My Very Own Personal Trainer

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Harry is out of shape. He decides to employ a personal trainer to help get him back in shape. It turns out that "Frank" is a girl and not a guy. Things are just fine until Frank starts to use some very unorthodox methods.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   .

Ever since getting out of the Marine Corps, I had managed to gain weight, lose muscle mass, and fallen into a routine of drinking too much beer and spending far too much time sitting on my ass. The final straw came when I found it necessary to leave the button open on my trousers in order to put them on in the morning. I realized that my added weight made the likelihood of my lifting my own body on a rope was fast growing dim.

In a spurt of sudden good intentions, I searched the classified section of the local newspaper to look for a "personal trainer" to help rouse me from the doldrums of a neglected exercise program.

One advertisement seemed right on the money,

"Want to get in shape? Call Frank now for personal attention. Six hours a week with Frank will help make you over from head to toe. Only $495 for the introductory 10 week special."

I called the number at the bottom and made an appointment to meet Frank at the nearby park for a free introductory session. I told my boss I would be taking an extra 30 minutes at lunch which would give me enough time for the one hour exercise session and enough time to take a quick shower before returning to the office. I had my running gear in the car and changed in the parking lot just before the session. I jumped out onto the grass and started my "warm-ups" just as Frank had instructed me on the phone.

Halfway through my warm-ups, I noticed a real nice looking redhead with seriously short hair doing warm-ups of her own not very far away. I increased my activities want not to appear hopelessly out of shape in front of the shapely female. It was really no use because a couple of years of total disinterest in exercise made me incapable of doing very much at all except to stretch my almost non-existent muscles.

"I guess you are Harry! I am Frank and I will be your personal trainer for the next 10 weeks."

The good-looking redhead with the fantastic legs bent way over and put her hands flat on the grass effortlessly unaware how delicious her heart-shaped bottom looked to sex-deprived ex-marine.

"Sorry, are you really Frank? I thought you were a guy because your voice was so low on the phone. Not that it makes any difference. I hope you are prepared for a very difficult task in getting this body in shape."

When I looked at the young woman closely, I could see she was in prime physical condition. Her bare stomach was taut and flat with ribbons of muscle groups visible guarding her rib cage. Only her twin peaks of gorgeous upturned breasts carried some hint of soft promise. My voracious eyes dropped down to the distinctive "V" of her pussy mound with the suggestively outlined "Camel-toe" beneath. She saw me looking at her pussy and gave me a look that quickly melted my partially rising cock.

"Come over here next to the bench, Harry, I want to see if you have any muscle left in those legs at all."

I followed her instructions and stretched out flat on the bench with my feet on the ground and my hands clasped behind my head. I was a bit surprised when she sat down right on my spare tire and leaned forward to grab my ankles. When I looked down all I could see was the perfectly shaped bottom split in half by a deep and mysterious crack covered by a dark colored thong under her loosely fitted running shorts. I could see up her shorts almost to her butt crack and appreciated just how finely toned her gluts really were. My big guy started to get a little excited again and I feared he was rubbing overtly between her muscular legs.

"Now try to lift your legs, Harry. Let's see if you still have some muscle under that blanket of fat."

I tried as hard as I could to lift my feet but all I accomplished was to make my cock jerk about with a mind of its own somewhere deep between Frank's widespread legs.

"Not very impressive, Harry, we have a lot of work to do."

As if to punish me for my shortcomings, Frank bounced her pretty ass on my belly a few times making my tormented cock begin to leak pre-cum inside my running togs. After that inauspicious beginning, Frank had me run short sprints up an inclined area and allowed me to walk back each time. After about a dozen such little lung-busters, I was ready to quit, but was too ashamed to admit my discomfort in front of such a tempting piece of ass.

Before we ended that exercise, Frank told me to get down on my knees and quickly wrapped her knees around my neck. She instructed me to stand up and I was able to do so without too much difficulty since my lower body remained pretty strong despite my soft civilian lifestyle. I stood there with a 95 lb. redheaded pussy rubbing my head with a soft insistent feel of sensuous attachment. Then I had to make my way up the incline one last time with her riding my head with a somewhat damp pussy sliding up and down with each jarring step.

I was not quite certain which of us enjoyed it the most.

One of the exercises that Frank insisted I do each and every session was to do a series of sit-ups with her sitting on my ankles. Each repetition was stimulating both to my feet that dug in gloriously deep inside her tightly stretched cleft and my nose and chin coming into contact with her perky upturned nipples. It was so delicious that I am certain I often went beyond the limits of my ability.

After a few weeks, I found that I had achieved a level of Pavlovian response that caused me to obey her slightest command without question. It was a unique situation for me as I seldom acceded to female wishes unless forced to do so. Frank seemed satisfied with my attitude and soon I had lost more than a dozen lbs. and noticed my upper-body strength had increased significantly.

On one rainy day, Frank suggested we do our session in her "basement". Not wanting to lose any benefit from the exercise program, I agreed and we headed to her house located in an affluent part of town. We walked through her almost mansion-style hallways to the basement entrance and I was shocked to see the extent of her expensive exercise equipment. She even had a whirlpool tub to relax the muscles after a workout. I joked about the tub but Frank was "all business" getting us down to the session without delay. After almost an hour of strenuous activity, I was ready for a break, but Frank told me she wanted me down on all fours for a final exercise.

Of course, I obeyed instantly just like a well-trained puppy dog waiting for the next instruction from his master.

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