The Training

by Speakeasy

Copyright© 2012 by Speakeasy

BDSM Sex Story: A young woman eagerly accepts training from a stranger so she can serve her husband as he would wish.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

Chapter 1

I saw this ad on a D/S website, repeated here without editing:

"married for six months, originally from Ukraine, 24 years of age, nice looking and my husband is from UK. He likes to get me trained to be his submissive. Never tried it for real except back home when I was getting my spankings. Need me to be his slut, asks me to dress very daring, and he even watched me with one of our best friends.

we both wish a serious man, very experienced, to train me privately and discreetly, ready to move to his place for two weeks or so, but hope he would follow up this training by visiting us or asking me to revisit him. This thing will be private between me and him, my husband will not interfer.

will need some time writing to get know one another before any meeting, if close to us (L.A.) will ask him for dinner after a little time to get to know one another.


In another section of her ad she described her interests:

Always Naked / Collar & Cuffs

Anal Sex

Being Serviced Orally

Enema Training & Conditioning


Gynecological Examinations

Suspension Bondage

Vaginal Sex

Verbal Humiliation

This was, of course, too good to be true, but I replied anyway with the following:

I, too, am in LA, and have recently lost two submissives due to relocation for work. As you can read on my profile, I am married and my wife is not interested in any part of this lifestyle, so you could not move in with me here, even for a while. It might be interesting, though for me to come to visit you and perhaps train your husband in how to treat you, so you could better serve him. Or, if it's more comfortable, I could come there when he's not at home.

Of course, you probably have thousands of offers, but here is one more. I am older, but not ugly ... Pic available.

In order to make things a bit clearer about what I would like to do with you, and maybe have you run away in fear, or decide to see me, I am enclosing the training manual I would use with you.

Private Training Conduct:

1. you will always wear approved Training garment or be naked at all times.

2. Approved training garment would probably be thigh high stockings and heels.

3. you will always be clean shaven from the neck down.

Before we meet, learn the following 10 Positions by name and number. (All positions will be held still until you are told to move.) There will be hand signals that you will learn later.

1. SIT

Sit at Trainers feet, eyes on Trainer, facing out.


Up on knees, hands back, back straight, eyes down.


Flat on floor, face down, legs wide, hands back.


Stand, legs wide, knees locked, hands to knees.


Dog style, elbows locked, head up, knees together.

6. ASS

Dog style, head to floor, knees wide, palms ahead flat.


On spread knees, hands behind head, head up, tits out.


On back, head straight, hands up at side, legs spread wide.


Stand, legs wide, hands behind neck, eyes on Trainer.


Up on wide knees, back straight, palms up at sides, head back, mouth open.

Obey the Trainer at all times. Do not hesitate.

Be respectful to the Trainer at all times.

Any words spoken to Trainer must end with "Sir".

Submissive will gratefully thank the Trainer within 15 seconds of finishing any punishment, or full punishment will restart.

Punishments will be restricted to using hands, paddles or canes; on ass, tits, or upper legs.

Orgasm will not be allowed without permission.

Screaming, begging and crying are acceptable, although the Trainer might tire of the noise and gag the sub for the sake of his hearing.

Submissive must submit to a 15 minutes punishment before and after each and every training session.

Submissive will submit to any Evil, Wicked tortures the Trainer may seek for his own pleasure.

Submissive will make eye contact with the Trainer when speaking, laughing or smiling; for her eyes are a Gift only for the Trainer, not to be given to the floor or anyone else.

If Submissive answers the Trainer's question,"No Sir," you must directly follow it with a brief valid reason.

Submissive must ask the Trainer to leave his presence for any reason.

Submissive will submit to oral, vaginal or anal intercourse with the Trainer.

Submissive will not ask for any sexual satisfaction from the Trainer.

Submissive agrees that she may be bruised or otherwise marked at the hands of the Trainer.

Submissive will allow the Trainer to sexually stimulate her during training.

Trainer will not subject the Submissive to any training, sexual contact, or punishment from another person, without her approval.

After the Trainer decides the time is right, the Submissive will be given to her husband as an approved submissive who will later and privately give a verbal report to the Trainer about the submissive's successes and failures. The submissive will also give the Trainer her report on the session privately. The Trainer will either punish or reward the submissive on her performance at a later time.

Trainer will not slap or hit, the submissive's head or face.

If we meet in public, you will address me as "sir." You will wear no bra or panties. You will wear a skirt (or dress), un-gartered thigh-high stockings, and heels. You will walk 1/4 step behind me and hold my left elbow with your right hand. You will look nobody in the eye but me. You will speak only when spoken to.

That was it. I sat back and waited.

Two weeks later, I got an e-mail. Here it is, again, unedited:


my husband and I would like to meet you to talk about our interests.


I sent her my phone number and she called within an hour. She had a disarmingly sexy Eastern European accent.

We made arrangements to have lunch at a place not far from their house with the understanding that, if all went well, her training would begin as soon as lunch was over.

When I arrived, they were standing outside the restaurant as we had arranged. He was about 5' 10" and not terribly interesting looking, but well dressed. She was ... uh ... hot. 5'7" light brown hair, small breasts, beautiful wide open light green eyes. Her skirt was short, but not so short to be improper, her white blouse hinted at the erect nipples behind it.

The look on her face was one of apprehension. As I walked up, they both looked at me smiling, wondering if I was the right guy, or just someone coming to lunch. My big smile told them what they wanted to know and they smiled in return. I looked directly into her eyes and said, "You must be the beautiful Mary."

Her breath caught in her throat. She stammered, "yes, sir." I reached out to shake her hand and she took it. Her hands were cold and shaky. I then looked at her husband and shook his hand as well. "Hello, Mark," I said.

"Nice to meet you."

We walked into the restaurant and got a table away from anyone else. No on spoke until we sat down. "You are a beautiful young woman. Why do you want this training?"

"I want to please my husband."

"you don't please your husband now?"

"I try, Sir, but he wants more from me, and I don't know what to do."

"Mark, what is it you need that she isn't giving you?"

"I would like her to be obedient and more attentive."

"I can certainly help her do that."

"Mary, spread you knees." She looked at me with disbelief, then slowly opened her legs. "That was good because you obeyed me, but not good because you were slow to obey. Do you understand that?"

She turned bright red. "Yes, sir." Then she stammered, "I'm sorry, Sir."

I almost felt sorry for her, but this was what she said she wanted. "There will be many times that you will make small mistakes. They will be easier to forgive at first. Later, it will not be easy because you should know better. Is that clear?"

I don't think she was really able to speak at that moment, but she swallowed hard and squeaked, "yes, sir."

The waitress came to the table and we ordered. For some reason nobody was very hungry, so we just got drinks.

"Mark, I know you asked for this, but do you think you will respect her for doing it? I'd like you to think long and hard about how you'll feel about her later. Your big duty to her when she becomes more submissive will be to love and protect her. I will protect her and keep her safe when we are together and you will have to keep it up.

She is making herself completely vulnerable and submissive to your wishes. You have to honor that and be respectful and give her that love, attention and a safe place to be."

His English accent was as charming as her Ukrainian accent. "I understand, David."

I looked directly into her eyes. "I have a few questions. You will answer quickly and honestly. OK?"

"Yes, sir."

My eyes never left hers. "Whatever we do, no good will come of it if you don't participate wholeheartedly. You must be completely attentive to the moment and never let your attention wander. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you normally have multiple orgasms."

"No, sir."

Do you orgasm easily?"

"Yes, sir."

"Does your whole body shake when you come, or is it just a pleasant feeling, or something in between?" She looked at Mark. "I am speaking to you, don't look to him for approval for your answers." She quickly looked back.

"Yes, sir. It is small, but pleasant, sir."

Are your breasts sensitive?

"Yes, sir."

"Does your mind wander during sex?"

She gulped. "Yes, sir."

"What do you think of?"

"Lots of things, sir. Sometimes, just the laundry."

"What's the kinkiest thing you've ever wanted to do, but didn't have the nerve."

"When I was a child, I thought about our dog once, sir, but I'd never really want to do it."

I smiled. "I will be using many techniques to help you be submissive, including a mild form of hypnosis. None of these techniques will work if you aren't fully participating. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you want to fully cooperate?"

"Yes, sir."

"The first steps will be to make it clear that you are submissive to me, then to associate punishment and pleasure, then to associate pleasure with pleasing your partner. It's a rather long learning process. The first day will be only the beginning."

Her eyes widened, if that was possible.

"I also promise you full body screaming orgasms if you continue."

"Thank you, sir."

"I didn't ask a question, so there's no need to speak."

"Yes, sir."

I looked at Mark. "Any questions for me?" They looked at each other. Neither spoke. "OK, I'm going to the bathroom. You two talk it over. When I come back, you can ask whatever you want. After that, I'll get the check and leave. If you both want her to submit to me, she will follow me out to my car and we will leave for the first afternoon training session at your house. If not, then no hard feelings. I'm honored that you considered me. Mark, you will go back to work. OK?"

Mary's hands were shaking, Mark's eyes were wide. I couldn't tell if it was fear or excitement. "OK," Mark said.

As I left I glanced back to see them looking at each other. She took a deep breath. He smiled and then they said a few words, and she nodded. He smiled. I took a little longer than I needed to to give them more time. I couldn't believe how much my prostate was engorged thinking about this little beauty. I'm old enough that my cock wasn't hard, but here was much leakage. Like when I danced with Chloe Wilson in Junior High.

Chapter 2

I went back to the table and picked up the check. "Any questions for me?"

"No, sir."

As I walked to the cashier Mary got up and followed me out to my car. She was at my left, just behind me, holding my left elbow. I opened the car door, and told her to lift her dress when she got in so she was sitting directly on the leather seat. As she got into the car, the view of her legs with the stockings on them and the smooth white skin above was almost too much to take.

As we started, I told her to give me directions to her place, and she did, ending with "sir." I told her that when she was with me, her knees were never to be together, so that I would always have access. She immediately opened her legs. As I drove, I played lightly with the inside of her left leg, moving slowly up almost to her pussy. then to her knee and back again, almost absentmindedly. She was shaking by the time we got to her house. I stopped the car and she started to open her door.

"Stop," I said. "I will open the door for you when it's time to open the door." She stopped immediately. "For the next few hours you will pay attention only to me. Every word and gesture will mean something and you will listen and comply. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"When we get inside, you will undress immediately except for your stockings and shoes."

"Yes, sir."

"I didn't need a reply. If I need to hear from you, I will ask a question."

"Yes, sir."

"That was another unnecessary reply. There will be punishment." She said nothing. Good. I got out of the car and pulled a gym bag of toys from the trunk. Then to her side of the car and opened the door for her.

We entered her house and her clothing hit the floor.


She looked at me wondering what I meant.

"Did you read the training manual I sent?"

"Yes, sir."

"What does 'inspect' mean?"

She though for a moment. Then she slowly put her hands behind her neck, spread her legs and looked at me with not a little fear in her eyes.

"Good, I said, "you complied without speaking. That is what we want, but you were a bit slow to react."

"Yes, sir."

I slapped her bottom. She yelped a bit. "There was no reply necessary." She kept silent. A five fingered redness appeared on her beautiful ass. As long as she was in inspect mode, I decided to inspect. My eyes wandered over her entire body. Her breasts were perfect. Full. Very turgid pink nipples. Flat stomach. Flawless skin. She had prepared for me and was shaved from her neck down. I was in heaven, and had found an angel.

My hands wandered over her body. She took a big breath as I started. I rubbed lightly along her labia. She whimpered slightly. My finger came back very wet. I held it up to her face and smiled. "Open." She opened her mouth and I put my finger inside. "Taste." She sucked and licked as if it were the best lollipop in town. "This bodes well," I thought.

"Stay in position and lead me to the bedroom."

She walked in front of me, her arms behind her head and I watched this beautiful woman move. The heels lengthened her already perfect legs and made her sway a bit. Pure poetry. I followed her into the bedroom, my eyes never leaving her slightly reddened ass. "Walk to the bed and stop in front of it." She did. I put my gym bag on the bed and pulled out a pair of cuffs. "hands behind your back." As I cuffed her, I said, "do you think I'm going to punish you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Why do you think that?"

"Every session will start with 15 minutes of punishment, sir."

"Correct. Now, is there more punishment due to you?"

"Yes, sir."

"For what infractions?"

"I was slow opening my legs, sir."

"Good. What else?"

"I forgot that 'inspect' was a position."

"What else?"

"I forgot to say 'sir' after my last reply, sir."

"Good, are there more?"

"Yes, sir."


"I started to open my own car door, sir."


"There's one more thing. If you can tell me what it is, I will not punish you for it."

She looked confused. "I don't know, sir."

"Hmmmmm ... did you thank me for spanking you in the hallway?"

The light came on in her eyes. "No, sir."

"So, how many infractions does that make?

A moments pause. "Five, sir."

"Well done my beauty."

When I'm finished with you, you will be the perfect submissive.

"Thank you, sir."

"Did that require a reply?"

"Er ... no, sir."


"So now we're working on six. Turn around and face me." As she did, I pulled some nipple, clit clamps from my bag.

It's an arrangement of three clamps connected by a beaded metal chain. I Showed it to her as I talked. "Each of the first infractions of a rule require only an additional one minute of punishment. The second requires two minutes. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"So, how many extra minutes of punishment have we here? Take your time."

"Seven, sir."

"Right. Well done, Cutie. Did I mention how truly beautiful you are?"

"No, sir."

"Well, I'm mentioning it now. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen." She blushed, but did not reply. "And I will take off one minute of punishment for the correct response of not replying."

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