Something Bad

by Dab10

Copyright© 2012 by Dab10

Suspense Sex Story: I have always known when something bad was coming, now it is time to face 'the biggest bad' I have ever felt.

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Extra Sensory Perception   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Something bad is going to happen
I have had this felling before
I feel it in my bones
Not a little bad that you feel in the back of your neck
Or the slight bad that you get
When you get Goosebumps
Or the soon bad you feel rite behind the eyes
But deep down every bone real, real bad
I don't think I can stop it
I have tried to stop the bad before
And every time the bad still happens
So I keep walking home
There is nothing else I can do
I can't runaway
If I don't go home there would be hell to pay
Bad. But bad in a different way
All hollows eve
I took them trick-or-treating again
I love taking kids out on this night
They are all home now
Safe and sound
I didn't feel the bad until I left
So I know that the bad is not them
The bad happens close to me
But not to me
I am walking
Knowing the bad is coming
Once I feel the bad it has always come
I have always known when bad things were coming
When grandpa died I knew
I tried to stop it then
When it came for my cousin
I tried to stop it then
When the fire happened I knew
I tried to stop it then
When the bad found Helen and Paul I knew
But it was too late to stop it then
But I have to keep walking
It isn't like the bad wouldn't happen if I stop
The bad never stopped once I felt it
I remember when I was ten or eleven
It was dark early
It was the fall
Walking home from Bob's house
Alone for the first time
I was a big boy
I felt the bad
It was almost as bad as this
And that night
That was the first time
Sometimes I still get nightmares
I found a dead body on the side of the road
It looked like a hit and run they said
Leg and hip shattered
And thrown a few feet in the woods
Blood and stuff on the bushes
That was the first dead person I ever saw
That is when I new the bad
Now I know the bad is getting closer
But what can I do, no one will believe me
They never listen
I told my cousin Karen
She didn't believe me
And runs off with her boyfriend
I never knew that you could bend a car that way
Three hours and still they only got pieces
Or that nun that use to hit our knuckles in Sunday school
How I hated her
I told her that bad was coming and what did she do, but call the priest
And said I threatened her
I said I never threatened her
And then I told the priest and he told me
To not talk like that and I was being bad
They called my dad
I got an ass whooping
The church burnt down that night
They told the cops I did it
They took me down town
My mother stayed with me
My father brought my brother
My brother told them I didn't get out of bed
The cops tried to say he couldn't be sure
But I sleep in the same bed with my brother
Not in a sick way
You perverts
We grew up in three bedroom house
One for mom and dad
One for my sister
And one for me and my brother
It had a queen sized bed
Anyway he told them I was there all night
And I never left the room
Because I am on the wall
And would have to climb over him to get out
He would have woken up
He always did
It sucked when I tried to sneak out to party
He was only a year older
But such a tattletale
I am still walking and the bad is closer
I can feel it come with every step
Oh I think the bad is very big this time
They never let me back in to Sunday school
Oh the horror
It was ok for me I never got in to the organized church
I believe in god
But my thoughts are too secular
Like when I first heard about Jews and pigs
I thought wow someone noticed people eat pig
And get sick
So they put it in their religion
Same with the no meat on Fridays
Someone's brother ran a fish market or something
I am trying to avoid the bad I know is coming
Random thoughts go thru my mind
Of all the bad I have felt before
There was the bank heist
Where my buddy Rupert worked
What the hell kind of name is Rupert
I didn't tell him
He laughed when I told stories of the bad I felt
And who have thought that the robbers
Trying to blow the vault
Would blow the building instead
And grandpa I knew it was bad when he went hunting
I told him bad was coming if he went
He went anyway
He was always a bit stubborn
And they all said they didn't think a bear could do that to a man
They found him shredded
With pieces scattered for a half mile
They never found his left foot
But this is the biggest bad I have ever felt
And that is saying something
There were little bad often
The night I lost my job
It isn't what you think
I told my boss that a bad was coming
He didn't understand
I explained about me feeling bad coming
He was suppose to go to a party with his wife
He explained about my feelings
They fought she went without him
She got hit by a drunk driver within 3 miles from there house
When they informed him
He killed himself
And I lost my job
There was the bad I felt when my brother lost his kid
He called me saying he lost Melanie
She was three at the time
When he called I felt a very little bad
He said he hoped with my feelings
I might be able to find her
I told him it never worked like that
But I came running
We looked for a while
And I did find her under the porch sleeping
But I still felt the little bad
When his wife got home he told her what happened
I felt the bad was almost there
She walked out of the room
He looked at me and said "I thought that would be worse"
Then I felt the bad was there
I saw my brother drop
And his wife was standing there
With a rolling pin in her hand
And the bad was done
I drove him to the hospital
And told them how he lost his daughter
And after we found her
He fainted and bumped his head on a chair
They didn't believe me
But his wife confirmed it
And he didn't remember how he fell
I think how big the bad feel is how close it is to me
And the pain I felt because of it
I mean after a moment of panic
My brothers fainting spell didn't cause me any pain at all
Actually it became a running joke for years
The bad I felt with Paul and Helen
Was pretty fucking big
Ok I know you all want to hear about Helen and Paul
That is one big tragedy
Helen was the girl next door to me
We were friends forever
Thru grade school
We walked together every day
Middle school
We ate lunch together
And sat together in the bus
In high school we kissed
It went flat fast
We instantly knew
We weren't for each other
But we remained friends
I was the shoulder she cried on when the latest boy broke he heart
She was the ear I bent when I was trying to get that girl to go out with me
We studied together
We went on double dates together
I went to collage
Helen went to a different school
We kept in touch thru email
I was roomed with Paul
We became friends
Roommates at first
Then we helped each other study
We partied together
We helped the other get laid
After the first year in the dorms
We got a small apartment together
I cooked he cleaned
We did laundry together
We got along great
A few months
Before we graduated
I got a small bad
Paul got a phone call from a neighbor
His mom died
She had a heart condition
She was the only family
He had left
No grand parents
No aunts or uncles
His dad died when he was 12
I knew he shouldn't be alone
So I went with him to help
We got everything taken care of
We arranged the funeral
We arranged the repast
He sold the house and all but a few
Treasured memories
Those were put in to storage in my parent's basement
We went back to school
We lost two weeks
And buckled down
We got caught up
We studied
We took the finales
Both graduated in the top ten percent
I was in the top five percent
But left it with him as we both were in the top ten
He came back to my home town
My family let him stay
He really had nowhere else
In a few weeks
He got a small apartment
Helen got home about two weeks later
She also was in the top ten percent
I introduced Helen and Paul
And I can't call it love at first sight
They both fought for my attention
One would ask me to go somewhere
The other wanted to do something else
Anything else if you ask me
But I put my foot down and told them except for special occasions
We would all be going out together
They didn't like it
But they did it for me
Paul hosted a who party at his house
Oh come on you know the who party
You watch how the Grinch stole Christmas
And every time they say who you drink
And just for your edification
The first line in that movie is
Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch,
who lived just north of Whoville - did not.
If done right your drunk after 3 minutes
But we all got drunk that night
Everyone else caught a cab home
But Helen, Paul and I were sleeping over
Helen was given the bed
I had a sleeping bag in the corner of the bedroom
And Paul was suppose to go to the couch
Now I went in first because I was exhausted
Now we were drunk and all

They snuck in to the same room as me
And somehow they slept together
I guess they thought I was asleep
I got to watch them go at it in the defused light
Coming thru the window
They striped each other
He striped her first kissing any new exposed skin
She Practically ripped the cloths off him
Kissing and hugging falling in bed
Looked like a wrestling match
Her getting on top
Impaling herself on him
Bouncing up and down
I didn't remember her boobs being that big
Him grabbing a boob in each hand
Running his thumb over the nipple
Then reaching his hand down going for her clit
Her sounding off like an air raid siren
Me jerking off quietly in the corner
Him flipping them over and pounding away
Squeaky bed springs
Heavy breathing
Until the siren went off again
He finished with a grunt
The next morning
I woke first
They must have done more
She is on top sleeping
Her head on his chest
It even looked like he was still hard inside her
I got out of the room
Had a shower and got dressed
I made coffee and cooked breakfast
They haven't moved
I got an evil idea
I got Paul's air horn
Snuck in to the room with my cell phone taking video
Sounded the air horn
They jumped about a mile
Both naked and staring at me
I laugh at them
They look down and see that neither one has clothing
They both looked at me
I said "I woke up and you were that way"
"Breakfast is ready"
And I left them in the room together
And they somehow stayed together
It was funny the first fight they had
He called my cell and she called my house
It isn't easy to talk to two people at once
They worked it out
There fights had a rhythm to them
They fight back and forth till Paul got pissed
He drove around until he calmed down
He would go home and they would talk calmly
And they would work it out
They got married
I was best man
I gave the bride away
(Her father passed away when we were 16)
And If Helen could have figures it out
I would have bin matron of honor
Now at the reception
I had them on tender hooks about my speech
They both begged me not to tell about
There first time together
It seams they were both to drunk to remember
But I had told both about what I saw
Now was the time I had a bag of props ready
I started with how I met Helen
I was three weeks old
When she was born
My life was never the same again
I look out over the crowd
How do you talk about people that mean so much to you
I reached in to the bag
You can put it on a scroll
But that can take a lot of paper
I drop one end of the scroll
It rolls out to the middle of the room
You can make a power point presentation
I reach in to the bag
But after you fill 10 DVD it gets pretty unmanageable
I pull out 10 DVD cases with Paul and Helens pictures on them
You can make movies
But after filling 6 hours of film who would sit thru them
And I pul

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