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Drama Story: This is a minimal sex story. I wrote this as a writing exercise for myself. It is a tragic tale of love. Sorry, but I cannot say anymore than that. If you are just looking for a stroke story, then please pass this up. I would appreciate anyone that reads this to leave me feedback.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Light Bond   .

Sitting in his father's cabin at his favorite lake outside of town, he thought back over the past year. How had it come to this? How could he have let his life take the path that he was on now? The world he had known had been crumbling around him for the better part of three months. Now the situation he found himself in was irreversible. All he wanted was to turn back the clock, but that clock was worn and broken, just like his once promising life.

Thinking back to that defining moment almost a year before, the memories flooded his mind. They had met at the gym he attended three times a week almost religiously. Not that he was a health nut whom wanted to have the body of a God; in fact, he went three times a week in an attempt to stay as healthy as possible. His father had died at a relatively young age of heart disease, as well as extra time away from his frigid wife...

There she was, on a treadmill right next to him. Unable to take his eyes off her, he had actually found that his breathing had quickened its pace. His stomach had those butterflies that so many people had described throughout history. Although until that point, the phenomena had never presented itself not even with his wife whom he had thought the love of his life.

Tossing fidelity to the wind, he approached her a couple of weeks later. He had never been so nervous in his entire life. She was not the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, but she was everything he had always thought he wanted physically in a woman: toned body, not athletic; amazingly cute, not model beautiful. Her eyes were what grabbed his attention as he approached. A magnificent blue grey, the likes he had rarely seen. After only a few minutes in her presence, he found himself acting like a nervous teenager. To his surprise, she accepted his invitation to dinner.

The relationship moved along at a slow pace. They had spent just over two months together before it became sexual. That first time together had been the most amazing experience of his life. He loved the feel of her body, the smell of her skin, the little noises she made when they were snuggled together in bed afterwards. It was in those moments after their first time together that he fell in love with her.

How things had changed since that day. He had promised her he would leave his wife. Since they had yet to have children, this was merely a formality as far as he was concerned. The day he had told her he would was the day everything changed. Arriving home, his wife immediately confronted him with a short stack of photographs. She kicked him out of the house only moments later without even giving him the chance to defend himself, although he knew he had no defense in the matter. His father's small cabin would be his home for the time being.

He knew it was all a setup when she stopped answering his calls. It was not long before he found that his business partner had been sleeping with his wife for almost two years, and the new love of his life had actually been a setup. His partner had known what his true dream woman was like and found someone that fit the bill. She had kept him sufficiently busy and away from the office, enough to enact a complete take over of the company. He had lost everything he had built. He was the one that made the company what it was, not his so-called friend. Now it was all over. His wife was likely to get everything in the divorce settlement considering the prenuptial agreement that they had drawn up before marrying. He had agreed to a stipulation that in case of infidelity all bets were off. She had the proof. He did not.

He held all the cards now though. He laughed to himself as he gazed across the small main room of the cabin. He held all the cards indeed. His wife and partner were face down on the floor tied up. He had taken them at gunpoint. Every time he looked them in the eyes, he could see their terror. He had forced himself on his wife twice in the previous twenty-four hours. His belt had provided him with entertainment as he had used it on them numerous times, not drawing any blood, but to show them who was in charge. He did not like what he had become, but decided that they had brought it on themselves.

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