Daddy's Album

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Fiction Sex Story: While cleaning out my Daddy's house I find an old photo album.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   Oral Sex   .

My husband Fred and I were cleaning out my Dad's house. He had died suddenly three weeks ago at the young age of sixty two. My Mom had predeceased him by many years succumbing to breast cancer when she was only forty one years old.

Now Fred and I were going through his house, separating his accumulation of 'stuff' into piles. Keep, tag sale and throw away were the main categories.

My hubby was in the cellar going through my Dad's enormous stockpile of tools, that he had accumulated over the many years he had owned this little two bedroom ranch house.

I had already gone through most of his closet putting his folded clothes on the bed to await a trip to the Good Will. It took a while because my father had been a pack rat. I went through every pocket of his clothes finding twenty dollar bills and an occasional hundred dollar bill stashed deep in his pockets. In all there was six hundred forty dollars hidden away in his clothes. It wouldn't make anyone rich but Fred and I could always use an extra six hundred bucks.

I started to double check the now empty closet when I deduced that it wasn't as empty as I had thought. I had missed it before, but now from the vantage point of standing on a chair. I saw an object at the rear of a high shelf.

Stretching to my limit I managed to get a hold of it with just two of my straining finger tips. I pulled it to me realizing that it was a small photo album. Strange! It should have been with the other albums on a lower shelf of the bookcase in Dad's den.

Using a paper towel I wiped the dust off of the red leather album. I couldn't remember ever seeing this particular album, but a slight shudder swept my body as I had an inkling of what it held.

I sat on a spot clear of the stacked clothes on my father's queen sized bed, the album balanced precariously on my jean covered lap. I slowly opened the album to the first page and gasped. It was as I had feared!

There was a photo of me standing against what had been my bedroom's wall. The script under the photo said ten years old. It was definitely me at ten, and I was naked. Bare assed naked.

It all came back to me in a flash of old memories. That had been the evening of my tenth birthday. My first birthday after my Mom had passed away. My father had decided that along with a birthday spanking he would document my growth in this sick and depraved way.

I had a few friends over for ice cream and cake. After my friends had gone home my Dad told me that I was in need of a 'birthday spanking'. At ten years old I didn't think twice about taking my party dress off in front of my father. He helped me remove my little white underpants before pulling me onto his lap. Spank Spank Spank He used his big hand on my little bare bottom. Ten times plus one 'for good luck.'

It hurt! He had never spanked me before. Sometimes he would scold me or ground me but this was the first time he had ever raised a hand to me. He had made me stand, still naked, near a wall while he fiddled with a Polaroid camera. This was before the days of digital photography.

Click! Flash! Daddy took a full length photo of my nude body. I remembered it like it was yesterday as I looked at the photo on the left side of the open photo album. My flat chest and bare vagina staring back at me. On the opposite page was a rear view of me showing how pink his hand had made my rear end.

Unable to stop myself I turned the page to look at my eleven years old photo. Still no hair between my legs and although my boobs hadn't started to develop yet there was a definite puffiness around my dark nipples indicating the beginnings of puberty. Next to it was the shot from the rear, showing my red bottom again. I knew that there would be matching photos on each page.

My birthday was the only time my father ever saw me naked. It was also the one time of the year that I had to lie over his lap so he could spank my young ass. I knew that there would be pictures of me naked right up to my eighteenth birthday, when he had finally stopped when I moved out of the house.

I was looking at my fourteen years old twin photos when I realized I wasn't alone. I was admiring how my teenage breasts had grown to orange sized beauties and the womanly growth of pubic hairs surrounding my pussy.

"very nice!" Fred said as he stood in front of me gazing down at the naked photos of his wife as a teen. "There must be a story behind those photos. Tell me about it."

The front Fred's jeans were bulging obscenely with his erection. I wasn't ready to explain the pictures to Fred so I used his arousal to delay my story. I unbuckled my husbands jeans and pulled his pants and underwear to his knees, exposing his big cock to me.

I don't know how long he had been watching me look at the photos but it was long enough that his cock had leaked a stream of precum to cover the underside of his hard prick. I opened my mouth to slip his cock into it knowing he wouldn't have any more questions while I teased his member with my tongue and teeth.

"Fuck ya baby! Suck my cock good. I wish it was that little fourteen years old you doing the sucking so I could fill your teenage mouth with my seed."

My cunt was juicing up while I sucked on my man's cock, wishing that I was a young teen girl again sucking an older man's cock. I had had that dream when I was growing up. Although my father enjoyed looking at my naked body he had never touched me in a sexual way. I knew that he got excited when he spanked me because as I got older I realized that the hard thing poking at my stomach was my Daddy's penis.

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