaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   .

I'm Tony. I have been retired for the past five years. Sixty years young and living by myself since my wife's death two years ago. Sure, I still get horny sometimes but at my age it's pretty easy going without sex. An occasional masturbation session satisfies me for a week or two.

I have to admit that it's lonely sometimes. There are only so many books you can read or movies you can rent. Once in a while one of my old co-workers will stop by for a coffee or maybe a beer. So I am not completely out of the loop.

A couple of times this past summer I invited my son and his four stepsisters for a picnic barbecue. All of the 'kids' were now in their early forties with families of their own. The picnics were a great success. Everyone showed up with their children. Everyone was a little bored at the first one so before the second picnic I bought things to make their visit more enjoyable.

The older boys played basketball with my newly purchased hoop. The guys played horseshoes to keep entertained while the younger kids kept themselves busy with riding tricycles up and down the driveway and playing with the small cache of toys I had accumulated over the past several years.

The second and last cookout of the season was in late September. Luckily the weather cooperated with warm temps and plenty of sunshine.

I spent a good part of the afternoon cooking chicken, burgers and hot dogs on my big gas grill, with the girls each bringing over a side dish of some kind. It turned out to be an excellent day. I enjoyed everyone's company and was a little disappointed when everyone left around six o'clock.

My youngest step daughter Shelly stayed to help me with the cleanup. Shelly was the only one of my four step daughters who called me Dad, at least when she wasn't angry with me. Then it was Tony with a sarcastic tone to her voice. But that day it was 'Dad'.

I brought in plates and serving dishes to the kitchen as Shelly was washing them, keeping one step ahead of me. I stopped and watched for a minute noticing that at forty years old she still had a small shapely bottom. I felt a tingle in my crotch that I was ashamed of. It was my step daughter's bum I was looking at.

When she turned to me to grab the bowl I was holding I couldn't help but notice Shelly's big soft lips. Actresses paid to have their lips plumped up like hers were. The were the kind of lips that most men, including me, dream about wrapped tightly around their cocks. I turned quickly to go back outside for more dirty plates. With my back turned to her Shelly would not be able to see the bulge in my shorts. My penis had not gotten as hard as this in a long time.

I didn't come back to the kitchen until my erection had subsided. Shelly was the only one of the kids that came over once in a while to keep me company and I didn't want to scare her off.

When the cleanup was completed Shelly and I sat on the deck so she could have a cigarette, which I didn't allow in the house. Neither of us were drinkers but I opened a bottle of Sam Adams Boston Lager that I poured into two glasses.

We chatted about family matters. She also complained about how her boyfriend was neglecting her and that she feared he was also seeing someone else. The conversation turned to the upcoming Halloween night. Her teenage daughter was spending the night with Shelly's older daughter Sally at her house helping with the two little ones.

"Dad, I'm going to be alone in my apartment. We don't get hardly any kids trick or treating so I'm bummed."

"Why don't you come here? You must remember that we get a slew of kids on Halloween." I hadn't planned to invite Shelly for Halloween but it seemed a normal progression of our conversation. Then with a selfish idea I added. "Come early and make me your Sheppard's pie. I haven't had that in years." Shelly's Sheppard's pie was second only to my long departed mother's creation.

Shelly smiled brightly. "Sounds like a plan Dad." That was that. We would both have company on Halloween.

When she left we went through the house so she could pick up her 'care package' of leftovers to bring home with her. I stood just outside the front door on the porch as she started down the steps. Three steps down she turned to inquire what time she should show up that day.

Shelly's face, and her puffy soft lips, were level with my rapidly rising tool. I couldn't help myself. She was at the right height where if I pulled my hard tool out of my pants it would be at the same level as her pouty mouth.

I was happy to notice that as we talked she was looking up into my eyes and hopefully didn't notice that she was causing her step father to get an erection.

We made our plans. I was horny so in order to see more of her I asked if she wanted to stop by a week before Halloween to help me decorate the house. I had boxes of Halloween decorations that my wife had collected over the years. She was big on adorning the inside and outside of the house with holiday appropriate ornamentation no matter what holiday was approaching.

She readily agreed to come right after work the Thursday before Halloween. I told her I would have an oven stew ready for supper that night. I knew she, like most women, would like a night off from cooking. I also knew she loved both my beef and chicken oven stews.

I watched her car back out of the driveway and turn towards her home. I quickly locked up wanting to get my pants off soon. I had been hard off and on for the last couple of hours and thought this would be an ideal time for my cock to enjoy the ministrations of my familiar hand.

I sat back in my easy chair naked from the waist down with a paper towel in one hand and my oozing cock in the other. My prick was firmer than usual as I pumped it with closed eyes thinking of Shelly's lips sucking me. Spurt! My cock shot a surprisingly powerful stream of cum into the paper towel, followed by several smaller spurts. Dirty old man! was the only thought that came to my mind.

The Thursday before Thanksgiving finally arrived. I had been looking forward to Shelly's company. She was dressed as usual in a pair of old jeans and a too big sweatshirt that did nothing to hide the swell of her large breasts.

We decided to decorate the house first before we ate. We went through the several boxes marked Halloween separating the articles we were going to use. It took us well over an two hours to put up the assortment of witches, pumpkins, rubber bats and all the various Halloween decorations.

We stood in the middle of the living room looking around, both of us satisfied that the house looked Halloweenie. "Let's eat." I said, relieved that we were finished.

I had bought a bottle of red wine to go with the beef stew. I poured us each a large glass. Dinner was good. Before we knew it we had finished the entire bottle of wine. We were both a bit tipsy so I suggested that she could sleep over in the spare room rather than taking the chance of driving home. She called home to tell her daughter that she was spending the night with me.

She wanted to take a shower before relaxing to watch television. I got her an oversized T shirt to wear and left it on the bed in the spare room. Then, after changing into a pair of sleep shorts and a clean T shirt, I went down into the living room and turned on the TV.

Shelly entered the room wearing my oversized UCONN grey T shirt, her large erect nipples plainly on view as their dampness pushed out against the soft cotton material. My cock jumped to an immediate erection admiring my stepdaughter's massive breasts swaying provocatively beneath the shirt.

She sat next to me, handing me a cold beer fresh from the refrigerator. "There's no more wine. Let's have a beer together Dad."

I accepted the bottle as Shelly dropped to the couch close to me, the shirt rising along her pale legs almost to her crotch. I looked down before taking a sip of my beer hoping to catch a glimpse of Shelly's underwear. What I saw was her fluffy pubic hair surrounding an obviously aroused pussy.

We both slowly drank our beers while she talked and I listened while peeking under the shirt catching glimpses of her hairy snatch. I was as hard as a teenager now. Shelly's soap scented body so close to me, the still firm tits begging to be touched and the secrets between her legs begging for my attention. I had feelings for Shelly that I had never felt towards her before.

I took her half full bottle of beer from her hand and put both of our bottles down on the coffee table. She looked at me with a surprised look as I used a hand on the back of her head to pull her puffy lips to mine. I kissed her softly letting my tongue taste her lips before she gave in and opened her mouth to me.

As our tongues dueled each other in Shelly's mouth I felt one of her large breasts with my trembling hand, rolling her hard nipple between my fingers through the thin shirt material.

She pulled away gasping. "No Dad! We can't do this. No matter how horny I am."

I shushed her with my mouth on hers, while moving my hand to her other breast. I shuddered as Shelly touched my prick through my shorts. She softly caressed my shaft as she said. "I never realized you were so big. My boyfriend hasn't touched me in weeks. Use your fingers between my legs Dad. Make me feel good. Please."

My fingers found that Shelly's pussy was very wet. I stroked my finger in and out of Shelly's cunt before pushing her onto her back forcing her legs apart so I could get a taste of her pussy. I licked up and down her slit before stopping to pay attention to her clit. I licked and nipped at her love button until her legs tighten around my head and she erupted with a hard orgasm.

Shelly's face was covered with sweat. She pushed me away and I found myself on my back as Shelly unceremoniously yanked my shorts down and off. I watched as my dream came to fruition. Shelly, smiling all the time, moved her head close to my precum soaked prick, opening her mouth wide, letting her big soft lips wrap themselves around the head of my cock.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! I had no control. The sight of Shelly's puffy lips on my cock sent me over the edge. She kept those beautiful lips wrapped tightly just below the head of my cock, using one of her hands to stroke my shaft to help my orgasm along. Like a good girl she swallowed all of my spend, lifting her head from me when she was done, still smiling and said. "Man that was a mouthful. You must have been saving that up for a while."

I said nothing. I wished I was younger so my cock would still be hard, but it softened quickly. Shelly leaned down to kiss it gently saying. "Thanks Dad. I needed that cum. I'm going to bed now. see you in the morning."

Just like that she was done with me and got off the couch.

"Shelly, give me a few minutes to get hard again. I want to fuck that sweet pussy of yours."

"No way Dad. Be happy that we both got our rocks off. I feel better now."

"But..." I stammered.

Then Shelly gave me some hope. "Maybe on Halloween I'll give you another taste of my pussy."

The whole week prior to Halloween my thoughts were only thinking of Shelly's soft lips on my cock and how sweet her pussy tasted when I licked her wet slit.

Halloween finally arrived. Shelly had prepared a large baking dish of Sheppard's Pie and brought it over to cook in my oven. During the week we had touched base and decided that it would be fun to be dressed up in costumes while we handed out candy to the neighborhood kids.

I poured two glasses of wine to drink as we ate her delicious Sheppard's Pie. We finished that bottle of wine becoming tipsy as I had expected. I had bought a second bottle of wine that I thought we could sip while we awaited the arrival of all the witches, goblins and other apparitions, begging for tricks or treats.

Shelly and I retired to separate bedrooms to get into costume. I had picked up a black cape and a set of vampire teeth to become my version Dracula.

I waited for Shelly in the front room, looking out the window to see that it was beginning to get dark enough for the younger children to start their hunt for candy, dragging one parent or sometimes both along in their quest.

I turned as Shelly entered the room dressed as Elvira. For those of you who don't know who Elvira was, she became a minor celebrity hosting her own horror movie show. As a boy growing up watching her bizarre actions during the commercial timeouts I would get aroused watching her. She was heavily made up, a shiny black wig on her head, dressed in a long black dress with her ample breasts half exposed as they tried to escape the confines of her low cut bodice.

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