Joygirl Training in the Jungle

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Mary is just a simple girl. She is a nun, a nurse, and now, a Joygirl in training. She did her best to be the very best in each of her chosen paths because that is just the way she was.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Humiliation   Torture   Group Sex   Interracial   White Female   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Doctor/Nurse   Public Sex   Violent   Military   .

Mary Adams was 3 things; first and foremost, she was a sister of mercy, second, she was a nurse of some competence, and now, she was a joy-girl in training.

Being a nun never seemed so remote to her now. She had lost her rosary. Well, either that, or it had been stolen when she was sleeping the disturbed restless sleep of a prisoner of war. She had gotten accustomed to using the imaginary one in her mind and it seemed to give the same satisfactory result.

Her nursing skills were exemplary but there was no equipment and no recognition of the hygienic practices she had been trained to emulate. The other prisoners were already long down the road to complete apathy and despair having lost all thoughts of the concept of hope. They just looked at her blankly when she suggested a few common sense ideas to make them less vulnerable to the many sicknesses that ran rampant in the makeshift prison.

Mary was quite pretty and she had the advantage of youth. She still retained the unbroken hymen that most females her age had forgotten about a long time ago. The strict rule of the prison warden was that females chosen to service the troops be used in their soft, fat Western bottoms or their lying non-Asian mouths. Thus, neither the guards nor the prisoners were aware of her still-cherry condition.

She had come very close to it on two occasions. Just before making her decision to enter the convent, she had gone to a long-awaited "going away" dance with a young soldier heading overseas to an almost certain death in the jungles of some dangerous Island. They had laughed and bounced against each other in happy exuberance like fumbling puppies discovering life. Before she realized it, Mary had spread her legs wide and the young man was guiding his long rod up into her untouched pussy. Fortunately or unfortunately for her, depending on your perspective, he had drunk a little too much punch and his cock started to spurt long streams of creamy cum before he had even reached his objective. His premature explosion startled her out of her comfortable dreamy state of mind and brought her back to the real world covered in nasty cum and under the semi-conscious body of a uniformed stranger.

She had laughed about it later, but only to herself, late at night, alone in her bed.

The second close encounter was when she was at the hospital in the big city receiving her nursing training. She had just assisted a surgical team in their unsuccessful efforts to save the life of a badly wounded young soldier and reclined lost in her deep and erotic thoughts on a bench in the flower garden behind the hospital.

A shadow loomed over her.

It was only the doctor who administered the anesthesia to the patient. She remembered his name was Cliff and that he often spoke of his wife and several children residing in an area far away from the location of the training hospital. When she saw him looking down at her, she suddenly realized her skirt had come up high and her white stockings were revealed as well as her regulation white panties with the last name and last four digits of her Army Nurse Corps serial number. She surmised he was reading her name and her number but, in all honesty, he seemed a lot more interested in the darker triangle of black underneath that betrayed her throbbing pussy bush waiting for the touch of a male hand to make her feel "special" and truly a desired female person.

It was only a few moments later that her legs were up high in the air and she held her panties clutched in her hand while Cliff explored every corner of her tight little pussy slit. She found that her female juices were forced to squirt out repeatedly each time he worried her vaginal opening with his long thin fingers. She tried to think of a rosary in her mind and started to recite a special prayer just as his inquisitive fingers poked deep into her pulsating brown eye. A very private place never before entered by human hand. The doctor seemed satisfied with his proprietary explorations and he even began to spank her bare rump with a well-practiced hand that made her wetness even wetter. She ground her pussy mound down hard onto his beautiful erection and let her release reduce her to a shuddering climax.

Mary was certain the young doctor was determined to probe her vagina with his rampant cock but before he could mount her willing body, the chief of nurses called out for, "All nurses to the classroom for daily notes!"

They managed to disentangle without incident and the doctor scurried away with some degree of guilt and embarrassment. Mary covered her throbbing pussy with her still-clean panties and walked shakily back into the hospital for the boring meeting.

On the troopship into the war zone, Mary became close to one of the other nurses.

Her name was Elizabeth.

They helped each other with the many tasks and assignments on board the ship. Sometimes, Mary would save some of her desert to give to Elizabeth at night in the compartment. Late one night in her darkened corner, Mary found Elizabeth crawling silently into her rack with her finger to her lips to caution her to silence. In the next few hours, Mary learned all the ways that one female can pleasure another and she felt closer to Elizabeth than she had ever felt to anyone ever before. She didn't wash her fingers the next morning so she could sneak little sniffs of Elizabeth's scent from their tips. The rest of the voyage was a blur of her new friend's beautiful nipples, her dark wet pussy and her delicious ass cheeks. Their tongues were like magnets working wonders in the dark. She noticed belatedly that several other "couples" were closely attached to each other as well.

Mary did increase the frequency of her prayers to compensate for her transgressions, but she made no attempt to curtail her activities. She was deriving such a high degree of pleasure from the association with her new best friend that she wanted it to never end.

When they reached their destination, she was devastated to discover she and Elizabeth were being sent to different units. Their tearful "goodbyes" were highlighted by her achieving 3 orgasms in quick succession with Elizabeth's hard-working tongue buried between her legs.

It was only 2 weeks after her arrival at a frontline medical station that the poorly selected position was overrun with relative ease. Mary became a POW of the enemy, still a virgin, despairing unsure of her sexual orientation, and ever hopeful of "muddling through".

This new phase of her life now became an entirely new chapter or, more accurately, an entirely new book.

Her introduction to the prison camp was to be degradingly stripped in front of all the guards and prisoners and placed over a rail like a perk for the new guards to sample her anal pleasures. After about a half-dozen insertions, Mary stopped sobbing and began to open up for her new captors. They did not fail to notice the change in her and spoke in their strange language with easily discernible dismay at her attitude. The other new female inmates were howling with rage and indignation at the degrading spectacle but Mary was trying to look over her shoulder to see the size of her next friendly weapon.

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