Perfect Butt in Designer Jeans

by Pettybox

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Erotica Sex Story: Huck Warner is just coming out of a relationship and his little sister is helping him occupy his time. While on a lunch date with her he gets caught ogling an inviting ass by it's owner, but instead of it getting him in trouble, he gets into something else.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Spanking   Oral Sex   Petting   .

My live-in girlfriend, Evie, moved out about 5 weeks ago and ever since my divorced little sister, Sugar (a name we called her when she was a baby, she hates Cecelia, her given name) has been keeping tabs on me so I won't get depressed. In truth, I haven't missed Evie. She spent the last 6 months throwing hints about a ring and marriage while finishing each subtlety with, "not that I'm unhappy the way we are."

I didn't need marriage, we were happy, we paid all the bills, had a lot of nice things and a house, had great sex, shared lots of friends and even tried to have a baby for a year or so before we found out that she might have to have IVF like her sisters did to conceive. While I really did think she would come back, she called a week ago and said we had to divide up some things. We agreed to split the checking and savings even (we hadn't touched either since she left) and she claimed the stair-master, treadmill, one of the flat screens, a laptop, and would keep her phone for the duration of the "family" contract. We always put all of our money into one pot to pay bills so we totaled all the actual house payments made, 16, and I agreed to pay her the equivalent of the principle that would be paid on the middle 16 payments of the 20 year loan.

She claimed a few appliances and didn't want any furniture except for a patio set her Dad built for us. We finished our "negotiations" by her telling me she still loved me, but she was 29 (I'm 30) and wanted to stabilize her future and I wasn't apparently interested in that. I protested that assumption leaning back on the "what's wrong with what we had" theory, but she had her mind made up. She asked if she could come over at a time I wasn't there to get her things, and promised no hanky panky, she would just take what we agreed on. I told her that if she took more I would deduct it from the check for her share of the house she paid. She told me not to worry and that after she got the check she would sign a legal document absolving her, and me, from any future monetary encumbrance and show proof that we both closed all of our joint bank accounts and credit cards.

The line she repeated a few times was, "If we part as friends and have no qualms, we might be able to get together again without any fear of angst or mistrust. After all, I still love you. Not wanting you there when I come is my assurance I won't end up in bed with you, because I miss you so." and I assured her I could do that. She would hate me if she knew, but I had a friend watching the house to be sure it wasn't being emptied, I'm not THAT gullible.

So, to give Evie time this past Sunday, Sugar and I went up to the local Apple farm and restaurant to get apples, pies, cider donuts, and lunch. The line was long as we decided on what to get and when I made my way up to the counter to pay, assuming my shorter blond sister in her red Oklahoma Sooners sweat shirt, was beside me. (we're often mistaken for husband and wife since Sugar is an affectionate sister, often holding my arm, and kissing my cheek if I do something nice for her). As the clerk behind the counter laid the charge board in from of me with the slip and my card she said "please sign here Mr. Huxley Warner the THIRD", talking like she thought it was a hoity-toity name. While my sister was named after her Grandmother, I was named after my Grandfather AND my father. All through grade school I was just Huck and then when I became somewhat of a local football star in High School and for a bit in college I was known as "Trey", as in "the third". My Dad had been a local sports hero of sorts and I wanted my own identification.

So, as she handed me the slip to sign, my sister put out two $20 bills and I pushed her hands back saying, "I got this Sugar."

She chuckled and I turned to see it was NOT my sister, but a woman about the same size with a red Ohio State sweatshirt on. I was embarrassed and just said I was "sorry but, she looked just like Sugar."

"I can be your Sugar if you like", the older woman said, "I'm single. If you have a brother who's looking tell them you found someone who resembles your wife for them." I just smiled and nodded looking behind her to see Sugar having a good time with my embarrassment. We went and found our table and waited for our number to be called to pick up our tray. I decided to wander about the place to check out the homemade condiments, jams, and pickles. I ran into the lady in the Buckeye sweatshirt a few more times while browsing, like she was following me. When our number was called I went to meet Sugar at the table with our tray and she was conversing with the Buckeye lady. She peeled off as I got there, but not before she smiled at me.

"What did she want?" I asked.

"Oh, she just wanted to say she was sorry if I thought she was flirting with you when she said she could be "your sugar". I told her I was your sister, not your wife and then she got called for her tray as well. Her name is Babs if you're interested."

"Ummm, not quite. Babs is a name for a girl in high school, where she may have been when I was in kindergarten. She has to be 55 or 60." I said shaking my head.

As we ate Babs came by our table with her tray and nodded to Sugar as she passed. I couldn't help but notice as she walked by that she quite a nice ass, poured into designer jeans. I saw her sit down with what must have been her son, about 19 or 20. Her hair was perfectly coiffed and she was dressed quite well after she took off the Buckeye zippered hoodie. As she peeled back the hoodie off her shoulders to go over the back of the chair her chest was thrown out there and again I was surprised to see she had a nice breast line. Too bad her face showed the age her body denied.

Sugar and I talked, she asking me if the day was bittersweet knowing when I got home all of Evies things would be gone. I told her I really hadn't missed her yet and was enjoying being a bachelor at the time. Sugar didn't believe me.

"You're going to tell me that you're not getting laid and you're happy with it. I was feeling sorry for you and was going to volunteer a blow-job. What are sisters for?" She joked.

"You're a sick ticket Sugar. Don't even joke about that!" I scolded her, not even believing she said it.

"Don't worry, I'm keeping my skills in practice since I left Tony. I was afraid I might have to keep sharp with you, once Evie left." She continued the tease, chuckling.

"More information than I needed Sugar. Our sex lives are off limits, even for family."

"Oh grow up Huck. We all need sex and you must be getting something. I have a couple volunteers." She said.

"Well, I don't. I have more self control than that." I said as Babs walked by and must have heard the last few comments judging by the smirk on her face.

Sugar was even a little embarrassed knowing she spoke loud enough for "Babs" to hear. She leaned up and said, "That college kid next door comes over to help me out some times, and we hooked up a little. No harm."

"You just be careful." I warned her as Babs came by, quickly this time with a hand full of paper towels, she had a spill at her table.

I watched her bend over the table and wipe it dry as her son watched. God, she had a nice ass and she was really showing it to me, bent over like that. She quickly turned to see if she caught me, and she knew she had. I averted my eyes, but I knew I was caught. She came by again to dispose of the towels and smiled at me.

"I think she likes you Huck" Sugar kidded as I told her we should go and get the apples and stuff.

Outside there wasn't another Babs sighting and we sort of forgot about her by the time we got what we wanted, stocking up for the fall.

When I got home Sugar came in with me to check out what Evie had taken, and true to her word, she just took what she said and left me a nice note, repeating that she loved me, but couldn't cope with the situation as it was. Sugar read the note after me and looked to me.

"Are you THAT dead set against marriage that you'll throw her away? She's smart and good looking too." She asked, quite seriously.

"You don't see her and live with her like I did. When she didn't get her way she whined until she did or until I put my foot down and let her know she was NOT getting her way. Then she pouted for 2 days. But she wouldn't put the engagement ring and wedding thing away. I was never mean to her, and gave her HER way more than not. You know I spoiled her and you scolded me for it as well." I said defending myself.

"Well, you would know Huck. I just wanted you to know what you were giving away."

"I'm not giving away anything; she's the one who left giving me an ultimatum. That's bribery of sorts. You got married and look what it got you, heartache. We were happy as we were, then she had to ruin it. Plain and simple." I explained.

"I suppose you're right big brother. Call me next week. Maybe we can catch a movie some night, or I can make dinner." Sugar said as she let the screen door slam and she walked to her car.

"GOD!", I thought to myself. "I've seen her more in the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 years. I hope she doesn't think I would hurt myself over this. I kind of like being on my own for a bit, even though beating off is getting a little old."

I saw there was a playoff baseball game on in 15 minutes so I took a quick shower and threw on some clean sweats to sit and relax. I got a beer and a handful of Pringles and settled in to watch. After a few innings I dozed and woke up to the phone ringing.


"Hi there Mr. Huxley. I thought if you liked my ass so much in the jeans you might like it more out of them." A woman's voice said.

"Who the hell is this?"

"Think about for a little while and I'll call you later." She said and hung up.

I checked the caller ID and it only said PRIVATE CALLER.

I was awakened from a sound sleep and I was still in a fog as I sat in the chair wondering what just happened. Nobody calls me Huxley, let alone Mr. Huxley and I still hadn't comprehended what she meant. Shaking off the cobwebs I tried to think of any women I had met or admired openly lately. I thought of a chick at work, the second receptionist, who worked at the desk in front of me. Once calls got past the front desk, she screened them down and had this habit of standing to be seen over the high front of her catch-all shelf and looking directly at the person she buzzed to get their facial expression as she intercomed like "Bob, a Mr Jones on line 3, can you take it?"

She had apologized a couple weeks ago for constantly standing in front of me and I told her, with a smirk, I liked the view, but she seemed to laugh it off and I think she liked the attention, always a little tease. (I don't screw around at work – don't shit where you eat) But I thought she never wore jeans to work and then it hit me. JEANS! – Babs the Buckeye!! But how did she get my name?

Had my sister told her my name? "No, not possible," I thought as I sat back in my chair to piece the day together and it hit me, "The damn clerk, acting the part of the snotty bitch, sing-songing my name to emphasize THE THIRD." Babs was standing right beside me, with me thinking it was Sugar. She had flirted openly with me and told Sugar she was single and wondered if I had a brother who might like someone resembling Sugar.

"Wait!" I thought, "Was I that overt in my ogling of her ass that she thought I was interested? Jeepers I was just looking! I look in the lobster tank at the grocery store but I don't buy them often. She has to get over herself."

I got back into the game and 15 minutes later the phone rang again with PRIVATE CALLER on the caller ID.

"Hello Babs," I said, "Why are you calling me?"

"I got from your conversation with your sister that you might need some companionship, now with your girlfriend gone." Babs said. "And I couldn't help but notice you admiring my posterior."

"You know I look at butts all of the time, yours was just another one. Don't get all up on yourself." I said snottily.

'You checked out my tits too. It's why I took off the sweatshirt. They look good in that cotton top, don't you think? ... and that's without a bra." She replied confidently.

"I'm not actively looking for a girlfriend; I'm thinking you're misunderstanding the situation." I said hoping to get her off my phone.

"Listen HUXLEY, get over yourself. I know your about 25 years younger than me and the brother I hoped you would pitch me too would be an OLDER brother. However, I haven't been laid in a long while, just like you. We could help each other out here. I think a play date is in order." She said finishing in a soft tone that somehow got to me and my libido. As George Costanza once said "it moved." and she had me interested.

"Listen Babs, my friends call me Trey."

"Oh? So now I'm a friend?"

"If you want a chance of being one, call me Trey."

"So suddenly the idea of a play-date, emphasis on the PLAY part, sounds good to you."

She was getting a little too much of control of this so I decided to put her in her place and see if she could take the abuse or run away mad.

"Umm, a play date might be fun if I could get over the idea of it being like I was fucking my mother."

The phone went silent and I was sure the line would go dead but she had just hesitated.

"I doubt if your mother works as hard as me to keep my body in shape. I don't sag where other 50 somethings do, and this is all me, no surgery, no enhancements. I just love sex and want to keep as sharp as I can. I've been single for a long time and not many men get a chance to get in my pants. You're just special. I'd love to show you how well I uh ... play. It's been quite a while, but I bet I still have skills. Is your mother that well practiced?"

"I said that to hurt you and scare you away. I'm sorry. My Mother is dead for a few years now. Let's not go there anymore." I said sorry I brought it up.

"You aren't going to scare me away. I'm trying to seduce you, REMEMBER?"

"But exactly why?" I wondered.

"When you said, "I'll get this Sugar" it was the first time anyone said anything with affection to me in years, even though it wasn't meant for me. I would have stripped and let you have your way with me right there, if you wanted. I spend a lot of time in the gym, School Board meetings, doing what I can to keep my son out of trouble and in college that I don't have time for the kind of fun I plan to have when he finally goes away to finish his degree. I'm getting pretty bored with my friends Buzz and Bunny. I'd like to be with a real man for once in a long time, instead of a fantasy. By the way, you are a REAL MAN. You smelled so good and were so handsome that I spilled a soda gawking at you, you just didn't catch me."

"This is all too weird, all too easy. You just want me for a sex toy like Buzz and Bunny."

"Listen, uh ... Trey. I'm not going to beg you. It just sounded from the information I gathered that you might be in need of some lady companionship and after you made my made my sap run, you're all I've thought about. Spending time with a vibrator and a Rabbit may not do the trick this time. I know from your address in the phonebook you don't live too far. I could be there in 20 minutes."

"Why couldn't I go to your place?" I asked to turn the tables on her.

"Because even if I snuck you into the house with my son here, he would hear the screaming I plan on doing and interrupt his college studies." She then quickly changed the subject, "Did I tell you I like to be spanked?" She added for shock value, I suppose.

"Are you in the phone book?" I asked seeking tit for tat.

"Yes, I am. Barbara Sennert, 2344 Mohawk Drive."

"If you're in the phone book, why does it show PRIVATE CALLER in the ID?"

"I'm on my cell phone." She said as I picked up the phone book and looked her up.

"If you came over are you going to spend the night? I have to work early tomorrow." I asked stalling for time as I took out my cell and dialed the number in the phone book.

"Hang on, my other phone is ringing. It might be important I'm on the school board and we have an issue currently." She said as I heard her set her cell phone down.

With my cell phone to my ear I heard her semi-sultry voice say, "Hello PRIVATE CALLER, can I guess who it is?" followed by a giggle. "Just checking the facts, Babs, just the facts." I said hanging that phone up.

"So you know where I live and my phone number, that I'm on the school board, you can check that too." (I already was, that Google is a wonderful thing) "Can we cut out the dance and just tell me if I'm going to be with a real man tonight or not." She said giving me the ultimatum.

"I'll tell you what, give me your cell number and let me call you in 10 minutes." I proposed wanting a few more minutes to check her out.

There was a long silence and then she said "10 minutes, that's it. After that I'm oiling up the toys and you're jerking off. The number is 555-5555. 10 minutes!"

With my job I had a connection to DMV and Vermont State Tax and a credit bureau link to boot. I just wanted to be sure I was dealing with what it sounded like. I worked in Collections, Repossessions, and Unclaimed Funds for a national concern and we cooperated with many states, sharing information, so if she was legit, I would find out quickly.

She was who she said she was, had been divorced for 20 years and had sued her ex for child support 15 years ago, but he disappeared from the state to a state where they won't go after him. She was on the town school board and worked as an executive assistant for the state assessor's office. Oh, and her "fifty something" turns 60 in a week

I didn't believe it, but I was going to call her back! I dialed her number and she answered on the first ring.

"So, I passed all of your little tests? I knew I would. I'm on my way over. I 'm halfway there." She said without saying hello.

"You're confident." I said trying not to show any excitement.

"I saw the way you looked at my ass. See you in a few." She said and then hung up.

I couldn't believe I was sending out for sex, or had I just been picked up by phone? I have been propositioned in bars before, but never so blatantly. I suppose there was no easy way for her to pussy foot around what she wanted. Suddenly I was nervous. I hadn't been with any other woman but Evie for probably 5 years. Evie was shaved, nice firm tits, loved to give head, get head and even asked for it in the pooper every once in a while. We were good for 2 or 3 times a week and never really got bored with any of it. Even just a few weeks before she left, the week the Drive-Ins closed for the season we went and saw a double feature, "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and "The Five Year Engagement". Midway through the second movie as we were cuddled in the front seat she turned and whispered "This is kind of boring, I'm gonna suck your dick", and did. We WERE GOOD together. She was just getting pressure from her mother or sisters to tie me down. I didn't NEED tying down, I wasn't GOING anywhere.

I heard a car pull up in the front and a little chill ran up and down my spine. Fear of the unknown I guess. I heard her shoes clunking up the wooden steps and the screen door open and a knock on the little window at the top of the door.

I went and opened it, bravely, to find Babs, in her Ohio Buckeyes hoodie and designer jeans.

"Hi Trey, thanks for seeing me." She said very business-like. "I'm sure we'll have a good time and do each other a lot of good. I know I look the dressed same as before, but I've showered and changed everything else but the hoodie and the jeans. I'm assuming you've showered as well and with all the formalities and awkward questions out of the way, can we go and sit down to talk a bit?"

"You talk like you do this all the time." I said to catch her off guard.

"No, I've never done this," she said with her bottom lip trembling,"why do you think I'm so fucking scared. I'm not as brave and bold as I was on the phone. I barely know why I'm here. It all seemed like a good idea then, now I do have cold feet. I haven't had an affair in years." She said honestly.

"I had a chill run up and down my spine when I realized you were here myself, so I guess we're both going to be awkward." I said to ease her as we walked to my living room and she sat on the sofa and I sat beside her.

"Second thoughts?" I asked.

"No, not really, when I went to knock on the door I told myself, "you're doing this, you made the commitment". I just don't know where to start. Ummm, I know I don't have a young and pretty face. I had a spell of Bells Palsy and they tried to cure it with steroids. It worked but I lost my pretty face. I hate to think it's why my husband left, but..."

"Babs, don't make excuses for yourself. You have a beautiful body and none of us keep our looks forever. My hairlines receding and I've got crow's fee already, so..."

We were both at a loss for words and finally I thought to myself what I used to say when I was dating a girl in high school and unsure where to go next as we parked in front of her house, "fish or cut bait". I moved up close to her and put an arm around her and got real close to her face.

"I can see you were a very pretty woman and you still have great features up close Babs, may I kiss you?" I said wishing I hadn't said any of that, sounding so corny, but she smiled and said, "Yes, I'd like that."

Her lips were soft and it felt real good, I kissed her a few more times, looking in her eyes each time. I sat back a bit and she giggled like a young girl on her first date. "Look at us, so brave and cocky on the phone and now, ... each afraid to make the next move. Kiss me again. By God, we've broken the ice."

I kissed her again and again and soon we opened our mouths and our tongues went crazy like two people mad in love. I eventually had her slide down to her back and I sort of nudged in beside her so I could rest my hand on her stomach and ever so slowly creep up to her breasts. They were so soft, so pliant, and different than the young flesh I was used to but she cooed in my mouth as I felt them through her thin bra. I pushed her shirt up and pushed the bra back and my mouth left hers for the first time in 5 minutes. Her tits were firm, but not in the sense of a young woman. I'm sure when she stood they didn't fall but they were so pleasant to feel and the breaths she drew as I suckled and squeezed them told me she was so grateful to have them treated like this.

"Oh God," She said with a deep quiver in her voice, "I haven't been wooed like this, loved like this, as far as I can remember. If I had an affair I just pulled my dress up."

"Shhhh, this is now and we needn't know anything else. You feel incredible and I can't wait to taste you, savor you, and fuck you." I said as she trembled once again, like she had just had an orgasm, and perhaps she did.

Here I thought a seasoned bed hopper was going to come over and run over me leaving me dripping cum while she sped away to her next encounter, and in reality she came over in hopes someone would treat her the way she's always wanted to be treated but was afraid to ask for. Almost 60 and a neophyte at seducing or being seduced

As I played with and nipped at her wonderful boobs I began to run a hand over her belly. It was flat, but again, her skin and the flesh below was very soft, pliant, but seemingly taut and somewhat muscled underneath. She had no paunch, even when she stood, for almost 60, I must say she was pretty solid. When she sucked her breath in and had a catch in her breath I saw her belly pull away from the waist on her jeans. I watched and waited for a chance to slip my hand into that waist, and it came when I pinched the nipple I had just let go. My hand went into her pants and over the little silk panty she wore. The crotch was soaking wet to my hand and I could feel a well trimmed bush. I got my middle finger in the groove of her pussy, through her panty and moved my head back up to suckle her again.

Her hips bucked like she was going to tell me to stop, but she sat up quickly saying "Isn't there a bed we can move to? I want to get out of my clothes".

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