It All Began With a Just a Naughty Leer Over Lunch

by Pettybox

Copyright© 2012 by Pettybox

Erotica Sex Story: A front man for a realty group has to spend a few weeks setting up a new condo complex. He innocently lunches each day in a local strip mall and one day happens to look up and see the most appealing woman he ever laid eyes on. His fantasy for her plays out in his head, but she sees his hungry eyes and recalls a time when her husband looked at her that way. Can she resist the chance to feel the passion and appreciation for her efforts to keep herself so appealing that her husband neglects?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

No woman ever tied me down, but I always did well with the fair sex, enjoying being a bachelor especially after I saw a lot of my best friends end up in divorce and having themselves financially and emotionally ruined. I was never consumed with the urge to procreate and overall I'm very satisfied with my life.

I work for a realty company that finances and builds condo developments. We have 15 developments, mostly on the East Coast, plus one in Montana, one near Dallas, Texas. I coordinate the advertising and set up of the sales office. We sell early units low to get a base clientele and assure prospective buyers that they won't be alone in the development. We've survived the economy quite well because our units are fair priced and pretty basic. We get a lot of starter couples and seniors. We finance some buyers ourselves but try to use local banking institutions rather than the big "chain" banks. If a prospective buyer can put 25 percent or more down, we will try to do our own financing as it gets people situated faster. The more traffic and cars parked in front of buildings only means easier selling.

Typically the first building that goes up features one each of our variety of units. One and two bedroom units, some with fireplaces or wrap around decks for corner units. Unless there's a special order, we sell 4 basic units. I'll work with a furniture company on advertising trades to help furnish each of the "models" so they can be shown how they looked when lived in. I usually pick one to make "my home" until we really get rolling and we hire a sales staff. I'm usually in an area for 60-90 days. 12 years ago when I started this venture with a couple investors, before we sold what holdings we had, our concept, and way of business, to a larger builder/realtor who smartly hired me. I used to screw around a lot with potential female customers. I was a good looking guy who took risks. I was very stupid to get involved with people I was trying to sell to; especially when I knew (and they didn't) there was no chance for a relationship. I had a few contracts torn up in my face, a couple husbands who were trying to find me, and a few fathers who wanted words with me.

Since that time I haven't settled down much, but as my first business partner would tell me, "don't shit where you eat". I haven't been involved with customers, their wives, or daughters, since. So we were just beginning to settle into a new development in the Elmira, New York area. It was an area that had done pretty well in the economic downturn and based on our formulas and statistics, might be ripe for condominium development. Our basic units run in the 125-150K range and new housing is way beyond those marks, so young families starting out or seniors who want to downsize are our usual customers.

We had broken ground in March and had the first building up with 6 units that represented our 4 floor plans. After living in a hotel for a month I had just settled into one of the demo units. We still had 11 more buildings and 88 condos to go. I start with a staff of 4, 2 people who travel from our office and two local hires that we hope can start a sales office. I was just about to put the office in place, we had reached that stage. I had15 units sold without much of a sales push and the ad rush was just about to begin in radio and newspaper. It was Thursday and on Monday 2 people would be in to interview for local staff and once everything was in motion, I was moving on to Portland, Maine to find property.

I went to a nearby strip mall for lunch every day, opting for a pizza/salad joint, a chinese buffet, and a deli as a regular rotation of variety. Lunch was my big meal of the day since I spent most of my evenings jogging or exercising. My body was nowhere near the shape it was a dozen years ago, but I still looked pretty OK. If I sought female company, I usually didn't have much trouble getting to know someone.

I was sitting in the Deli one lunch time at a table in the front window facing out to the parking lot and the passersby. A woman driving an Escalade pulled right in the lot facing me and got out, closed the door, and brushed herself off as if she had dust or crumbs on her person. She checked herself out in the reflection of the vehicle and turned as a Nissan mini-van pulled in 2 spaces above her. This pretty brunette smiled to the mini-van and headed across the street to the walk in front of the deli. The person in the mini-van, a woman, must have been meeting her there, but I could not take my eyes off the brunette from the Escalade. She wore snug designer jeans and wore a smart and chic top that surely cost more than all the clothes I was wearing. She walked in a determined, but sexy, strut toward the entrance of the next business, a beauty supply chain. In the corner of my eye I saw the other woman, a slightly chubby, but handsome, blond walking swiftly as if to catch up while the brunette was slowing her pace so they could walk in together.

To say I was mesmerized by the brunette, her looks, her style, her swagger, and just overall real attractiveness, would be the understatement of a life time. Not overdressed, nor overly made up, just perfect and in a way that she seemed totally approachable. My elevator eyes were glued to her, noticing the perfect bounce to her breasts and the sway of her curvy bottom. I leaned forward a bit as she got just out of eyeshot, but as she turned out to spin and greet her friend she came back into the edge of my view. I expected to see the two air kiss and go inside when suddenly the door to the deli flung open and the blond shouted to me, "Why don't you just take a picture? Wipe off your mouth, you're drooling ... PERVERT!"

Her admonishment to me was the only thing that I might take my eyes off the brunette for as 3 or 4 other tables in the deli turned to look at me, wondering what I might have done. Right away the couple at the table next to me said, "What was her problem? You were just sitting here."

I replied, "I've never seen her before and am certainly not interested in her. She needs to get over herself." The rest of the tables started chuckling at the woman as she popped out the door as fast as she popped in and met her friend, obviously telling her that I was ogling her, which as far as I was concerned, was a compliment. It wasn't like I went out and followed her, or approached her. I just admired a beautiful woman. Looking back I remember thinking she wasn't Marilyn Monroe, or bombshell type beautiful; she was Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren or Cindy Crawford gorgeous. Just the whole package carried around and supported by her own elegance.

I was just getting into the 2nd half of my Roast Beef Sandwich when both women came out of the beauty supply store and walked in front of the window of the deli with the blond stopping and taking the elbow of her classy friend and turning to see me as if to say "Here's the creep who ogled and undressed you with his eyes". I did read her lips to know she said "undressed you".

This particular apple of my eye turned and looked at me and her eyes stayed on me for more than a polite look, meeting my eyes and half smiling which I took as appreciation for my once over. She turned and air kissed her friend and walked directly across from me to her car, leaving me a walk-away to take in while her friend yelled something to coach her that she was giving me a show, causing her to reach her hand carrying her millinery bag over her posterior, blocking my view of the twin globes movement. Out of the blonds view she pulled the bag to her front and stood there as if looking for a key, then opening the back door, dropping her bag and bending to get it, and then turning to face me, she smiled and got into her Caddy. She waved to her friend and they both backed out, one going left and the other right. When they were parallel with each other they spoke through the windows and the blond, closest to me, whipped her head towards me and gave me the finger and they pulled away. I chuckled to myself at the little vignette that had played out before me and finished my sandwich. As I did the little woman from behind the counter came around to the 3 or 4 tables of people finishing their lunches with a small plate of pastry she called "rugelach" in her heavy Russian accent and with a pair of metal tongs she put one on the paper plate saying "sweet ending" and nodding with a smile. She stopped at my table, placed the raisin filled pastry on my plate and said in her broken English, "I'm wicked Jewish mother-in-law to 3 just like the fat one, go look for the rich one. My sons all pick wrong ones." Then she laughed heartily as if she knew she was the stereotype of the Jewish mother, no woman ever good enough for her sons.

My sign at the rental office said "back at 2:15", even though I usually took just an hour. I didn't want to be back at 2:02 and miss a sale so I put the extra quarter hour to cover those minutes here and there. So I had at least another 20 minutes to blow off and I opened my paper to the crossword and finished my coffee and rugelach. In just a few minutes I was stumped at 4 down, four letters "be rife with" starting with a "b". I was tapping the page as I ran word possibilities through my mind when I became aware of someone standing at the window watching me. I looked up and there was the gorgeous brunette, now wearing a somewhat jaunty wide brimmed hat. It made her even more sexy and teasingly appealing to me. She smiled and turned to the side, never taking her eyes off me and walked down the sidewalk until she was out of my view. I gathered my paper and left a few dollars on the table and rushed out the door, not wanting to miss the opportunity that may or may not lie before me.

She was walking slowly passed the stores and stopped in front of a little lunch and tapas bar, A place I thought was too dark for a casual lunch, and then went inside. I thought to myself, "OK. I'll bite." and followed her in. I looked up and down the half empty bar and at the little tables and she was nowhere to be seen. I turned to walk out and there she was in front of me.

"No man has looked at me like that in years. At least no man as interesting as you." She said with only a hint of a smile.

"No woman was worth that look until this afternoon. You're really quite spectacular." I said wishing I hadn't.

"Spectacular, huh? My husband used to use that word on me." She said not changing her expression waiting for my reaction.

"Husband, huh? He must be "ex" if he doesn't see "spectacular" anymore."

She pressed her lips tightly together as if wanting to hold back what was on the tip of her tongue to say to do a rewrite on her next line.

"Unapproachable is what most men see. You looked at me like I want men to look at me, confident and hungry. My name is Myra."

"How about that husband?"

"I'd like to not mention him anymore."

"So, ... it's an ex?"

"From the look on your face before and what it did to me, made me feel, you really ought to stop asking questions if you want to be the luckiest man alive today." Myra said with a threatening tone.

"Your game, your rules?" I asked.

"You're catching on. Let's get a table, buy me a drink. Tequila Sunrise."

"I have to be back in my office slash apartment in a few minutes. I'm alone there but I need to answer the phone. It'll be self explanatory once you see." I said looking at my watch seeing it was just after 2 o'clock.

"I need the drink, call it liquid steel will. I haven't gotten your name."

"JayJay, don't kill yourself trying to figure it out. I was Jack Junior all my life and JJ just stuck."

"OK, um, ... the drink?" She said as she went to a table and took her wide brimmed big hat off.

I got the drink and a water with lemon for myself. As I sat across from her I looked at the jaunty hat. "Four down, 4 letters, starts with a b, "be rife with" ... BRIM." I said happy with myself.

"I don't get it."

"What I was puzzling after when you came to the window a few minutes ago. The crossword puzzle." I said proudly.

"I don't think you're serious, or maybe don't think I'm serious." She said, feeling peeved as she gulped half her drink.

I looked at her and shook my head as if I had no idea what she was talking about.

"I get up in the morning and I have everything I need, every convenience is mine, plus all the money I need. The day is mine now with my twins in school and they don't get home until 4 in the afternoon. When I look in the mirror I see the same woman I was 9 years ago when I got married but my husband treats me like his housemaid and child care specialist. You looked at me the way he used to when just a look had me panting and wanting him, and he me. I'm panting now hoping you'll light a fire from all these sparks." She said confidently with just a touch of embarrassment.

"The man who neglects you is a fool."

"Take me somewhere before I lose my courage." She said as she downed the rest of her drink and pushed her chair back waiting for me to take the lead.

I don't make a habit of, and expressly avoid, married women. I'm no home wrecker and respect the thinnest "intellectual property" claim of a man for his woman. Even though he hasn't treated her properly, she is the person he depends on to make it all work when he's home and away. However, in my view of this woman, she is someone who would bring you to your knees with her looks, the way she carried herself. Even though I considered myself one of the most moral single men with a conscience founded in the best character qualities, she was a siren that no man could resist.

"My place is very public, it's just 2 minutes from here. If you want this to continue, follow me there" I said standing up reaching for her hand and kissing her hungry mouth.

The kiss was short but I heard her swoon a little like she wanted to make a scene in the almost empty bar of this tapas lounge. I wouldn't have any of that as I turned and pulled away walking toward the door hearing the click of her Dolce and Gabbani shoes close behind on the shiny black tile. My yellow G-8 was parked just 3 spots from her as she quickly tailed me out of the mall and up past the interstate interchange and going right up the knoll that led to our development that stayed hidden from the major route and I-88 exchange.

Thankfully there was no one waiting to see me at the sales office. It was dusty as trucks were moving earth out of the area and new building material was arriving. I got out of my car and quickly looked down to be sure I was presentable. I ran my hands down the front of my pants to push any wrinkles out of the way. She got out of her car with a smile that would have melted anyone within eyeshot.

"JJ, are you the salesman here? Interesting!" she said as she sauntered up to me, her hips rolling and her head thrown back pushing her breasts out, her nipples clearly hard and outlined.

"Yes, I'm selling units and hope to have a few of the buildings full before they've finished."

"Oh? These aren't for sale?" She said turning almost 180 degrees to be sure I saw her beautiful ass again.

I made sure she walked a step or two behind me walking up the wide porch. She had put her arm out for me to take, but just in case anyone she knew saw her, I wanted this to look innocent. I explained that to her as we walked inside and she nodded with a touch of fear suddenly filling her face.

When we got inside the office, I asked her bluntly, "Second thoughts?"

"No, you just reminded me how careful I have to be, but I'm in."

I began a sales spiel to her. "This office is actually part of the foyer of this condo. Through that door and the makeshift wall you'll see the rest of the foyer, minus the closet and the tile entrance. I live here until things get rolling and we hire an office staff and sales people."

I opened the door, setting the buzzer that would ring if the outside door were to open, and locked the inside door to insure privacy. I left a sign, "have a seat, showing a model" and turned on the inner office camera and TV monitors giving us a view of anyone who might walk in. I left Myra there as I went and closed the curtain in front of the French doors leading to the patio and deck. She was assured we were private, and alone. She seemed to exhale and instantly open up.

"Dealing with kids and other mothers with kids, and a husband who works so many hours, I look in the mirror every lonely morning as I get ready to shower and wonder why I feel so lonely. I was no runaround when I was single, but the look you gave me earlier was one I haven't seen from my husband in years. Don't get me wrong, I love him, he's just not the animal I want him to be often enough. You looked at me like an animal, a sex animal." She said as she let her hair completely down and slipped off her little shoes.

She was so honest and straightforward I wasn't sure if she had done this a hundred times before, or if this were the first.

"Show me how much you want me." She said quietly as I stepped to her and covered her mouth with mine.

Her tongue shot into my mouth and I brought a hand up and filled it with her left breast. It was firm and through her blouse and thin bra her nipple felt like a bolt stuck in a sock. I pinched it hard and I felt her back leg buckle in her stance. I shifted a bit so she could keep her balance as the kiss deepened and she pressed against me. I leaned her back toward the wall and slid my hand over her breast, stomach, and right between her legs. It was warm and obviously soaked between her legs. She ground against my hand and broke my kiss to nip my ear and growl, "be my beast!"

"Just tell me, ... why me?" I was still wondering.

"A woman, particularly THIS woman, does things to make a man feel what you did when you looked at me. I know many men feel I'm unapproachable, and my husband knows he already has me. But, I miss the thunder, the wantonness, the passion of being taken, and fulfilled. Your leer told everyone who saw you, especially my pushy sister-in-law, that you already had me a hundred times. Now, take me!" She said forcefully.

My mind's eye quickly went back to the moment I saw her and what she did to me when I first saw her and she was right. I did feel like I had already had her, like I knew how to make her happy, how to bring out the slutty whore that is in most every woman when the right keys are turned. Now I had to make a statement that the afternoon would be on my rules, my way. I kissed her on the lips gently after the demand that I take her and simply said, "Nice mouth" as I put my hands on her shoulders and began to push down. She immediately knew she was going to her knees.

She looked straight at the bulge in my pants and ran her hands over it, feeling its length, and measuring where the head was against the material. She leaned forward and kissed it and then opened her mouth and ran her teeth over it in a mock bite before running her hands up to my belt and pulling the hook out of the hole letting the two ends drop. She deftly used two hands to slide the stay open and release my pants to the front inside button. She undid that and let my pants fall. Again, she felt the length and found the head through my cotton shorts and kissed it, then pushing it into her mouth, what little she could do with my cotton boxers still on.

Still not taking her eyes off my penis outline both of her hands went up to the waistband and pulled my briefs down, causing my hardness to bob in her face. She ran her hands over my short cropped pubic hair and then looked up at me and smiled.

"A man who keeps this at neat as this knows how to make a woman happy, and likes to get his cock sucked as well."

"Do you like to suck cock?" I asked rudely.

"I do, it tells my lover how bad I want him."

"After I cook a big load of cum in those balls from fucking your mouth, your pussy, and your ass, I want to shoot it down your throat. Are you ready for that?" I demanded.

She flushed red and I saw her shudder, almost as if she had a small orgasm.

"I'm ready for that, I'll eat your cum and make sure we cook up a big load." She said just before kissing the tip of my cock and then opening her mouth to taste test my cock, sliding her lips over the tip and backing and smacking her tongue through her lips, judging the taste.

"You're delicious!" She said before filling her mouth and going as deep as she could over my cock.

She worked her mouth over and over me, sometimes using her fingers to lightly stroke me and then hold my balls in her little hand. I enjoyed watching her with her eyes closed in concentration while her rounded lips crept over the meat of my cock, in and out. Then she suddenly stopped, resting back on her heels and held my penis before her while she looked up to my eyes.

"My ass? You think you're going to fuck my ass?"

"Have you ever HAD your ass fucked?"

"Yes, sort of and it hurt."

"No pain, no gain. You'll cum like you never have, but know, ... I would never hurt you. You're far too beautiful a treasure."

"OK," she said in resignation as she dropped her head over my cock again.

Before she got into it again I took her hands, the one on my leg and the other cupping my balls at the time and I coaxed her to stand.

"Let's get that pretty body of yours undressed, we're here for you, not me." I said softly, hoping I might allay any fears she might have.

I covered her mouth with mine and we kissed passionately, she really knew how to use her tongue. As we stood I was pulling her top from her jeans and I took a baby step back, not interrupting the kiss, and began to unbutton her designer blouse. There were only four buttons and she dutifully put her arms down to let it fall after I pushed it off her shoulder. Both of her breasts overflowed the push up cups of her brassiere and I was happy that it clasped in the front so I could break the kiss to get a full view of them coming out of their encumbrance.

I wanted to cry when I saw how beautiful her tits were. How her husband can work all day knowing these 2 beauties were home is beyond me. They fell perfectly on her chest, I suspect maybe an inch or so lower than when she was single, but her aureole and nipple were the color of fine merlot and still sat in the middle of each breast, pointing straight ahead. I brought my hand to them and she swooned.

"Ohhhhhh, Godddddddddd, please play with them. I love that so much." She begged as her knees buckled a bit and I spun her around letting her grind her ass into me while I squeezed and kneaded those tits.

I swabbed her neck with my tongue as I manhandled her breasts as she panted and moaned. I nipped her ear as she had done to me, but then as I grabbed each nipple and ran them roughly between my thumb and forefinger I stuck my tongue in her ear.

Her whole body shook and I knew she was totally mine, probably having cum without being touched, but she also lost her patience with me for not getting below her waist. She grabbed one of the hands twisting her nipple like removing a lug nut and pushed it between her legs. I rubbed hard over her pussy and then drew up and slid my hand down under her jeans while she sucked in her little belly. From her belly button to her fleshy lips she was as slick as a greased frying pan, not a hair to be found. She leaned the nape of her neck towards my mouth as my other hand went down to unbutton her jeans. Trying to push them off her legs while she tried to get my hands between them was frustrating for her as she impatiently jerked her little pantied ass against my prong. Finally I just picked her up and she threw her arms around my neck, letting me carry her to the sofa on the far side of the room. I pulled her fancy shoes off and rudely pulled her jeans over her legs. As soon as her feet came out of the legs she lifted her ass and snapped her panty down and kicked it off. I fell to my knees between her legs while she huffed and puffed trying to either stifle an orgasm or get over one.

My first look at her pussy fulfilled every expectation of my first glimpse of her I had from the deli. This was a woman who kept every inch of her body as perfect and pretty as could be. She was perfectly hairless and smooth as mercury running down a skein of silk. It was every shade of color between deep pink and bright coral, her lips and clitoris excitedly filled with blood waiting to be relieved, excited again and relieved again. Her skin between her legs and down through the furrow of her ass bore a hint of tan, but the color was all even. She had no darkened area around the rosette, as I was to find out soon, looking at the sweet asshole that lay there. She took the time to be sure she was perfect for a husband who took her and her physical beauty for granted.

As much as I wanted to just stare and admire her sex, my mouth watered to lap her juices that copiously flowed from her lips across her perineum and anal cinch. I pressed my face into her quim, leading with my tongue and shook my head vigorously side to side as if trying to shake a fly on my nose. I wanted to dive in and came up for air with my tongue on her clit. My face was wet from my chin to my forehead before I took the time to pay particular attention to her engorged clit and bring her off as fast as I could. Her moans and growls told me she was close and when I added a finger in her, she blew off gasping for breath before she calmed, pushing my head away.

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