Return to Cala De Sirena

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2012 by NymphWriter

Romantic Sex Story: Five years after Don first met and fell in love with Angel, his love and devotion is tested by a few surprise visitors from his past while learning new secrets about his wife and her family.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   non-anthro   Oral Sex   .

Jenny Edwards sat in at the small table in the little café sipping a soda and waiting. She brushed her light brown hair out of her blue eyes as she drummed her fingers on the table. This was a meeting she'd avoided for over five years, but now, she knew it was time to deal with this situation once and for all. A petite brunette with brown eyes walked up and said, "Jenny?"

Jenny looked up and saw her ex-sister-in-law, Amy Taylor, the woman who broke her brother's heart and the reason he left the country. "Amy," said Jenny.

Amy sat in the empty chair and said, "I'm so glad you agreed to meet with me."

"I'm not sure why you insisted on meeting with me," said Jenny.

A waitress walked up and said, "Something for you ma'am?"

"Diet Coke please," said Amy.

"And would you like a refill?" asked the waitress.

"Sure," said Jenny. "Thanks."

"Coming right up ladies," said the waitress and walked away.

"Have you talked to him?" asked Amy.

"Who Don?" asked Jenny.

"No, Santa Claus. Of course Don, who the hell else would I care about?"

"Look Amy, you'd better back off now or I'll leave. You broke my brother's heart and because of you, I haven't seen my brother live and in person for over five years now."

"I'm sorry Jenny," said Amy. "I really thought I was doing the right thing at the time. Only now, it's just, I miss him. The problem is, he changed his phone number, he's not working here in the city any more, he moved out of the apartment he was living in, and I can't find him."

"He's left the country," said Jenny coldly.

The waitress walked up, set the drinks on the table, then asked, "Anything to eat ladies?"

"Maybe later," said Amy.

"We need a few more minutes please," said Jenny.

"Okay," said the waitress and walked away.

"What do you mean he left the country?" asked Amy.

"He went on vacation and never came back. He got a permanent transfer and said he wasn't coming home. He calls me via Skype once a month, as it's cheaper than using his cell phone. Our talks are short, but he seems happier. He doesn't look like he's 50."

"Where is he Jenny?"

"He's on an island. That's all I'm going to tell you."

"Damn it Jenny! Why are you hiding him from me?"

"I'm not. He's moved on to my shock and surprise. I'd almost say he's found someone else. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get going. Goodbye Amy."

Jenny stood up and threw a ten-dollar bill on the table. "Jenny wait!" cried Amy.

Jenny glared at Amy. "What?"

"Next time you talk to him, tell him I'm sorry."

"Fine," snapped Jenny and walked out of the café.

Jenny walked to her car and drove home. "Why did I meet with her?" she said to herself. "I knew it would end up like this."

Her phone rang and she pushed the Bluetooth headset button, "Hello."

"Are you still with the bitch?" asked Daniel, her husband.

"Nope, I'm on my way home."

"Good, because our flight leaves in a few hours."

"I can't believe we're doing this, and it means the world to me that you were able to book us a place that would take the kids."

"Jenny, I love you. I know how upset you've been since Don moved away, and how much you want to see him. Did you tell her we were going to see him?"

"Nope," said Jenny, "she tried to get me to tell her where he's at but I wouldn't do it."

"Does she want more money?"

"She claims she wants him back."

Daniel laughed. "Jenny, I'm telling you Don's with someone else. He may not want to tell us, but there is someone new in his life."

Don Taylor woke to the sun shining though the small bedroom window of his beachfront home. Lying next to him was his wife Angel. She was on her back, naked, and unconscious. Her firm, soft breasts rising with every breath, and her legs were parted just enough for him to see her moist sex below her blond pubic hair. He moved slowly onto the bed until he was positioned between her legs, and began gently kissing the outer lips of her sex. Angel stirred a bit as Don smiled and continued to kiss and lick her outer lips. He slipped a finger inside her as his tongue licked up to her clit. He heard her softly moan as he slipped a second finger into her and began to suck and nibble her clit. He knew it wouldn't take long as his fingers worked inside her sex, and his tongue flicked and stroked her clit. Her moaning grew a bit louder, but not as loud as in the past, and soon, her body shook violently with her climax.

Don crawled up her beautiful body and she smiled at him, her blue eyes shining. He kissed her forcefully as his firm, erect cock entered her willing sex. She moaned into his mouth as they made love. This was a normal morning ritual in which the person who woke up first, would wake the other. Don gently thrust within her and Angel's hips rose up to meet him. They kissed deeply as they made love and soon, Angel was climaxing a second time, moaning in Don's mouth. It was after a third climax that Don joined her and they ended with them both climaxing together. They kissed for several more minutes until Don's penis slipped out.

"Good morning Angel," said Don softly.

"Good morning Don," she replied. "Thank you for the wake-up call."

"Mmmm, my pleasure."

"Momma!" They heard the cry of a young girl from down the hall. "Momma!"

"Perfect timing, duty calls," said Angel smiling.

"And she wants you this morning," said Don smiling.

"She usually does."

Angel slipped out of the bed, slipped on her nightgown, and padded out of the room. Don watched her curly blond hair sway with each step she took. He stepped out of the bed, slipped his boxers on, and padded to the bathroom to empty his bladder. He slipped on a robe and wandered out to the living room. Angel was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when two tiny arms wrapped around his leg.


"Oh no! Angel, a sea monster's got me!" said Don smiling.

"Oh Don, what are you going to do?" said Angel with a wink and a smile.


Don looked down at the blond curly top little girl with her arms wrapped around his leg. He smiled and scooped her into his arms and began to tickle her. The little girl began to giggle excitedly until she said, "Stop it Daddy!"

"Daddy? Who is this Daddy you speak of?"

"Daddy!" she exclaimed.

Don kissed her small face and smiled, "Good morning Joy. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes Daddy," she said in her squeaky little girl voice.

"Wanna see what Momma's making for breakfast?"

"Yes Daddy," she said.

Her blue eyes sparkled as he swung her onto his shoulders and carried her into the kitchen. "Momma! Look at me! I'm taller than you and Daddy now!"

Angel looked up and gasped, "Oh my Joy! Look how big you are!"

Don kissed Angel's cheek, "Good morning dear."

"Good morning," she said. "You two ready for breakfast?"

"Yeah!" cried Joy.

"Sure," said Don.

Don put Joy down into her chair, and sat next to her. Angel carried the food to the table, served Joy, then Don, and herself. They ate quietly for several minutes, then Angel said softly, "Don."

"That time again Angel?"

"We haven't gone in a long time, and she needs to see the family."

"Angel, I have never stopped you from going, you know that."

"I know Don. But this will be longer than normal."

"May I ask why?"

"I can't tell you that right now Don, but maybe on our return I can."

"Momma? Why can't Daddy go with us?" asked Joy.

"Because Daddy has to work and you know Uncle Jason needs my help," said Don.

"When am I gonna meet Uncle Jason?" asked Joy.

"Maybe when you and Momma get back from your visit," said Don smiling.

"We'll see Joy, now eat your breakfast," said Angel, her tone not as happy as it had been.

After breakfast, Don showered and dressed as Angel gathered up the things needed for their trip. She walked into the bedroom as Don was slipping on his shoes and asked, "Why did you do that?"

"What?" he asked.

"Tell Joy she could meet Jason."

"Oh," said Don. "Angel, you've met Jason, and he's made up with Grace finally, so why can't Joy meet her uncle?"

Angel sighed. "It's hard enough to explain to her why you can't go, but now you want her to meet Jason?"

"Angel," said Don as he pulled her into his lap, "I love you. All of you. Heart, soul, and rainbow tail."

Angel giggled, "Oh Don."

"And the only thing that would make me happier would be if I could introduce you to my sister, or join you two on one of your trips."

"Maybe one day you can meet my mom, since you've already met my cousin."

Don smiled when he found out that Jason's Grace, was also Angel's cousin. They met when Angel was pregnant with Joy, and it took so much for her to trust Don after the way things had soured with Jason. But it was seeing Angel and Don together that got her to finally forgive Jason, and allow him to see his daughter, Star.

"Angel, nothing would make me happier," he said as he softly kissed her lips.

They began to kiss more deeply, when they heard soft giggling. They looked up as Joy was standing in the doorway. "Daddy kissed Momma."

Don and Angel reached over and grabbed Joy each kissing her cheeks and tickling her. Joy laughed and squealed. After a few minutes, Don gathered his things and walked down to the beach and his wave runner. Joy came chasing after him, and Angel followed. Don slipped on his life vest and moved his wave runner into the cove. He walked back to the shore, scooped up Joy into his arms and kissed her cheeks.

"Daddy's gonna miss his Joy."

"Daddy, why can't you swim like Momma and me?"

Don brushed her curly blond hair out of her face and stared into her bright blue eyes. "Because Daddy isn't special like you and Momma are, baby. He's just a man, who was lucky enough to meet and fall in love with your beautiful Momma. Do you know what a magical woman your Momma is?"

"Really Daddy?"

"Really," said Don.

"I love you Daddy."

Don wrapped his arms around her tiny body. "I love you too Joy. And I'll miss you. Promise you'll be good for Momma and the family."

"I will Daddy."

Don choked back his tears as Angel stepped up and took Joy from him, setting her on the beach. "Now get ready Joy and we can swim out with Daddy."

Joy's face lit up as she smiled and ran off to where they hid their clothes. Don wiped his cheeks and smiled. "You two swim safely, okay."

Angel took Don's face into her hands and kissed him gently on the lips. "Thank you for what you said to Joy."

"I meant every word," said Don.

Angel kissed him again. "I know, and that's why I love you so much."

"You'd better get ready to swim, here comes my favorite water baby."

Angel turned to see a naked Joy running to Don. "Throw me into the water Daddy!"

"My pleasure!" exclaimed Don as he scooped up Joy, carried her into the surf and tossed her into the water.

Don climbed onto his wave runner as Joy swam up to him, her rainbow mermaid tail splashing in the water. She touched his leg and said, "Daddy's tail is broken."

"Yes Joy, Daddy's tail is still broken. Remember to stay by Momma when we leave."

"I will," she said.

Angel ran into the surf and dove in. She swam up to the wave runner, put her arm around Joy, and smiled up at Don. "Be careful Don. There's a storm on the horizon. I can feel it."

Don looked down at Angel and touched her cheek, brushing her curly blond hair from her face. "Angel, I swore to you five years ago that I would love you and be true to you. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to make me risk what we have. Now, you girls need to get going before your family thinks I'm keeping you away."

Don leaned down and kissed Angel softly on the lips. "I love you, Don."

"I love you, Angel. And I love you too Joy."

Don kissed Joy on the top of her head and the girls swam away from the wave runner. Angel and Joy swam next to Don until he reached the open water, then they waved and swam off and Don rode to the village. He docked his wave runner and went to work. The day was rather boring and by the end of the day, he walked by Jason's office and said, "You gotta get home or can we meet for a beer and sampler?"

"Grace and Star left this morning, and I'm assuming Angel and Joy did as well."

"Yuppers," said Don.

"Then let's go," said Jason as he stood. His short salt and pepper hair was mussed and his brown eyes reflected the sadness he felt.

"You're still not used to Grace and Star leaving for these trips are you?" asked Don as they walked out of the building.

"I just barely got them back and they are leaving me again."

"But they come back," said Don as they entered the bar.

Ginger smiled and said, "The usual boys?"

"You know it Ginger," said Jason.

They took their normal table as Ginger brought a pitcher of beer and two mugs to their table. "I'll have them start your sampler right away."

They watched her walk away, her auburn hair swaying with every step, then Jason filled the two mugs and they toast. Jason took a sip of his beer and sighed. "Does this get easier with time?"

"I have found that Angel has always made the homecoming worth it. But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Oh," said Jason surprised. "Something wrong?"

Don shook his head, pushed his brown hair back, and said, "Just before they left, Angel said something about a storm on the horizon and for me to be careful."

Jason sat back in the booth. "That's an odd warning. I don't think she meant a storm like what brought her to you."

"Yeah," said Don, "that's what I figured."

Ginger walked up and set a large plate with chicken strips, Buffalo wings, crab legs, fresh fruit, mozzarella sticks, French fries, onion rings, some assorted sauces, and two plates. "Anything else boys?"

"Nope," said Jason, "I think we're good."

"Enjoy," she said, and walked away.

They each took a plate, filled it with food, and ate. "What do you think Angel meant?"

"I don't know," said Jason. "I've only had Grace back a short while and Star still barely talks to me."

"I wish I could help with that."

"You worry about Angel and Joy. I think just your being there for them has helped a lot."

Don dipped a chicken strip into some sauce and ate it, then said, "She said she'd be gone longer than normal this time."

"Grace didn't say she was going to be gone longer. But then again, she doesn't stay with me as long as Angel stays with you."

"How much time do you get with Grace?" asked Don, as he ate a mozzarella stick.

Jason sighed, "She's just up to two weeks now. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for anytime she's willing to give me, I just wish she'd give me a bit more."

"Well, after 15 years, you can't expect miracles now can you?"

"No," chuckled Jason. "Besides, my miracle came when she came back in the first place."

Ginger walked up and said, "Excuse me boys, but there's a woman here asking for Don."

Don turned around and saw a tall, slender brunette smiling back at him. "Jenny?"

"Hey bro," she said smiling.

Don jumped up and walked up to her. She walked up and wrapped her arms around him. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you," she said.

"Where's Daniel and the kids?" asked Don as he released her.

"They're at the cabin, unpacking."

"Come, meet my friend."

Don escorted Jenny to the table. "Jason, this is my kid sister Jenny Edwards. Jenny, this is Jason Blackwell, my boss."

"Nice to meet you Jenny," said Jason.

"So you're the one who's stolen my brother away," said Jenny.

Jason's face took on a quizzical expression, "Excuse me?"

"Since he came here, he hasn't been home. I haven't seen him in over five years."

"Ah, yeah, about that Jenny, sit down, let's talk."

"Why don't I leave you two alone to talk, Don, I'll see you tomorrow." Jason slowly rose.

"Oh don't leave on my account, please stay," said Jenny.

Jason paused, "How about I get you a drink?"

"Beer works for me," said Jenny.

"I'll get a mug," said Jason as he stepped away.

Don turned to Jenny and sighed. "Jenny, I should have told you this a lot sooner, and I'm sorry I didn't, but I didn't know how."

"Donny," said Jenny, "you know you can tell me anything."

Don sighed. "Jenny, the reason I never left this place is because, well, because I met a woman when I came here."

"That's wonderful!"

"There's more," said Don, "and it's a long story. One I don't want to share here."

"Fine, can we come to your house?" asked Jenny.

"Yes, but she's not home right now."

"Where is she?"

Don sighed. "Jenny, there is so much I want to tell you, so much you don't know. How long are you guys staying?"

"Two weeks."

Don sighed. "Meet me here tomorrow with Daniel and the kids, and I'll take you my house and we'll have dinner. I'll tell you everything then. I promise."

"Okay," said Jenny.

Jason sat down and filled the empty mug in his hand. "So Jenny, you're Don's younger sister?"

"Yeah," she said. "Don's been a great big brother and I've missed him so much."

Jason handed her the mug full of beer. "Well, I can assure you we've taken good care of Don."

"So I see, I'd swear he hasn't aged a bit since I last saw him."

"It's amazing how fresh air and sunshine can make such a difference," said Don. "Did Mr. and Mrs. Lee take you to your cabin?"

"Yeah, they did," she said as she drank her beer.

"Mrs. Lee has lots of stories. You should ask her about them," said Jason.

Don shot Jason a dirty look, then said, "She does know a lot about the local culture."

"She did say that any single men who come here never leave."

Jason smiled. "Just because the last three who came here never left doesn't mean it's a trend."

"Don, are you happy here?"

"Yes Jenny, I am."

Jenny finished her beer then said, "I need to get back. I'll see you tomorrow Don. Maybe your friend Jason can join us?"

"We'll see," said Jason.

"Just meet me in front of the bar tomorrow and I'll find you guys. Do you have a boat? All I have is a wave runner."

"We have four wave runners. The kids are teenagers now you know."

Don gasped. "Dear god, I'm sorry Jenny, I wasn't thinking."

"We'll see you tomorrow Don. I hope we'll get to meet your lady friend as well while we're here."

"Me too Jenny. And Jenny, you and I need to talk alone, during this trip. Just you and me, no Daniel, no kids."

Jenny looked at Don's face, then said, "Sure Don, no problem."

Jenny rose from the table, threw a five on the table, then said, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Amy's asking about you. She met with me a few days ago asking me about you."

"What did you tell her?"

"You've left the country, and you're not coming back."

"At least it's the truth," said Don.

"You're really not coming back, ever?"

"Jenny, I'll explain, but later, when you and I are alone. I promise."

"I'm holding you to that," she said smiling. "Jason, it was nice meeting you."

"Jenny, it was a pleasure."

"Bye sis," said Don as he kissed her cheek.

Jenny left the bar and Don blew out a breath of air. "So Don, how are you going to explain Angel to her?"

"Better question, how am I going to explain Joy?"

"What do you mean?"

"I told you Amy was my ex right?"


"Major sore spot between me and Amy was my inability to give her a child. I was told by doctor after doctor I couldn't have children."

"Oh shit. Yeah, you're going to have fun explaining her now aren't you. But remember, I told you I thought they had some kind of magical power. Maybe it's more than just making us fall in love with them. Maybe Angel healed you to get her pregnant."

"I've thought about that. And I've often wondered why we haven't had another child. I guess she could only heal me once. Not that it matters, Joy is everything I could hope for and more. She asked why my tail was broken again."

Jason laughed. "She thinks your tail is broken?"

"Yeah," chuckled Don, "she is three though, we're still trying to figure out how to explain the difference to her."

"She'll understand as she gets older. Now you'd better get home. Tomorrow you've got company and you need to get things ready."

"Are you going to join me?"

"Do you want me there?"

"It might help," sighed Don, "without Angel, I may need the moral support."

"Then why don't I come over now and help you prepare. Then tomorrow we'll caravan to your place, have dinner, and you can tell your sister about Angel and Joy."

Don and Jason each threw a ten on the table and left the bar. They rode their wave runners back to Don's cabin and made sure everything was ready for the visit from his family. That night, after Jason left, Don stood out at the shore and looked out at the still water. He knew Angel was well out of earshot and wouldn't hear him call her, but still he called out her name for several minutes until his voice hurt. Then, he walked into the house, climbed into his bed alone, and drifted off to sleep.

Don was standing by the beach when he heard a woman's voice, "Don!"


"Don!" said the woman's voice.

Don knew the voice wasn't Angel's, but it had a familiar tone to it. In the water, a woman's head appeared. Her hair was darker than Angel's, but Don felt a sense of familiarity to her. "Hello."

"Don Taylor," said the woman, "you are the one who is with Angel?"

"I am," he said.

"She heard you call, but cannot return, not yet."

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"I am here to tell you she is fine, but she must stay away. She is needed with her family."

"But I am her family!" exclaimed Don. "And I need her!"

"And when you truly need her, she will return," said the woman, "but we need her more. Please Don, don't call her again as it brings her too much pain."

Don sighed, "Who are you?"

She looked deep into Don's eyes. "I think you already know the answer to that. We will meet again soon Don Taylor."

She dove under the water and Don saw her rainbow tail splash up and disappeared. Don's eyes popped open and he found himself lying in his bed. He looked around his room as he realized he'd been dreaming. He shook his head and wandered to the bathroom. He knew he'd seen that mysterious woman from his dream before, but he wasn't sure exactly who she was. She would only come when Angel was gone, but this was the first time she actually spoke to him directly. After a quick shower, he dressed and rode to work.

As he left his cove, a flash of yellow caught his eye. Don stopped the wave runner and let it float while he waited and looked around. Angel's head popped out of the water near the wave runner. "Don," she gasped, "what is wrong?"

Don smiled, "Angel! What are you doing here?"

"You called me," she said. "I can't stay, but why did you call?"

Don sighed. He knew he had to tell her. "My sister Jenny is here. I wanted to know when you were coming home as I want you to meet her."

Angel shook her head. "You know I cannot."

"Angel, she will love you as much as I do."

"No Don, she will not understand. No human female will."

"If she does, will you meet her?"

Angel sighed. "Don, there is a great storm on the horizon that I cannot help you with."

"Do you still love me?" asked Don.

Angel's face took on a quizzical expression, "Why do you ask me that?"

"Please Angel, just answer it."

"Don, I love you with my whole heart. I loved you before we met. I knew when you came to the island you were destined to be the father of our child. I was just to hide on the beach until you found me and then get you to impregnate me. I never meant to get hurt, but you were like no man the others have ever spoken of. You didn't try to impregnate me, you took care of me, you healed me, you clothed me, you kept resisting the urges I knew were within you. Then, after we made love that first time, I was in so much pain, and you just held me. Then I could feel your pain over your hurting me. None of my people have ever experienced such a sensation."

"Angel, I wanted you so badly, but I didn't want you to think I was a monster."

"I would never think you were a monster. I think you are wonderful."

Angel looked down into the water. "You gotta go babe?"

"Yes Don, I must."

"Angel, I love you. There is nothing that will ever change that. Kiss Joy for me and tell her Daddy misses her."

"She misses you too. She'll be quite upset when she finds out I met you without her."

"I'm sure," said Don as he leaned down and kissed Angel. "Please come home soon. I miss you both so much."

"We miss you too. I love you Don."

"I love you too, Angel."

Angel reached up and kissed Don softly on the lips. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and Don felt his erection grow. Angel's hand slipped to his shorts, and she felt his firm erection under her fingers. "Come into the water, lover, and let me do something about this."

Don slipped off his wave runner, and Angel slipped under the water. He felt her slip his shorts down, his erection freed, and Angel's mouth engulfing his member. He moaned as he felt her lips and tongue touch his rock hard shaft. It was difficult for him to see her in the water with his life vest blocking his view, but the feelings he felt told him exactly what she was doing. He felt her mouth slide along his shaft, sucking, licking, occasionally her teeth brushing along the side, a trick she learned some time ago. Soon, he felt his climax approach. He reached under the water and touched her head to warn her but she just sucked harder and seemed to take his entire member into her mouth causing him to climax harder than he had in years. He moaned loudly as he felt his seed fill her mouth and throat. When he was drained, she slid her mouth off, pulled his shorts up, and rose to the surface.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"Angel, just when I think you can't surprise me, you do."

They kissed again, bid their goodbyes as Don climbed onto his wave runner, and Angel dove under the water and disappeared. Don continued to the village, docked his wave runner, and realized his shorts were still wet. He decided he'd change when he got into the office with the spare pants he kept for meeting. As he walked up the pier, he heard Jason's voice say, "Fall off your wave runner?"

Don blushed and said, "Yeah, something like that."

Jason walked up smiling. "You're late."

"Yeah, about that—"

"Did you see your wife?"

Don smiled, "Yeah, I did."

"She the reason your shorts are wet?"

Don smiled and blushed. "Well ... yeah."

Jason and Don walked to the building. "Tell her about your sister?"


"She gonna meet with her?"

"Not sure."

"That's better than a flat out 'no'."


"Got dry shorts?"

"Pants in the office."

"Go buy some dry shorts and get your ass to work. Save the pants for when we really need them."

"You sure?"

"Yup. Least I could do for a man who just had an underwater blow-job."

Don blushed and looked at Jason. "How did you—"

"I was waiting for you and saw you had stopped. That and a flash of blonde hair told me all I needed to know."

Don smiled. "It was fucking awesome."


Don ran to the small clothing shop and bought a new, dry pair of shorts, changed at the store, and went to work. His wet shorts were hung in the back of the shop, and delivered later when they were dry. After work, Don and Jason walked to the bar where a small group of people was waiting.

Jenny smiled and exclaimed, "Don!"

Don smiled, "Jenny!"

Don hugged his sister, then turned his attention to the others. "Daniel, it's good to see you again."

"You look good Don," said Daniel.

Daniel was tall, with black hair and brown eyes. His build wasn't as muscular as Don's, but he wasn't overweight either. Next to Daniel was a tall, gangly teenaged boy of sixteen, with short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. "Jimmy?" asked Don.

"Hi Uncle Don," he said.

"Wow, did you ever grow!"

Standing next to Jenny was a beautiful young woman, with full breasts, soft, curly brown hair, big blue eyes, and curvy tall body. "Jenny? I thought you were bringing both the kids. But where's Amanda?"

"Uncle Don!" cried the young woman. "I am Amanda!"

Don frowned. "You can't be Amanda. Amanda's a little girl with pigtails in her hair. You're a full grown woman."

Amanda giggled and hugged Don. "Don, you're just as incorrigible as ever," said Jenny.

Don pulled away from Amanda with tears in his eyes. "Uncle Don, what's wrong?" she asked.

"I didn't realize until this moment how much time has passed since I've seen you kids," said Don as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Oh god, where are my manners. Daniel, Jimmy, Amanda. This is Jason, my boss and friend."

"It's nice to meet you all," said Jason with a smile.

"Shall we go?" asked Don.

"Lead the way," said Jenny.

Don led everyone to the dock where they each boarded their wave runners and rode to Don's Cabin on the private cove. They docked the wave runners along the beach and went inside. The cabin was decorated with assorted seashells, with a small alcove for a computer, a modest kitchen, and two bedrooms. Everyone sat on the couch as Don started dinner. Jenny wandered in behind him and said, "Want some help?"

"Sure," he said, "would you set the table for us please?"

He handed her the dishes and silverware and she set the table for dinner. Jenny noticed the child's booster seat on the floor near the table but didn't say anything. Soon the smell of food begins to fill the small cabin and they enjoy a fine fish dinner with wine for the adults, and water for the kids.

"So Uncle Don," said Jimmy, "you like living on the beach?"

"Most of the time yes, but the storms are a bit rough at times."

"I love the seashell décor," said Amanda. "So beachy."

"Did you decorate it Don?" asked Jenny.

Don looked at his sister then at Jason. Jason quietly nodded. "No Jenny," began Don, "my wife did."

Jenny choked on her wine. "Your what?"

Don cleared his throat, stood up slowly and grabbed a picture he had hidden. "Jenny, when I came here five years ago, I was heartbroken." Don sat back down, then continued. "I thought the time here would be a chance for me to escape the madness of life, both personal and professional. My first night here, well, at my rented hut, there was a terrible storm. The next day the beach was littered in driftwood and palm branches. I decided to gather up the driftwood to make a nice fire to cook some fish."

Don paused and sipped his wine. He realized the entire table, except Jason who had already heard this story, was hanging on every word. "There was an area by the beach with a large pile so I decided to start there first. The thing is, after I moved a few branches I saw something that shocked me."

"What was it Uncle Don?" asked Amanda.

"A woman."

"Was she naked?" asked Jimmy.

"JIMMY!" cried Jenny.

"Yeah Jimmy, she was," said Don. "She had a huge lump on her head, but she was alive. I carried her into my hut, laid her on the couch, put some clothes on her body, and a cold compress on her head."

"Was she hot?" asked Jimmy.

"JIMMY!" exclaimed Daniel and Jenny.

"Jimmy, she was even more beautiful in my ratty old t-shirt and boxer shorts, than she was naked. She slept on my couch for over an hour before I decided I was hungry and wanted to eat. Since Mrs. Lee gave me a basket of fruits and breads, I fixed myself a plate and that's when she woke up. She couldn't speak, and it was clear she was disoriented and confused and frightened, but I just sat by her side and fed her."

"Awww, how romantic," said Amanda.

"Over the next couple of weeks, I bought her some clothes, and slowly fell in love with her. That's when I decided that maybe I should stay here, so I called my old boss, requested a transfer, met with Jason, and married her."

"What's her name?" asked Jenny.

"Angel," said Don.

"Pretty name," said Jenny.

"Pretty name for a beautiful woman. Here." Don handed Jenny the picture he had been hiding.

Jenny looked at the picture, then handed it to Daniel. "Damn!" exclaimed Daniel. "Um ... I mean, she's gorgeous. Who's the kid?"

"Joy," said Don.

Daniel handed the picture to Jimmy. "Wow Uncle Don, she's hot."

Jenny glared at Jimmy as he handed the picture to Amanda. "Uncle Don."

"Yes Amanda."

"Why does the little girl look like you?"

Don smiled. "Because she's my daughter."

Jenny snatched the picture out of Amanda's hand. "Don, I thought you couldn't have kids?"

"So did I," he said. "You can imagine my shock when we realized Angel was pregnant. Of course that was nothing to when Joy was born."

"Why did you name her Joy?" asked Amanda.

Don smiled, "That's easy, because that was how I felt when I first held her. She's three now, and quite a talker."

Jenny's fist slammed onto the table. "Donald Raymond Taylor. Are you just now telling me you got married and have a three-year-old daughter?"

Don sighed. "Jenny, I've wanted to tell you about Angel and Joy for a long time now, but I just never found a way, until now. I'm sorry for springing this on you like this, but I swear to you, I've never been happier."

"Then where is this wonderful woman you speak so highly of?"

"With her family," said Don. "And before you ask I don't know how long she'll be away. I'm hoping she'll be back before you leave but I honestly don't know if she will be or not. She and Joy left the morning you arrived."

Jenny looked at her brother, then said, "Guess that's what I get for trying to surprise you."

Everyone sat quietly for several minutes, then finally Jason asked, "So, who's ready for dessert?"

After dinner and dessert, Don escorted everyone back to the beach and Jason lead them back to their cove, then went home. Don had more dreams of the mysterious woman in the water over the next few nights, but no more visits from Angel. About four days after the dinner, Jenny met Don in front of the office building.

"Hello Jenny."

"Hey Don."

"Where are Daniel and the kids?"

"Shopping. I stepped away to talk to you."

"What about?"

"About my reaction to your news at dinner the other night," sighed Jenny. "Daniel had told me you had stayed behind for a woman, and I guess I was hurt that you didn't tell me you had gotten married."

"That's part of what I wanted to talk with you about without Daniel and the kids. There's more to the story than what I shared at dinner."

"Like what, she's an alien or something?"

"Look Jenny, I need to talk with you about this and soon so if you can come by my cabin tomorrow sometime, that would be great. I'll be home all day, or at least somewhere in the cove. I'd really like to talk with you."

"Okay. Daniel and the kids wanted to go scuba diving so I'll come by when they go for that."

"And Jenny, promise me you'll keep an open mind, okay."

"When haven't I?"

Don smiled as Jenny walked away, hoping that Angel was wrong about the way she was going to react, but worried she was right. Jason walked up and asked, "Are you sure about this brother?"

"Nope. I have never kept anything from her before, and I want more than anything to have her share my happiness with me. I want her to meet Angel and Joy before they leave."

"I wish you luck, I truly do."

Don smiled at Jason, and walked to the dock and rode home. The next day he was standing in the cove fishing when he saw Jenny ride in on her wave runner. He knew her presence would make fishing impossible so he gathered up the gear and stowed it in the small shed near the shoreline where Angel and Joy's clothes were kept. He waded out into the cove, helped her dock the wave runner, and escorted her to the shore.

"I'm glad you came to see me Jenny."

"I miss you Don, and I want to have a relationship with you and meet your new family."

"Let's go inside and talk Jen."

Don escorted Jenny into the house and poured them each a glass of wine, and sat at the dining room table where he shared his story about Angel and Joy to his sister and family just a few days before. Jenny sipped her wine and said, "Okay Don, let's talk."

Don took a deep breath, sipped his wine, and began. "Jenny, when I came here, I was a broken man. Broken heart, broken in spirit. I had bent over backwards to save my marriage with Amy but as we both know, it didn't do any good. I had booked this trip during one of Amy's 'let's work it out' phases. The only reason I didn't cancel was there were no refund and I didn't want to be out all that money with nothing to show for it. I figured I'd come out here, swim, fish, hike, and just get a fresh start on life. What I didn't count on was meeting Angel. What I said about how we met was completely true. What I didn't tell you was, Angel didn't talk for the first few days.

"She had a serious head injury when I found her. She really was naked. I thought she was a surfer or a kayaker. I really carried her in, dressed her, and put a cold compress on her head. When she first regained consciousness, she was frightened and confused. She didn't speak, and would only eat what I ate, and was really quite skittish. In fact, when Mr. Lee came by to check in on me, she actually crawled away and hid. Later, I couldn't get her to go near the water, but I assumed it was because she was scared after being so injured.

"A couple of days later, I went to the village and bought her some clothes and a necklace. It's the one she was wearing in that picture I showed you. Now, I had kissed her a couple of times, and we had cuddled in bed together, but I swear I was a total gentleman. That's not to say I didn't want to do more with her, but I didn't want her to think I only wanted one thing. You know damn well if Dad was alive and had I taken advantage of her, he'd kick my ass."

"Yeah he would," agreed Jenny.

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